Soccer (balled) Moms


“What do we do, Jack? We can’t let this go on, right?” pleaded Lisa.

Jack didn’t say a word initially. He was clearly transfixed by the sight of Lacey, his stepdaughter, getting caressed by her young male friends. Lacey’s eyes were partially shut and her body was open, willing, inviting.

“Let it go, Lisa,” he said softly. “Let it go, honey . . .”

Jack then turned to Lisa and planted a long, deep kiss on her lips. “It’s okay, honey. Let her get some,” he whispered, and planted another kiss onto his wife’s lips.

Lisa acquiesced and reciprocated his advance, kissing Jack deeply, her tongue slowly entering and probing his mouth. She seemed to soften in Jack’s arms, and I, standing closely to them, was on the verge of sensual overload. I could hardly believe that my best friend Lisa was making out with her husband Jack, while my son Ken and his buddy Mike were making love to Lisa’s daughter Lacey.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I was drunk, stoned, and starting to get really hot. I rubbed my hands onto the shoulders of Jack and Lisa as they kissed passionately. Lisa, turning toward me, kissed me softly on my lips. After she did this, Jack kissed me too, before turning back to Lisa and kissing her as well. All three of us engaged in a sensual embrace out in the hallway.

We stopped for a moment to look back into the room in which the kids were playing. We watched as Lacey lifted her ass off the pool table, hiked her black mini-skirt up around her waist, and began rolling her cerulean panties down her milky white thighs. Mike and Ken seemed amazed by the natural beauty of her exposed femininity. Tammy, Tina, Julie, and Jason seemed amazed as well, knowing that things were going to continue to escalate sexually.

Lisa, honey, I thought to myself. Oh, yes, sweetie. Your daughter Lacey is going to get fucked tonight.

And we are all going to watch it.

As the group watched Lacey slowly finger her young, creamy, exposed pussy, I noticed the guys in particular getting really hot and bothered. My son Ken reached down and gently started to fondle her pussy with her, and after dipping his fingers into her snatch, he pulled them out and methodically licked his fingers clean. I really wondered whether that exact moment was the first time my son tasted a pussy. Not many moms get to see such a moment, after all.

Mike, standing between Lacey’s legs, started to disrobe. He took off his shoes and socks, and slowly unbuttoned his tight black jeans and slid them down his thighs. Interestingly, he was not wearing underwear, so his hard, steely cock was standing at full attention. He was only wearing a tight, black tank top that looked great on his young frame. Tammy, Tina, and Julie let out a collective gasp when they saw their friend’s hard member.

“Oh, shit, that cock is so fucking gorgeous,” said little redheaded Tammy, who was now rubbing her pussy though her shorts.

“I’ve always wanted to see his cock,” added Tina, almost huffing in excitement. “Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m looking at his cock. Look at that thing.” It certainly appeared as though she had never seen a real cock before.

Julie and Jason stood in front of the trio and watched with the rest of the girls. Jason was kneading Julie’s ample breasts through her blouse, and together they were clearly getting “worked up.” My son Ken was getting a little “worked up” too, and clearly wanted to be involved in Lacey’s deflowering. He unbuttoned his khaki Dockers and slid them down over his ankles. It was really strange to see my son, now full-grown, being a full-blown sexual man. After his pants were off, he slid down his black boxer shorts, revealing his gorgeous eight-inch cock.

I always wondered what his cock looked like as a grown man, and now I knew. I thought to myself, son, you are gonna make some girls very happy with that thing. . .

After his boxers were off, Ken eased his cock into Lacey’s mouth without hesitation. They were both now eighteen, but she wanted my son, whom she had known since they were young children, fully, voraciously, and completely.

“Our children are beautiful,” I whispered into Lisa’s ear, as we watched her daughter give my son head.

Lisa didn’t reply. Her mind was blown. I’m not sure what she really felt about watching her daughter sucking off my son as Mike prepared to fuck her, but she definitely was in a surreal state of mind. She couldn’t take her eyes off her daughter. She wanted to protect her, but realized that she didn’t need protection. Lacey was safe. Lacey was sensual. Lacey wanted to fuck. She was eighteen and it was her prerogative.

Mike pulled Lacey’s ass to the edge of the pool table, and carefully positioned his cock up against the opening of her drenched pussy. My son Ken repositioned himself as well, so Lacey could continue sucking his hard shaft as Mike prepared to enter her. To the delight of everyone watching, Mike rubbed his cock a half dozen times before placing his purple, throbbing knob up against Lacey’s soft labia and carefully pushed forward into her, penetrating her virgin pussy.

