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Small Town Wonders


Small towns can be wonderful places, with a sense of belonging and community. However they are also a source of frustration to every man who wants some uninhibited sex with no holds barred and plenty of sweat and cum for all. I lived in just such a town and I was not a happy chap. My balls ached with the need for some anonymous, raunchy sex with strangers jerking off in the local toilet block as people who knew you were just the other side of the door only had so many thrills in it. I like size and numbers, I don’t want to know who they are just stick it in and fuck my arse and / or throat until you blow your load in and on me. I’ll take on you and your mates, one at a time or all at once, two in my hole, two in my face and one each hand if you like. If it happens to be huge even better.

The main highway ran through town and at least that had large numbers of truckers, tourists and the like, it was just where do you meet them to get it on without the coppers ruining a perfect fuck. The answer for me came in the form of a CB.

By listening to the truckers yarning for a few weeks I realised that they used a particular stop about an hour east of my town. They always seemed to call in an all clear and Madson bridge. Then there’d be maybe half a dozen or so who’d respond and apparently pull in.

I travelled out there and found a large truck bay and ablution block set down by the river below the road bridge. The place couldn’t be seen from the road and there was plenty of space for the semis to pull up and the drivers get their rest. The police had been cracking down on tired drivers and so there was a real reason to stop and recuperate! As such the police tended to give them a break while here and not hassle them.

I pulled up just opposite the toilet block and watched for a short time before wandering over for quick piss and to check out the facilities. There was no-one there and the block consisted of 2 toilet cubicles and a shower stall plus the usual urinal. There were glory holes in all the walls and the usual scribbling on the walls good signs. I left and planned to return when I heard the truckers giving the all clear.


The all clear came only three days later, which was fortunate as I was in danger of wearing out my cock wanking. I quickly pulled on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, I was sitting on a dong at the time of hearing the all clear so I was READY! Open clean and really, really ready!

By the time I’d travelled the 60Kms or so I was nearly drooling from both ends. I’d heard about a dozen calls in after the all clear and I was madly imagining a trucker gangbang with me as the cum pot! I pulled off the road and down to the parking area opposite the ablutions block. There were 9 rigs pulled up already!

I quickly parked and headed into the block. I could hear the sound of running water as I approached so at least I’d get to perve on some naked male body if nothing else. Inside as I turned the corner from the bright outside light I dimly saw a few men suddenly move apart at the urinal. I stopped to let my eyes adjust to the gloom, looking up I saw the globe was missing, I approved. I leant back against the wall and unzipped my jeans watching the participants already there relax and return to their activities.

At the urinals there are three men. The two younger ones are on either side and they seem to be stroking the big bruiser in the middle together. Two more men are leaning against the wall next to me, both have towels over the shoulders as if waiting for the shower and both have revealed the erect cocks sticking up out of their jeans. The shower door open and there is a small femmy looking guy bent from the waist taking a full length ploughing from a fat bellied trucker with a long cock.

As I stay there I realise that the femmy is hanging onto a cock coming through the wall and both booths are busy. I’ve walked in to an orgy!

There was a groan from the end booth just as another rig pulled in to the park, it was getting towards dusk and quite a few would pull up and rest for a few hours before travelling on in the peace of night. If they were lucky they’d get a piece while here and if I was lucky I’d be that piece.

The cubicle in the middle opened and a man came out tucking his shirt in. I quickly moved to get in there as the other two waiting nodded their assent. The man emerging had just shot all over the femmys face and he was trying to wipe it off with his fingers while being power fucked.

In the cubicle I could see there were holes in both walls and the door. I stripped off putting my clothes on the cistern away from the semen and piss on the floor. I peered through the glory hole to my left to watch the face of the femmy as the fat guy really drove it home. He was grimacing and grunting, the wet slapping sounds of the assault upon his ass were rising in tempo and then a loud groan announced the fat giuys orgasm. The femmy pressed back and squealed like a day old pig and began to furiously beat his tiny cock. The fat guy saw this and slapped his hand away telling him he had to wait. The femmy pleaded but the fat guy just pulled out and finished showering. I stuck my cock through to the femmy and was quickly rewarded by him sucking my cock down his slut throat. I groaned with lust as he worked my cock with his throat muscles and tongue. His fingers came through the rather large glory hole and groped my balls pulling on them hard before slipping and digit up my hole.

