"No. Stop. Oh god," gasped out Justin.

Jake immediately jumped back. "Sorry, Justin. I didn't mean to go too far."

Justin started a twittering laugh, "No, it was amazing and I want to do more. But I was about to nut."

With a smile Jake spread his massive hand across Justin's chest and ran it up to his nipples. "That's fine. I'm sure you will recharge in no time." With that Jake leaned in and sucked one of Justin's nipples between his lips and licked it gently. His hand slid down Justin's quivering body, exposing its gorgeous length. As he flipped the last blanket from Justin's groin, his hard cock jumped into view, a thick strand of precum running from his slit to his pubic hair. Moving his hand back up Justin's body, Jake started rubbing his finger over Justin's hard nipples as their lips again found each other.

Their tongues were soon fighting for supremacy as Justin barreled toward a long overdue orgasm. His body began strong rippling contractions as he felt his cum race from his full balls. Trying to warn Jake, he managed only a grunt and gasp before the first strong shot exploded from his cock, leaving a line of white cum from his cheek, down his neck and across his smooth torso. Jake continued kissing him passionately as Justin's body thrashed under him leaving a crisscross of translucent cum covering Justin's torso. His orgasm buried him under new and amazing sensations as the overwhelming pleasure continued to roll over him. Eventually the last pulse erupted from his hard cock, leaving a pool of semen covering his groin. As his muscles released, Justin's body melted against the bed as he gasped for air. Jake touched him gently, slowly tracing patterns over his chest.

"Oh god, I've never come that hard. It was amazing," sighed Justin.

Jake leaned in and gave Justin another soft kiss. "Good, that's the best thing you could have said." Jake moved close to Justin and almost licked one of the many trails of cum over his face before he remembered this was not Scott lying under him. Grabbing the discarded t-shirt, Jake quickly wiped Justin clean.

Justin relaxed against Jake's large frame, feeling very content. Suddenly he realized only one of them had gotten off. "Hey! You didn't get your nut yet. I want to get you off too. Like you did me."

Jake let out another deep chuckle and rubbed his hand over Justin's exposed back. "I'm afraid I'm too old to get off on just nipple play and kissing, but it felt really good."

Justin twisted in Jake's arms until their faces were almost touching. Justin rubbed his smooth torso against Jake's hairy chest, loving the texture of Jake's curly hair against his skin. Justin ran his fingers down Jake's chest, tugging at his thick public hair. Jake let out a sigh as his achingly hard cock flexed from the stimulation. Justin looked up at Jake, who nodded his permission. With that acknowledgment, Justin's slender fingers slipped deeper into his dark bush, taking the base of his throbbing cock and caressing it slowly.

Justin fondled him seductively, feeling the slight corrugation of Jake's rock hard cock. His hand slowly teased its way up the length of Jake's thick cock until he reached the skin-covered tip. Justin smiled at the loose foreskin he had found and quickly buried his finger inside, running his finger through the accumulation of precum. Justin tugged and stroked Jake's foreskin for several minutes as he explored, enjoying the added dimension. Eventually he gripped it lightly and pulled back the long soft skin covering. Justin was fascinated as it slithered wetly down Jake's thick cock, revealing the dark head of his dick. Rubbing his finger over Jake's piss slit, Justin coated his finger with more precum. Mesmerized, Justin started to lean in to taste this glistening tower of manhood, when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Let's wait on oral, babe. Ok?" said Jake in deep tones.

Justin nodded, not sure if he'd made a misstep, or not. But then moving his head back to Jake's chest and he flicked his tongue over Jake's hard nipple as he slowly stroked his iron hard cock. Justin wanted more so badly, but he was trying to not rush Jake into anything, he realized that he was falling for the ruggedly handsome man. Soon he heard moans of pleasure as Jake's body tensed under him.

"Oh god! Oh god! Fuck! I'm coming!" said Jake through the moans.

Justin released Jake's nipple and tightened his grip as he jacked him. He wanted to watch this massive cock explode from his handling. Quickly Jake's moans escalated, then his hips flexed up and locked.

"Oh! Oh! Ahh! Fuck!" screamed Jake.

