tagIncest/TabooSmart Girls Rule Ch. 02

Smart Girls Rule Ch. 02



This is a modification of a true story related to me by one of the early female students that did win her degree from the University of California, about the 1930's


"Hi Dad, It's your Rita. I have made arrangements for your stay here in Berkeley."

"Baby, it is so good to hear from you. I have just finished packing for the trip. I hope mom can make it, uh, have you heard whether or not she's coming?"

"Apparently not Dad! I guess when she divorced you; she threw me in her shit-can along with you. She was the one running around looking for true love plus wealth, and you were the one demonized. God! I am glad our little secret never got out."

"Oh well, it's going to be wonderful to see you again darling. Did you make hotel reservations?"

"Sure did, Holiday Inn is all set for you and Jean; and I will be Jean's replacement! I'm sure you won't mind lover."

"Your libido really warms my cockles Dear. I really dislike the 1200 miles that separated us, but your scholarship was much more important. When I get there I will be able to talk more plain, and to the point."

'OK Dad, I will see you at the airport tomorrow, and get you checked into the Holiday Inn. If the clerk addresses you as professor, don't worry about it, and go with the flow! I intend to give you full details!"

"Now you have my interest peaked! It will be difficult waiting to have you in my arms lover. Bye for now!"

"Bye Dad."


I knew I was in California by the different texture of the people. Yes, texture is the best word to describe it. The throng, after casually looking around, kind of reminded me of scenes from Star Wars. Oh, There is Rita, at least sanity within this carnival of folk!

"Rita, what happened to you? You've become a knockout! I guess you stayed serious with working out."

"Oh Daddy, I feel so good in your arms. Kiss me darling, and let's get out of here."

After a quick check in, the bellboy gave me a funny look upon delivering my bags, along with Rita's, to our room. I tipped him and he seemed to feel shortchanged? With a "thank you Professor," he finally closed the door behind him. Alone at last with a most delightful woman, that is quite eager!

"Darling, I got us a room with a hot tub."

As she starts removing her clothes, "now I am your toy, so if you want to fuck me, I will slip into bed, otherwise meet me in the tub and I will do my best to fuck you."

"Goodness Rita, you have become so worldly that I feel a might threatened." I start taking myself down to boxers.

"Rita, you are one beautiful 23 year old, in fact your beauty is almost intimidating."

"Enough bull Dad, your going to get 'home base' anyway, so let it all hang out."

Once naked, she rushes into my arms pressing hard nipples into my bare chest, I bend forward to kiss her adorable lips, only to feel her aggressive tongue pressing to open mine. Her darting tongue is pumping up my cock, that is now poking her in the tummy.

"I am glad you kept up with your biking Dad. Bikers have great staying power, and I really need you."

With that she jumps up into my arms wrapping her long legs around me, and I let her slide a bit until her cunt rides upon my cock. Laughing, I carry her to the bed, and lay her on it chiding, "you gave me a choice, but came up with the correct answer. Baby I am going to fuck you now, and afterward we will get into the tub, and you can fuck me!"

She slides over to make room for me, "as I always said, daddy knows best!"

I take a nipple between my lips and suck lightly on it while tweaking the other. I then look between her legs and see her familiar bush, just lightly trimmed to eliminate stragglers. I then lick her nipples and pull her close for passionate kisses.

"Thank you Daddy, this is where we left off before I left for my scholarship. Oh, you still have it 'old man'; my cunt is ready for your kisses. I'm kinda glad you have more control than I have."

With that I place my hand over her pussy and feel the heat emanating from deep within, like a welcoming mat. I slip a finger into her pussy easily because she is already prepared for intercourse. In fact she is so dilated and sloppy wet, I could put all my fingers into her.

"I am happy to see you have been true to yourself these last few years."

