Unable to watch and not participate, I reached out to Krista and ran my hand over her small breasts. She had small swellings on her chest, almost like a pubescent girl, but with pronounced (and very hard) nipples. I tweaked them through her shirt, then ran my hand under the blouse to caress the hot flesh there.

Apparently, she was finished with cleaning off Tam's tits, because she suddenly turned and launched herself at me, pinning me back on the ground and kissing me hard. She stabbed her tongue into my mouth and we kissed, hotly and with great passion. While she was doing that, I could tell that Tam was stripping the shorts and panties off Krista and running her hand up between her legs, alternating fondling my balls and running her fingers over Krista's clit. It didn't take long before Krista tossed off her blouse, lay her head on my chest and began biting my shoulder as I used one hand to massage her chest and the other to squeeze her ass. Krista came in a frenzy of motion, squirming atop me, biting my chest and shoulder while crying out her pleasure.

She came down from the orgasmic high slowly, her breathing rapid and her eyes closed. I continued to massage her nipples and ass, and soon encouraged her to move up so that I could suck on her nipples as she breathed. Finally, she groaned and said, "That was the most intense orgasm I've ever had! It was"

She slid back down so that she was laying by my side on the right while Tam snuggled up to my left. I put my arms around both girls and we lay there comfortably for a few minutes. After a bit, Krista spoke up, her eyes downcast and her hand fluttering nervously on my stomach. "I'm sorry I interrupted you guys. I didn't want to get in the way, but it just looked so hot."

Once again, Tam and I reassured her that it was all right, that we weren't mad, and that she was welcome to join us. To make the point clearly, Tam took Krista's hand and placed it around my still-hard cock, encouraging her to stroke me. "Go ahead. I couldn't take him inside me, but if you're on the pill and want to, I'll bet he'll make love to you."

With that, Krista's eyes shot to my face, trying to gauge my reaction. I smiled and said, "I'd like that. If you want to, we could do that. Or we could do just about anything else you want."

Krista smiled shyly and looked from me to Tam. "I'd love to, but..."

"But you don't want to push me out? No problem - I'll just join in. It doesn't seem like you have any problem with girl-on-girl contact, and I think Vinny is man enough to handle us both. You take that end," giving my cock a pat, "and I'll take this one," leaning over to kiss me.

When she drew back, I said, "Don't I get a vote?"

In unison, they replied, "Oh, hell no!" and giggled.

"How about a suggestion, then?" They nodded for me to go on. "How about Krista lets me eat her first while Tam sucks me (if you want) so I can taste that pretty pussy of hers? Then, when she's good and ready, you can switch, and I'll eat Tam while Krista gets to ride the white stallion."

This drew a chorus of laughter as both Krista and Tam started making jokes about the stupid names guys give their penis. When they settled down, Krista swung around and crouched over my face while Tam positioned herself at my dick. I reached and grabbed her ass with my hands and drew her dripping slit into reach of my tongue. Her public hair was sparse and dark, tufted slightly on her mound. Her slit gaped slightly, with her inner lips just barely protruding beyond the outer, pink and swollen with her excitement. I flicked my tongue gently along her slit, tasting her sweetness just as I could feel Tam taking my dick into her mouth.

I focused on Krista, both to prolong my orgasm and to make sure that Krista enjoyed the ride. I continued to trace her pussy lips with my tongue, making her squirm on my face while her juices coated my chin. With my hands on her butt, it was easy to control her position. I used my hands to shift her forward so that I could run my tongue over her puckered rosebud. She moaned louder, gasping, "oh, god, he's licking my ass....feels so good...ahhhh" as I continued to rim her. I stiffened my tongue so I could poke it past her sphincter a couple of times, drawing another squeal from her, before shifting her back so I could tongue her pussy again. This time, I started working on her clit, helping her build her excitement, but not enough to get her off, just as Tam was slowly working my dick, keeping me excited without bringing me close to climax.

