tagHumor & SatireSnot Brite and the Seven Pervs Ch. 04

Snot Brite and the Seven Pervs Ch. 04


Author's note. Firstly, please read chapters 1, 2 and 3. I have not put in any reminders of what happened last time; there just wasn't the room. Although this story is in the humour and satire category I have also tried to keep it sexy, and have attempted to at least touch on most genres over the full series. That means if you don't like gay, lesbian, anal, transgender or any of the other categories within Literotica then there may be bits you want to skip over. Please give it a go and let me know what you think, I enjoy getting comments, even those with creative criticism. There are six chapters and they should be put up at the rate of at least one every week. Do not expect reality, it is a fairy tale.

The story is set way before condoms, so if you want a safe sex message then I suggest you don't have underwater sex in shark-infested waters during that time of the month.

Please enjoy -- BB1212


Elsie's pussy was totally numb, and she was just too tired to care much about anything any more. She had been fucked by five men over two and a half hours, she had the cum from three of them spattered across her face and her legs ached from the position she was in when she was held in the stocks. The five-minute break between men was a relief when it happened, but she was fully aware that it was a break for the men too, and it gave them a chance to avoid cumming. Elsie could tell that the first cock in the next round was Rod, she could hear clear breathing behind her in between the determined grunting as the cock pumped in and out. She made a decision now that she really didn't care which guard got her for the rest of the night; she just wanted this bit to be over. To just lie down on a bed and spread her legs would be a great relief. So Elsie decided she was now going to get the men wrong every time and double their time, she hoped that would make them cum sooner. In round three her plan didn't work. She named Rod as Willy, and he then fucked her for an extra twenty minutes without cumming, then Willy took over and he too fucked her non-stop for forty minutes. Ivor cancelled the break, because she had got it wrong, and Rod started again. Once again Elsie named him as Willy and Ivor looked at her suspiciously, but this time, finally, fifteen minutes into his second twenty-five minute session Rod ran around and added his cum to Elsie's face. The audience cheered.

"Now all we need to do is find out if Willy can last more than forty minutes." Ivor said, amidst the cheers, "If so he is our winner for the night." And Elsie, who had thought it was finally all over, felt Willy push his cock back into her. The wait was agony for Elsie, as Ivor counted off the time in five-minute intervals. When he reached thirty minutes the audience started cheering and clapping with the music, at thirty five they started a countdown, calling out each minute as it passed, and then, at thirty nine, Beauty and Bitch walked up to Elsie and started licking the cum off her face. But it didn't set Willy off, he kept going and finally, at forty-five minutes, he howled out loud, shoved his cock inside Elsie as deep as it could go, and taking his winner's entitlement he unleashed his torrents inside her. The audience cheered heartily for the champion as Beauty and Bitch released Elsie, and virtually carried her over in front of them for a bow. They cheered her loudly too, and then Willy came and took his prize. He picked her up and carried her over his shoulders out of the room and into an adjacent bedchamber, where he gently laid her down. They were still close enough to hear the cheers faintly as Ivor wrapped up and allowed all the other cocks to take a bow. Willy looked at Elsie with concern.

"You look totally fucked." He said, and then grimaced. "Oops, sorry, I mean tired." Elsie summoned a vague smile.

"You're right both times." She said wearily. "But you have earned your prize."

"I think a warm relaxing bath first," Willy said, "and then a rest." Elsie smiled, that sounded nice. "I will have to fuck you and cum in you before sunrise in case the Queen checks," he said apologetically, "but for now I think you have earned a rest."

"Thanks Willy," Elsie smiled at him, "you are kind." He carried her to the bath.