I didn’t want to cum yet but it was just too much and I shot into his mouth, groaning and banging against the partition.

I pulled my cock back and rested on the pan but saw a cock come through the other hole. It was a nice 7 or 8 inches of thick throbbing cock. I grasped it and wanked it a couple of times before the owner told me to get it in my mouth. I stood up and placed my mouth over his cock and pushed my face towards the partition. His cock invaded my mouth travelling across my tongue and into my throat. Behind me the femmy got a close up of my arse and soon I felt fingers probing my hole again.

I groaned around the cock in my face, rapidly working my tongue across the underside of the cock and revelling in the filthy lust of the situation. Total strangers were using me for sex and I just wanted more. My arse was close enough to the wall for a cock to come through the wall and enter me. I was fully engaged in sucking when on did.

At first I thought the femmy guy must have pushed fingers in because the intruder was much bigger than his little cock but the sound was of the fat guy grunting again. God it was long, no wonder the femmy guy had grimaced. I rocked back and forth between the cock in my mouth and the one in my arse slobbering at both ends waiting to be a cum bucket.

The guy in my mouth shot off first sending most of it down my throat but same git smeared across my face. He pulled out, thanked me and left.

The fat guy started to pound me much faster and harder I was expecting a cum enema any time when suddenly another cock appeared before my face.

It was black! I shivered; pulling up tight on the cock in my bowels and making him groan and fill me with juice.

While the man fucking my arse groaned and shot me full I swallowed the black cock as quick as I could. My first black cock and a gang bang! It wasn’t huge but it was the colour of pitch with a purple head and it was iron hard.

I licked it, I sucked it, I smelt it I worshipped it until I was told to swallow it whitey and I did just that. He came too soon for me but I swallowed every drop, even licking the hole clean once he’d pulled out.

No cocks appeared for a few minutes so I sat back and gently wanked then a face appeared at the shower hole. It was the man who’d stood next to me earlier. He asked if ZI was taking anyone and how?

”I take; both ends, bareback and I swallow.”

He sighed, stood up and introduced me to his cock. He pushed his hips a little forward giving me better access to his cock and emerging balls. As I bent to my task again he spoke to someone the other side and said, “He’s game for it.”

I wondered what it was, but not for long.

He pulled out of my mouth and told me to “Get round here”, they needed a cum puddle and I was going to be it. I almost came with excitement. I was out of my cubicle so fast it made those present to laugh, the men at the urinal had turned about and I saw the largest cock I’d ever seen on a man. Both the younger men had a hand around it and still a good length jutted past their fingers.

I knelt at the feet of the man in the shower who was now naked. He was towering over me and it made his impressive cock all the more so. I licked its length and would have taken my time but someone else came into the shower and lifted me up by the waist before slipping a hard hot naked cock into my rectum.

The two men pushed and pulled for a few minutes before the man in my arse groaned and rammed fully in to me filling me with semen. He throbbed for a short while deep in my hole before pulling out and leaving a trail of goo running down my inner thighs. I held on to the thighs before me and gave him the best deep throat I could. He was giving the other men present a blow by blow description and was clearly enjoying it. He called to another man to get it up that slack hole. I felt someone part me cheeks and step up against my thighs. A hard cock pressed directly between my swelling arse lips and he pushed in.

Most men, in my experience only last a few minutes once they get their cock into a hot hole. This one was no different. I’d only just started to get used to his rhythm when he became uncoordinated and jerked to a standstill inside me. I could feel the head of his cock throbbing right up inside my guts and this had me trembling with excitement.

The man I was sucking still remained hard, unusually and was still describing the action. Drool stretched from both my holes to the floor of the shower.