"Ready to switch, Krista?" Tam asked, replacing her mouth with her hand.

"Uhhh, switch...yeah, sure, ok." It took a second for her to focus on what she said, and then she pivoted to the side so that she could move down to my waist while Tam moved up to my head. Tam remained at my side while Krista positioned herself over my dick. Tam reached down and took my dick and positioned it at the entrance to Krista's pussy, sliding it back and forth in an unnecessary effort to make sure we were both well-lubricated. Krista hunched forward, then sat back, lowering herself onto my dick slowly and with a groan of pleasure.

Once Krista was fully impaled, she let out a quavering sigh and started to rock back and forth, rubbing her clit on the base of my dick. In the meantime, Tam swung her leg over my head, positioning herself on my face, facing Krista. The two girls leaned against each other and kissed, with Krista began bouncing up and down on my cock and Tam shifting her hips back and forth as my tongue found her slit. I reached to grab her ass and shifted my tongue so that I could lick her ass, much as I had done to Krista. Tam squealed, "Oh, god, Krista, you were right. It's incredible when he licks your asshole. Oh, my god!" I couldn't see what was happening, but it sounded like Krista had begun to suck on Tam's tits while she was riding me. I imagined that Tam was also rubbing Krista's nipples, letting their pleasure grow.

Tam, Krista and I were all moaning now, the girls fairly loudly while I was more ... muffled. I latched onto Tam's clit and worked it over while reaching with one hand to grab her tit and using the other to reach for Krista's. I continued to lick Tam when she suddenly screamed, "Oh, god, I'm cummming!" and pressed hard against my face while she spasmed. As she came, she pulled Krista's face to her chest and continued to cry out. Finally, she relaxed as her orgasm receded, releasing Krista's face and lifting her ass from my face. She moved off me, turning so she could watch Krista as she worked herself toward an orgasm. I reached up to Krista, and she bent forward, continuing to move up and down on my cock as she bent and kissed me. My hands grabbed her ass as I began to thrust more vigorously into her, my up thrusts meeting her down thrusts with a liquid slapping sound.

She began to grunt in time to our thrusting, starting low but gradually increasing in pitch until she was almost keening in pleasure. I knew she was close, and I couldn't hold back any more. "I'm gonna cum," I breathed.

"Oh, god, yes. Do it. I'm cu...." She tried to finish the statement, but her orgasm overrode her higher brain functions and she simply cried out and froze atop me, her body quivering with the intensity of her climax. The ripple of muscles in her tight, wet pussy sent me over the edge, and I came with a groan, sending streams of semen into her. We held there, locked into our passion and then both slowly relaxed, our breath mingling as we shared a tender post-orgasm kiss.

Krista slid off me, our combined juices running into the soil under her. Tam joined us on my other side, her hand resting on my chest as she pillowed her head on my arm. The soft summer breeze played over us as we lay there in companionable silence, our hands caressing one another gently. As we recovered, I began to take stock of our surroundings once again. The lights of the house were visible through the trees, and the sounds of the party carried on the wind.

We could hear the laughter of our friends, and the sound of splashing indicated that the pool and hot tub were seeing some use. "Anybody feel like a dip in the hot tub?" I suggested. Both girls thought it would be a good idea, so when we thought we would be steady on our feet again, we collected our clothes and used the towel to clean ourselves up. Taking everything with us, we headed toward the house.

As we left the tree line behind us, we walked around the deck toward the hot tub. I noticed that the party seemed to have shifted there, as no one was near the stereo or bar. Turning the corner of the deck, we saw that the festivities had indeed moved to the pool area. At the far end of the pool deck, Bruce, Nathan and Billy were engaged in an oral daisy chain. Closer to the hot tub, Carly and Sarah were naked and lying on a chaise lounger, engaged in an enthusiastic session of mutual oral sex. As we watched, Carly lifted her head to move her hair out of her eyes, and we were treated to a fantastic view of Sarah's shaved mound awaiting the further efforts of Carly's lips and tongue.

