tagFetishSmelly Cunt Ch. 2

Smelly Cunt Ch. 2


I write this for a lady who I met through this website – I will not write down her real name cause I wouldn’t want to have her harassed here on this website.

Paula is a 285 lbs black woman in her mid forties – she is 5’8” tall has black curly hair till shoulders – her measurements are 50E – 48 – 60. As you can see she is a large towering woman of African American decent.

I have written a few stories before describing my fetish for women like her and in particular my fetish for smelly cunt and it is in this regard that Paula’s friend Wendy first wrote to me. I am representing her email below – as it appeared on my screen.

- “Are you insane? I read your stories and was shocked at what you had written. I’m a Black BBW myself and the way you have portrayed ladies like us in your stories is shocking. I think you have no idea of what a woman is really like and you are only spreading propaganda against us. You need a life and a woman.


Naturally when I received this email I was a little taken aback cause I never really intended to do what this lady was saying so I wrote back to her in hopes of maybe placating the situation.

-“Dear Wendy

I received your email and I just wanted to say that It was not my intention in anyway to hurt you or anybody else’s feelings through my stories. What I wrote came from a deep fetish that is in a dark corner of my mind – I used this site to explore that part of me that is all. In no way did I intend it to be propaganda against ladies like you, actually quite the opposite – I am crazily attracted to ladies like yourself and would never do anything against you. I will write to the website and tell them to promptly remove the story that has offended you and hope that maybe somewhere you can forgive me

Best wishes


I of course did write to the website to have this offending story removed but I did not get any reply and the story sits there till this day (I wont mention it cause I don’t want to call attention to it). I did not get any reply from Wendy either and I just hoped I had somehow managed to reach her – However until a few days later I had another email waiting for me –

-“Dear Rajiv,

My name is Paula and I am a friend of Wendy – (the lady who sent you the hate mail the other day.) She seems to be very pissed off at what you wrote and she showed me the stories you had written.

I also read your reply to her email and I did feel maybe you didn’t intend to do what she says you were. Anyway that is not why I write to you – I write to you in complete confidence that you wont tell anyone about this.

You see the kind of lady you have described in the stories is “me” – I cant tell you how much I was shocked to read it – If you truly have a fetish for what you wrote and you want to do something about it call me on this number XXX-XXXX and talk to me.

If this was just something you wrote and didn’t wanna try then please forgive me and don’t call or write – just forget I exist



Of course you can imagine my shock to have read this email – I was nervous and scared and horny – I wasn’t sure whether this was a trick. Maybe she wanted to meet me and get even with me for writing these stories – I didn’t know. I was really nervous so I decided not to call or write.

However a few days went by and I kept thinking – “what if”. It was a feeling that kept gnawing at the back of my head. I thought what harm could come if I did call her – I could gauge her intentions from the phone call before I really got myself into it. I must say I was really horny at the thought of having another chance at my fetish and maybe I thought more through my cock than my brain.

Finally I gathered the courage to call her. I told her who I was - she paused for some time and then started talking – getting right to it. She asked me whether I was serious about what I had written and I said yes. I tried to explain to her about the misunderstanding with her friend but she didn’t care about that – she wanted to get to the real issue.

“Have you ever eaten a smelly cunt” – she just blurted it out. “Yes” I said, “Is yours smelly?” There was a long pause before she answered, “Does it turn you on”. “Yes” I said. “The way you described it in one of your stories – that woman – she seemed to have the symptoms of Vaginosis” “She did” I said “That is an infection of the cunt” “I know but it doesn’t harm the other person – do you have it?” “No man I know actually gets turned on by that” “But I do – do u have it?” I asked her again. “Tell me what it smells and tastes like,” she sounded a little non-trusting “Well it has a highly pungent stale fish smell and tastes bitter and salty – what does yours smell like?” She was quiet on the other end - I wanted her to talk so I prodded her more – “I know its embarrassing but you can tell me – I love it – It turns me on – I already have an erection thinking about it” “Yes mine is like that” “Hmmmmmm yummy– does it smell a lot – tell me” “It stinks – no man wants to go down there – as it is I’m an overweight older woman and together with this problem I don’t have a sex life – I’m frustrated beyond reason and that is why I wrote to you – I just couldn’t believe a man like you existed”

This was it – the opening that I needed – I told her how crazy it makes me - how her weight and skin color only add to my excitement. I wanted to meet her to taste her and try her dirty cunt. I knew she wanted it too and by now she had opened up her entire sex life to me – her passions and fetishes – everything. I was going to have this woman and give her the pleasure that she had been missing.

I agreed to meet her in a hotel room and I sat there waiting for her to arrive. The knock on the door got my heart thumping faster – I knew the moment had arrived and though by now I should have been a pro – I still couldn’t help feeling the nervousness and anxiety of an encounter like this.

She entered wearing a white blouse and loose baggy shorts. I didn’t know what she looked like before this but when I saw her she was exactly what I wanted. Her thighs were big and rubbed against each other when she walked - her breasts were heavy inside that blouse sitting on her belly looking very comfortable there.

I was standing in my underwear and she couldn’t help staring at my bulging crotch. I looked at her and said “Today we only concentrate on what’s between your legs – not mine.” She smiled and looked at me “I hope you really want this – If you don’t Ill go away”. She looked almost apologetic about being there – she really had no idea how much that dirty cunt hidden away under those thick thighs excited me – but she was going to find out soon.

I smiled at her, led her to the bed and made her sit down. I could sense that she was nervous and I wanted to relax her. So I moved closer to her - right next to her and started to kiss her neck. She was wearing some cheap perfume and I could taste the bitterness of it when I licked her neck. She was enjoying this I could tell cause her body started to relax with my touch. I played with her ears and slowly licked the tip of it – getting it all wet with my saliva. I slowly moved my arms around her and for the first time felt the enormity of her size. My arms wouldn’t go around her and I sat there trying to hug this big black woman on my hotel bed.