The man in my mouth decided to get it over with and pushed down on to my knees with my back against the wall. He pinned my head between his hands and the wall and looked down at me, “You better take a deep breath cos I’m not stopping or pulling out for anything. Gag, choke, puke, pass out or die you’re going to take my cock down your throat till I’m satisfied”

With that he lunged his hips forward and the head of his cock plunged as far into my throat as it could reach. He furiously fucked my throat, pulling completely out then right down to the pubic bone. My nose and lips were getting bruised and the back of my head was hammered against the partition. Some other men present cheered and I swooned as he raced towards his balls firing into my gullet. It was most probably the longest and sexiest couple of minutes in my life but eventually he groaned one last time and remained deep in my throat instead of pulling back and forth. His balls crept up against my chin and his throbbing cock pumped semen so deeply in to me I didn’t taste a thing until he pulled out and made me gently lick him clean.

As he quickly showered off I saw that the man with the huge cock was trying to get it in to one of the young men but the bitch was squealing like a virgin and he couldn’t get his pole to enter.

I called across to him to “Fuck my bitch hole” and got unsteadily to my feet. I lent against the wall my chest pressed against it and looked back over my shoulder to watch this man mountain push the squealing queen away and approach. I spasmed in fear, excitement and lust sending a gush of semen and goo down my legs, I was going to need all the lube available in my slack hole to satisfy this monster. Not only was his cock longer than anything I’d ever seen on a living man but it was VERY thick. Only a man of his enormous overall size had enough blood to fill something that size.

He walked up behind me his erection swinging heavily before him. “ You really think you can take me huh?”

“I wasn’t so sure this close but I wanted him to try me out. “Uh hu. Take me big boy” I said with a flirty wiggle of my hips.

“It’s your funeral” he said with a shrug and reached out to take me by the hips.

Being much taller than me he lifted me off the floor and sort of placed me on the end of his cock. The enormous swelling that was the head of it he used as a stool to sit my arse on. I sort of perched on the end of it, my arse lips beginning to spread apart and let it slowly pass inside.

He grunted, “You might just do it girly.”

Then he pulled my hips towards his and thrust forward at the same time. I screamed with the burning pain. I sobbed and begged him to, “Stop, go slow please your tearing me apart.”

He just grunted and began to use me like a wanking toy lifting up and down his erection. ”You said I could fuck you and I’m going to!”

The other men present were now all watching. Some were commenting on my taking Bear and how they’d never seen any bitch do it before. I’d have been complimented if I wasn’t in such pain. There was a deep burning in my guts and my arsehole felt as if it had actually torn open.

I hung in his hands, my chest still pressed against the wall as I was slid up and down, I couldn’t resist and just hoped I’d survive. He settled in to a rhythm and soon sawed a nice clean hole up into my bowels. The semen already there along with my own mucus began to make passage easier and I began to feel better about the extreme sport I’d indulged in.

As I became better lubed I became looser, a very relative term in the circumstances and Bear was able to slide into me deeper with each thrust. This made me groan and grunt each time he hit bottom but he seemed to like this and it drove him on to drive in to me deeper.

After about ten minutes I realised he was giving me the full length of his cock and I knew I was getting the fucking of my life. Bear was sweating and grunting furiously as he lifted me off his cock and then let me fall back on to it. His breathing became laboured and his efforts became less rhythmic until he eventually just shoved it in and held me there while he trembled and his enormous cock swelled and throbbed in my rectum. His balls seemed to fire their load in to me. It was the first time I could really say I felt the load hitting the walls of my hole.

He pulled me off his cock and dropped me like a used tissue. I slumped to the floor with a gush of semen falling from my gaping hole. I lay face down recovering as Bear left the toilet and the others went about their own debaucheries. A couple came over to me but when they checked out how used up I was they realised I wasn’t worth the effort.

I eventually moved after about fifteen minutes and after struggling in to my jeans I managed to get out to my car. I noticed Bear climbing in to a rig, Marsdens Trucking. I’d have to keep an eye out for that and then I turned for home. I’d not need cock for a little while yet.


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