Soccer Mom Slave Ch. 02 of 03


Master began to move his hips with a slow rhythm. Brenda took his cock down a little more deeply. She paused and pulled back when she felt a slight gag in her throat. She continued sucking and running her tongue around the head for several minutes, then she pushed forward and took his cock a little deeper than before. It went down a little easier this time. She smiled to herself, she knew she was warming up.

She continued to suck his cock, again losing track of time. Eventually He slid his hand down her back and put his fingers under the rope around her waist. His fingers were centered over the cunt rope that stretched over her asshole and between her legs. He gently tugged on the rope encouraging her to take his cock deeper in her throat. The dildo moving in Brenda's cunt had the desired effect, she sucked harder.

Brenda was really getting warmed up now, her Master's cock slipping down her throat a little further with each effort. She thought she was almost ready when she felt him grab the base of her pony tail with his other hand. He started to pull on the rope and press her head forward with her pony tail. The rope pressed on her asshole, pulled on her clit and shifted the dildo in her cunt. The tension pulled her body toward her Master.

At the same time He rotated his hips forward. The combined pressure forced his cock down Brenda's throat until her nose was touching his abdomen. His balls pressed against her chin. He held her like that briefly and the released some pressure allowing his cock to slide out.

She coughed once as his cock slipped out of her mouth. She stared at his glistening shaft just inches in front of her face. After Brenda caught her breath she couldn't wait to continue. She didn't have to wait long. He pulled on the cunt rope and Brenda's pony tail, forcing his cock back into her mouth.

The rope and dildo were stimulating her again. She went along with his rhythm, multiple short penetrations followed by one or two very deep rams down her throat. He was in complete control fucking her mouth. Brenda was already building toward another orgasm. Her gag reflex was gone.

Brenda was overcome with the feeling of being filled with cock. Her Master's cock slamming down her throat, the dildo filling her cunt. The feeling was overwhelming.

Brenda was surprised how quickly she came. This orgasm felt like a warm glow flowing through her body. He sensed her orgasm and slowed his rhythm, then stopped. His cock slipped out of her mouth. Brenda gasped for breath and collapsed on the horse. He released his grip on her pony tail and cunt rope. Then he slowly walked behind her.

Brenda was exhausted. "I can't possibly fuck now," she thought. But she knew she could not refuse her Master.

Master grabbed the rope around Brenda's waist and roughly pulled her toward him. The leather covering the horse was wet from Brenda's cunt and she slid easily. The dildo slipped off the end of the horse leaving her cunt exposed to him. He untied the rope at the small of her back and roughly pulled it out between her ass cheeks.

The dildo made a slurping sound as it popped out of Brenda's cunt. Brenda was shocked at the sudden feeling of emptiness. He dropped the dildo letting it dangled from the rope looped around Brenda's waist.

Brenda felt his left hand grip and spread her ass, she knew his other hand was guiding his cock toward her. She felt the head of his cock slip between her dripping cunt lips. Brenda was suddenly fully alert and alive with energy.

Master moved his right hand from his cock to her pony tail and grabbed her hair. In one fluid motion he snapped her head back and pulled her body back toward his thrusting hips. His cock filled Brenda's cunt.

Brenda screamed, "OH YES! OH YES! OH YES!"

His cock felt huge compared to the dildo. Any feeling of exhaustion was a distant memory now. She was bucking against his thrusting cock like a mad woman.

"OH FUCK ME, FUCK ME!" she screamed over and over.

The loud slapping sound each time their bodies collided echoed off the walls. The secretions from Brenda's soaking cunt were covering his cock and dripping down his balls. Again Brenda lost track of time, he may have fucked her for five minutes of five hours, she couldn't tell. She felt another orgasm building and tried to buck harder.


Brenda's cunt released her womanly cum all over her masters cock. He slowed and then stopped fucking her. Brenda slumped forward onto the horse.

"Thank you Master," she whispered.

His cock was still rock hard. "You're not done yet slave."

He unfastened her ankle cuffs from the horse. Tugging on the ball gag looped around her neck, Master said, "Get up. On the bench."

