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Smallville Alternate Ending: Exodus


My apologies to the writers, producers, & owners of "Smallville." This has been in my head for a few days and just had to be written. An Alternate ending to "Exodus"

Lana walked across the Kent's yard with a purpose in her stride. She was wearing a short skirt, heels and a tight sleeveless blouse. She had been thinking about Clark most of the day. She had the nagging feeling that he was going to leave. She could pin point nothing solid; Just a vague uneasiness that he was giving up. That whatever was bothering him was winning and he was giving up. She had decided she wasn't going to let that happen. She glanced up at the loft window and saw lights. She knew he was there. She walked into the barn with determination. More determination about this than anything before in her life. When she reached to top of the stairs she stopped and stood, looking at Clark. He was lounging on the couch reading some sort of brochure. When he looked up he saw Lana, standing there, legs spread, and hands on her hips. A look of determination was on her face unlike anything Clark had ever seen.

"Lana." he acknowledged.

"Just shut up and listen to me, bub." she said pointedly.

"I am really tired of your bullshit. We're finally together, Clark. I love you and you love me. What we have is so right, so true. I so believe that you and I belong together. I am determined that NOTHING is going to break us apart."

As she continued to talk she walked across the room and as Clark began to stand up, put her hand in the middle of his chest and pushed him back onto the couch. She then climbed on top of him, straddling his hips. Clark couldn't help but smile to himself as her hand came to his throat, pinning him to the couch. She couldn't have held him down this way even if he were normal.

"I have the feeling that you're getting ready to leave. If you have any thoughts like that in your head, Clark Kent, FORGET ABOUT IT. We've been through too much, hurt each other too many times and invested too much of our lives and our hearts in this for you to wimp out and run away again. I don't know what you're hiding from me...from everyone. I've thought a lot about this and even had a conversation with Helen. When I asked her how she handled Lex's secrets, she said that the things she knew about him far outweighed what she didn't. Since we've finally broken down our inhibitions and are together, I don't care. I pray the some day you'll trust me enough to share every detail of your life with me, but until that day comes, I'll accept whatever part of your life you are willing to share with me. Love is accepting all of the good about you Clark, and accepting that you are not perfect... no one is. It's time to take control of life Clark. It's time to prove that the love you have professed to have had for me for so long is in reality as important to you as it is to me. I am not going to lose you again. WE CAN WORK THROUGH ANYTHING AS LONG AS YOU'RE HERE. DO I MAKE MY SELF CLEAR, CLARK?" She suddenly stopped talking.

Her face close to Clark's, she was looking directly into his eyes.

"You're right, Lana. We've both waited too long and put too much on the line to lose it all now." He moved his lips to hers and they kissed.

All of the emotion of the past few hours came flooding into Lana as she felt his lips on hers. She opened her mouth and allowed his tongue to explore. She moaned softly into his mouth. The kiss deepened. As they kissed she lay down on him. Clark was feeling the affects of the kiss and her lithe petite body against him. He began to feel a bit guilty that his body was reacting to her this way. But as the kiss became more passionate, he decided if she didn't know about it by now, then oh, well. Lana came up for a quick breath and moved her hands up to cup Clark's face. She pounced on his mouth again. She was always overwhelmed at how intense the feelings were when she was around Clark. She was surprised that she had actually been able to finish her little speech. She became slowly aware of Clark's erection pressing against her tummy. Her eyes widened slowly as the strength and length became more and more obvious. Moving her pretty face a scant inch away from his, she gasped,

"Oh my god."

She wiggled a little against his bulge. Clark's eyes flew open at her exclamation. He was suddenly acutely aware of his hard cock. Thinking the comment was indicating she was embarrassed, he moved to lift her off his body. She held fast. Turning slightly on her side, her hands ran down his chest to his belt. Looking directly into his eyes her hand reached to top of the bulge in his pants. She smiled coquettishly as she pressed her fingers against the head of his cock. She slowly ran her hand down the length. Her eyes widened even more as she explored him through his jeans. When she reached the base she gave him a sexy squeeze.

"My God! I had no idea. Is it really as big as it feels?" she asked in an awe struck voice.

"Looks like I finally know at least one of your secrets, hmm, Clark."