The seven pervs owned a magic dirty diamond mine. They didn't use picks to dig the diamonds out, they had to tell dirty stories, and each time they told a good one a diamond would drop out of a small funnel in the roof. The better the dirty story, the bigger the diamond. But things hadn't been going too well lately, and every time one of them tried to tell a dirty story the mine just sighed, said 'heard it', and the diamonds failed to appear. This was bad, because the buyer of the diamonds was a wizard, and he needed them to perform curses. The wizard had come by their cottage yesterday and told the seven pervs that he only had twelve diamonds left, and he had outstanding orders for eight curses. He pointedly hattedly told them that the last seven diamonds were for them if they failed to produce more diamonds, so there was a big problem. The pervs had been in their diamond mine all night, because night is the best time to tell dirty stories, and they had only managed to produce one small diamond for a story that the mine had heard before, but it appreciated the way it was told. The pervs looked at each other in frustration. They didn't want to end up on the wrong end of the wand. Finally they gave up, hoping that the one small diamond would keep the wizard from turning them into toads, or making their penises small again. The pervs had not been very well endowed when the wizard first met them, and he had certainly helped them out in that department. Their real problem was a lack of women to inspire their stories. Most of the local girls kept well away nowadays, and even the girls for hire wanted to see the diamonds first, and the pervs just didn't have any. Dejected they walked home, too tired and frustrated to even sing their happy song. When they got home they looked sadly at the piles of dishes in the sink, looked at each other and just shook their heads. There was no food left anyway so they just went upstairs to go to bed. The first perve to see Snot Brite motioned the next one to be silent, and the message was passed back down the line. They crept up to the three beds that had been pushed together and looked in awe at the beautiful naked woman in their beds. Then one of them sneezed, and the girl woke up. Snot Brite was woken to find the children had come home and were all around her in a circle. She squealed in embarrassment.

"Where are my clothes?" She said quickly. "I need to put my clothes on."

"I think you are just fine without them." One of the children said. Snot Brite was confused. The person speaking had a very deep voice for a child. She looked at him carefully. He also had a beard, and wrinkles.

"You look very old to be a child..." She said hesitantly.

"Who are you?" The child asked.

"I'm Snot Brite, the Princess." She said. "I'm sorry I came into your house..."

"Not yet you aren't." One of the other children said, and the others laughed in a menacing way. Snot Brite was concerned. Did they mean to hurt her she wondered?

"Uh, who are you?" She asked.

"We're the seven pervs," one of them said, "I'm Cunnie," he licked his eyebrows suggestively, "this is Quickie, Squirty, Shitty, Horsy, Noisy and this is Rock."

"The seven pervs?" Snot Brite was confused.

"Yeah, there used to be eight of us," Shitty added, "but we had to get rid of Herpie."

"Bit of a sore point that." Cunnie said.

"What?" The pervs had not taken too long to see that she may be beautiful, but she wasn't very smart. They moved in closer as Snot Brite tried to use her hands to cover her nakedness.

"Nice tits." One of the pervs said.

"Better than nice." Another added.

"Bags I the left funbag." One said and they suddenly started squabbling. Snot Brite watched them for a moment, and then shouted.

"Will you be quiet, I can't hear myself think." There was a moment's silence.

"Too much echo in there?" One said, and they all laughed.

"What do you want?" Snot Brite asked.

"Just you." A voice said, and Snot Brite looked shocked.

"You're children," she said, scandalised, "I can't do that, this is Literotica..."

"We're not children, we're pervs." One said.

"All well over eighteen." A voice chimed in.

"You know, dirty dwarves." Another added.

"But don't dwarves have little...um..." There was the sudden sound of zippers, which was interesting, because zippers hadn't been invented yet, and then seven very naked little men surrounded Snot Brite, all sporting very large cocks. And they were all very hard.

"I don't do fucking." Snot Brite said, and there was a collective sigh of disappointment. "There's no way any of you can stick his tongue in my nose."


"But who wants to be the first to screw?" She asked brightly.

"First me." Cunnie said. "I don't want to lick up their cum." He dived between Snot Brite's legs and his tongue started lapping. "Interesting flavour," Cunnie said between licks, "but not bad." Snot Brite was going to tell him that it was woodsman cum, unicorn cum and ET cum, but a very large cock pushed into her mouth, and she just took as much down her throat as she could.

"You must be Horsy?" Snot Brite said when he pulled it out again. He nodded happily and pushed forward again. Two of the other pervs had climbed onto the bed next to her and were sucking on her nipples; another two had put their substantial cocks into Snot Brite's outstretched hands. Cunnie's tongue was very talented, and Snot Brite felt the familiar signs of an orgasm about to happen. She gasped and shuddered as it hit, and accidentally took Horsy's cock right down her throat to the balls. This was too much for him and he shot his cum straight down, gasping and moaning as he did. Snot Brite gagged, and almost vomited. Horsy, climbed off the bed and sat down for a rest.

"I choked a bit and have a bad taste in my mouth, can I have a drink?" Snot Brite asked. The seventh perve, the one who had not touched her yet, smiled.

"I can help." He said, and climbed into Horsy's position. He put his cock in her mouth, and pumped it four or five times and then shot his load on her tongue.

