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Smokey Mountain Man


I've done a lot of stupid things in my eighteen years, from the day I was born almost. I won't go into a lot of detail, but lets just say I gave my folks more gray hair then any parents deserve.

My name is Benji, and no I ain't some cute little puppy with big eyes and a lot of scraggly fur all over my body. I have no idea why they named me that, they never would tell me, but like that little mutt from movie fame, I do have a way of getting myself into some moments, and this is one of them.

Mom and dad, they met and married young, I'm the youngest of ten kids and all of us are what you call non-conformists. Mom and dad were raised in the sixties and their attitudes about a lot of things match their upbringing. I knew about pot before I knew what a regular cigarette was and while I don't agree with the use of drugs, I do figure what the hell, do what you like just don't hurt anyone.

Most of my siblings over came the parental ideals and went on to live normal, happy lives. Got married, had kids, got divorced, you know the real suburbia scene. By the time I got to be a teenager, I knew that my life was not going to go the way the others had. I was intended for something totally different.

Now, before I go any further, I guess I should clue you in to the real Benji. I am tall, like the rest of my family. I topped out at just a hair under six feet tall by the time I hit sixteen. I am also not some tall, skinny bitch. I have what my mother calls a full figure. A nice way of saying fat, but I do take care of my body and I have a lot more muscle and tone then some of the girls out there who are about as big around as they are tall. I also have drop dead gorgeous looks. My mom is half Italian and half English, while dad is a real mixture of different ethnic groups. My mom is a real beautiful woman who worked as a stripper to pay her way through college. My dad is about as much as hunk as any male movie star you might see on a big screen. He did some acting in college in fact, which is where him and mom met.

But I transgress, what I was saying about my looks. I have an oval shaped face and these fantastic deep set eyes that are the perfect match of deep gold amber. My hair is thick and this cross between a deep, rich brown, and a shimmering black that falls all the way to my ass. I have full pout lips, I keep my skin clean and as soft and silky as I can get it. I know how to apply the right amount of make up and how to show off the best of me while down playing the worst.

Now, I admit I am a little big in the butt, but my tits make up for it, and men seem to enjoy the view when I wear a low cut shirt and show off what I got when I bend over. I also have a fairly well defined waist, and dad says I could have been a pin up girl if I had been born a few decades earlier then I was.

The problem I got is these ads that they show these days. Girls who are all boobs and butt and nothing between. Men have been brainwashed into the idea that girls like me aren't what they want to be seen with and I suffered all through high school because of it. Not that they didn't look. And I gave them plenty to see believe me, short skirts, low cut shirts, and I always wore the sexiest underwear I can find. They liked to look, let me tell you. And it just wasn't boys who looked, I had a lot of male teachers who cried when I left their classes.

I did get a boyfriend my senior year, and like a fool I let him pop my cherry on our third date. He dropped me a week later, but he also put the word out that I was hot in the back seat of a car. Well, that was a mistake, because I turned into the coldest bitch in town. Men looked, I flipped them off, boys teased, I cut them to the quick and it wasn't long before they were all avoiding me like the plague. Which was fine with me, I also got a little sweet revenge by passing the word that my ex was not the hot shot he claimed to be in the sack. If anything, he was a limp dick who had no clue how to take care of a real woman.

As soon as school was out, I left for a visit for my grandparents back east from my home on the west coast. Now I love going to visit my grandparents and aunts and uncles back east. They live in the Smokey Mountains and I loved exploring the hills every chance I got. And there was something there that I had always wanted to find out.

Rumor had it that a family lived back in the hill behind my grandparents house and had for years. The thing was, no one had ever seen them or even knew if they really existed. Since these rumors had been going on for the last hundred or so years, I really had my doubts. But I decided that this summer I was going to find the truth if I had to spend the entire summer hiking all over the damn hills.

I started out on a bright, sunny morning about a week after I had arrived. I packed a back pack with a extra change of clothes, water, food and a blanket that I would use if I got stuck out after dark. I also took my cell phone and told my grandparents the area I would be exploring. Since I knew what could happen in this area, I was smart enough to be well prepared.