Brenda began to move knowing that another hard slap to her tender ass was on the way if she didn't. Her legs and arms were stiff from the restraints and her body was sore all over, but she got off horse as fast as she could. He loosened the rope around her waist and let it slip to the floor.

With two fingers through ball gag strap, he led her to the bench.

"On your back."

Brenda lay down in the middle of the bench, her cuffed hands across her stomach. With one foot on the floor he put his other foot on the bench near her shoulder and straddled her face. Brenda looked up and saw his balls just above her mouth, his hard cock swayed over her face pointing toward her forehead.

Brenda's cum dripped from his cock and balls onto her face. She opened her mouth as he lowered himself. Brenda started licking and sucking his nut sack. She moved her head back and forth trying to reach every part. As she was doing her best to stimulate his balls, Master was using his hand to rub his glistening wet cock back and forth over her nose, cheeks and even her forehead.

She could feel the head of his cock brush past her ears as he rubbed it over her entire face. Brenda took turns sucked his balls into her mouth. The taste and smell of her cunt was all over her now. Her face was wet from her chin to her forehead.

Brenda knew she should be disgusted by this but she wasn't. Smelling and tasting her cunt while sucking Masters balls turned her on immensely. She stretched her mouth open as far as she could and sucked both of his balls into her mouth.

Brenda didn't remember slipping her hands down to her wet cunt. She suddenly realized she was rubbing her clit with the fingers of one hand while finger-fucking herself with the others. She opened her eyes and looked up. Between the times when his cock was not covering her eyes, she could see her Masters face. She saw her reflection in the mirrored shades.

"This is how he sees me," she thought, "This is how he thinks of me."

The thought aroused her even more and she began to masturbate harder. Brenda was well on her way to another orgasm when her master stood up, abruptly pulling his balls out of her mouth.

Master walked to the other end of the bench and grabbed Brenda's ankles. He pulled and lifted her legs so that her ass was on the edge of the bench. Spreading her legs apart by her ankle cuffs, he let his cock rest on her lower belly above her cunt.

Brenda spread her cunt lips and pressed his hard cock against her skin with her fingers. She looked at his face and saw the reflection of an incorrigible slut in his mirrored shades.

"Please Master. Please," she begged.

Master slipped his cock off her belly. She guided it into her waiting cunt. He rammed it in.


Brenda rubbed her clit with her fingers while he fucked her furiously.

Master listened to the erotic slapping sound each time their bodies collided. He watched Brenda fingering her cunt. As she stretched her hands to her cunt, her upper arms were pressing her tits toward the center of her chest. In spite of being partially restrained by her arms, her tits were flopping up and down with each of his thrusts, the chain from the nipple clamps bouncing about wildly.

Brenda's eyes were tightly closed, her mouth was wide open, her face covered with her own cum, she was grunting with every impact.

"Perfect," he thought, "She's a perfect little slave-slut."

Master knew his own orgasm was near. He saw Brenda open her eyes wide. Her mouth was open but she had stopped grunting, she was holding her breath. Her orgasm came in waves. She bucked wildly and cum gushed from her cunt onto his cock.

He pulled his cock out and stepped to the other end of the bench. He grabbed Brenda by her pony tail and jerked her up from the bench,

"UP, GET UP!" He shouted

Brenda tried to react quickly but she was still in a daze. She made it into a sitting position with her feet on the floor. He pulled her off the bench and forced her down.


Brenda knelt down immediately. He stepped one foot between Brenda's cuffed hands and her body. Brenda's hands were now wrapped around one of his legs. With his left hand still holding her pony tail, he guided his rock hard cock to Brenda's lips.

Brenda instinctively opened her mouth. He rammed his cock down Brenda's throat. Holding Brenda's head tightly with both hands, Master started fucking her throat.

Brenda felt totally helpless. She had no control over the forced throat fucking. With her hands cuffed around one of her master's legs, even if she wanted to, she could do nothing to hold off the brutal cock thrusts. She couldn't even touch her own cunt.

Suddenly he pulled his cock out of her mouth, giving Brenda a chance to catch her breath. He reached down, grabbed the chain between the nipple clamps and pulled up. He slipped the chain over his cock, then shoved his cock back into Brenda's mouth.