"Thanks," Snot Brite said, licking up the last drops, "you must be Quickie." He smiled apologetically and nodded. Then Cunnie's cock pushed deep into Snot Brite's pussy.

"Oh, yeah," he said happily, "this is tight." Snot Brite smiled.

"Really? I wouldn't know. I never screwed until yesterday."

"Oh wow," someone said, "almost a virgin too."

"Hurry up Cunnie, it's my turn next."

"No it's not, it's mine."

"Settle down." Snot Brite said happily. "You can all have a turn eventually, I just love screwing."

"You can stay here for as long as you want." One said, and the others agreed. One of the pervs at Snot Brite's tits stopped sucking for a moment and watched the circular movement as Cunnie screwed her.

"Wow, look at the movement on that." He said, and the others crowded around to look. The one on the other tit let go too and soon all the pervs were mumbling.

"Boobies, must obey boobies." Another perve straddled Snot Brite's face and she eagerly sucked him down. Snot Brite was having fun. Cunnie eventually tensed and groaned as he shot his cum deep inside Snot Brite. He pulled out and another perve pushed in.

"OH YEAH," the perve in Snot Brite's mouth cried out, "THIS IS SO GOOD, DAMN YOUR MOUTH IS HOT."

"Noisy?" Snot Brite asked when his cock was momentarily pulled away.

"YOU GOT IT BABE, FUCK THAT FEELS GOOD." The perve in Snot Brite's pussy started pumping faster too, and Noisy suddenly tensed. "AHHH YEAH, I'M CUMMING." Snot Brite swallowed another mouthful of perve cum, and then, as Noisy moved away the cock was pulled from her pussy and with a groan the perve shot his cum straight up Snot Brite's left nostril. As she coughed in surprise his second shot went up her right nostril.

"Squirt...?" Snot Brite was asking, until another stream of cum hit the roof of her mouth.

"Yeah." He said, as he finished.

"Good shooting." Cunnie said. Snot Brite spent a bit of time clearing out her nose, while the pervs looked at her nervously. They didn't want her to stop playing now; they had lots more to do to her yet.

"Who's next?" Snot Brite finally asked, feeling sort of empty.

"I'll have a go at the pussy." Horsy said, and Snot Brite looked a bit doubtful.

"You lie down and I'll ride you." She said. Horsy lay on the bed and Snot Brite slid down his huge cock slowly, taking her time until it was fully buried inside her. They both moaned in pleasure. A hand pushed Snot Brite forward, and then she felt something wet on her asshole.

"Do you take it up the ass?" A voice said.

We pause here for a snap poll of our readers. From here I can see eight people reading this part of the story at the moment, hang on, one's catching up, wait a moment, OK he's with us, that's nine now. Now, could all of you who think Snot Brite should say no to doing the chocolate cha cha put your hand up now? It doesn't have to be the same one you are masturbating with, yes; I can see that from here too. Right, that's one. Now could those of you who want to see Snot Brite shitting poo donuts put your hand up now? Come on, all the way up. Thankyou. That's three. It's like voting isn't it, less than half of those eligible actually do it, and then the voters are just the puritans and perverts. I think we should go back to the story now, so Snot Brite, brace yourself.

"Up the ass?" Snot Brite said. "I've never been asked that question before. Is it good?"

"I like it a lot." Shitty said.

"OK, let's try." Snot Brite said. And she felt Shitty's cock head against her asshole.

"Relax," Shitty advised, "and just push out a bit, sort of like you are trying to shit."

"OK." Snot Brite said cheerfully. "Who wants my mouth next?" The pervs looked around nervously. You didn't want your cock in the mouth of an anal virgin being deflowered. Those teeth can do some real damage.

"Me, dude." A voice finally said. Snot Brite looked at the perve who said it. He was darker than the others and his hair was all in little plaits. He looked a bit like he was half asleep.

"Uh, which one are you?" Snot Brite asked, as Shitty rubbed her ass with something wet.

"I'm Rock." He said.

"Yeah," one of the pervs said, "he chews those blue diamond leaves all the time, and he's usually totally stoned."

"But his cock is as hard as a rock." Another added. "He hasn't cum in two years."

"Well," Snot Brite said happily, we'll just have to see what we can do about that won't...AH SHIT." Shitty had finally got her ready and shoved his cock in her ass.

"Relax." He said happily, this one was Tight. (Yes, that's right, Tight with a capital 'T'.)

"RELAX MY ASS." Snot Brite shouted. Noisy looked at her with professional admiration.