The morning went well, I love taking pictures and I enjoy the idea of being around nature. By the time noon rolled around, I was hot, sticky and damn near stripped down to my underwear to beat the heat. Finally, as I stopped for lunch, I decided that what the hell, I was out here all alone, there was no sign of any mountain men or wild animals beyond a few squirrels and deer, so I went and stripped down the rest of the way. I love the feel of the sun on my bare skin and I often spent the summer in my parents back yard sunbathing in the nude.

Now what happened is still a little hazy. One minute I was walking along this one trail and then next bam, total loss of where I was as everything went black. When I woke up, I could smell food cooking, feel the heat from a fire and opening my eyes I was looking up at a ceiling of rough timbers and knew instantly I was in some cabin. I was also tied down to a bed and decided that this time I had really done it. Eighteen years old and I was going to die. I'd gone and fallen into the hands of some survivalist or maniac who was using the mountains as a hide out. Still, I have a good sense of self preservation and I spent a few moments trying to determine if the rope around my wrists and ankles held any hope of getting free. They didn't, and the voice that interrupted my attempts told me that I was not in Wonderland anymore.

"Don't bother chafing your wrists sweetheart. Those ropes are my own design and it takes more then you doing some pulling to loosen those knots." The voice was deep and there was something actually sexy about it.

"I don't suppose I could promise not to say anything to anyone and you'd be a nice guy and let me go huh?" It was a pretty stupid idea, but what the hell. I never been real smart at times.

"Not a chance sweetheart, been a long time since I seen a woman who looks as good as you and for you to just wander here on your own, I think I'm gonna keep you for a while. Be a good girl and you might actually get out of here alive."

That last part sent chills through me. "So how good do you want me to be?"

The man who moved to the end of the bed was huge, he reminded me more of a grizzly bear then a human, but he was also a hunk. Big, strong and muscular, with long brown hair and a beard that short cut and I looked into his eyes. They were the most gorgeous shade of green I have ever seen. Damn he was a hunk, and the only thing he wore was a pair of well fitting jeans that showed off one hell of a nice bulge at his crotch. My tongue darted out and licked my lips without even thinking.

I admit, I love big men, being big myself, I hate being with some short, skinny ass who has this momma complex. And the man looking down at me was about as big and nicely put together then any man I have ever seen before. That includes my dad and my brothers. He smiled down at me and I watched in total fascination as he unzipped his jeans and pushed them off his hips. His cock sprang into view and I damn near passed out just from the size of it. A good foot long, and maybe three inches around. My pussy started to juice just thinking of having that monster in it.

"I was gonna wait for a while, but I can't. You got a good looking pussy and I need a woman bad. Gets damn lonely up in these hills by myself. And I get damn tired of jacking off all the fucking time." He stripped off his jeans the rest of the way and walked around to the side of the bed. "You got a nice looking mouth, you think you can take him without choking to death?"

"I think I can try." Hell, I was drooling at the idea of having that big hunk of meat in my mouth and tasting him. I was good at sucking a guy off, my ex had taught me on our first date and he had told me that I was the best cocksucker he had ever known.

My captor seemed to agree with that evaluation because once he was fucking my mouth, he was moaning and groaning all over the place. I would have loved to fondle and caress his balls but all I could do was suck him off while he fucked my mouth. When he shot his load, I swallowed it greedily and he smiled down at me as he pulled my toy from between my lips.

"Damn honey, that was nice, you got a hell of a mouth. Thought you were going to suck me dry. Now what should I do to reward you honey, for a suck job like that, I think you deserve something nice." He sat on the edge of the bed, and bent his head to flick his tongue against my nipples and they instantly went to hard pebbles. As he squeezed and fondled them, I found his hands were as big as the rest of him and they were rough on my skin, but I didn't care. It felt so good and I told him so.

He chuckled and really gave my melon sized tit's a work out with his mouth and hands. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter and my poor little neglected clit was throbbing for attention. He noticed thank the heavens and one of his fingers found it's way down to my slit. When he touched my clit the first time I damn near came and when he began to rub it, I went ballistic. My first cum was the best I had ever known and that made him laugh as I begged him for more.

