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Soccer (balled) Moms


My friend Lisa and I love watching soccer. For several years now, we had attended the games of our children, who are now eighteen year-old seniors in high school. My son Ken was on the boys’ team and her daughter Lacey was on the girls’ team. Together we tried to watch every game we could, although sometimes we had to choose one team over the other when schedules conflicted.

I am a single mother who works full-time as an accountant, and Lisa is a married mother who is a full-time employee of the town’s water district. She is constantly juggling her multiple responsibilities, and I have to admit that I admire her deeply. Although our lives are extremely busy, we could always find the time to attend our children’s fantastic soccer games.

We’ve always loved the sport, but so much of our enjoyment of it had been derived from seeing our kids go from being small children to full-fledged adults in the process. Our kids had played soccer all their lives, and it was fun watching their skills, bodies, and minds develop over the years. Emotionally this has been a tough year, because we realized they would soon be leaving home, going to college, and establishing themselves in the world. Consequently, we really tried to savor every moment of this last year’s soccer games. The crisp autumnal air, the competition, and, when we watched the boys’ team, those fine looking, hard-bodied young men all made watching this last year’s season particularly special. It also didn’t hurt that the girls’ team was undefeated in league play and almost won the state championship. (The boys’ team didn’t fare nearly as well, losing three quarters of their games. They were still fun to watch.)

Before the state championship game in which the girls participated, Lisa and I planned a small party at her large three-story house in a nice area of suburban Portland, Oregon for some of her daughter Lacey’s teammates and friends. She lives in a house that borders on being a mansion, at least in my opinion. My son Ken was going to be there too, since he and Lacey had been great friends for twelve years. The party was to take place after the final game, and we figured whether they won or lost, they could probably benefit from some time to relax and ease the tension that clearly had built up over the course of the season.

My buddy Lisa had recently married a gentleman named Jack, who was a prominent local engineer. This was her second husband. (She certainly “upgraded”. Her former husband--Lacey’s biological father--was a laborer.) Jack was a little unusual. He was 46 years old, had never been married, and had no children of his own before he married Lisa, but he was very secure financially (he was making $550,000 a year) and had nice, rugged good looks, even though he was a little overweight. He stood a tall 6’3”, had dark black hair, and weighed probably around 250 pounds. He was a good looking man and I often mentioned to Lisa about how lucky she was to have him. Despite his lack of parental experience, Jack was also a great stepfather to Lisa’s daughter Lacey. Since she was eighteen, Jack and Lacey were more like good friends than like stepfather and stepdaughter.

The state championship game did not pan out the way we had hoped. It was a miserably cold and dreary Northwest day, and our team looked strangely lackluster as they lost 4-0. Even though it seemed half the town came out to support the local girls, our team just couldn’t generate any offense. I really think they were just plain burned out. It was apparent early in the second half of the game that we weren’t going to come back from the deficit. It was truly painful to watch the second half, particularly when we had such high hopes going into the game.

“Well, Nancy,” sighed Lisa, as the final seconds ticked off the clock, “It was a great season anyway, wasn’t it?”

“Absolutely. I think the girls will be pretty crushed about this ending, though. Do you think we should still invite some of the team over to your place tonight? It may not be a good idea, if they will be sulking all night,” I replied.

“Nancy, if anything, I think a small party will help them deal with the disappointment,” said Lisa. “After all, your son Ken is going to be there with a couple of his friends from the boys’ team, right?”

I nodded affirmatively.

“Well,” said Lisa, “There is nothing that will help the girls get over the loss faster than socializing with their male soccer counterparts. They know all about losing, of course, and they are cute on top of it. I think the party will help everyone relax and put everything in its proper perspective.”

“Yeah, you may be right,” I replied hesitantly, still a little doubtful. “So what time to you want me to come over to your house, Lisa? You, Jack and I can chaperone this party together. We’ll stay downstairs in the kitchen while the party is going on in the living room of the upper floor.”

“Oh, just come over around 9:00, Nancy,” she replied. “The last thing a group of eighteen year-old kids will want is us checking up on them, but I know that we need to make sure that nothing gets too far out of hand.”

“Indeed. We’ll just make sure that everyone keeps things within the spectrum of good taste--and the law,” I said.

Lisa giggled in reply.