The first jet caught Justin across the cheek and he jerked back. He continued jerking the rapidly firing cock as Jake emptied his load. Numerous lines of thick white cum soon decorated Jake's chest as his cock shot again and again. Justin pulled the foreskin over the tip and held it tight as the last of Jake's orgasm ballooned it with semen. As the last ripple of orgasm passed through Jake's body, Justin released the skin and watched with fascination as it slowly opened, releasing the trapped cum to slowly drip off Jake's softening cock and into his thick bush. Running his hand across Jake's torso, he smeared the trails of cum over Jake's hairy body. Justin slowly touched and worked semen over Jake as he enjoyed the post-orgasm closeness of his first sexual experience. Jake simply watched and smiled, content to let Justin experience it however he wanted, knowing it would be a memory that would be with him forever.

Eventually Jake's chest hair was matted with jizz, and Justin looked up with a sheepish smile.

"Sorry, I guess I just got lost in the moment," said Justin as his face reddened slightly.

Jake lifted his chin and kissed his lips gently. "You're fine. Whatever you want is ok with me. This is all new to you, so whatever you want to try, we'll try."

Justin smiled and nodded, "I want to try everything, but maybe not right now."

Jake let out a belly laugh and nodded, "Not unless you're wanting to kill an old man. I don't have your stamina."

Justin kissed Jake's cheek and shook his head, "I'm sure you could be ready just as quick as I can."

Jake reached down and gripped Justin's already resurrected cock and squeezed its hard length in his hand while Justin sucked air between his teeth. "I don't think so, stud. You're already hard and ready for round two. But how about we get some breakfast and check those feet before we ravish each other again."

Justin smiled in agreement, ready to do whatever Jake wanted.


Having finished breakfast, Jake moved to check the condition of Justin's feet. He carefully inspected them, prodding at them in a few place and was pleased to find nothing particularly tender. Looking up he smiled at Justin.

"Looks like they're about healed. Wanna go out and get a little practice with the snowshoes?" said Jake.

Justin perked up at the idea he could leave the tiny cabin, even if it was only for a short walk. "Sure! That sounds great. I wouldn't mind getting out for a little bit."

Justin threw off the covers and swung his feet to the floor before he remembered that he was completely naked. He started blushing, then realized that there was very little that Jake hadn't already seen of his body, but he did need his clothes if they were going out.

"Umm, I need my jeans and stuff."

Jake chucked and pulled the dried clothing together and tossed it to Justin. "Don't worry about the shocks and shoes. I think we're about the same size so you can wear a pair of my wool socks and an old pair of hiking boots," said Jake.

Justin pulled on the clothing as Jake quickly retrieved the socks and shoes. As he sat them down, Jake realized that Justin still needed a coat, so he went rummaging. The only thing he found was an old wool coat of Scott's that Jake had brought to the cabin. That first Christmas after the accident, Jake had slept with it every night. He looked at it closely, thinking about its significance, and realized that it wasn't Scott, it was just a memory cue. But he still handled the coat gently as he set it beside Justin.

Soon they were both bundled against the cold, with several more borrowed items completing Justin's wardrobe. Jake helped him fasten the spare snowshoes onto his boots, and they headed out the door. Jake strode across the open space without a backward look, until he heard a soft gasp as Justin got the shoes tangled and fell face first into the powdery snow. Jake let out a soft laugh and turned back to help. Grabbing Justin's hand, Jake pulled him to his feet.

"Come on. It's pretty easy, but we'll practice in the yard for a few minutes before we had hit the trail," said Jake.

Justin nodded as he tried to wipe the snow from his face with the oversized mittens that Jake had given him. Once he was on his feet he watched as Jake gave him a lesson in using snowshoes, and Justin quickly caught onto the technique.

The next few hours were spent in relative quiet as Jake shared the sights of his part of the forest with Justin. They proceeded slowly; wanting to be sure Justin didn't over-tax himself. But Justin was in awe of the spectacular scenery and kept stopping Jake to see a new marvel that he had discovered. The winter sun was out and turned the world into a crystalline encased wonder for them both. Jake had walked this trail many times, but he was enjoying Justin's fresh wonder at the sights. When they reached the turn around point, Jake brushed the snow from the trunk of a fallen tree and motioned for Justin to sit beside him. They both gobbled down the trail mix that Jake had put together, with Justin eagerly looking at the world, and Jake looking at Justin.

"Justin?" said Jake.

Justin turned with a smile, "Yeah?"

"So how are you feeling about what happened this morning. If you want to talk about it or if you have any questions . . ." Jake trailed off.