"Oh sweetheart I got a whole lot more for you. I love a woman's juice and from what I feel, you just gushed a gallon." His body moved so he could look down at my pussy and when I felt his tongue for the first time I jumped big time. God, talk about the silver tongued devil. He was all that and more. He knew just how to tease and please my clit and I was close to passing out when he shoved one of his fingers up my tight, and lightly used little hole.

Lord, talk about feeling like I had died and gone to heaven, I felt like I was floating on a cloud and he was the god of thunder banging at me with thunderbolts. I was on fire everywhere and it was a non stop roller coaster ride.

I lost track of the times he made me cum and I finally passed out from pure exhaustion. When I came back around, I could feel him between my legs and that huge hunk of cock meat was probing at my sore little hole. Not that it stayed sore for long because once he saw I was awake, he smiled down at me and plunged into me like a jack hammer. I lifted my hips and soon I was matching him stroke for stroke.

"Oh sweetheart, yeah, lift those hips, slam that sweet pussy back at me. God, you are so fucking tight and hot. Feels like you're fucking burning my cock to a crisp. Fucking bitch, yeah, suck my cock with those pussy muscles."

For the first time, he bent his head and found my mouth with his. Talk about a man being able to kiss. He had my tongue whipping against his like a snake and I was wishing to god I could get my nails into his back and shoulders, not to mention wrapping my long legs around his hips to give him an even deeper ride.

He seemed to read my mind because he raised up just enough to release the ropes with a single tug and my arms went around his neck as I hung on to his hard, sweaty body. "Oh yeah mountain man, that is nice, fuck me honey, fuck my hot pussy and make me cum all over that hot rod you got hanging down."

That made him laugh and he maneuvered somehow to release my legs so I could wrap them around his hips. "You are the hottest bitch I have ever met honey. And so fucking tight, feels like you're still a fucking virgin to me. Not that you won't be so tight once I get done. Get you so used to my cock that no man will satisfy you except me."

"Do I look like I am fucking complaining? Fuck me, shove that hot cock all the way to my fucking throat if you want to. I never want this ride to end." I started cumming around him and he began to really pound me.

When he came I was ready for a good twenty four hours of sleep and he pulled me close as I drifted off into a deep contented sleep with my head on his shoulders. Even if he killed me and buried my bones in some shallow grave, I didn't care, at least I had died totally sexually satisfied.

Well, he didn't kill me obviously, but he did spend three days fucking and sucking the hell of me and when I woke on the fourth day I was damn disappointed to find him gone. The cabin looked as if he had never even been there, but there was a note.

"Hey baby,

Had to leave. Thanks for the good times. You are the hottest fucking bitch and I will miss that hot pussy big time.

Mountain man"

He was going to miss me, hell he didn't know the meaning of the words. I had spent three days and night with the man of my dreams and he just ups and leaves me in a run down cabin in the mountains. Talk about a bummer. I got dressed and found my way back to my grandparents by noon the next day and after giving them and the cops a song and dance about having gotten lost and finding my way to some old cabin no one asked many questions. I think my grandparents were kind of curious about why I had stayed gone as long as I did, but they never asked and I never told.

Going home after my vacation was like leaving paradise and finding yourself back in hell. I got a job working for my dad's production company, he makes low budget movies for one of the larger studios in Hollywood, and I had to admit I did enjoy seeing all the movie stars and getting to know some of them personally. Damn, you would really be surprised how many of those Hollywood hunks really enjoy being with a big girl now and then. Not that any of them had half the staying power or size my mountain man did. So don't believe all you read honey, because odds are it's just Hollywood hype.

Around Christmas I was feeling pretty depressed. Not that I had a reason to be, I had a good job and I enjoyed being with my family over the holidays, but I really felt something was missing in my life. I found myself thinking more and more about my mountain man and wondering what he was doing and where he was. Then, two days before Christmas arrived, I came home to find a package waiting for me.