Lisa and I soon parted. As I drove home to prepare for my duties as a chaperone that night, I found myself getting unusually excited about the prospect of being around several young eighteen year-old high school seniors. Even though I knew that they didn’t want me around, the thought of occupying the same house with several young men and women who would be enjoying themselves was strangely stimulating. It made me long for my high school days, actually. I also looked forward to spending the evening chatting with Lisa and Jack. Lisa knows that I have a bit of a crush on him, and I was looking forward to getting to know him better.

I arrived at Lisa’s doorstep at 9:00 sharp. I tried not to look too casual, but also not too dressed up either. I wore a basic white blouse, an understated pearl necklace, a black knee-length skirt, thigh-high white stockings, and my favorite silk bra and panties. I had time that afternoon to get my shoulder-length blond hair trimmed, so I was looking and feeling pretty good about myself. I have a pretty good figure for someone my age. Although I have a few wrinkles, I am a relatively fit 5’7”, 135 lbs., with nice legs and 34B breasts.

“Hey, girlfriend, are you ready to hold down the fort with us tonight?” said Lisa, as she greeted me at the door with Jack standing behind her. Lisa looked stunning in her long, dark red dress that was embossed with a pink floral pattern. She stands about 5’4” and is a little on the heavy side (probably around 150 lbs.), but she is very well proportioned and attractive. She has gorgeous, full 38DD breasts and her skin is so beautiful that she easily looks 10 years younger than she is. Jack looked good too, in a tight black T-shirt, tight jeans (which drew attention to the nice bulge in his nether region), and black cowboy boots.

“I’m ready, honey. When are the kids going to be arriving?” I inquired.

“Oh, most of them are already here,” replied Lisa. “There are only going to be about four girls from the team, and three guys from the men’s team. I think most of the other players were a little too bummed out about the outcome of the game today.”

“Well, that is certainly understandable,” I replied, as I stepped into Lisa and Jack’s lovely, spacious home.

Jack, Lisa, and I went into the kitchen to prepare a few cocktails for ourselves as the party upstairs started to come alive. My son Ken was there upstairs with a couple of his friends, Mike and Jason, both of whom played on the boys’ soccer team. Mike is a thin young man who weighs probably 150 pounds, is 5’8” tall, and has beautiful blond hair and blue eyes. Jason has short dark hair, is 6’2” tall, and is a muscular 190 pounds. As far as the females attending the party, Lisa’s daughter Lacey was serving as the hostess, since it was her house. Lacey is a very pretty young woman. She is 5’5”, has short, sandy blond hair, and is a well-proportioned 130 pounds. Her pert, ample breasts protrude beautifully from her frame, which I’m sure makes many of the guys at school take notice of her.

In addition to Lacey, the other young women in attendance were Tammy, Julie, and Tina. Tammy is a tiny little redhead: 4’11” and certainly under 100 pounds. She is really cute, though she certainly looks much younger than her age of eighteen. Julie, by contrast, is a tall 6’0” brunette who has a body that just doesn’t quit: 36C breasts, 125 lbs., and long, shapely legs. She was the goalie for the soccer team, and was being heavily recruited by several colleges. (With a body like hers, pretty much every guy in school was recruiting her too.) Tina is a tall, thin blond at 5’10”with very small breasts, but her body is very shapely in every other way.

As Jack, Lisa and I sat in the kitchen enjoying our margaritas, we could hear the music and boisterous conversation from upstairs become louder as the party grew in intensity. As we sat listening to the cacophony of the rap music blaring from the stereo upstairs, we realized that the music to which they were listening was just one reminder that the kids of today’s generation are so much different than our generation.

“Are they listening to Eminem?” I asked Jack, who was working diligently on downing his margarita.

“I don’t think so, Nancy,” he replied. “I’ve heard some of that punk’s shit, and I don’t think this is him.”

“This sounds like that 2 Live Crew group,” added Lisa, rolling her eyes back in near disgust. “I guess every generation has to listen to music that shocks their parents, so I guess today’s rap is it.”

“I just can’t believe that the young women of today listen to this stuff too,” I added. “It is almost like they don’t notice how offensive the damn lyrics are. I don’t know about you, but I kind of take offense when I hear songs about taking so-called ‘Ho’s,’ bending them over, and gang-fucking them senseless. It just seems a little ‘over the line’.”

