Snaring A Spy

byBlack Tulip©

While waiting for the rest of the clan, she sent out a handful of hunters to watch the forest paths.

Together with Nova Dyna explored the forest nearby. Best would be to find a place the soldiers would choose to make camp. If they were well relaxed after eating, maybe starting to get drowsy, their capture could be done without much bloodshed. Nova agreed and licked her lips.

"It would be a shame to damage them, war leader." She closed her eyes for a minute and wiggled her breasts. "It has been a long time since the clan captured a whole bunch of males." With a sigh she continued: "As you have guessed, we had two rituals last moon. And those two males were the first in Gaia knows how many cycles."

Dyna nodded. "I know. Since they were used for a ritual none of you was allowed to touch them." She grinned suddenly. "Don't worry. If I am any good at judging men, these will be hard on my trail. Very eager to get me and maybe more like me. You'll see. They're real savory. Tall, well muscled fighters and nothing like those puny little males from the villages around here." With a hand she stopped Nova. "That's very important. Nobody should approach one on her own. They are too big and I am pretty sure they are well trained. We can have all the fun we want, but we have to be careful."

Beneath the trees the air hung still and moist. The mist created heavy droplets on the leaves of trees and bushes, and not even the sound of birds interfered with the stillness of the forest. With an impatient gesture Wulf wiped the moisture from his face. The further south they came, the fouler the weather, or so it seemed. It had cost them nearly half a day to find the trail from that woman. He gritted his teeth again at the thought of how she had tricked him. Leaving him in his own chain. By Thor, if he got his hands on her he'd ... He sighed and concentrated on his surroundings again. They had been following Dyna for nearly two days now. Looking up he tried to catch a glimpse of the sun, but no such luck. The skies were dark with sailing clouds and all he could do was guess it was past midday.

He stood in the middle of the vague track, waiting for the others to catch up. He knew he had been driving them rather relentlessly. He groped for his sword for what must have been the hundredth time, every time swearing anew at that witch for taking his sword with her. The gall of that woman. With a sigh of relief he saw Runar appear around a bend in the trail. Looking at his son he lifted his eyebrows in questioning.

Runar grinned when he saw his father waiting ahead. The old man had been furious upon waking with his own chain around his ankle and the luscious Amazon gone. He had given his soldiers scarcely time enough to pack up camp before he set out after her. And by the look of him, the two days travel had not done much to calm his fury. Runar looked back and narrowed his eyes when he looked upon the one Amazon that had stayed behind. Agila she had said her name was. She was tall and slim, obviously a well-trained warrior since she had had no trouble to keep up with him and the other soldiers. But there was something about her..., he couldn't put his finger on it but there was something not quite right.

"Ah, finally made it, have you?" The low rumble of Wulf's voice seemed to linger on in the gloom beneath the dripping, gleaming trees. "Bunch of lilies", he muttered as he eyed the sixteen soldiers following his son with the Amazon in their midst. "I want to push on for another hour or two. So start looking for a suitable camping site by then." He made a gesture toward the lone female warrior. "She still keeping up?" A nod from one of the soldiers satisfied him and he turned around, taking the lead again.

"By Thor, these woods look bewitched." Wulf slammed his fist against a tree trunk. For the last hour or so every where they turned their way had been blocked. Now by a fallen tree, then by thorny bushes, next by a shallow river. The trail they had been following had disappeared about an hour or two ago. And now it seemed as if even the forest had turned against them. He thought he had spotted a thinning in the trees but it had taken them almost an hour to get there. "We'll make camp here. I have no desire to lose my way in the dark."

The soldiers shrugged and started their familiar routine. Some of them pitched the tents, others started a fire and two of them started back to the small river to get water. Runar left the woman in the care of his father while he worked alongside the soldiers. Wulf looked at the Amazon and chuckled when he saw the faint blush creeping up from her neck, spreading to her cheeks.