"Right, Lana. What'd you want me to do? Walk up to you at school and say 'By the way, Lana, I'm hung like a horse.' That would have impressed you."

"I'm not sure Donetello is as big." she said with a giggle.

Lana got up from the couch and stood in front of Clark. She slowly started undoing her skirt.

"Lana, what are you doing?" Clark asked.

She smiled as she dropped the skirt revealing sexy panties.

"Clark, you've wanted me forever. I want you, too." she purred.

"I'm not sure we're ready for this." he said softly.

Peeling her shirt off, she stood before him in bra and panties.

"I'm pretty sure I don't want to go all the way, either. But I AM ready to take the next step. Damn it, Clark. I want you. Now, let's see that big cock of yours. There's more than one way to take care of that big devil."

Clark rose from the couch and shucked off his shirt. He removed his boots and undid his belt. In seconds he was down to his shorts. His raging cock tenting his boxers impressively. Lana had removed the last remnants of her clothing and now was standing there watching him like the tiny naked angel she was. She once again placed her hand in the middle of his chest and pushed him toward the couch. But Clark now had other thoughts. He reached out and took hold of Lana's waist and lifted her off her feet. Pulling her close, he kissed her passionately. As he did he turned them around so that he backed her up to the couch. He laid her down on the couch and knelt between her smooth creamy thighs. Pushing them apart, he gazed at her wet sex. Her sweet little pussy was sparsely covered with fine hair. He could smell her intoxicating scent. She gazed down at him through lust filled eyes.

"Clark..." she said in a tiny voice.

He looked up at her with reassurance in his eyes.

"You are so beautiful, Lana." She sighed softly.

Clark moved in and kissed her thighs. He let his tongue snake out and licked.

"OOOoooooooohhhhhhhh..." she moaned.

He wasted no further time. He moved in and took a long lick right on her sweet pussy.

"AAAHhhhhhhhhh..."she groaned.

Clark snaked his tongue inside her sweet pussy and began to lick and suck this delightful young thing. Lana raised her hands above her head and grabbed the back of the couch. She held on for dear life as the feelings of pure lust and love overwhelmed her young lithe body. The nipples topping her perky tits were distended like rubber rivets. Her whole body shook with the feelings of her untried pussy as she experienced Clark's tongue. She'd thought the mediocre feelings she'd had with Whitney the very FEW times they had petted were pretty satisfying. But THIS! THIS was INCREDIBLE!

Clark raised his eyes and looked at her sweet face. Her eyes were shining with love and were glazed with lust. He lowered his eyes to her nipples. He lowered his eyes further until he was looking at the sprinkling of hair on her pussy. He activated his heat vision on a low level and began running his eyes up and down her body. All Lana could do was hang on to the back of the couch and ride out the tornado of feeling crashing over her body. She felt her skin tingle and then become warmer. She felt the heat physically work its way up her body. Her hips ground against Clark's loving lips. She could feel his tongue working its way inside her. Her tummy was getting warmer...then her tits. It was beyond amazing. Suddenly, without warning, she went over the edge.

"Oh mygod...ohgod...oh god. I'm...cum...ming." She screamed.

Clark was treated to his first taste of a woman's cum. She bucked and thrashed until her orgasm subsided, then lay back against the couch like a rag doll. Clark waited a couple of minutes, and then stood up, watching her intently. As her eyelids fluttered open her gaze went to his loins. His impressive nine-inch cock was standing proudly at attention.

"Jeez, that was magnificent. I can't believe I wasted all those years with Whitney. He never thought to do that. Thank you. Now it's your turn," she said getting to her feet.

She looked at Clark and with her hands on his upper arms moved him back to the couch. He sat on the couch and Lana knelt at his feet.

"Lana...you don't have to do this." Clark said concern in his voice.

"Oh, Baby...I want to. Whitney always was after me to do it for him. But I was never interested. I want to, Clark. I've never done it...and I don't know how much of that monster I can get in my mouth. But I WANT to suck your cock, Clark."

She moved her pretty face forward, grasped his cock in one hand and lowered her face.

'My God! He even smells good.' she thought. 'I can't believe I am so hot. It's so big I can't even get my hand around it. I don't know how I'm gonna do this...but by God, I'm gonna try.'