“Ohhhhh, not so much, not so fast,” said Lacey, as her pussy stretched, gripped, and was pummeled by the first cock she had ever experienced. “It hurts . . . go slow, it’s nice to go slow,” she huffed, feeling a strong mixture of pleasure and pain. She loved his cock, but knew she needed it slowly.

I looked over at Jack, who was amazed by the sight of his stepdaughter getting fucked. I could tell that the sight of her full breasts, her pussy covered in beautiful light brown hair, and her milky white, soft skin was sending him over the top sexually. Since Lisa was too busy watching her daughter get fucked, I figured I could help ease Jack’s predicament.

I crouched down toward Jack’s crotch and unzipped his jeans, rolling them down his thick legs. He wore white briefs, and his large, thick nine-inch cock was poking out of the top of them. I rolled them down, and lowered my head on his shaft, bobbing up and down while working his shaft with my hand. The beauty of sucking him was that he was uncircumcised, and I had never been with an uncircumcised male before. The extra skin was really arousing. While I sucked him, he continued to look into the other room as his stepdaughter was getting her first lesson in accepting cock.

“Oh, yes, Nancy,” said Jack, as I sucked him expertly. “Suck the cream from my cock as I watch my girl get fucked,” he said. “Come on, girl, suck my cock like my daughter sucks your son’s . . . yeah, that’s it, you know how to do it, girl, don’t you?”

At the time, I wasn’t sure if the latter part of that phrase was referring to his stepdaughter or to me, but it didn’t really matter, I suppose. His thick member was a real joy to suck.

As I sucked Jack, Lacey continued to get fucked by Mike in the other room, while she sucked Ken’s cock. I wasn’t sure how much sexual experience, if any, my son had ever had, but I could hear from his moans that he was going to cum soon.

“Lacey, your mouth sucks so good, honey . . . I’m gonna cover you, girl, fuck, ooooohhh, mmmmmm, oh, girl,” moaned Ken, arching his back while Lacey, getting her pussy pummeled by Mike, increased the tempo with which she sucked my son. “Oh, fuck, I’m gonna come . . . I’m gonna come,” said Ken, clearly on the brink of orgasm.

I took my mouth off Jack’s cock so I could see my son come. Within seconds Ken let out a deep moan, pulled his cock out of Lacey’s mouth, and began shooting thick, milky streams of cum onto her face. Lacey, like a real trooper, held out her tongue to catch every drop of my son’s warm semen. Cum spurted onto her forehead, into her eyes, and cascaded slowly down her cheeks. At the same time, Mike, fucking her pussy with increasing vigor, was clearly ready to come too.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh,” Mike uttered quickly, before pulling his cock out of Lacey’s pussy and shooting several streams of cum onto her beautifully tight belly. Lacey tilted her cum-covered face so she could see Mike’s pulsating, orgasmic cock shoot its entire creamy load onto her. She really looked insatiable at that moment.

I was okay with my son having sex, but I really wondered if Lisa felt the same way about her daughter. Lisa just stood there, peering into the room, mesmerized by the fact that her daughter’s first sexual experience was a threesome after which she was completely covered in cum. Jack didn’t seem to mind, that’s for sure. After I stopped sucking him, he continued to masturbate and was soon reaching the point at which he was about to come.

“Mmmmm, oh, yes, oh yes, Oh fucking yes,” he uttered, loud enough for the kids in the room to notice we were spying on them from the hallway. “Oh yes . . .” exclaimed Jack, as cum started to pour from his uncircumcised cock and onto the carpet below. I couldn’t stand to see him waste his cum, so I quickly moved over to catch with my tongue the gobs of cum that were spurting out of his penis and rolling down his shaft. I licked, sucked, cleaned, and swallowed every lovely drop he produced.

Everyone--and I mean everyone--saw me do this. Lacey, once she realized her parents and I were out in the hall, quickly covered herself. Ken and Mike put on their pants and tried to assume some sense of decorum. But it just wasn’t going to happen. Both the parents and the young adults in attendance saw it all. We had seen Lacey get fucked, and they saw me sucking off Lacey’s stepfather. It was one of those moments when you know that everyone should be in trouble, but the problem is that only guilty people are there to pass judgment. There was certainly no judge present, and we were all very guilty--and satisfied. It created an awkward situation that is for sure.

“Um, hi Mom . . . did you see all that?” uttered Ken, clearly embarrassed.

“Yes, I did, Ken,” I replied. “And you are a very gorgeous young man. You are eighteen, and I trust your judgment as well as that of your friends. I saw what happened; you saw what happened; and I think we are both adult enough to be okay with our choices.”