I kiss her lips to let her enjoy my heat, I then move down between her legs, that she spread before me, opening her to my lust. Her tangle of pubic hair is inspiring, as I spread her moistened pussy lips to gain access to her hooded pleasure button. I first lick those lips that entice a soft moan from my darling. I move my tongue around her clitoris to make her start panting. She now has her erection stiff and available for abuse, so I quickly accommodate her by placing her clitoris between my lips for light suckling.

"Oh damn it, too sensitive, don't fool around Dad and shove your cock into me, please! I need you."

With that I raise her legs onto my shoulders bend her double and slide into her easily, fully burying my cock to my testicles, where I start frantically pumping into her while she writhes beneath me moaning with joy. She starts convoluting her pussy muscles in cycles about my invading prick. She is close now so I look into her eyes, give her a big smile, and then bring my lips onto hers to enjoy her frantically stabbing tongue. She breaks the kiss with a scream that makes her body shudder. For a pussy that started out so loose, it clings to my cock milking me. The churning in my testicles forces my cum deep into my darling's cervix. Shakily, I remove my body from hers, and we both move on our side facing each other.

"Thanks Dad, I really needed that. I know you felt my well-used pussy, and I appreciate your lack of comments. I have learned my cunt is fully adjustable now, to all sizes of pricks. All it takes is for the guy to be hard, and I am happy to work with him, squeezing him with my muscle for mutual gratification!"

"After graduation, I want to settle down Dad, and want you to be my main squeeze until I am ready to get knocked up, and have a family. The boys I currently fuck are crap, and the horny Professors are fun, but have no substance. Yes, I will tell you all about them. Now I do not want to interfere with your life, I just want to be there when you need me. I love you so much that I contemplated no protection so you would be the one to knock me up, but that is too damn unethical, even though acceptable in the Bible! Catch your breath 'old man' and met me in the tub."

With that said, she scampered to the bathroom and started the hot tub. I am still panting from the workout and frazzled by her admissions, as I drag myself to join this super seductive lovable trollop of a daughter in the hot tub. Stepping into the water and sitting along side this fascinating nymph I blurt out. "Dear, that is a very heavy duty load you just placed upon me, and one that sacrifices yourself by destroying the possibility of a more normal lifestyle. What we do together is a secret that is locked between us, and works for the moment. I love you, and I want you forever, but I also want you to fulfill your life, and not be the one to drag you down."

"Look Dad, you are my true love. I could come home after an evening of fucking a Professor for the grades, that I justly earned, and still would be very happy to accommodate and pleasure you as your mistress - feeling you add to the cum within me. Thanks to you, I am very comfortable with my feminine body. Oh, the thought of me fucking a Professor is arousing you, huh? Ok, we will talk later."

She then pivots her body while I scoot up to the tubs edge exposing my cock to her control.

"See Dad, the little fella does have a mind of its own, and nature identifies that as normal. Here little fellow, and get what you deserve."

She slides her lips down my hardon while using her tongue to dance on it the same way as when we kiss passionately. I place my hands on her face and lift it off my cock and pull her close to me while I feel her erect nipples dig into my chest. Replacing my cock with my tongue, she eagerly accommodates my rigid cock as it slips between her thighs while pressing her mini hardon against mine - she then starts humping me.

"O God Dad, when I am with you I am a total slut, and want you to invade my soul the same way you invade my cunt, I just love this feeling. I am just an old fashioned girl that epitomizes sexual joy as cock in cunt."

"Rita, we are two of a kind, you really are my flesh and blood. The only place I want to cum is in your pussy!"

With that I turn her around and move onto the seat in the tub while she straddles my legs and lowers herself onto my lap. Raising herself she then reaches between her legs grasping my cock and guides it to her entrance, where I assist in her impalement. Feeling her soft wetness engulfing my prick again is utterly delightful. She then starts fucking me.

"Slow down sweetheart, lets make it last, like forever! I want to soak in your heat, and let us move only for maintenance. I have missed you so much my love, I really want to savor our pleasure before my little man wants to spill sperm into your pussy!"

I reach down and put my finger on her clitoris making her moan with delight.

