tagLoving WivesSneaky One Night Stand

Sneaky One Night Stand


Jim was very despondent over his wife's death. He had taken off from his job to get away from it all. It was getting time to pull his RV off the road to find an RV park for the night. As he pulled into a parking place, he noticed a couple sitting just outside their door enjoying a drink.

The man greeted Jim, "Nice weather we're having. My name is John and this is my wife Jeanne. Welcome to this RV park."

Jim responded, "My name is Jim and I'm tired after traveling today."

"Come have a drink with us and relax."

Jim was glad to sit down, enjoy a drink and chat with his new found neighbors. He thought Mary was pretty and rather sexy looking in her skimpy top and shorts.

After a lengthy time, John said, "I'll bet you are hungry. Mary has plenty of food prepared, so why don't you come in and eat with us."

Jim was pleased with the invitation and went inside for dinner.

After they had finished eating, they moved to the couch for an after dinner drink. Jim told them about his wife's death and his grief.

Mary sadly said, "You poor man. I know it must be a difficult time for you."

John added, "We're so sorry to hear about it."

John looked at his watch and said, "Oh, I just about forgot, I have to make a phone call. My cel phone isn't working so I'll have to go find a phone."

Jim then offered, "Guess I should leave."

"No please don't, I'll be back in a little bit. I think there is a phone in the service station about five miles down the road."

Once John had left, Mary said, "Again, I am so sorry for you. I know you are having a rough time. Have you thought about seeing another girl?"

"No, my wife has been gone just a short time. Someday, I'll start looking."

Since they were both sitting on the couch, it was easy for Mary to move her hand over to clasp Jim's hand. "I'm so sorry. I would like to do something to help you. Something to cheer you up."

Jim smiled at Mary and said, "You are a beautiful girl with a wonderful personality. Maybe I can find a girl like you."

Mary responded, "Thank you for saying that. My husband never tells me things like that anymore."

Mary moved closer to Jim and held his hand up to her cheek. Jim wasn't sure what her intentions were. He said, "I meant every word of it. You are beautiful and you have a fantastic body."

Mary softly cooed, "I want to do something for you to make you feel better."

Mary moved up against Jim on the couch and started rubbing at his crotch. Jim's cock sprang alive as she stroked it. Mary leaned around to give him a light kiss. Jim then put his hand behind her head and pulled her lips tightly to his. Jim could feel Mary's tongue searching for his. Then he opened his mouth wider. Mary responded with a very sexy open mouth with tongues dancing. Jim could feel Mary's body respond and readily accept his love making.

Jim's hand moved under her halter top to feel her ample breasts as their mouths met for another longer kiss. Then one of Jim's hands slipped up one of her short's legs to feel her crotch. After they broke the kiss, Mary quickly got up without saying anything and removed her shorts and panties. She spread her legs to give him more room. His hand roamed up and down her pussy lips and pubic hair while they shared another kiss.

Jim was rather concerned when he said, "Aren't you afraid John will be coming back right away. We can't let him catch us doing this."

"I don't think John will care too much. We have a close friend back home who regularly fucks me while John watches."

Jim was a little apprehensive, but he was so hot for this girl that he didn't care.

He pushed her body back onto the couch, lifted one leg up on the back of the couch and let the other hang off on the floor. His face went directly to her crotch. His tongue found her pussy lips, spread them and licked up and down. Her body sexually flinched each time his tongue touched her clit. Mary took hold of Jim's head with both hands to pull his head and tongue tighter into her pussy. Jim's tongue was going up down from her ass hole up to lightly suck her clit on each pass. He could feel her body begin to tense up and wondered if she would soon have an orgasm.

Mary began a light moan as if she was really enjoying it. Jim thought she was about to explode but Mary seemed to be holding back. Maybe she didn't want to explode this soon and wanted to enjoy the feeling.

Jim wanted to give Mary a real thrill by working faster on her pussy and ass. Now he was concentrating on her clit. Mary's body began to stiffen as she moaned, "Oh...Oh.... I'm.... going to......." Just then she groaned and her body shook with sexual delight. Jim knew she was having a very good orgasm.

