tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSmackdown Lust: Torrie's Revenge Ch. 01

Smackdown Lust: Torrie's Revenge Ch. 01


This story was co-written by Kristi and Dice as part of the D&K Universe.


Torrie Wilson was furious as she walks down the hallway. Just moments ago she caught her husband, Billy Kidman, and Dawn Marie laying on the floor naked in his lockerroom. She was pissed, she wanted payback. What she wanted was a little dose of revenge. Torrie continues to walk down the hallway until she's stops at a lockerroom door. She knocked on the door and waited for the door to open. She didn't care who was on the other side of the door. She didn't care if it was Michael Cole or the General Manager of SmackDown, Kurt Angle. Who ever it was though she was going to unleash her frustrations on him, sexually. The French Phenom, Rene Dupree opens the door, wearing only a towel around his waist at Torrie can see that he was just in the shower.

"Ah... Madam Torrie... what can I do for you," asks Rene.

Torrie smirks a little sliding her hand through her seductive blonde, long hair. She was wearing a pair of tight dark blue jeans and a light pink top the revealed a little bit of her stomach. Torrie then replies "Oh, Rene..I think the question is what can I do for you?"

Torrie walks into Rene's lockerroom, not even giving him a second to reply to her. She closes the door behind her once she's inside. Rene eyes Torrie curiously as she walks into the room.

"Ah, Madam, I do not... how do you Americans say... follow what you mean." He then moves walks over and sits on a chair, making sure he's covering himself.

Torrie walks closer up to Rene Dupree as he remains seated in the chair. Torrie's waist line was at eye level with Dupree. Torrie smirks and leans over, getting face to face with Dupree "Rene, today is your lucky day..do you understand what I mean?"

Rene shakes his head no, but the tone in which Torrie is talking is having an effect on Rene as his cock starts to lift his towel. Torrie winks at Dupree and slyly gets down onto her knees in front of Dupree as he was seated in the chair still, without saying a word. Torrie reaches up and starts to unwrap the towel around Dupree's waist. Seeing what Torrie is doing, Rene has an idea of how this really is his lucky day, but is hesitant and actually tries to rewrap the towel. "Madam... what are you doing? You are married to Monsieur Kidman, no?"

Torrie glances up at Dupree for a second as she slides the towel completely off of his waist, revealing an impressive 10 inch, rock solid, hard cock. Torrie then in quiet tone of voice replies "Shhhhh...just sit back and enjoy..."

Rene looks up to the ceiling and mouths Thank you as he shifts in the chair to get comfortable. Torrie glides her soft fingers across Dupree's shaft before wrapping them around it. She starts to stroke it slowly, then licks the head of his prick. After licking the head of Dupree's long and thick cock, she moved her wet tongue down his shaft and then back up his shaft. Torrie then slowly moves her tongue down to his ball sack, running her tongue slowly against the sack causing chills to run up Dupree's spine. Dupree mutters something in French, and runs one of his hands through Torrie's hair as she continues to lick up and down his shaft and balls. On one trip to the tip, Torrie opens her mouth, and starts to take the Phenonomal French Cock slowly into her mouth. She gets most of it in, but can't quite deep throat him. Even though she can't deep throat his cock yet, she starts to switchly bob her head up and down on Dupree's cock, already sucking at a decent pace and speed, sucking smoothly. Torrie's soft lips move against Rene's shaft as she continues to suck on his long, thick cock. Torrie looks up at Rene's face as she continue's to give him head. His head is tilted back, and continues to mutter in French.

Finally he speaks in English, "Ah... Madam Torrie.... you're truely were correct.... this is my lucky day."

Torrie eventually tightens the grip of her lips around Dupree's cock, as she starts sucking a little harder. Torrie slows down her speed and pace a bit sucking slower. Torrie moves her tongue against Rene's shaft as she sucks him off. Dupree is in absolute pleasure, he's never had someone as good as Torrie giving him a blowjob before. Dupree starts to buck his hips a bit, trying to get more of his cock into Torrie's mouth. Torrie pulls off of him for a moment, to remover her pink top, to reveal her breasts to Rene. Rene gazes down at Torrie's chest, Torrie looks up at Dupree and smirks. Torrie reaches back and unclips her bra, sliding the straps off of her shoulders. Torrie places her shirt and bra to the side and goes back to work on Rene's cock. She takes her hand and starts to gently move her hand up and down his shaft stroking his cock.

With one hand on Rene's cock, Torrie uses the other to unbutton and unzip her jeans. She then takes Rene's cock back into her mouth, and uses uses her free hand to rub her panties against her pussy. Rene looks down at the sight of Torrie blowing him and masturbating. "Ah... a sight more beauitul than all of Paris."