“I totally agree, Nancy,” replied Lisa. “Of course, getting gang-fucked by a bunch of tight-bodied, black studs, even if they are rappers, does have its appeal as a fantasy,” she chuckled with a smile.

Jack and I laughed uproariously at her comment. I knew Lisa was a pretty kinky girl, because we openly talked about our sex lives together, but the thought of my white, middle-aged friend wanting to get “tag-teamed” by a bunch of young black men was absolutely hilarious.

“I could just see you, girlfriend, being in a rap video getting fucked doggy style, while sucking the cocks of two guys, as two other guys suck your tits,” I said. “And I could proudly say, ‘Yes, that is my nice, conservative, white, middle-aged suburban soccer-mom friend getting filled with cum--go figure!’”

Both Jack and Lisa laughed at my comments. I wasn’t too worried about being explicit with my language in front of Jack, because he was really a laid-back and easygoing person. He had a presence about him that just made me feel at ease. I think our conversation was kind of turning him on, however. He seemed to hang on every juicy syllable when I uttered the naughty words “fucked,” “cocks,” “tits,” and “cum.” I knew that I was getting a little turned on by just being in his presence. It certainly didn’t help that the stiff margaritas that we were quickly downing were starting to make us feel looser and more relaxed.

We continued to relax and unwind over the next hour, as the party continued upstairs. A few times Lisa’s daughter Lacey came down to get some beers for her friends, which we agreed was okay even though they were under the legal drinking age, because we made sure that anyone drinking agree to stay at the house overnight. I’ve always been a believer that anyone who is eighteen should be entitled to a drink anyway, since they are legally adults at that point. Besides, I remember drinking at that age too, and appreciated the parents of my friends who fostered an environment in which we could drink safely back then.

After having a few more drinks, Jack left the room for a moment and came back with a marijuana pipe. I had not smoked pot in over twenty years, but with a few drinks in my system I was willing to revisit the experience.

“Damn, Jack, I haven’t smoked pot in years,” I said, watching him load the bowl of the pipe with the weed. I then turned to Lisa and asked her, “How long have you been smoking weed, honey?”

“Oh, I’ve only started smoking it since Jack and I have been together,” she replied. “I have to say that I actually enjoy it much more than drinking. It is nice to get stoned and not have a hangover the next day. But all that stuff about having the fucking ‘munchies’ is definitely true,” she giggled.

“Well, pass it over. It has been so long sine I’ve smoked pot that I’m curious about it,” I said.

Jack fired up the weed and took a couple quick tokes to get the cherry burning in the bowl. Once it was burning strongly, he took one massive, deep inhalation and held the smoke in his lungs for several seconds before exhaling. He then passed the pipe to Lisa who, much to my surprise, seemed like an old pro when it came to smoking the stuff. She took the pipe between her luscious red lips and, inhaling deeply, worked the smoky drug into her system. She then passed the pipe to me and I tried to do the same, though I had a rough start, since I was not used to smoking. After initially coughing a few times, I was able to get a rhythm going and take a deep hit off the pipe without choking. We proceeded to pass the pipe among ourselves for the next several minutes.

The one thing that I had definitely forgot about smoking pot is that its effects hit you like a ton of bricks. It was like I had been run over by a train when I started feeling the effects of the drug. I was really, really stoned. Immediately. And there was no fucking way of hiding the fact. I started laughing for no reason--and totally could not stop, much to the amusement of Jack and Lisa.

“Oh, baby, look at Nancy,” said Jack to Lisa, before addressing me. “You are stoned out of your mind, girl.” Jack and Lisa were definitely pleased with seeing me in such a fucked up state.

“You two fuckers should know better than to give me that shit when I haven’t had it in over twenty years,” I laughed. “Oh, fuck, I am so torn up. I’m supposed to be here to ensure that the kids keep their party under control, and I’m sitting here completely wasted. Shit, some parental role model I am, huh?”

Jack and Lisa started to lose it too. They were laughing completely out of control at the sight of me being completely hammered and stoned. Luckily, since they were used to smoking pot, they were able to keep a more dignified front than I could muster. I was wasted.