"Uh Dad, I hope this is a two way street, oh shit, play with my titties that you are neglecting, my clitoris is just too sensitive. That's better; now when you are ready, clue me in so I can have my way with you. I definitely want to fuck you in the tub to repay your beautiful fuck you gave me in the bed. Oh Dad, feel my goose bumps.

"Oh girl, I feel you shivering now, uh, and your getting very wet in there. We will have to keep this up for your next one."

"Sorry Dad, but thank you.! I always want to give you the best piece of ass you ever had. O God dearest, I feel you starting to get urgent. Let me take care of you this time." And I feel her separate and remove herself.

"Lay down in the tub, that's it Dad, here I am." She then lies down on top of me straddling my hips with her knees bent, while inserting my prick into her pussy.

"Now its your turn to relax," while she softly undulated on my cock to get me used to the different feel.

Kissing me intently, she then raises herself to look into my eyes. "I love you so much Daddy, I want to see the pleasure in your face when you cum into me."

She then starts a smooth long stroke humping onto my cock while giving me an impish grin, until she feels me join her in the motion. Her lips form into an O, and a worried look appears upon her face. Her eyebrows lift as she feels me erupt within her. She is now twitching while I pump a few more strands of cum.

"God, I have really been fucked Rita. This is serious mating!"

"Give me a moment while I gather my thoughts Dad. I do love the feel of you still hard inside me, we are both now coming down now, there I can feel you softening in me letting me know I have been a good girl."

She covers my face in kisses, while my deflated cock flops out of her totally relaxed dilated pussy!

"I do feel great Dad, thanks for this adventure before graduation tomorrow, I really will be relaxed. You have pumped enough natural tranquilizers that happen to be mixed with male sperm, to make me sleep like a baby, unless you have to make another deposit after dinner. See, isn't education great! Now pass me the soap, and we will wash each other and get out of here, this is a bath tub you know!"

"Oh my, I really did work up an appetite Dad. Diner here at the Holiday Inn is always a delight, but extra special because of you tonight."

"Apparently this is your home away from home. So you are telling me that the school's unethical professors, used your body, yet never gave you an up-grade? And you are happy with this?"

"Yes Daddy, apparently raising my grade would be too unethical – by their standards. (giggle!) It's the golden rule I guess. Anyway I got the fucking I need, and they got the thrill of a hot lady, so everyone is happy! Tomorrow I graduate, and this is all over. I will be coming home to you to see what I can accomplish in normalville, where I only have to worry about one secret."

"Is there anything else I can get for you, we have a full selection of deserts, Professor?"

"No Thank you waiter, just the check."

"This professor stuff really tickles me honey, and to think that the help here converts your evil six professors to infinity. So, you had no really good experiences with the young men on campus? It sounds like you may be a bit too choosy. Obviously you let them stretch your pussy out with some pretty big ones. I am just happy with you Rita, that you let nature take its course, and simply enjoy your existence."

"Come on Rita, let's get back to our room. You have got to get a good night's rest for tomorrows rituals."

* * * * *

"Daddy, I did bring some sexy nighties, do you want to check it out?"

"Rita, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Watching you remove your clothing to prepare for bed is all the aphrodisiac I can handle. Now that you are down to your cotton panties that fit you so smoothly, my cock is starting to rise. I just enjoy the fact that you look so good in regular clothes, that removing your nylons is sufficient stimulation for me to want to fuck you."

"Here I am Dad, bare, just the way you like me! You know, our hyped libido is what makes it difficult for us to live apart. We seem to be the only ones that truly understand, and everyone else wants to title a strong natural sex drive, as nymphomania."

" It's so good to feel you under the sheets with me, and it is really rare for us to spend a full night together. Let me spoon with you lover, and have you channel your stiffy between my legs, and up against my cunt. Ahh, nice!"

"Daddy, you're taking advantage of your daughter! You slipped your cock into my pussy!"

"Oh well, if you feel comfortable this way, let's get some sleep. I love you!"

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