After sucking Rene's cock for a good few more minutes, Torrie picks her head up from Rene's cock. His cock is now moist from Torrie's saliva. Torrie gets up off of her knees and stands up in front of Dupree. Torrie slides down her white panties down her sexy, smoothly shaven legs and steps out of her panties eventually. The steaming hot diva now stands in front of Dupree completely naked. Torrie stands then places a hand on Rene's shoulder and applies a little pressure. Rene quickly gets the picture and slides outta the chair and onto the floor, so now he's face to face with Torrie's pussy. Torrie places that same hand on the back of his head and pulls it forward.

Dupree needs no further encouragement and starts to lick the blond diva's pussy as she stands in front of him. Pressing hist tounge softly against Torrie's pussy, Rene reachs around and rub's Torrie's ass. He buries his tounge deep his her pussy, as Torrie holds his head there. She uses her free hand to rub one of her perfect breasts, tweeking her nipple slightly. Rene starts to lick up and down, then side to side, wanting to taste more and more of her. Torrie begins breathing heavily, closing her eyes slowly as Rene uses his tender tongue lick her clit slowly.

Torrie slides her hand through her hair moaning "Ohhhhhh yessss Rene...hey baby." Torrie lifts his head up from her pussy and smiles at him "Damn, I really want to fuck you right now." Torrie then smirks and seductively adds in "Sit back in the chair Rene."

Rene quickly sits back into the chair, and Torrie grabs his cock. She straddles him and guides the cock into her sweet pussy. She moans slightly as she slowly takes each inch into her. Rene places his hands on slender her hips as she starts to move them slowly up and down. Torrie starts off gently coming down on his cock, bouncing up and down a little as well, starting to ride his cock slowly at first. Torrie starts to increase her speed and force, as each time she goes up, she comes down harder.

Rene adds his strength aswell, lifting her and dropping her back down, and the two find a perfect rhytm. Torrie's moans get louder as Rene's starts thrusting his cock deep into her pussy as she comes down on his cock. Torrie starts to grind her pussy against his cock with hard force. "Ahh... Rene... I'm..."

Torrie lets out a long moan as she cums, and her body goes limp in Rene's arms. Rene continues to thrust up into her with increase speed and force. Rene thrusts increase some more as he starts to reach the boiling point. Torrie sees this, and whispers in his ear. "Cum in me Rene..."

Dupree holds off for one last long hard thrust, as he lifts Torrie off his cock, and then slams her down and his cock up into her. WIth that, Dupree cums deep inside of Torrie, filling her with his cum.Torrie smiles in pleasure as she slowly and gently gets off of Rene's cock. Torrie slides her jeans back on and her light pink shirt over head her and onto her body, leaving her bra and panties behind in Rene's lockerroom.

Torrie gently kisses Rene's on the lips "I'll see ya around." Torrie walks out of Rene's lockerroom.

Torrie sighed, even though she enjoyed what just happened between her and Rene, she didn't feel she had gotten enough revenge. Torrie then smirked as she saw Rey Mysterio pass by her in the hallway. Mysterio was headed down to the gym, Torrie had decided to follow Mysterio to his destinantion. Rey doesn't have his masks on, but is wearing one his 619 t-shirts, and a pair of black work out sweats, and carrying his gym bag. He walks down the hallway, greeting different backstage personal on his way. Torrie follow further behind, not to look like she's following him. Rey walks into the gym and sets his bag down on one of the benches in the gym. Rey walks over to weights and starts lifting 70 pound weights, just to warm up.

Torrie stops out the door and looks in for moment watching Rey lift the weights. Seeing this, it turns her on a bit, she licks her lips and she waits for the right moment to walk into the gym. Rey keeps lifting the weights for a few more minutes, the decides to work on his stamina. He places the weights back in the rack, then walks over to one of the Treadmills. He gets on, enters his prefered setting, and starts with a slow jog. Torrie slowly walks into the room, picking the perfect moment to walk into the gym. Torrie acts like she doesn't see Rey and sits down on the bench next his gym bag, Torrie lets out a fake cough, hoping Rey will notice her. With that cough, Rey's concentration is broken a bit. While still keeping his jogging pace, he looks around the room, and notices Torrie sitting on the bench. "Hey Torrie, what's up."

Torrie looks back at Rey with an innocent smile "Oh hey, I didn't know you where in here too."

Rey slows down his pace, then stops and gets off the treadmill. "I just got in a few minutes ago, thought it'll be good to get a work out in before my match tonight."

Torrie smirks a little looking Rey's body up and down, spotting a little sweat on his neck already "Damn, you get sweaty quick" Torrie says with a smirk.