Justin thought for a second, then smiled at Jake, "Can we do it again?"

Jake let out a chuckle, "Yes, if that's what you want. But if it made you feel bad, then don't think you have to do anything else."

Justin paused for a moment as he reflected. "No, I think what my parents did was wrong. If it weren't for you I would have died. I think this morning was wonderful. I've never felt so safe and cared for in my life."

"Ok, well I know I'm a lot older than you so I don't want you to feel like you have any kind of obligation to me," said Jake softly.

Justin shot him a dejected look and hung his head, "Ok . . ."

Jake's brows knitted together as he looked at the boy. Finally reaching down, he cupped Justin's chin in his palm and turned Justin to look at him. "Look Justin. I was just being realistic. I'm sure you'll want someone closer to your own age."

Justin finally looked up and met his eyes. "No, you are so incredibly sexy and I love how I feel when you touch me. No hipster, twenty-one year old is going to make me feel the same way. If you don't want to be with me I'll live, but I want to be with you more all the time."

Jake gave Justin a kiss and a gentle smile. Without another word, he split the rest of the food and started nibbling while they were studying the area. As the last morsel slid down his throat, Jake brushed his hands off on his pants and then stood. Looking over at Justin he grinned, "Wanna race?"


Jake was leaning against the post on the porch panting for breath. Justin had been more of a challenge than he'd expected in the race back to the house, and now he was trying to recover. Just as he turned to see if Justin had recovered, a snowball splattered against his jacket. Turning quickly, he saw Justin laughing as he raced around the cabin. Jake chased after him, only to be rewarded with another snowball to the forehead. A full out war quickly ensued that left Jake the clear and distinctive, loser.

As he lay gasping for air again, this time in a snow bank, he turned to Justin. "How in the hell are you making snowballs from powder! Mine are just falling the fuck apart!"

Justin reached down and grabbed a small handful of snow, and breathed into it. The combination of warm wet breath glued the particles together. Justin playfully tossed the little snowball at Jake.

"Well crap. Ok, well as soon as I can dig my way out of this snow, we can go clean up for dinner."

Justin offered Jake a hand then tugged the larger man to his feet. They slowly walked to the cabin feeling very connected. Opening the door, they stowed their snowshoes beside it then continued inside. While Justin stripped off his wet clothes, Jake grabbed another bucket and went back outside to pack it with icicles from the roof's edge. Coming back in he sat the bucket as close to the heater as he dare to let the ice melt. Stepping beside Justin, Jake was quickly stripped and was rustling through yet another storage area. Pulling out a washcloth he turned to Justin.

"Well, finish stripping. We need to clean up, we stink to the high heavens," said Jake with a smile. Justin quickly shed the last of his clothes and sat on the bed in the warm room, watching the hottest man he'd ever seen walk a few feet from him, completely nude and looking really sexy. He was focused completely on Jake's hairy bubble butt as he mixed the ice and hot water into a washbasin. Once he was satisfied with the temperature, he turned and looked at Justin.

"You want to clean up first?" asked Jake.

Justin spread his legs, exposing his continually hard cock and smiled. "Why don't you wash me, then I'll wash you."

Jake smiled at Justin's sudden forward behavior, but the idea of washing each other sounded really good to Jake. Walking between Justin's spread legs, he slowly and carefully started washing this new man in his life. While he explored and touched the sexy smooth college boy, who was mewing and writhing under him, Jake paid careful attention to Justin's nipples, stopping each time he thought Justin was getting close. The only dark side to his exploration was finding the bruised welts that still faintly crisscrossed his body from his fathers beating. Jake put his anger aside and refocused on the handsome youngster under his hands. Jake carefully ran the warm wet cloth over Justin's face and neck; then, he leaned in and kissed him softly.

"Turn over, babe. I need to get your backside," said Jake with a smile, looking forward to getting to explore this young man's ass. Justin slowly rolled over, moaning as he tried to ratchet his overloaded senses down. He groaned as he lay face down on the bed, feeling very safe, even in his exposed position. Justin sighed as the cloth began traveling over his back. The lower it got, the more he anticipated the first touch on his ass. He was involuntarily clenching and releasing his butt, eager for Jake's touch. Just as the cloth was about to slide over his ass cheeks, Jake stopped. Looking back with a moan of disappointment, he saw a smile on Jake's face as he carefully washed Justin's feet, checking them briefly before he moved to his ankles and began moving up his legs. As the warm cloth cleaned Justin's calves, a soft moan came from his throat. When Jake stroked across Justin's inner thighs, he had to wave Jake to stop before he came from the wonderful sensations.

