tagFetishSmelly Cunt: The Real Encounter

Smelly Cunt: The Real Encounter


I had never visited Kansas ever and never really had any plans to do so either - but I knew that one day my lust would land me in Kansas and so it did.

I arrived in Kansas city and proceeded to go straight to my hotel - I was alone in this city and the sole purpose of my visit was Rhonda.

Rhonda or Rhonnie as everyone called her was a large black woman in her 30s - she was tall and fat with huge saggy tits and a big black ass and so much sex packed away in that body that it made me hard everytime I thought about her.

Yes I was a lover of Black BBW's and Rhonnie was all black BBW - we had spent hours on the net me jerking myself off to images of her rubbing that glorious black cunt of hers - I had seen every inch of her body - she had shown me all of her - every nook and cranny and now it was time that I get to see it in flesh.

I was a fetishist - I love large black women - but what I loved most was a dirty black cunt - I wanted to meet Rhonnie and had told her to keep herself unwashed for at least 2 or 3 days - this way I would be able to smell the deep inside smell of her black cunt - and also get to taste and smell of all her fluids which had gathered on it for 2 - 3 days - it was going to be one nasty snack and I was eager to sink my teeth into it.

I called her and told her to come over as soon as I checked in to my room - and as I lay there naked on my bed waiting in anticipation - I could have sworn my cock had grown almost one extra inch just by the thought of her - it was like an eternity as I lay there waiting for her - I had porn playing on the pay per view and I was slowly massaging my cock thinking of all the fun I was going to have.

As soon as I heard the knock on the door my heart missed a beat - the moment that I had been waiting for for so many years was finally here - Rhonnie was at my door.

I opened the door for her letting her get a full look at my hard erect nakedness staring at her - and as she studied my naked body - I studied her clothed one - she was even bigger than I had expected - wearing a denim skirt which could just about contain that big ass of hers together with a white tshirt through which I could see that her tits wanted to just burst out.

I let her in and as she came in smiling she held my cock in her hands and proceeded to kiss me - I felt so naked in front of her - she was holding my cock and as we kissed I could feel her big body rubbing against my naked one - with her vice like grip on my cock I knew she wanted me as much as I wanted her.

feeling her body against mine and my cock in her hand I whispered "How is that cunt of yours" She stepped back still smiling and holding my cock - "its smelly and dirty just the way you asked - not washed for 3 days even wearing the same 3 day old panties - I hope your gonna clean it for me" I just nodded as I enjoyed the feeling of her hand still massaging my cock.

I wanted to smell her now - desperate to smell her dirty black cunt - I looked at her and told her to step back - she knew exactly what I was going to do - and she stepped back - licking her lips knowing what was going to come next.

I knelt down in front of her and I reached under her skirt - feeling her fat black thighs as I moved my hands upto her panties - still looking at her I slowly peeled off her panties - my heart was beating much faster now - I was about to smell that dirty black cunt for the first time.

As I took them off her I could see her cunt stains clearly marked on the crotch of the panties - and even though they were still in my hands the smell of her dirty cunt was already hitting my senses. I took one last look at her and brought the panties right upto my face - inhaling her stinky cunt deeply - the smell of her hit me hard - I was in ecstasy - she smelled of unwashed black cunt - mixed with sweat and pee - mmmmmmm just the way a dirty black cunt should be I thought - I was mesmerised by its smell and before I knew it I was tasting it - my tongue was now licking at the wet gooeyness of Rhonnies used panty - as I licked it the taste of it came exploding onto me - it was salty and bitter - parts of it was wet and the older stains were crusty and dry but as I took it into my mouth it started to dissolve and the taste of her was even more concentrated.

I was so engrossed in her panty that I didn't notice she had undressed and was now standing right above me rubbing herself watching me lick her used panties. "do you like the way my cunt tasted" she laughed - I just nodded - "There's more of it where that came from" she teased me rubbing herself. I looked up at her and couldn't believe how hot and sexy she looked standing all naked in front of me - her tits were sagging down to her belly and her nipples were pointing down - I was so horny looking at the site of this big black woman standing naked above me that I wanted to explode.

She recognised how horny I was and as I looked at her she parted her thighs - giving me a glimpse of that glorious black cunt - it was wet and gooey and as she parted her thighs the smell of her cunt came invading through - the whole room smelled of her now and as she stood there it actually dripped a bit of its horny fluid onto my face - as I licked it off I knew I had to have more.

I lay down completely now - and she knew exactly what had to be done - I saw her huge body now come slowly onto my face - her cunt getting bigger and wider as she slowly sat her huge black ass on my chest - she took a moment to arrange herself and the next thing I know was seeing all black - I actually heard a wet gooey sound as her cunt hit my face - and as she started to move herself on me I suddenly felt her enormous weight all on my face - all I could do was to start to suck on it - licking all the cunt fluids that oozed out - I could sense she was enjoying this and started to grind her cunt hard on me - her cunt was splashing and splooshin all over me and I could feel her big body vibrate with every move of her hip on my face.

She was like a faucet and I was drinking every drop - her moans had become groans and slowly she was getting towards ecstasy - screaming louder - asking me to eat her cunt she became wild - shaking her huge body grinding that cunt so hard on me that her cunt cavity actually engulfed my face - my face was almost inside her cunt when I felt her muscles tighten and she gave of these loud screams - as I felt that I grabbed onto her ass and dug my fingers into her asshole keeping her cunt now solely on my face as I tongued her deep.

She started to cum and with every jerk she actually spurted her cum fluids into my eager mouth. I was in heaven and so was she - she kept coming and coming for some time until there was nothing left in her - then slowly she got off me - leaving me covered in her cunt fluids - and she saw me licking her juices from my mouth she smiled and said - now its your turn.

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Good story - I love to eat smelly cunt, black or otherwise.

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