"Still smarting, are you? Don't worry girl. You'll get used to it." He eyed her a bit curious. The second night she had been captured, he had made her cum in front of his son and that other Amazon. Apparently that was a dishonor or some such nonsense. He hadn't understood it, but she had been real furious when she found out he had fucked that older warrior. He smacked his lips remembering her, Dyna her name was. Dishonor or not, she had been one hell of a woman. Taller than any other woman he had ever met, with black hair and very unusual green eyes, she had filled his hands very nicely with her ripe full figure. And by Frigga, had she been dancing on his cock. He sighed again as his hand strayed to his leathers. The thought of her alone was enough to get him hard all over again.

Agila shifted under the gaze from those very blue eyes. Damn that man. May Gaia strike him with impotence. She clenched her fists and tried in vain to stop the blush from spreading. Every time she looked at that..., that ... white furred bear, she remembered the way her body had betrayed her under his hands. Skillful hands she had to admit. There was no way she could have stayed indifferent and his son had been worse, or better. That depended on your point of view. She closed her eyes for a moment as she felt a wave of heat travel her body.

Very cautiously she turned her head and looked at the forest surrounding the little open space. Maybe Wulf thought the forest was bewitched, but she had recognized the work of her warrior sisters. She had to suppress a big grin when she heard the cry of a nightbird. The sun was not even down yet, but none of the soldiers seemed to notice the odd occurrence. She shrugged at their ignorance. How they thought to capture Amazons she had no idea, certainly not because of their skills in woodcraft. Agila let her eyes travel through the small camp. When Amazons were on the move they never used tents. They just slept on the ground; maybe using grasses or dead leaves for a bed but not much else. With her hand she covered the grin on her face when she detected the feathers of a turkey briefly appearing behind Wulf. The sign was clear enough and she settled back against a tree, waiting for nightfall and the attack that would surely come once it was dark.

Stretching his muscles Wulf shifted around a bit, feeling a vague sense of unease. He could not exactly say why, but he felt as if he was being watched. But that was foolishness of course. The intense blue eyes swept through the camp, noticing the nine tents, the small fire with the carcass of a deer roasting, and came to rest on his son, sitting opposite. "Any ideas? I think it's fishy, the way we just lost her trail."

Runar nodded. "I agree. We should double the watch tonight." Hearing a muffled sound he looked at the Amazon. Apparently she was choking on something, coughing and wheezing with her eyes shut tight. "Are you all right?" She made a gesture with her hand to stop him from coming over, so he turned his attention back to the big man with the white hair. "Other than that, I have no bright suggestions. Sorry."

Wulf still felt uneasy. That Agila could have escaped the same way. Why hadn't she? She had refused to answer that and he had not pressed real hard. He had been too intent on catching Dyna again. He grinned a bit ruefully. It looked like he had been following his cock instead of his brain. He decided to have a more insistent conversation in the morning. Right now he felt as if his eyelids were made of lead. He saw Runar with his hands on the chain of the Amazon, so he felt free to retire.

Slightly disoriented Wulf shot upright. Unsure why he woke up, he sat very still, straining to hear if anything was amiss. In the near darkness he could just make out the pale form of Agila, curled up against Runar. He never heard them come in earlier. He must have been real tired then. But right now he felt wide-awake. He didn't hear anything odd, but still, something woke him up.

The big man moved with surprising stealth and not stopping to don his leathers, he bent to pick up the spear he had fashioned for himself to compensate for the loss of his sword. As he straightened with the slim wooden shaft in his hands, the flap in front of the tent was thrown aside, revealing a stunning sight.

"Going hunting, Wulf?" In the opening stood a very confident Amazon warrior with straight black hair and sparkling green eyes. The tiny creases near her eyes deepened when she laughed out loud at his obvious surprise. "Didn't you expect to see me again?"

Wulf growled deep in his throat and stepped forward, taking a firmer grip on the spear. He heard Runar and Agila stirring at his back, but he focussed his attention on the woman in front of him. The way she held her sword told him she was a seasoned fighter. He narrowed his eyes as he weighed his options. He had no desire to hurt the woman, but he certainly didn't want to get captured either. His eyes swept over the tall woman, taking in the full breasts that ware bare, the rust colored silk she had pinched from his tent now draped around curvy hips and coming to rest on the muscled arms. His rugged face split in a grin when he noticed her nipples stiffening under his appraisal.

"Looks as if you're happy to see me, woman." His low voice was no more than a whisper. Wulf took another step forward, and shifted the spear so he could use it to deflect sword strokes. But he stopped dead in his tracks.