Finally, Justin relaxed against the bed and signaled Jake to continue with a loud exaltation of air. As the cloth hit his lightly haired ass cheeks, Justin shuddered from the sensuous cleansing. Immediately Justin knew he wouldn't last. Trying every distraction technique he could think of, he lasted beyond Jake's big hands rubbing the cloth over his butt cheeks. But when a single cloth-wrapped finger slid down his ass crack, and over his butt hole, Justin lost control.

With a gasping squeal, Justin plunged headfirst into his orgasm, as he felt Jake press harder against his clenching hole, getting just the tip inside. His body contracted as the first wad of cum hit the bed. Unable to control himself, Justin was bucking under Jake's prodding fingers while his body exploded with the sensations of amazing sex. More quickly than he would have liked, his orgasm ended and Justin was lying in a puddle of his own cum, gasping for air.

Jake leaned down, kissed the nape of his neck and whispered in his ear. "You ready to wash me?"

Justin nodded weakly, but then rebounded at the thoughts of free rein to touch and explore this stunningly handsome man. Turning, he took the washcloth and rinsed it carefully before beginning. He started with Jake's face, carefully running it over his cheek while caressing it with his fingertips. As he washed around each ear, he ran his tongue along the outside edge and kissed the lobe. He moved down Jake's neck, lovingly washing the hollow on each side of his shoulders before leaning in to kiss his Adam's apple. As he moved down Jake's chest, Justin tried to remember every porn scene he'd watched, every erotic story he'd read, trying to make this experience memorable for Jake.

But as he lifted Jake's arms to wash the dense hair of his pits, Justin didn't need instructions. His primal instincts took over and his hands grabbed Jake's shoulder has he buried his face in the warm, masculine crevasse. He licked, sucked and bit in the deep recess until it was wet and dripping spit. Panting with desire, Justin moved to the other side and repeated his performance, perfecting some moves from what he had done seconds before.

Sighing as he refocused on his task, Justin carefully washed Jake's torso. The cloth skimmed over the hair covering his flat belly, then glided to his faint, but clearly defined, Adonis belt. Following the crease lower, Justin quickly found himself in the wiry pubes of his lover. Justin knelt before Jake and washed his balls with excruciating care, taking his now hard cock in his fist, he peeled back the long foreskin and carefully washed the head. By the time he had finished, Jake's cock was hard as a rock and leaking precum in a solid stream.

Justin moved to his thighs and enjoyed going over each millimeter of skin as he explored the hair covered muscles. Jake was panting with lust, his legs spread wide by the time Justin finished with them. Standing behind him, Justin pushed Jake onto the bed and chuckled.

"Time for me to clean this last bit, Jake. Damn, you are so fuck'n hot!" said Justin.

Jake smiled at the profanity that had slipped from Justin, but moved to the bed in a daydream of lust. Lying across it, Jake spread his legs as far as the space allowed, exposing his rosebud for Justin's examination.

Justin moved in closer and began working on what he thought was Jake's single most attractive feature, his ass. He carefully cleaned it; over and over again he wiped its melon shape with great care. Once he had finished with the lightly furred butt, Justin carefully cracked open his ass cheeks, seeing Jake's hairy trough and winking red hole. Pushing the damp cloth into his crack, he teased Jake the same way Jake had teased him, with the same result. Soon Jake was moaning and thrashing on the bed under him. Again the circumstances overwhelmed Justin and he was drawn to perform the one act he had never seen the appeal of, but he suddenly, desperately, wanted to rim Jake.

Justin dropped the cloth in the basin and again knelt behind Jake. Forcing his muscular ass cheeks apart, Justin tentatively leaned in and licked over his puckered hole. It had none of the unpleasantness that Justin had been concerned about. In fact, the act itself almost sent Jake through the roof, which was reason enough to repeat it. Soon the air was laden with pheromones and both men were gasping and pawing as lust overtook them. As Justin ate Jake's ass like a seasoned pro, Jake knew he finally wanted it again, needing it from his young lover, he needed to be fucked.

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