At the edge of the hot tub, Scott and Eric were standing next to each other on one of the seats of the hot tub, facing the pool. Both were standing knee-deep in the water. Both were naked, as were the two girls on their hands and knees in front of them, between the hot tub and the pool. Jessica and Brienne were next to each other, and Scott and Eric were balls-deep in the girls. Scott had his hands on Brienne's hips, drawing her ass back to him as he plunged into her, their wet bodies making a slapping sound when the met. Eric had his hands flat on Jessica's back, his movements slower and less urgent than Scott's. Jessica urged him on, rotating her hips as she leaned back into him, one hand supporting her while the other diddled her clit. Jessica's large breasts swayed back and forth with the couple's motions, while Brienne's smaller tits jiggled smartly with each vigorous thrust.

As we approached, we decided that perhaps the hot tub was a bit too crowded to relax in, so we opted for a dip in the pool instead. After we slipped into the water, we glanced around and realized that everywhere we looked, someone was making love. Judging from the contented sighs coming from the lounge chair near the pool, it appeared that Carly and Sarah had just finished up. Carly had just moved to lie next to Sarah, their lips meeting in a satisfied kiss while their hands trailed fingertips across tender flesh. When they finally sat up, I motioned for them to join us in the pool. As they moved toward us, I admired their lithe, toned bodies. Each smiled as they entered the pool, getting kissed by Tam, Krista and me as they stepped in. I could still smell the intoxicating musk on their lips as we kissed, the scent both stimulating and intoxicating.

Shortly thereafter, the foursome at the edge of the hot tub came in a symphony of moans, groans, squeaks and quiet screams. Brienne and Jessica opened their eyes to see an appreciative audience, smiling and clapping softly at the now-concluded performance. After a bit of clean-up, Jessica and Brienne joined Scott and Eric in the hot tub, inviting us to join them. We quickly moved from the pool to the hot tub, settling in and relaxing the frothing water. Billy, Bobby and Nathan came up shortly thereafter, and we rearranged the now-full hot tub to find space for them. I ended up sitting next to Jessica while Carly sat on my lap, my fingers gently playing with her nipples as she leaned back against me.

We all chatted amiably, relaxing the warm water, while the soft summer evening deepened around us and the summer stars wheeled overhead. The evening finally wound down as people started to head home, relaxed and comfortably satiated, body and soul and restored for the weeks ahead.

The next day, as we assembled at the theatre for rehearsal, I looked around at the cast and crew. People were talking to each other in a relaxed manner, evidencing a comfort level that had existed before. I caught snatches of conversation about the party last night, most of them value descriptions of having had a good time. As I was going about my preparations, Carly came up to and gave me a quick hug. I hugged her back, enjoying the feeling of her body against mine. "Did you sleep well last night?" I asked.

She smiled, saying "Not as well as you did, I bet." As I spocked an eyebrow at her, she went on. "I talked with Krista last night, and from what she told me, you must have been exhausted!" She looked at me with twinkle in her eye that I could only interpret as a hopeful interest.

"Well, I'm not one to kiss and tell, but let's just say that I was quite happy to provide whatever small satisfaction I may have."

"Oh, I don't think either Tam or Krista would describe it as a small satisfaction," she laughed. "Anyway, I was just wondering if you were planning on going to the cookout on Saturday. Sarah and I were talking and thought we might want to ... ummm ... spend some time with you, if you were ok with that."

She watched be expectantly. Well, never look a gift horse in the mouth, I always say. The show must go on, and so on. "Oh, I think I can manage to find some time for you ladies. I live to serve." I returned her smile, and she gave me another hug and ran off to whisper something to Sarah. The both turned to looked at me, smiling. It looked like this was going to be great summer.

"Places! Places for the top of the show," I called, watching the cast and crew scramble to get to their assigned spots. It was time to get back to work. The smorgasbord would wait until the weekend.

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