I felt her hand slide down to my crotch and felt her fondling my hard cock – I loved her touch but slowly moved it away. “Today is only for you,” I whispered in her wet ear. “Today all my senses are here to meet your cunt – your dirty, smelly, filthy, stinky black cunt”

She actually moaned when I said this to her – and slowly she turned to face me. She looked hard at me with a very strange and bewildered expression – her mouth was open and she looked like a person who doesn’t know what to do or say – she looked down towards her own crotch and back up at me. “I just can’t believe that a cunt like mine could actually be something to desire for someone like you”. I looked at her and slowly undid her blouse getting a better glimpse of the huge breasts underneath that oversized bra – “If what you have told me about it is true – then it is the only thing I want”. I flicked open her bra and watched her humongous black tits just jump out at me.

She let out a gasp when I did that and then sat there, noticeably aroused at what I was going to do. I started to fondle them and play with them and then one by one I started to lick them – she lay down and her breasts actually sagged down the side of her because of their weight. I looked down at her and saw this woman properly for the first time. She was so aroused – so large and horny – she wasn’t anything to look at – you might have seen women like her tons of times on the streets but I desired her today more than any man could have desired this woman. I know she saw it in my eyes and she looked at me and smiled.

I smiled back at her and slowly started to pinch her erect nipples – she enjoyed it and closed her eyes moaning again. I felt so powerful controlling such a large black woman just by two erect nipples. “Tell me about your cunt – tell me how dirty it is” I said wanting to hear it from her mouth. “Why don’t you see it for yourself” she said parting her legs. I looked down between her legs at her crotch and I could see a wet spot forming on her shorts – Her smell was already spreading from between her legs and I got the first few whiffs off the stench. I closed my eyes and said “No first you tell me”

“Well – my cunt is black and hairy and really stinks” She was watching my face as she spoke and she knew I was enjoying this “It has a foul rotten odor that no one can stand being near” she had started rubbing her crotch saying this “My cunt oozes a filthy discharge which is so dirty and filthy that it makes my whole cunt stink”

I had taken my position right between her legs while she spoke and with every sentence I was getting nearer to that perverted stink hole. She kept talking “It is so smelly that If after that you stick your nose into my asshole the smell of that would be perfume” Her voice was becoming louder and hornier there was a distinct moan to it and she knew that she had me on the edge of madness talking about her filthy pussy like that.

I was ready for it now and needed to see it and smell it in the flesh. I reached under her and slowly I peeled off her shorts and her panties in one motion from that big black body. I looked back up and there it was – the dirty cunt of this big black woman – her inner most private place staring up at me.

It looked like it had been stretched open forcibly – her puffy pussy lips looked sticky and black and swollen - spreading out like a big mouth. She was so hairy, black curly hair was forming a jungle around her pubic area and though it aroused me beyond all senses her cunt looked dirty and perverted. Her inner thighs were darkened with the chaffing of her thighs against each other and the entire look of it actually scared me.

I held open her thighs somehow not wanting to touch her there yet – but as soon as I spread her thighs her cunt opened up a little more and a grayish fluid oozed out trickling down into her ass and on the bed. As soon as that happened the stench of it grew much much more. Soon I found myself engulfed in her rotten cunt aroma and I found myself sliding down towards it as if I was powerless against it.

“Ooooh baby – I can’t believe you are actually going to do this” she held my face trying to hasten my approach to her perverted cunt. I gave resistance to her but still proceeded down slow into her gaping cunt hole. I came absolutely close to it just a fraction away from it and I just looked up at her not moving my head but just my eyes. I could see belly right in front of me and her face just beyond that further away. She looked at me and shook her head “How can you put your face into something so filthy” all the while trying to push me into her cunt. I just smiled at her and dove into it.

The first sensations are always of numbness with a cunt like this. I think the human sense tries to trick you into believing that this is not happening. However as soon as that wore off the smell and taste and feel of that filthy cunt came rushing onto me.

Her black cunt engulfed my face and I was actually in a cunt cave licking and lashing out at her insides and sucking her juices. Her smell was terrible – fishy and rotten mixed with urine and sweat all gone old but the taste was far worse – her filthy fluids coated my entire mouth and it tasted bitter and sour. Somehow I was aroused beyond belief by this all. Here I was buried in a really filthy black cunt and I loved every thing that it gave me.

I forgot about the moans that she was making or the rocking movement of her hips – I even forget her thighs crushing the sides of my face pulling me further into that cave of filthy cunt flesh. I was lost in a sleazy perverted disgustingly horny place and loved every moment of it.

Finally I could feel the inner spasms of the cunt I knew that she was climaxing – I held my head up and started to insert my finger up into her asshole and slowly rub my face all over her huge cunt hole – as soon as my finger was up her ass she became even wilder and with a loud scream she burst out her orgasm right on my face. She came and came like she had never cum before and I licked and drank and sucked all of her dirty filthy fluids.

I looked up at her I to see her weeping – I knew that this was one of the most intense orgasms she had had and I just sat there looking at her cry but all I could think of was the taste and smell of this filthy cunt coating my tongue and mouth and I knew that it would stay like this for some time – this woman’s smelly cunt would be in my senses for a long time. I just looked back down at her cunt and all I wanted now was more of that smelly cunt.

This is for you Paula – only you will know I wrote this for you no one else can know who you are and where your from – I loved being with you and you know I will be there for you whenever you need me – dying to taste you again – Love Rajiv

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