Just as Runar stepped up next to him things started happening all at once. Agila threw her chain around Runar's neck and dragged him to the ground, knocking the breath out of him. Dyna stepped further into the tent and made way for two more Amazons, both of them with the long bow of the hunter and both of them with an arrow nocked and aimed straight at his heart.

"Sorry Wulf. This time the catch is mine." Dyna made a gesture toward the other warriors at her side.

"Put that spear on the ground please, very carefully. I would hate to harm you, but they don't know you." She smiled when he clamped his lips in anger and shoved the spear in the soft earth with a violent movement.

"Nova, watch that other one." She pointed to the still struggling Runar and one of the Amazons moved to the side. Aiming at Runar as Agila proceeded to wrap her chain around his wrists, tying them secure behind his back.

"What have you done with my soldiers?" Wulf almost growled in his concern. The near total silence had him worried real bad.

Dyna shook her head in mock disappointment. "Nothing you would not have done to mine. I assure you, we mean them no harm." She grinned. "Not intentionally at least."

"Watch him." She suddenly turned dead serious as she moved very carefully to the side of the tent. Circling him at a safe distance she came up behind him and put the point of her dagger at his kidneys.

Wulf felt her breath caressing his shoulder blades. For a split second he contemplated grabbing her. One look at the Amazon huntress convinced him that would be a very unwise move. The woman was not as tall as Dyna, but she looked a lot less friendly to him and her aim never wavered. Dyna's voice coaxed him to put his arms behind his back and between one breath and the next, she had him tied up real nice.

Just before she stepped back though, he felt her lips brush the back of his neck.

"It's payback time, soldier." The words were so soft, he doubted anyone else but him had heard them.

Dyna was secretly relieved that the attack had gone so smoothly. They had been able to secure the guards unawares and after that it had been a piece of cake. With eight soldiers down, they had been with enough warriors to assign three to one for taking the other eight. None was hurt, except in his pride perhaps. She shrugged. They would smart a lot more in that area before they were released.

With a look of satisfaction that made Wulf nearly choking with anger Dyna surveyed the collection around the campfire. The thirty Amazons had secured the soldiers with Wulf and Runar without so much as a scratch. And by the look on their faces the Amazons were very pleased with their hunt.

Dyna cleared her throat and stepped forward. "I am very proud of you all. You certainly earned a bonus in freeing our Bitch-to-be." She looked at one of the dark haired, brown-eyed warriors. "Nova, can you take care of arranging guard duty? I have a score to settle." With that she grinned maliciously and turned to Wulf.

She eyed the big soldier where he stood near the fire. The light of the flames played over his broad, bare body; painting shadows on the muscled arms and legs, giving the white hair on his chest a tinge of orange. She licked her lips provocatively as she looked at him.

"Remember your words not so long ago? 'You are a female, I am a male, and males screw females?' I am about to show you the folly in that." She smiled when she saw his eyes widening in surprise. "Will you take it standing up or do you prefer to be put to your back? As you said so yourself, there's no shame in that." Her eyes suddenly glittered with anger instead of amusement.

Wulf had to swallow hard. He never believed he really had angered the woman. He had treated her like he would have treated any woman. Hell, most women of his own tribe would have been honored if he had singled them out like that. To let her show her appreciation of him in front of everybody was the ultimate praise you could give to Frigga. But as he looked at Dyna and saw her obvious anger, he finally understood he should have paid more attention to her words. And to the outrage of that other. What had she been called? Bitch-to-be? He had never encountered Amazons before, but he knew a little about their language and their customs. He swallowed again. By Thor, they had captured their future queen. If his hands had not been tied, he would have pulled the hairs out of his head. Gods, how was it possible.

"Well, what will it be?" Dyna's voice jerked his attention back.

The big soldier moved his massive shoulders and raised one of his eyebrows. "Do you need to ask?" Even with his arms behind his back, he managed to convey an air of confidence. "A true soldier meets his fate standing up." He flashed an insolent grin and let his eyes rest on her mouth. After he saw her swallow he lifted his eyes again and looked around him. Runar was chained by the wrists and most of the other soldiers had their arms tied behind their backs as well. Two Amazons watched every one of them, leaving Dyna free to attend him with a very young huntress keeping watch.

