tagMind ControlSmoke Away, Give Away

Smoke Away, Give Away


Sarah knew she had to quite smoking again. She'd done it for four years the last time. And she wished she'd never started again. Her new husband hated her habit no matter how light of a smoker she was. A friend suggested that she try hypnosis. She was skeptical, but thought if she could quite easily that way without gaining a bunch of extra weight that it would be worth it.

She made an appointment with Dr. Rogers for a preliminary consultation the next week. When Wednesday came she went with trepidation to the first appointment. After discussing her smoking routines, attitudes toward her habit and will to quit, Dr. Rogers said that he needed to do a small test to make sure that she was indeed able to be hypnotized...after all it doesn't work on everyone. After he was able to make her snort like a pig, bark like a dog and growl like a big cat he had his answer. Of course Sarah remembered nothing and took the good Dr. at his word when he said he only asked her to count backwards in multiples and to say her alphabet backwards to test her. They set her up on a "nine-weeks-to-smoke-free" schedule starting with her first full length one hour session the following Wednesday.

The session on week one came and went without a hitch. Dr. Rogers had Sarah programmed to start dropping two each week. She found that easy to do by varying her morning routine and actually she dropped more than the required two and felt very proud.

When week two's session came around Dr. Rogers had a few new ideas of his own. He knew what he wanted but he decided to take it slow so the conscious mind wouldn't figure it all out and over ride the subconscious mind. This week he'd only play a little. And test things out again in the next session to see how he'd done. This was all very cloak and dagger to him and very new. He'd heard at colleague's get-togethers that this was very common among therapists of all sorts. He'd been dying to try it. And he really felt that Sarah was the perfect candidate.

He did what he was suppose to once he hypnotized her. He would help her stop smoking just as she had paid him for. What she was unaware of is how much more she was going to pay him in the long run. After the normal smoke-free programming he suggested that she was hot. And maybe she should remove her thick wool blazer. Allowing him to get a better look at the voluptuous breasts that lay beneath it. Then he suggested to her that she was tense and he should massage her shoulders. Giving himself the perfect tease as he stood above her seated shoulders and stared straight down her v-necked blouse at the lilac silk and lace that hugged her tan DD's.

Dr. Rogers decided he had chanced enough. He regained his composure...or at least his pants did and he awoke her to test his luck. He'd suggested nothing bad enough to make her think he was after her sexually. She didn't remember anything different than the she did in the normal session.

The following week Rogers was ready to up the stakes ten minutes after she walked into his office Sarah sat with Dr. Rogers cock buried between her huge tits. The beautiful bra she wore only served to hold him tighter between them increasing the friction and therefore Dr. Rogers' pleasure. He was still a little skittish about coming on her though...thinking that the clean up part might be enough to remove her mind from its alternate reality. Running to the bathroom to finish the job Sarah had all but accomplished while he had her take a quick nap.

When Sarah awoke with a sense of happy lightness and restful peace. The good Dr. Rogers couldn't believe his fortune. It seemed that he had indeed picked the right patient for his first experiment. Each time they were together he was able to take her deeper into unconscious activity. And no memories had bleed through in her weeks of day-to-day routine.

Sarah returned home to her husband smoking only 5 cigarettes a day that week and he noticed that she seemed to have a renewed confidence in herself. He had always loved that in her. That was one of the reasons he'd fallen for her to begin with. There was just something so sexy, powerful and seductive about a secure woman who knew who she was...what she had to offer...and how to get what she wanted. He was glad to see that the therapy sessions seemed to be reinforcing what she already knew about herself deep down inside. If he'd know where it was all coming from...he might not have been so excited by it. But as it was it had seemed to improve their sex life over the last few weeks. She always felt so good about herself after her sessions that he pretty much had a guarantee to get laid that night.

That was just what Dr. Rogers had programmed her to do. In week four's session he had Sarah down on her knees as he towered in front of her. He commanded her to suck his healthy cock. And told her just how he liked it. He had her grab his ass checks hard and squeeze while she engulfed the entire length of his thick shaft all the way down...till his hair was touching her nose and eyes. Then he held her there and began to stroke himself in and out. In and out.

She brought his quivering cock back up to the top of her mouth and masterfully licked its circumference sliding her tongue all the way around the seam where his bulging head and long straight shaft met. He couldn't believe that he was doing this in his office no less. As he shot his load of sticky white jizz down the back of Sarah's throat he felt invincible, like there would never again be anything he wanted and couldn't have. He made sure to clean Sarah's mouth, he suggested her to drink a bit of a coke and then had her return to the couch and gave her the usual instructions to remember nothing and to be horny for her husband when she got home.

Dr. Rogers was like the mad scientist with his Frankenstein now. And just like any deranged Dr. or scientist he was able to delude himself into believing that this was a great and profitable thing for all concerned. Sarah would quit smoking, the husband hadn't been laid this much since he and Sarah had just met. And as for the good Dr. himself...well he had a new toy...a new sex toy and he sat behind his desk feet propped up on his appointment calendar and closed his eyes.

He couldn't even imagine all the possibilities that this one patient could lead to for him. He could program her to role-play. To wear anything he wanted...to fuck him anyway he wanted...She was his puppet and he was her master. And he started to plan what he wanted out of her for the next session. Delving deep into his wildest fantasies.

He knew now that he'd get to live them all...to make them become his reality and he chuckled as he thought of all the things he...and Sarah would do.

And why stop with Sarah...

There were many other beauties in his practice to play with...the puppeteer...that's what he was now... he thought with a sly grin.

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