Soccer (balled) Moms


What was “right” to Lacey, at least on that particular night, was to bend down and resume eating her friend Julie’s unbelievably beautiful pussy while her stepfather Jack was priming his cock for her dripping slit. He waited for a moment, however, and I wondered whether he might be having second thoughts about fucking his stepdaughter.

Over on my side of the room, Ken was still alternating between fucking Lisa and me. After awhile, he seemed to establish a nice rhythm with her, and I could tell that they were both on the verge of coming. I took Lisa’s nipples in my hands and squeezed them gently as Ken suddenly began to pump her harder, deeper, and more intensely.

“I’m gonna cream you, Lisa,” Ken huffed, “I’m gonna cream your pussy, baby.”

His eyes widened, the veins in his body rose to the surface, and he let out a series of deep breaths as he pumped Lisa maniacally. Lisa’s mouth opened wide, she let out a deep moan, and I knew that my son’s cock was expanding pre-orgasmically in her pussy.

“That’s it! Oooooh, that’s it!” yelled Lisa, rubbing her clit furiously, turning a deep flushed red, as Ken fucked her with wild abandon.

Surprisingly, Ken pulled out of Lisa once he was in the middle of coming. He clearly had filled Lisa with at least a spurt or two of cum, because her pussy was dripping with some of his hot seed when he pulled out. Still in the middle of his orgasm, Ken spread my legs apart very quickly and put his still creaming, spasmodic cock deep into my pussy. I could feel the beauty of his size and the way it twitched and gushed deeply inside my cunt. At this time, Lisa, completely spent, rolled off the couch and sat resting on the floor, though she could not take her eyes off my son filling me with every last drop of his cum.

“Oh, fuck, Mom, oh yes,” said Ken, who was drilling me madly. “I’ve always wanted to make you cream pie, Mama,” he huffed, as his cum foamed and dripped from my pussy with each and every stroke he delivered.

Since I knew his cock was going to be limp in a minute or so, I decided to go for it. I took my left hand, grabbed my son by his hips, and banged him into me as deeply as I possibly could, while rubbing my clit with my right hand. Oh, shit I was so hot. Lisa, knowing that I was desperately trying to come, came over to us and started to suck my nipples again. No more than thirty seconds had past before I could feel my orgasm building and building. Soon I lost all track of everything as my face and chest became flushed and I was in the throes of a long, deep, pronounced state of ecstasy.

I involuntarily emitted such deep, guttural screams that I was almost frightening myself. Oh, I had never, ever come like that either before or since that moment. Oh, I was such a dirty slut but I didn’t care--not when I was “getting off” like that.

As I lay there completely stunned, Ken sat back on the couch and recuperated from his sexual escapade. Lisa came back up on the couch and put her arms around me in a tender, loving embrace. As we watched the sexual activity brimming across the room, she occasionally put her hand in my cum-soaked pussy and then licked my son’s cream off her fingers. I was so sexually spent that I could hardly think straight.

We all watched the group activity rise in intensity in front of us. The positions had changed a little by that point. Jason was now between Tammy’s legs fucking her, drilling her tight little pussy passionately. And Lacey was still on all fours, between Julie’s legs, fucking her friend’s pussy with her tongue. Jack, still behind Lacey’s hot pussy, just watched the activity in front of him, still contemplating whether to test drive his stepdaughter.

At this time, Mike had once again moved one of the girls to his favorite pool table. This time it was Tina, the small-breasted blond, who could clearly no longer just watch the sex around her without participating. Although we had been too occupied to witness how it developed, her skirt was off, her panties were on the floor, and she was just wearing her sexy black, knee-high boots that really looked fantastic on her young frame.

Mike, between her boot-clad legs, was already in the process of guiding his cock into her, and Tina assisted him generously. But Mike didn’t need much training at this point. He pumped his hips into her in a steady, even rhythm, and Tina clearly loved every second of it. She raised her legs higher and farther apart, so her blond-haired pussy could devour every inch of his manhood.

They continued to fuck for several minutes, and Lisa, Ken and I watched them and the others who were engaged in sex get hotter and hotter. When Tina started to arch her back and rub her clit, we knew she was clearly on the brink of orgasm. She started breathing heavily and urged Mike to finish his duties.

“Oh, Mike, oh Mike, fuck me harder . . . oh, oh, faster . . .” she huffed, until a few seconds later she started to come. Her ivory white skin turned a dark red hue, as she became racked by wave after wave of orgasm.

Mike was obviously ready to come too, because once he was confronted with the sight of Tina bucking and fucking his cock in pure ecstasy, he could no longer hold back. He let out a series of short, deep grunts and unloaded his seed deeply into her pussy. He drove that girl repeatedly for the next three minutes, blasting his cum into her fully, until his cock started to soften. He then fell forward on top of her in pure exhaustion.

Some of the others in the room were also reaching their climax. Within seconds of Mike and Tina’s mutual climax, Jason was giving Tammy a creamy filling of her own. I don’t think she had an orgasm, but the way that Jason had fucked her clearly left her satisfied. When he pulled his cock out of her tiny pussy, it was nearly overflowing with his cum.

Next to them was Julie, who was still on her back, getting eaten by Lacey. Her eyes were at half-mast as she ran her fingers though Lacey’s short, sandy blond hair. She was clearly enjoying herself, because she had a concentrated smile that was the consequence of engaging in pure lust.