My son seemed to relax a little, though I could tell that the rest of the group seemed a little uneasy, especially Lacey.

“I’m okay with your decisions too, Lacey,” said Jack.

“I love you, Lacey,” said Lisa, still reeling a bit from seeing her daughter get deflowered. “I’m okay with it, honey. You are an adult now. It’s okay,” she said, although she didn’t really seem to mean it.

“You three were really hot to watch, I must admit,” I said to Lacey, Ken and Mike. “It was really, really hot.”

“You were really hot yourself,” said Tina, who clearly saw both of the “shows” that were performed. “I have to say that you are the coolest parents I have ever met. Nancy, I am so fucking hot from watching you suck Lacey’s stepfather. Oh, God, that was hot. . . did you want to come join us up here?”

I wasn’t sure whether it was okay to accept her invitation. There was a part of me that just wanted to restore order to the situation and keep everything within the bounds of acceptability. But there was also the issue that I was really hot from watching Lacey get fucked and from sucking Jack’s cock. My pussy was totally dripping and needed some TLC. I briefly looked over at Lisa and Jack before responding, in the hopes that they might speak for me. I was hoping that they would rein me in a little bit. But they didn’t.

“Sure, we’ll come in,” I replied. “But what happens in here stays in here, okay?”

Tina, Lacey, Mike, Tammy, Julie, Ken, and Jason all nodded affirmatively. And with that I took Lisa and Jack by the hands and led them from the hallway into the living room. I knew that we were embarking on a very risky proposition, that is, that this was not only going to be a meeting between our generations, but that this was going to be a meeting of our respective flesh. But they were all eighteen, so they could just deal with it.

I sat on the couch with Jack and Lisa in front of the rest of the group. They were a little too shy to come and meet us, so I turned to Lisa and just whispered in her ear, “I want to taste you, honey.”

Lisa, whom I had always known was bisexual, obliged, and lifted her dark red dress over her head, exposing her huge 38DD breasts to everyone in attendance. She then shimmied down her pink silk panties, exposing her gorgeously trimmed pussy that was covered in light brown wispy hair, just like her daughter Lacey’s. Although she may have been a little sexually confused by the events that were transpiring that night, she was very aroused, because when I ran my hand between her legs, her luscious juices coated my fingers completely. I disrobed as well, taking off all my garments except my thigh-high stockings and high-heel pumps. I was not sure if my son was horrified or aroused at seeing his mother nearly nude and ready for sex.

“Oh, Nancy, I am so hot for you, darling,” Lisa whispered. “I just need to get off now . . . right now.”

I then laid back on the couch and had her straddle my face on top of me. Slowly she lowered her dripping pussy onto my mouth, after which I extended my tongue, entered her pussy, and savored her luscious nectar. She tasted so heavenly that I could hardly believe it. Gently she rocked, bucked, and fucked my tongue as we worked in tandem to reach a state of ecstasy. She worked her clit with her right hand as I probed her sweet pussy with my tongue. I was gradually navigating her toward climax when I felt someone come up from behind her and lift her pussy off my tongue.

It was my son Ken. Without saying a word, he pulled Lisa back off my face and, stroking his cock that was once again hard, bent her over to be fucked doggy style while she straddled me.

“You have always been a mother I wanted to fuck, Lisa,” said Ken, pulling her hips toward him. “I know you won’t mind, honey,” he said, as he inched his cock into her steaming pussy little by little. Lisa’s eyes became as wide as saucers and her mouth opened wide, letting out a deep moan.

“OH! Shit, Ken, you feel so fucking good,” exclaimed Lisa, when he eventually buried his cock into her to the hilt. “Your son has such a nice cock, Nancy,” she huffed, while I was lying below her, watching her getting fucked by my son.

I certainly had mixed feelings about all this, but I can’t say that it was my place to stop what, at that time, seemed inevitable. My son Ken was a hottie and my buddy Lisa was enjoying him. I was a little miffed by Ken’s next move, however. He pulled out of Lisa, grabbed me by my hips, pulled me toward him a little, and carefully eased his cock into my cunt for a few strokes. I was a little uncomfortable about the incestuous aspect of it, but damn, he felt so good that I could not bring myself to tell him to stop. That boy knew his moves. He fucked me for a good minute, before pulling out and resuming fucking Lisa doggy style. He traded off like this, alternating fucking the both of us, for the next several minutes. While he fucked Lisa, I positioned myself so I could suck her huge, erect nipples, and she did the same for me when he was fucking me. Lisa’s tits definitely were an accurate gauge of her state of arousal--I don’t think I had ever seen nipples so pert and aching to be sucked.