The CD had been professional produced and had a very nice look to it. I just figured it was some music CD that someone had sent me as a promo. I put it in my player and laid back on my bed to listen to some garage band play some dumb music. Instead I got the shock of my life.

"Hey babe,

Been a while, I was meaning to send this sooner, but I got really busy and things have been so hectic that I had to put it on hold. God I miss your hot pussy. And I won't even begin to tell you how many times I've jacked off to memories of your sweet lips. Just thinking about you has got me hot and hard and I am sitting here stroking him while I do this. Think about it baby, about my hand on my cock, wishing to god you were here to suck him off or better yet pushed up that hot tight hole. Is your pussy wet, is your clit throbbing? I bet you got a gallon of pussy juice just waiting for me to come and lick it all up. God, talk about honey, sweet as and twice as wet." I could tell he was jacking himself off as he talked and I wasted no time before working on my own cum. We came together and I heard the relief in his voice. "That's what I do all day honey, I sit in this fucking office and I want you to be here riding my cock the whole damn time. God I miss you, hope you feel the same way,

Your mountain man"

I didn't bother to pull up my panties before I was digging the paper the CD had been wrapped in from the trash, looking for some clue to where it had come from and a return address. There was neither, it had been delivered by courier and only my address was on it.

"Son of a bitch!" I was ready to cry. "Who the hell are you, where the hell are you? Why the hell didn't you come in person. I'd have you on this bed fucking hell out of me if you had."

I admit it, I was hooked. And over the next few weeks it showed in my work and my attitude. I was in hell and not long before Valentines day, I was called into my dad's office. Blood might be thicker then water, but he had a business to run and I wasn't pulling my weight. So I was fired. For a week afterwards I did nothing but lay in bed, giving my pussy a real work out while I listened to that damn CD.

Finally my folks got tired of seeing me so down and they basically ordered me to get my shit together or they were sending me to a shrink. I promised I would try, and by the time the fourteenth of February rolled around I was doing better. I still felt lonely and depressed, but I never let them or anyone else see it.

The morning of the fourteenth dawned like any other day in Southern California, bright and sunny. My folks had left for work by the time I rolled out of bed, and after a long shower and a morning spent cleaning my room, I took a book and went out by the pool to sunbathe. In the nude of course, our maid Anna is so used to seeing me do it that she never thought twice when someone came to the door and asked to see me. Instead she just showed them the way to the pool, and I was dozing when a shadow crossed between me and the sun.

"Hey, do you mind, you're blocking the sun." I didn't even bother to open my eyes. I wasn't in the mood for company. It was Valentines day, and I was spending it with some damn romance writer instead of my mountain man.

The body moved but didn't say a word, instead I felt something being run down the front of my body, between my breasts and down to where my thighs meet. There it came to lay to rest on my pubic hair and I reached down to see what it was.

"Careful, you'll crush it sweetheart." The sound of his voice make my eyes fly open and I saw not only the man of my dreams, but a single red rose laying on my abdomen. I picked it up and inhaled its fragrance deeply. "Be my Valentine Benji, today, tomorrow and forever?"

I smiled as I watched him settle into the lounge chair next time mine. "Hmm, I can't think of anything I would like better."

It was a good thing the chairs my folks got were extra sturdy because right after that, he moved and I watched as he unzipped his jeans, reached down and opened my legs and gave me the present I had been waiting months for. To hell if the neighbors heard us fucking our brains out, I didn't care. He was in me and pounding me for real this time.

The rose wasn't the only present he brought me, besides it, there was a DVD of our time in the cabin and a silver ring with hearts and doves all around it. He knew I wasn't a diamond girl, that I prefer silver to anything. After a lunch to rebuild ourselves we spent the afternoon in my room, fucking our brains out and that was where my folks found us when they came home from work.

It was a little embarrassing at first, considering he knew my name, but I didn't know his. And I never did tell mom and dad how we met, only that we loved each other and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Mom and dad were happy for me of course, but if they were a little reluctant to accept him into the family, we understood that. Especially when after the wedding we moved to the Smokey Mountains to an old cabin that had been there forever.

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