"Well, I was doing some weights before I started jogging," Rey replied. He takes a look at Torrie, and notice she's a bit sweaty as well. "You just finished your work out Torrie?"

Torrie laughs a little, thinking of her experience with Rene Dupree just moments ago "Yeah I had one hell of a work out...you and I should workout sometime" Torrie meaning the comment in the sexual form.

Rey raises one of his eyebrows at this comment, and shakes his head. "Torrie... what did he do now?"

Torrie asked innocently "What did who do?"

Rey then replied "Billy. Each time you act like this, you end up with someone else. Shane Douglas, Tajiri, Billy Gunn...".

Torrie sighs and gets from the bench, she walks around to Rey. Torrie places her hand on his shoulder "Rey, in all honesty, that's not important right now. What is important though is how far you're willing to let me go...."

Rey laughs a little "Well... I've heard stories," said Rey, with a smile.

Torrie smirks looking deep into Rey's "Oh you have?" Torrie then slides her hand underneath Rey's shirt and slowly lifts the shirt up and over his head, taking his shirt off. Torrie runs her soft hands up Rey's solid, muscular abs and chest "What exactly have you heard Rey".

Rey then replies "I heard from Douglas you like to tease when you're giving head to someone." Rey cocks his head to check out Torrie's body, and can see she's not wearing a bra. "And Billy is always talking about you."

Torrie smiles as she runs her hands up Rey's chest to his shoulders. She stops resting her hands ontop of his shoulders "What would you say Rey if I were to ask you if just once, right here, right now you want to have meaningless rough, dirty sex?"

Torrie raises her eyebrow at Rey waiting his response. Rey backs up from Torrie a bit shocked at how blunt she is. "Torrie...Billy is my best friend, I can't fuck you."

Torrie walks closer to Rey, and he continues to back up until Torrie has him up against the wall, Torrie leans her head and softly kisses Rey's neck. Torrie then whispers "Why not's it's just for one time only..and it's meaningless sex"

"It's just... how... what will happen if Billy finds out," Rey stammers. His member is starting to awaken, as he is turned on by the situation, but doesn't want to make any moves.

"Then he does! So what, big deal..he'll get over it.." Torrie leans her head back down kissing the other side of his neck as she places her hands onto Rey's waist. Torrie rubs Rey's cock through his sweatpants, feeling the size of it, and is impressed. She pushes close to Rey, with her breasts pressing against him.

"Torrie... this isn't right..." Rey looks like he wants to move away, but doesn't.

Torrie looks deep into Rey's eyes and moves her hand down to the waist band of Rey's sweat pants. Torrie starts to try to pull down Rey's sweat pants, however Rey quickly stops Torrie. Torrie raises her eyebrow at Rey. "What's the big deal? You're getting to fuck me, any guy would be more then willing".

Rey replied "But you're my best friend's wife...I can't do that to him."

Torrie continue to rub his cock through his sweat pants, as Rey wipes some sweat from his forehead. "So what Rey, Billy won't find out" Torrie says placing her hand back on Rey's body, this time placing them on his rock hard chest. "Hmmm...you're a tough one to seduce..." Torrie smirks and lifts her light pink shirt over her head and letting it drop to the floor.

Torrie then leans down, using her tongue, and gently licks Rey's neck. To Torrie's surprise, Rey still won't give into her seduction. "But it-it's wrong."

Torrie can see Rey is really torn between his friendship and the desire she's presenting to him. She once again pushes her body against him, giving him to no chance of escape. Torrie smiles as she gets an idea that will send Rey to the burning point of lust. Torrie lowers her dark blue jeans down from her hips and her legs, until they are completely off of her. She walks over to Rey's gym and opens the bag, pulling out a bottle of water. Torrie undoes the cap of the bottle and slowly pours the water down on to her chest. Droplets of water run and drip down her chest, moving down to her toned stomach. Rey watches as the water drips down her body, his eyes tracking each drop.

Torrie, puts down the bottle when it's empty, and starts rubbing the water over her body slowly. After massaging the water over her breast, Torrie takes two fingers and sucks the water off of them. Torrie smirks at Rey, knowing she has him right where she wants him. Torrie gently sucks and runs her tongue along her index finger, getting the water off of her finger.

Torrie stops and then gets on one of the benches in the gym, on all fours, her backside facing Rey. Torrie seductively motions for Rey to come over to her. Like he's under a spell, Rey walks over to Torrie. Once he reaches her, he places a hand on her ass, and rubs it slowly. He gently glides hand over it, and Torrie looks over her shoulder. Torrie smiles and moves her ass back, touching her ass against the front of Rey's sweat pants. Torrie starts to rub her ass against Rey's cock underneath in his sweat pants. With Torrie rubbing her ass against his cock, this makes Rey's cock even more hard and erect then it had been previously. Rey pulls his shirt over his head, and hesitates when it comes to removing his pants. Torrie smirks at him, "What's wrong Rey?"