"Exactly." Shitty said, then Rock pushed his cock into Snot Brite's mouth, effectively putting an end to the discussion. Snot Brite had Horsy's cock buried deep in her pussy, she had Rock's cock pushing at the back of her throat, and she had Shitty's cock trying to split her agonised ass open. She was struggling to know what to do next, but in the long run she really didn't have a choice. She did push back a bit as Shitty worked his way deeper into her ass, and the pain was reduced slightly. The other pervs all watched in awe.

"Is she watertight now?" Quickie asked with a grin.

Elsie woke up in her own bed with a massive ache between her legs and a vague bit of a smile on her face. William had been very good to her. He had put her in the bath and washed her gently and thoroughly as her aching muscles relaxed. He had carried her tenderly to bed and held her tight as she fell asleep. Elsie had never been treated this well before. Just before dawn he woke her with his tongue in her pussy and he had made love to her slowly and tenderly until she managed to cum, and then he had fucked her harder until he had cum inside her. They had walked together back to her quarters, which adjoined the Queen's on the opposite side to the Queen's guard's quarters where he lived. He had actually hugged and then kissed her, and then asked if he could see her again. Elsie actually liked William, and she had said yes. She wondered if, for the first time in her life, she had a boyfriend.

"Tongue maiden." The Queen called, and Elsie got up and went to her.

"Yes Your Majesty?"

"Prepare the magic dildo, I think it has good news for me."

"Yes Your Majesty." Elsie wheeled the magic dildo out and put it in front of the mirror. The Queen was lying on her bed, and Elsie was walking to her when there was a knock at the door.

"Yes?" The Queen asked.

"Your Majesty," Elsie thought it might have been Nobby's voice outside the door, "the King has requested your presence in the Royal Romp Room. He asked for you to wear the little school dress, you know the one with..."

"I know." The Queen shouted impatiently. She looked at Elsie, and then regretfully at the magic dildo. "That will have to wait, get me dressed and then put it away."

"Yes Your Majesty." Elsie said. She wondered if she should use it, her pussy hurt already, but it would make her more beautiful. For William. Elsie smiled.

Snot Brite was vertical, and was being held up by four of the seven pervs. Two of them had their cocks buried in her, one in her pussy and one in her ass. Two more pervs were standing behind the one in her pussy, and the last one was on their shoulders feeding his cock into her mouth. She wasn't sure which cocks belonged to whom any more, although one would have been Rock's. She had been screwed all day, in all positions imaginable, and some that weren't, but since Rock had first put his cock in her mouth his was always in her somewhere, and he had showed no signs of cumming. Speaking of cumming the cock in her mouth squirted and, at the same time, the one in her ass did the same. Snot Brite was not sure if she liked being screwed in the ass. It did hurt, but not as much now. But the pervs liked it so much she didn't really want to say no to them when they asked. It was mid afternoon now, and the Pervs were all very tired. Except for Rock they had all cum five or six times today, and finally they decided to go to bed. Rock continued screwing Snot Brite as the others slept, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but always well. She lay on her back as the big hard cock thumped in and out. Snot Brite was in heaven. She didn't mind if the Queen didn't want her back at the castle, she had found the perfect place to live right here.

"I think," the King said, as he lay exhausted next to Queen, "that we should play naughty schoolgirl orgy tonight." The Queen smiled, it was one of her favourite games.

"That would be good, just you, Ivor and the Guards?"

"I think tonight we can go for full audience participation." The Queen smiled even wider.

"Should we try and break my record?" The King nodded.

"We'd better start getting the men together, it's sixty three in a night isn't it?" He asked.

"No, I managed seventy one last week." The King patted her affectionately.

"I don't know how you do it." He said contentedly. "Can you play with my bum again? That felt good when I was blindfolded."

"You tell me what you want and I'll do it." The Queen was happy, she would try for seventy-five tonight, they just needed to make sure that Beauty and Bitch had them ready when they came to her.She would also get the pageboy and find out what he did to the King's ass so she could do it too.

Rock had been screwing Snot Brite for about eight hours in one position or another, and one hole or another. He didn't know why he couldn't cum any more, but he thought it might have been the blue diamond leaves he chewed to get high. Since he had started on them his cock was almost always rock hard, and he was usually stoned. But he hadn't managed to cum. As a result the approaching orgasm interested him, but he didn't actually expect it to arrive. But arrive it did, and with a vengeance. Two years of sexual tension were suddenly released with very little warning.

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