Dyna gestured a few of her warriors close. "Tie him to that tree over there. Arms back, you know the procedure."

"At once, war leader." The Amazons proceeded to take him away, but he stood rooted to the spot.

"War leader? Did they call you war leader?" He groaned aloud. "By Thor, this is getting worse by the minute. Agila is your future queen and you are their war leader. No wonder she was seething mad." He shook his head at so much misfortune.

Dyna raised her eyebrows and stepped up to him. Even though she was a tall woman, she had to look up to him a bit. "Would it have made any difference? If you had known, I mean." She stood with her fists on her hips, not even aware how she seemed to offer her breasts to him with that pose.

Wulf was more than aware however. Despite his predicament, he felt a stirring in his loins. He tried to look only at her face. "I don't know. You both are very desirable and I am a man who likes women. I am not apologizing for that." On impulse he bent his head and kissed her full on the mouth. He regretted he could not use his hands as he felt her response. He was pretty sure he could have her moaning for his cock in no time at all.

Dyna looked slightly flushed when she ended the unexpected kiss. "That was very nice, no need to apologize for that anyway." She grinned and followed the warriors as they took him to a large tree with a smooth broad trunk.

Her eyes took in his lightly tanned form with the short white curls on his chest and round the base of his cock, the muscles rippling beneath his skin, the fierce blue eyes and the proud way he carried his head.

She almost pushed her warriors aside once they were done with tying his arms at the back of the trunk.

"Now then. Let's see how much you like women. Shall we?" Dyna placed her hands on his shoulders and brushed her breasts against his chest. Her hands stroked his neck, traced his collarbone and found their way down to his nipples. She smiled when she heard him gasp. "You like that?"

She started kissing him slowly down his torso. Licking his nipples till they stood out, trailing down to his bellybutton, all the while letting her hands play on his buttocks. Her thumbs missing his cock by a hair's breadth every time she stroked his hips. She blew a hot breath on his cock, making it jump a little.

"Still liking it?"

Wulf had his eyes glued to the luscious woman who proceeded to kneel in front of him. The touch of her wet, warm lips on his erection made him close his eyes. "By Frigga, woman, free my hands. I will give you pleasure you'll never forget." He strained against the bonds as his hips bucked. He enjoyed her mouth but his hands ached to touch the stiff brown nipples, the inviting round bottom and most of all the warm, wet place he remembered between her thighs. He groaned.

"Let me fuck you. Come on woman, you know you'll like it."

Dyna kept licking his cock up and down the entire length. She never bothered to answer him. All she did in reaction to his words was reach between her legs. As her fingers touched her clit she opened her mouth and took his dick in. Closing her lips behind the head, she swirled her tongue around and over the top.

After a few moments she felt him starting to move his hips and she released his cock. Raising herself she let her body slide against his and when she was upright she stood on tiptoe. Her arms went around his neck and one leg wrapped itself around his middle. With a fluid movement she impaled herself on his cock.

"By Thor and Frigga. What are you doing to me woman." The big soldier had trouble staying upright when he felt the hot, wet velvet of Dyna's cunt swallow his cock. Again she surprised him with the movement of her muscles, massaging him as if with a firm hand. He closed his eyes and gave himself over to the pleasures she bestowed upon him.

Dyna started moving in increasingly wild motions, grinding her clit against his pubic bone. She saw him open his eyes again when she kissed him passionately on the mouth. With pleasure she felt his tongue taking possession of her mouth, the same way his cock was filling her cunt. One hand was holding on to his neck and the other was stroking the captivating hard muscled body. She moaned at the back of her throat. A low pitched sound that drove Wulf further on. His hips slammed into her and after a few thrusts she started shuddering. The clenching and rippling inside her made him cum without end.

"I wish I could have used my hands. But I swear that was the best fuck I ever had." Wulf growled as he stood panting for breath. His white hair was hanging in damp strands and the broad shoulders and chest were coated in a film of sweat. He groaned as Dyna slid her leg down his buttocks to the ground, keeping his softening cock as long as possible inside her.

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