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Snow Day


"Jess! Jess wake up! It's snowing outside!!" I exclaimed, shaking the girl beside me as I looked out the window. The (only slightly) older girl groaned and rolled over.

"So what?" she mumbled. I gasped.

"So what? SO WHAT?! Do you realize how often it DOESN'T"T snow in Alabama??" I practically screamed as I yanked on boots and a hat, not bothering changing out of my sleep shorts and camisole. I knew I would be cold, but the ground was blanketed in the white powder, and I was simply in awe. Jess just rolled over again and sighed. Having lived in Washington most of her life, my girlfriend was used to snow. I shook my head, threw open the door, and ran outside.

I giggled and danced around in the cold, throwing my arms out and spinning as the white fluffy floated from the sky. Closing my eyes, I stuck my tongue out, trying to catch snowflakes. I heard laughter behind me, and turned to see Jess standing in the door way.

"Why are you laughing?" I asked, placing my hands on my hips. She walked towards me and placed her hands on my hips, smiling up at me.

"You are like a little girl at Disneyland," she said. I blushed.

Jess was so beautiful. At 5 foot 3 inches, she was a good 4 shorter than me. Her boy cut blonde hair was now covered in snow, and her bright blue eyes simply sparkled. Her super large sleep shirt came down to almost her knees, which was good because I knew she didn't sleep with anything on underneath. I hugged her tightly, loving the feel of her pleasantly plump body against mine.

I felt her lay her face in the crook of my neck, her hot breath against my cold skin. Then her lips, as she slowly kissed up and down my neck. Ugh, she KNEW my neck was one of my weaknesses! Jess pulled away to look at me slowly, noticing my hard nipples through my cami. She smirked.

"Cold, baby?" she asked. I smirked back and swatted her butt before starting to head back inside because, yes, I WAS cold.

Back in my room I took off my shoes and hat before burrowing under my covers, now shivering while trying to get warm. I heard Jess walk into the room and lock the door before throwing the covers off of me. I gasped.

"Hey!" I screamed, reaching for the blanket that she held at arms length.

"You don't need this. I'm going to warm you up!" she exclaimed before straddling me without warning. I giggled.

"How are you planning on doing that, angel?" I asked.

An adorably evil grin spread across her face, and she leaned down and began kissing my neck, her right hand coming up to pinch at my left nipple, making me groan. I felt her lips smile against my neck, and she began working her way up my throat, nibbling and sucking, before finally reaching my lips.

The kiss was searing, passionate, and made me crave even more. I wound my arms around her neck and pulled her closer as she ran both of her hands under my camisole, trying to lift it off of my body. I let her take it off, reaching for the edge of her t-shirt as well. She giggled and scooted back, just barely out of my reach, and at the same time taking my sleep shorts with her. I was, very suddenly, naked in front of her.

"Oh, sweetheart, you are so beautiful," she whispered, her hands running up my thighs and spreading my legs, and her head suddenly diving down.

Her tongue found my clit, flicking it hard and fast and making me writhe. I felt one hand move down, and one finger slip into my wet folds. Without warning two fingers followed as she began to roughly fuck my pussy. I moaned and whimpered, not used to having three fingers in my tight sex. My hands came down to grip her hair, my pelvis rubbing against her tongue. I could feel myself come closer to the brink of orgasm.

"J-jess, baby, I'm s-so close!" I whispered, my body beginning to shake. She lifted her head just enough to whisper to me.

"Cum for me."

I screamed as she sucked my clit into her mouth, forcing me into the most mind-blowing orgasm. My back arched off of the bed, my legs hooked over her knees, and I yelled and whimpered and cried out as release flooded me.

After what felt like an eternity, I floated down from my high, my chest heaving as my breath came in pants. Jess came up and snuggled to my side, chuckling to herself.

"Told you I would warm you up."

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