She pushes back a bit, pressing her ass against his cock. Rey doesn't reply and slowly removes his sweat pants. Torrie grins that pracitally is saying "Finally."

Torrie looks back at Rey as he drops down his sweat pants and steps out of them. Rey then slowly slides down his boxers to his ankels. Torrie winks at Rey as he places a hand on Torrie's lower back, she remains on all fours.

Rey just reacts and inserts his cock into her pussy. Torrie moans as he first enters her. With Torrie on the bench, Rey is able to stand and starts to work a rhythm with his thrusts. Torrie starts to push back, wanting to take more of him into her.

"Ohhhhh yess Rey, give all your cock" Torrie moans out as Rey thrust more of his amazing 12 inch cock into Torrie's delicious, wet pussy.

Rey grunts a bit, and grips Torrie's thighs and starts to pull her back each time he thrusts forward. Driving his member deeper into her, which causes Torrie to buck forward with each one of his thrust. Torrie moves her hips in motion to Rey's fucking ability. Torrie starts moving her ass back further banging, her ass against his waist. Torrie takes all of Rey's large, throbbing cock deep into her sweet pussy, as Rey's shoves his enitre 12 inch cock deep into her pussy with one long, hard thrust. Rey increases his speed, and Torrie has to grip the sides of the bench to keep from falling off.

"Give me more!" Torrie moans, and Rey starts to throw his weight behind his thrusts. Rey grips his hands tightly around Torrie's hip as his thrusts get deeper and faster. Torrie moans out in pure pleasure as Rey and Torrie start breathing heavily.

Rey is already sweating as he wipes beads of sweat of his forehead. After a few more thrusts, Rey starts to slow down and just drives his cock into her slowly but Hard and Deep. He continues with this for a few minutes, then pulls out. Torrie looks back, a look of disappointment on her face.

"Torrie, can you suck my cock?"

Torrie smiles. "I thought you'd never ask, lie on the bench."

Torrie gets up and let's Rey lie on the bench, hands behind his head. Torrie kneels, and starts to rub cock his 12" piece slowly. Torrie moves her soft hand up Rey's long shaft, teasing him a bit but not sucking his cock right away. Torrie moves her hand up to the head of Rey's cock and starts gently rubbing his cock with her hand. With his head propped up with his hands, Rey looks at Torrie as she uses her other hand to play with his balls.

Torrie looks from his cock to his face and smiles as she sees him watching. Torrie decides to give him what he asked for, and licks his shaft down on side, then up the other. She contines this, occasionally, teasing that she's going to take his cock in her mouth by lightly flicking her warm tounge against the tip. Torrie then with one, quick motion, she takes the head of Rey's cock into her mouth. Torrie wraps her lips tightly around the head of his cock. She starts off slowly bob her head up and down on his cock, twirling her tongue around the head as she sucks. Torrie continues to bob her head in rythem taking more of his cock into her mouth gradually.

"Ohhhhh yeaa Torrie" Rey lets out a moan of pleasure as lays back, relaxing, closing his eyes.

Torrie works her magic on Rey, pressing her tounge hard on the bottom of his cock on each upward motion. She uses on her hands to play with his balls, squeezing them slightly each time she goes down. Outside of the occasional thrust upward, Rey lies almost motionless, lost in the feeling. Torrie begins to bob her head up and down quicker, sucking now Rey's long, hard cock as at fast rate. Torrie bangs her tongue against Rey's shaft as she sucks. Torrie then takes a quick deep breath before taking all of Rey's cock deep in mouth and starts to deep throat his cock slowly bobbing her head in rhythm and motion.

Torrie continues her even pace, just doing enough to keep Rey on the brink. Rey starts to move his thrust upward, matching Torrie's pace, and giving her more of his dick in her mouth. Torrie slowly moves her head up from Rey's cock with a smirk on her face.

Rey's cock is wet with Torrie's saliva. Rey picks his head up with a raised eyebrow, wondering why Torrie had stop sucking his cock. Torrie climbs slowly onto of Rey, her pussy over his face, then goes back to licking his shaft. Rey sees what Torrie has and mind and starts to lick her pussy. He starts slowly, licking in rhytm with Torrie. He presses his tounge against her clit, and starts to slide it across it, casuing Torrie to moan around his cock. Torrie runs her tongue once again down Rey's long shaft, licking slowly. Torrie moves her tongue down to Rey's ball sack, Torrie tensely moves her tongue against Rey's ball sack.

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