She was hot and nasty, and what we were doing was hot and nasty. Really hot and nasty.

“Look at him,” said Tammy, to no one in particular, amazed that Ken would fuck me, his very own mother. “Look at him fuck his mother, I can’t believe it. That is crazy,” she said, as she started to strip off her shorts and underwear, clearly feeling too hot.

Jason and Julie, the best looking couple in the group, came over to help Tammy undress. They stripped off her T-shirt and assisted her with getting out of her shorts, which left her small, thin body only clad by a bra and white cotton panties. Tammy, who had always been attracted to Jason, laid on her back on the floor, and freely let Jason take control of her sexual destiny.

While my son Ken was fucking Lisa and me, out of the corners of our eyes we could see Jason lift Tammy’s ass off the ground and take off her dainty cotton panties, revealing her small, tight pussy that, although not shaved, featured very little pubic hair. Her pussy was rosy pink, smooth, and as hot as a firecracker. Jason raised her legs up toward her head, lowered his tongue onto her mound, and began to lick her pussy almost maniacally.

Julie, who was by far the hottest woman among us, started to take off her black slacks, which left her clad in a shiny black blouse, bra, white silk panties, and pumps. While Jason was on all fours between Tammy’s legs, Julie laid on her back underneath Jason, extricated his cock from his pants, raised her succulent lips to its head, and started to suck it skillfully as though she were a girl with a lollipop. Her lips looked beautiful as they wrapped around young Jason’s seven-inch, thick cock and sucked it for all it was worth, trying desperately to coax creamy hot cum from his balls. Lacey, who had by this time recovered from her orgasm, came over and moved between Julie’s legs, rolled down her panties, and lowered her sensuous mouth onto her pussy.

“Julie, I’ve always wanted to taste your pussy,” Lacey moaned while she tongued Julie’s clit. “We’ve been taking showers together as members of the soccer team, and you have no idea how long I have wanted to eat you.”

Julie was not bisexual, but she clearly didn’t mind having a tongue--whether male or female--probing her delicious pussy. She merely moaned softly as she sucked Jason’s rod.

The whole sight was blazingly hot: Jason was eating Tammy; Julie was sucking Jason; Lacey was eating Julie. It was a gorgeous train of sexual activity that reached its apex once Jack, who was stroking his cock in one hand, came behind Lacey, his stepdaughter, and started to fondle her pussy with his other hand. When she felt her pussy being rubbed, Lacey looked back and clearly knew it was her stepfather. She motioned over to her mother Lisa for approval.

“Mom, is it okay?” she asked, while reaching behind and stroking Jack’s thick, uncircumcised cock. “I want Daddy . . .”

Lisa was too busy getting fucked by my son Ken to say much at the time, but she did realize the gravity of the situation enough to stop for a moment to say a few words to her husband.

“Jack, honey, you know it is plain wrong to fuck your stepdaughter,” she said, peering into his eyes inquisitively.

“She wants a little bit of it, Lisa,” replied Jack, knowing that fucking his daughter was wrong, but clearly longing to bury his shaft deep into her exquisite young pussy. “I’ll take her nice and slowly, and will stop whenever she wants, honey.”

“But, Jack,” retorted Lisa, “It just isn’t right.”

Just when the “edge” of the sexual atmosphere in the room was on the verge of diminishing, Lacey came to her stepfather’s defense.

“It’s okay, Mom, really. I love him and I’m really hot for him,” stated Lacey, on all fours, as she continued to reach behind her and stroke her father’s cock with her right hand, keeping it stiff and ready for their potential carnal union. As she stroked it, drops of precum formed on the tip of his cock and rolled slowly down onto his foreskin.

Lisa didn’t know what to say at this point. And any thinking that she had planned on doing was soon interrupted by my son Ken, who gradually bent her back over while she was deep in contemplation and spiked her with his eight inches of hard, steely cock. I was still lying on the couch below her as my son took her doggy style, and the look on Lisa’s face when he fed her his cock was absolutely precious.

“Oh, fuck, fucking God, fuck, boy,” Lisa screamed, as her pussy resumed taking its deep drilling from Ken. “Fucking work my pussy, baby, work my fucking pussy, boy.” She let out a deep, hoarse moan, and after about twenty seconds, as she was getting completely worked over, she looked at her daughter Lacey and huffed, “Do what you feel is right, honey. Do what you feel is right. . . ”

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