tagErotic PoetrySobriquet of Love

Sobriquet of Love


The sun dim its lights, moon comes up bright,
Waves of ocean kisses our feet, its voice seems meek and polite.
Feather like pearls of light rides on these magnificent ripples,
Mellow lay of embracing breeze in us frission she riffles.

Grains of sand they cover selves up in the milky white sheet from moon,
Whispers from stars bring a scintillating sense of this world becoming toom.
Naked I lay beside my lover, flawless the vignette of divine she adores,
And bare I lay; dinged to his naked perfection the moonlight snuggles him in furor.

She smiles at me & turns, her breasts they gently slump,
Her gracious bosom undulates softly, ecstasy in veins she pumps.
Tender locks curl over her beautiful lips, glancing from between her silky thighs,
Her bare round hips repose like cotton falling on silk with elegance demise.

He rest on his arm, glancing slyly painting every inch of me in his blue eyes,
The light toned skin beneath his shoulders clench his thumping muscles eager to rive.
Carved in marble with a slender chisel, his sturdy chest turns restless on my glimpse,
Revived by my gentle touch, his limp tender member turns into a heated beating whim.

She kisses on my lips and hugs in passion unbound, melting me in her warm embrace,
Her slender cold fingers fondle with my back, moving down they grasp my cheeks in grace.
With a chuckle in her green eyes she passes a mischievous smile, pushing me to lay straight,
Then she rests over me, lowering her plump soft bosom near my lips, which tastes of a cate.

She moans in pleasure, sweet scent of her warm body pumps love juices in my member,
Orifice of her gentle breasts they stiffen inside my warm lips, wet they feel so tender.
She leans backward kisses all over my face and gently glides down like a rose on lips,
Caressing my member with silken gentle palm, driving her lips all over my bare chest slowly she nips.

His strong hands pull me towards his naked magnificent body, burning in flames of passion,
Pressing plump chest forces itself against my subtle breasts with abrasion.
His stiffening member held in my hand feels restless with each pulse growing strong,
Thin skin over the marvel slides down like divine robes from a nymph falls; as it grows long.

His pole of passion rests in the warmth of my palms, drifting vigorously it burns in passion,
The spasms of excitement entices every inch of his body, through pores sweat slither in a snaky fashion.
Cavernosum pushes my palms like a thousand hearts beating against my breast for freedom,
Twitching the loins this thrills of congression, his thin sack shrinks and grows seldom.

Her lips now they surround my shaft, in warmth of her mouth I feel my manhood melting,
Her tongue slides slowly around the top and curls down around wrapping my fantasies smelting.
She swallow me whole, her narrow throat pulls the cover out of my lever, in ecstasy it shivers.
She smiles through her eyes, sinking deep inside, her eyelids blink in haste, she starts to quibble.

Now she reaches to my lips, I dissolves in her silken graceful embrace, like butter on a skillet,
Her draping arms across my neck tightens as she pushes her hips down, driving me to her fillet.
Her sleek curved torso wavers pushing against me, like waves of an endless ocean.
She draws my hand to her fluffy round hips and clench mine with her soft claws in gentle motion.

He rests his member between my thighs, it kisses my wet pearl lips, I gasp with a sigh.
He kisses me in insanity, stroking my clitoris with his member, with joy in sky I fly.
Gently he delves his member in me, my lips they spread in a gesture of warm greeting,
His love-stick slink in my wet gentle vulva pushing the walls, in love its seething.

He grasp my hips and force me close, his member in my vulva it breach,
His log of passion expands beating like his restless heart, twitches my hips akin peach.
He pulls it out till my lips-rim, driving into with the delicacy of a swift belle dancer,
Each thrust of his shaft inside is relapse of heaven, like a spear of love struck by a lancer.

Her juicy soft walls grinds my shaft with each jolt that her peachy hips in lunacy gives,
They squeeze and lick my unskinned member, sticking to it when it whips.
Her firm white breasts they roll on my chest, pressing air out of my lung,
Her piercing claws in my hips and stiffening bite on my lips, perplexed in swoon I hung.

He grasp my hips and turns, raising my leg with a hand, he holds my breast,
He squeezes my bosom and pulls his member out, then with great thrust he rams in with zest.
He rams in again full length and drops down a kiss on my breast turned red,
He lay on me and we kiss, with one more gentle thrust my orgasm he led.

Laying above her I feel a sudden spasm in her thighs & she starts to quiver,
I feel the descending beats of his member resting in me & pumping of his juice's river.
The stream of her love-juice burst out of her fluffy lips around the corners of my member,
His love-shaft pumping endless stream of cum, finally calms and grows tender.

And we lay there clinging, parts of us in one another, with teasing, smiles & gaze,
Naked and kissing till morrow, cherishing our love's wholeness in amaze.

- Ishan Gupta

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