Jack was still stroking his cock as he watched Lacey’s shapely ass move ever so slightly side to side as she ate Julie. By now most of the people in the room were in recovery mode. Lisa, Ken and I sat on one couch, Mike and Tina watched as they were lying on the pool table, and Jason and Tammy watched from the floor, just a few feet away from the action.

I’m not sure if Jack was just waiting for an audience, but he now had one. He licked the fingers on his right hand and inched up behind Lacey, who was concentrating fully on pleasuring Julie. Ever so carefully, Jack reached down between Lacey’s legs and started rubbing the outside of her pussy, caressing her clit in a circular motion.

Lacey pretty much jumped out of her skin in surprise.

“Oh, Daddy, oh Daddy,” she moaned, working her pussy onto his fingers as he penetrated her. “Fuck me with your thick fingers, Daddy,” she pleaded.

Jack didn’t really want to fuck her with his fingers--he had another plan. He pulled his fingers out of her dripping slit and started moistening his cock with her juices. He then edged up behind her and, inch by inch, eased his cock into his stepdaughter.

Lacey immediately stopped licking Julie’s pussy, arched her back, raised her head, and let out a long, eerily sinister moan.

“Ooooooohhhh, fuuuucck, yeeeessss . . . fuck Daddy, yeesssss, Oohhhhhh God my pussy!” she howled, as she took her father’s entire nine-inch cock deeply into her pussy doggy style.

Julie was so taken aback by Lacey’s demonic moan that she moved away from them, so Lacey could concentrate on getting fucked by her stepfather. She almost seemed a little frightened.

Everyone in the room watched intently. I don’t think anyone could really believe it. Lisa, clearly feeling mixed emotions about her husband fucking her daughter, seemed in a daze, though she could see that Lacey wanted him. Tammy, sitting “Indian style” next to Jason, had her hand over her mouth as she watched her friend and teammate Lacey get fucked. She was clearly shocked but was also turned on. (From my vantage point, I could also see cum continuing to drip out of Tammy’s pussy as she sat there watching, creating a pool of cum on the carpet.) I was a little shocked and turned on too, though I felt comforted by the fact that even though they were daughter and stepfather, they were, in reality, consenting adults.

The sight of Jack’s cock disappearing into Lacey’s pussy was purely mesmerizing. We could see her gasping, bucking, and writhing with each and every stroke. Jack was an expert at his task too. He held her firmly by the hips, and ensured that every stroke was almost completely out of her before drilling his nine inches all the way back into her. It was unbelievable.

They fucked in this manner for several minutes. Lacey’s body developed a thin coat of perspiration, and her shiny tits looked beautiful swinging back and forth underneath her. Jack was also sweating profusely--beads of sweat rolled from his brow onto the small of Lacey’s back as he fucked her relentlessly. His sizable forearms glistened in the dimly lit room, and his sweaty hands held on to his stepdaughter’s ass with the strength of a vice grip as he pounded her pussy from behind.

Lacey soon started to rub her clit as she started to climb toward orgasm. She twisted her head from side to side, moaned, writhed, and bucked Jack’s cock, until, finally, she began to cum.

“OH! OH! DADDDEEE! OH Fuck! Oh, Gawd! Oh fuck!” she screamed, completely out of control, consumed by ecstasy. She moaned and screamed for a good thirty seconds, twisting, turning, coming like a girl possessed. Meanwhile, Jack, clearly trying to hold back his orgasm, kept up his steady, rough pace. He was going to work his girl really good.

We all sat there watching in amazement as Jack continued to fuck Lacey. He would not let up. She was past the point where she could even breathe correctly, being amidst the cascades of a post-orgasmic delirium. But Jack kept driving her . . . and driving her . . . and driving her, until the pace with which he fucked her started to quicken markedly.

We could tell at that point that he was going to come. To our surprise, when Jack started to come, he seemed to make a conscious effort to be as quiet as possible. He rammed into Lacey’s pussy three or four times extremely hard, before stopping completely, with his cock about half way inside her. He composed himself, and held his cock still as he just let it pump all of his seed into her.

He had an incredibly serene look of ecstasy on his face: his eyes were closed, his head was titled upward, his cock was half way into her pussy, but he did not so much as thrust it again. He just held it still while it was inside her and let his cum drain from his large balls into her hot, sloppy, well-worked pussy. We could see his cock pulsate, pump, and deliver forth his seeds into his stepdaughter, and it was actually beautiful. I don’t think I had ever seen a couple fuck so beautifully.

“Oh yes, honey . . . oh, yes. . .,” whispered Jack, dripping with sweat, as he finished emptying his balls into his daughter. “Oh, yes, honey, that’s my love, sweetie . . . that’s my love.”

We were all completely speechless. There wasn’t really anything to say, really. I looked over at Lisa, and her eyes were completely glazed. It was obviously very emotional for her to see her daughter get fucked by her husband, but she stayed remarkably composed. The rest of the group, in various states of post-sexual fallout, merely gazed at Lacey’s sweaty, spent body resting on the carpet, as cum oozed from her young, finished pussy.

We all rested together for the next fifteen minutes until my son Ken--and I can’t believe he even did this--opened a small bottle and took out a small tablet. He then walked over to Julie and put it in her mouth.

“What was that pill?” I asked.

“Oh,” he replied. “It is the drug Ecstasy.”

Oh shit, I thought. We are all going another round tonight, and there are definitely some girls in attendance who--if they didn't need them already--will need a few “morning after” pills as a result.

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Darn baby. I loved this hot story. You are definitely a mom I want to fuck. Your stories make me cut every time. Please write more.

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