“We should probably check on the kids’ party upstairs, Jack,” said Lisa, as she opened the kitchen window to ventilate the room of its smoke. “Although we don’t want to make them feel like we are spying on them, they are in our house and we need to make sure things are okay.”

“Mmmm, you’re right, Lisa,” replied Jack, who was getting pretty stoned himself. “Let’s go up and say a quick ‘hello’ and drop off a few more beers for them. That way it makes it look like we are performing a delivery rather than monitoring their behavior.”

“That’s a good idea,” I replied automatically, so stoned that I was clearly unable to make a truly rational decision. Hell, at that moment anything seemed like a good idea.

The three of us tried to compose ourselves as we climbed the stairs up to the living room in which the kids were having their party. Instead of rap, they were now playing techno-electronic music and appeared to be having a mini-rave party. The lights were dimmed slightly, the kids were dancing, and a few were making out in the corners of the room. Initially we kept our distance, watching from the hallway, making sure that we didn’t intrude on their privacy. As we edged closer to the entrance of the room, we saw a most interesting development unfolding. Lisa’s daughter Lacey was on her back on the pool table, partially unclothed, making out with my son Ken while his friend Mike had her legs spread apart and was massaging her beautiful calves and thighs. The sight was a bit of a shock to Lisa, in particular.

“Oh my God, what the fuck is that girl doing?” Lisa whispered to us in exasperation.

“Well, it is pretty apparent, honey,” said Jack.

It was pretty apparent. As my son Ken, standing alongside Lacey, delivered deep French kisses to her full lips, his friend Mike was giving her a deep, sensual massage. Even though this scene involved my son, of all people, it was still really hot to watch. Mike, as he stroked her gorgeous legs, ran his tongue up and down her calves, eventually taking her toes into his mouth and sucking them gently. We could hear Lacey’s moans as her two young friends were pleasuring her. My son Ken began to reach under her shirt and massage her breasts, which were still cupped firmly by her bra. It was weird for me to see, because he certainly seemed as though he had performed those moves before. I was one mother who never really thought much about my son’s skills as a sexual practitioner. Where did he learn this stuff?

We knew that we should have probably stopped what was going on, but it was pretty hard to do. We really didn’t know how to handle this situation.

“Should we just let them ‘have their moment?’” I asked Lisa and Jack.

Lisa seemed a little more upset than Jack about what was going on. “Holy shit, the daughter that I’ve raised is a little slut who likes group sex. I’m not sure if I can deal with this,” she said, shaking her head.

“To be fair, honey,” said Jack, “She is not fucking anyone in there, at least yet. And even if she were, she’s a big girl now. She can take care of herself.”

The three of us watched as the trio of Ken, Mike, and Lacey continued to raise the temperature in the room with their sensual activity. Mike sucked her toes harder, gradually running his hand up her legs and brushing it gently across the outside of her panties that encapsulated her young, tight, innocent, dripping pussy. She moaned even louder, and spread her legs even wider, as he ran a finger right along the slit of her cunt, prepping it ever so carefully for a future fucking or sucking. Lacey was young and hot. Steaming hot.

As the action between the three of them began to intensify, the other girls in the room, who were pretty tipsy from the beer we had provided, came over to root Ken and Mike on.

“Oh, look at Lacey-girl,” exclaimed little Tammy, “That girl is getting hot, isn’t she?” Tammy’s eyes were completely fixated on the attention that Mike and Ken were giving to Lacey. She certainly appeared to envy the situation in which Lacey currently found herself.

“Keep working her thang, Mike,” said Tina encouragingly, her eyes locked onto the sight of Mike rubbing Lacey’s pussy through her panties. “Make that girl creamy, baby. Yes, work that thang . . .” As Tina watched, she sucked on her fingertips, clearly excited by the prospect of seeing her friends becoming aroused.

Julie and Jason, who had been kissing in the corner, walked over together to see the developing threesome as well. Both Julie and Jason looked great together. The fullness of her beauty combined with his muscularity made them an incredibly attractive couple. Jason stood directly behind Julie, his arms wrapped around her gorgeous 36C tits through her blue button-up blouse, as they both watched Ken and Mike turn Lacey into a steamy, creamy mess.

Lisa held her hand over her mouth, partially due to the shock of seeing her daughter being so bold.

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