Brenda's tits felt like they were on fire. The clamps had tightened on her nipples like tiny pliers. Her tits were pointing straight up, stretched into fleshy cones. The chain slid to base of his cock. Every time he ran his cock down Brenda's throat she could feel the chain touch her upper lip as it stretched her tits even more.

He looked down at the lovely site. His slave handcuffed, tits stretched to limit of endurance, his cock disappearing into her throat.

Once again he thought, "Perfect little slave-slut."

Brenda sensed her Master's impending orgasm. She tried to use her tongue to give him more pleasure but he was totally in control, fucking her face as he pleased. His pace started to slow, then he pushed his cock down her throat as far as it would go and held it there. She stuck out her tongue and tried to lick his balls.

Brenda could feel the base of his cock quivering. She wasn't sure how much longer she could go without breathing. Suddenly he pulled his cock out of her mouth. The nipple chain slid free and he began pumping his cock furiously with his right hand. Using his left hand on her pony tail to hold her head immobile, he jacked off just inches from her face. He grunted loudly and Brenda watched cum shoot from his cock at her face.

The first blast shot to the top of her head landing in her hair. Blast after blast of cum splashed onto Brenda's face. Her forehead, her nose and her cheeks were covered with ribbons of sperm. All of it covering cum from her cunt that he rubbed on her face earlier.

After his orgasm passed he gently removed the nipple clamps from her tits and dropped the chain on the bench. Brenda wasn't sure if it was pain or relief she felt when the blood returned to her battered nipples. After a moment she realized it was relief.

He began to slowly rub his cock on her face, smearing their cum together.

"You look beautiful slave," he said sincerely.

"Thank you Sir," Brenda replied.

His cock was still erect but not as hard as it was earlier.

"Clean my cock slave," he said gently.

Brenda immediately started to lick and suck his cock. Their cum was thoroughly mixed together, thick and sticky. It covered his balls as well as his cock. There was so much that Brenda had to swallow often. The taste of his cum mixed with hers was decadent. The sucking and licking sounds punctuated the erotic sight of a slave enthusiastically using her mouth to clean her Master's cock.

When he was satisfied with her cleaning effort he let her slip her hands from around his leg.

"On the bench slave," he said.

Brenda got up slowly from her kneeling position. She tried to sit on then bench but her ass was too sore. She lay down on her side, resting her head on her hands.

Master took out two bottles of water from the black bag, opening both and handing one to Brenda.

"Thank you master," she said weakly, so exhausted she couldn't take a sip.

He drank all the contents of the other bottle, then took a hand towel from the bag and wiped the sweat from his face and body. He dried Brenda's saliva and what little cum was left on his cock and balls.

He walked to the horse and picked up the dildo from the floor. He pulled the rope out of the hole in the dildo and used the towel to wipe Brenda's cum from both. The padded rail on the horse was drenched. He sopped it up with the towel.

He went back to the bench and dropped the rope and dildo in the bag. He wiped off the nipple clamps and flogger dropping them in the bag as well. When he was done he tossed the towel on the bench next to Brenda.

"Don't wipe any cum off your face until you get home, slave." He said.

Brenda was shocked. Lifting her head she said, "But Master..."

"Don't Make Me Repeat Myself Slave," He said sternly. "And for the back talk you can wear the ankle cuffs and ball gag until you get home as well."

For a moment Brenda was speechless.

"Yes sir," she said in a small voice and rested her head back on her hands. She lay on the bench, watching in silence as he dressed.

Back in full uniform, he walked over to the bench. Taking his handcuff key from the ring on his gun belt, he unlocked and removing the cuffs from Brenda's wrists. After returning the cuffs to the pouch, he briefly ran his fingertips over the dark red lines around her wrists.

"Don't forget to lock up on your way out slave." He picked up his bag and walked toward the door.

Brenda rolled onto her stomach and lifted herself up on her elbows, "Master please wait, what about my clothes? How will I get home?"

He turned at the door.

"You should take better care of your things slave. You left your clothes out by your car. Now go get dressed and drive yourself home like a big girl."

He turned and walked out.

Brenda heard his footsteps on the old wooden floor, the front door opened and closed. A minute later she heard his car start, then he drove away.

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