Her pretty pink tongue snaked out from between those luscious lips and she tasted her first male cock. She licked the head, which was, of course coated with precum.

"Hmmmm." she moaned.

Clark watched in total awe. Here was the girl he had been dreaming of most of his life, naked on her knees, almost worshipping his nine-inch hard cock. He gazed into those beautiful green eyes and knew she was doing this because she wanted to. That filled him with love even more. She looked up into his eyes and he almost came right then. The way she was looking at him was breathtaking.

Lana was overwhelmed with love and lust. She opened her lovely sweet mouth and engulfed as much of Clark's hard cock as she could she felt it hit the back of her throat and she gagged slightly. His moan encouraged her more. She began to rhythmically suck up and down. With each stroke she became more comfortable with this new thrilling act of depraved lust. She got his cock to the back of her throat just as his hips jerked forward in an involuntary spasm. The head popped down her throat. Gagging and choking, she tried her best to hang on. Clark was going berserk. He could feel her throat spasm around his cock and still she hung on. He knew it would be long. Lana backed off all the way to the tip. Then started down again. This time she forced her divine face forward and the big head lodged deeply in her petite throat. All of a sudden she felt extremely unfamiliar feelings in her sugary pussy. She was going to cum. Without any physical provocation, she was going to experience the second real orgasm of her life. Intellectual, quiet, shy, introverted, Lana Lang was now lasciviously, wantonly, lustfully screaming around the girth of Clark's cock buried in her virgin mouth, her eyes rolling back in her head as the orgasm rocked her world. Her pussy shuddered and contracted in the intensity of the orgasm. She actually spurted her sweet juices all over the floor. Clark could stand no more. He grunted and his cock gushed the first voluminous spurt of male cum. Lana was shocked as she experienced her first taste of male cum. He inundated her mouth with his cum. One of the perks of him being Clark Kent turns out to be the amount of cum he produces. Gush after gush of cum deluged Lana's mouth. She can't keep up and the hot slimy cum leaked out of her mouth and dripped onto her beautiful little tits and hot hard nipples. She pulled his cock from her mouth, struggling to breathe, and the last several spurts splashed hotly on her pretty submissive face. She had cum so hard and so intensely that she literally toppled over to one side in a half faint. Clark gazed down at her charming little body covered in his cum.

'God' he thought 'I had no idea it could be so good.'

He took one last look and then super sped to the house, returning seconds later with a pan of warm soapy water and a washcloth. He set the water down and lifted Lana to lay her on the couch. He then began to sponge her face with the warm washcloth. As he cleaned his new love, he watched her intently. He gently washed her face and then moved the cloth to her tits. As the water cooled, he heated it with his eyes.

Lana was half consciously aware of a feeling of warmth washing over her tired body. One side of her brain couldn't believe what she had just done, the other side wondering why it had taken her so long to give herself to this awesome man. She moaned softly as she began to be cognizant of where she was and what was happening. Opening her beautiful green eyes slowly, her first sight was Clark's face. He looked so loving, so warm, and so intense. He was gently washing her with a very warm very soft washcloth.

"That was enormously awesome, Clark." she sighed.

"Are you alright?"

"Oh...baby...I'm more than all right. I'm wonderful, thrilled, ecstatic and a little pissed."

He was taken aback a bit by the last part about her being pissed off.

"Let's get you dressed and then we'll talk." he said.

He pulled her to her feet and handed her clothes to her one piece at a time. He had never seen a woman getting dressed before. He was fascinated for some reason as he watched the girl of his dreams slip into her panties. It was so cute the way her tight little butt wiggled and she pulled them up. He handed her the bra and she looked him in the eyes as she reached for it.

'I know I should be embarrassed, standing here half naked in front of him. But It just seems so natural...so normal...even though he is staring at me.' She thought.

They walked over to the loft window and stood looking out at the moonlit sky for a moment.

"So, I get the wonderful, thrilled and ecstatic part...but why are you pissed?"

"Oh... I'm not really. It's just I wasted so much time with Whitney after I knew it wasn't going anywhere. I could've been with you a lot sooner if I'd just..."

"It's all right, Lana. We're together now. And I think it's time you found out about the real Clark Kent. Sit down." he said as he led her to the couch.