Jim continued to lightly and slowly lick from her ass up to her clit as her body began to relax a little. She laid still and lightly moaned as her breathing was returning to normal.

Mary raised her head high enough to look into Jim's eyes and smiled. Then her head went limp back on the couch. A few seconds later she said, "It's your turn now."

Mary took Jim's hand and led him to the bed. She backed up to the side of the bed and laid back allowing her legs to hang off the bed. Jim quickly disrobed and stood between her legs. His hard cock was pointing at her. He moved nearly down to his knees, leaned forward for his cock to touch her pussy. He pushed a little to let it penetrate her.

He was in a very uncomfortable position even though it felt good in her hot pussy. He got up to say, "Let's get in a comfortable position on the bed."

Jim laid on his back with his head on the pillow. Mary rolled over on her stomach. Since she had been sitting on the side of the bed this put her head near his hips. She reached over with one hand to hold his hard erection. The pre-cum was oozing on her hand as she moved her hand up and down. She move in a position to take his cock in her mouth to deep throat him three or four times.

Jim commented, "You do a fantastic job of that. Do you do this to your husband."

She answered back, "Yes, my husband likes me to go all the way down to his balls. I like to do that for him. Your cock is a little longer, but I went all the way down."

Jim watched as his cock completely disappeared in her mouth. He said, "If you keep doing that, I'll cum very soon. I'd would really like to fuck you before I cum."

Mary pulled her mouth back up from his cock to say, "Allright, I'll take it a little easier with you."

She continued to slowly lick his cock from his balls to lick all around the head and occasionally swallow it. Each time she went fully down, Jim groaned and she knew he really liked it.

Jim moved around to get between her legs. He pulled them up and pushed them back to her head. His cock fully penetrated her. He fucked her slowly. He made most of the movements because she was pinned to the bed underneath him.

After they had been in this position for awhile, she said, "We had better finish before John returns. Do you want to cum like this?"

"This is really good, but I want you to suck the cum out of me with your fantastic deep throat."

Jim rolled over onto his back pulling her up on top of him in a six nine position. Jim could feel her going down on his cock. He was licking her pussy and ass and started concentrating on her clit. He wondered if she could have another orgasm. Jim could feel Mary's mouth going all the way down. He thought he could feel the head of his cock rubbing in her throat. It was a good feeling, but he wanted to try to give her another orgasm before he cum.

Mary seemed to be approaching an orgasm, but Jim just couldn't hold it any longer and starting shooting cum in her mouth and throat. She started to choke and pulled up but kept jacking his cock. His cum was splattering all over her face.

Mary yelled, "Keep doing me."

While Jim was feverishly licking and sucking her clit, he could feel Mary's mouth working on his slowing dying cock. It felt good and urged him on to give her another orgasm. Mary reached her orgasm as her body strained and shook.

Mary rolled off of Jim and made eye contact with him. She grinned as he looked at the cum all over her face. She laughingly said, "You really made a mess of me."

Mary went to the bathroom to wipe her face with a towel.

She yelled from the bathroom, "Let's hurry and get dressed before John comes back."

Jim answered her, "I thought you said he has watched you with other men in the past."

"That's true, but I always got his permission before doing it. I don't want him to know about what we just did."

Mary and Jim had just finished getting dressed and were innocently sitting on the couch when John came in the door to say, "I made the phone call. How are you two doing?"

Mary said, "Oh..., we've just been have a good visit talking about a lot of things. I've been trying to cheer Jim up."

John responded, "That's nice of you."

Jim then decided it was time to leave. He said, "I'm going to get up early to leave in the morning. I'd better be going. I want to thank you for the dinner and the good conversation. I feel much better now that I've enjoyed the evening with you."

John turned around to face away from the others to open the door. This gave Jim the opportunity to secretly wink at Mary and she winked back at him with a smile.

The next day while Jim was driving, he smiled as he fondly remembered being with John and Mary. He knew he would never see them again. He wished them good luck on their relationship with their friend who shares a threesome with them.

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