He walked over to his desk, and picked up several items he had gathered earlier. He walked back and stood in front of Lana. Looking down at her beautiful eyes, he said,

"I love you, Lana." she started to respond and he held up his hand to stop her.

"What you are about to see and hear will shock you. But you need to know. So here goes nothing."

He picked up a piece of rebar and handed it to her.

"Is that real?" He asked.

She inspected the rebar. She nodded and handed it back to him. Lana was peaked with curiosity. She just wanted to jump up and scream at him to just get it done. But she sat quietly and watched. He took hold of the rebar on each end and proceeded to bend it into a circle. He then bent it in several more shapes.

"OK. I've always known that you are incredibly strong." she said.

"But this is a little more than I expected."

Clark smiled as he picked up a small hatchet. He smiled at the instant look of fear on Lana's face. He slammed the blade of the hatchet into his forearm.

Lana screamed, the blade shattered and Clark chuckled.

"This... is... un...believable." gasped Lana. "What the hell else can you do?"

She spent the next few minutes listening to all that was Clark Kent. As the conversation continued things that had happened over the past months became very clear to Lana.

"Clark, I can understand why you wanted to keep this a secret, and I respect that. Just promise me that from now on you'll let me be a part of your life. I don't understand how you kept from going insane carrying all that around with no one to talk to."

After an hour or more they finally decided it might be wise to head home. Sunday they spent to day riding and just enjoying each other's company.

Monday night was slow so Lana sent everyone home. It was 9:15 when she walked to the door and was about to lock it. As she reached for the door, a man charged through, almost knocking her over. It took her a minute to recover and to see the gun in his hand. He demanded money and she quickly decided that it was not worth the fight. He backed her up to the counter and demanded that she open the register. After she complied, he grabbed the money and stuffed it into a paper sack he'd pulled from his pocket. He turned and started toward the door, then like an after thought, he turned, pointed the gun in her direction and pulled the trigger. The next seconds were in extremely slow motion for Lana. It didn't even register that she'd been shot. The felt a sting in the middle of her chest and felt herself rock back slightly. There was a stunned silence as they both heard the bullet clatter to the floor. When Lana realized that this jerk had shot her, she was pissed. Her brain couldn't wrap around the part that she wasn't hurt. She took three long strides toward the guy, who could only stand, staring open mouthed. With a sharp upper cut to the chin, Lana sent him flying through the plate glass window into the middle of the street right in front of a passing cop car. A cop jumped out of the car, assessing the situation quickly.

"You all right, Miss." he yelled.

Lana could only nod. It was obvious to the cop that this was a robbery gone badly. The perp had evidently picked the wrong girl. But he could swear he'd heard a gunshot seconds before the guy came flying out the window. The cop handcuffed the perp, put him in the back seat, and then went to interview Lana.

Meanwhile, Lana stood quietly by the broken window half watching the cop and half thinking about what had happened. Her brain now fully functioning, she realized that the guy had shot her. She had felt a slight sting, but otherwise hadn't been hurt. She wanted the cop to hurry up. She needed to see Clark.

The cop interviewed her and got all the details, but one. He finally said to her.

"I thought I heard a gunshot as I was driving by. And the perp's gun has been fired. Did he shoot at you?"

"Yeah...he must have missed."

"Well you sure did kick his ass, Miss. I wouldn't think that you're that strong."

"I guess the adrenaline kicked in. He pissed me off really bad."

"We'll be in touch, Miss Lang. " He left her standing in front of the shattered window. As she walked to the phone she bent and picked up the spent bullet.

"Mrs. Kent. It's Lana. Is Clark home? I really need to talk to him."

"Hey Lana, What's up?" Clark said when he picked up the phone.

"I need some help. There's been an incident here and I need to board up a window. Can you come help me?"

"Lana, what happened?"

"I'll explain it when you get here. Can you come." she began to lose it as she talked to him and he could sense that she was about to cry.

Before she got the phone hung up he was standing beside her. She turned around and was face to face with him.

"OH... jeez. I'll NEVER get used to that."

"What happened?"

"Oh, some jerk tried to rob me at gunpoint." Lana said trying to make light of it.

It was her turn to raise her hand to stop any further questions.

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