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Society Girl


"Matt speaking, can I help you?"

"Hello Matt, my name is Deanne, a girl friend of mine who knows you quite well told me about the services you provide and I wish to see you."

The voice was cultured, refined, definitely upper class and straight to the point.

"What services in particular are you interested in Deanne?"

"I've fantasized about spanking for many years, last night I had a bit too much to drink and told my friend of my needs. I was absolutely amazed when she informed me that she used to have the same desires until she found you. She visits you regularly and now is very content and stress free. I also have a need to be controlled which never gets met, I seem to be in charge all the time."

I was very interested. "Are you married Deanne?" I asked.

"Yes I am but it's a sham. We stay together for the kids. You don't have to worry about an angry husband, he's got another woman in a penthouse in town and doesn't give a fuck about me anymore. Can you come out to my home? I'm quite willing to pay you travel time, you'll be well rewarded if you're as good as my friend says you are."

We chatted some more and agreed that I would visit her home the following Friday. Deanne gave me directions as to where I would find her home and also where to park when I arrived so as to retain privacy.

The address was in a very exclusive area about an hour's drive. Deanne's directions were excellent and I soon found myself at the gates of what could only be described as a mansion, it oozed money and good taste. I pressed the button on the intercom and told the inquiring voice my name. There was no reply, the gates just swung open and I drove onto the long gravel driveway. Following the instructions I drove around to the rear of the house. There as Deanne had described was the indoor swimming pool separate to the house. I could see the pool had some rooms attached which I had been told were the gym, change rooms, showers and a guest bedroom. I took my bag from the trunk and let myself in through the glass door to the pool area.

Deanne rose from a couch beside the pool. Dressed in a toweling robe, she was a sight to behold. Very attractive face with a welcoming smile, short brown hair and from what I could see under the robe, a lovely figure.

"Welcome Matt, it's nice to meet you. I hope you didn't have any navigating problems." Deanne sounded calm and collected, not like a lady about to receive her first spanking from a stranger.

"No problems at all Deanne. Nice to met you too." I was looking forward to whatever the day was to bring. "I'm surprised that you don't seem nervous at all, most ladies are for their first spanking session."

"I must admit that my stomach has a few butterflies, so don't let the exterior fool you Matt. But from what my friend told me I can trust you completely so I guess I'm more excited than nervous. I just want to get on with it."

"That's fine with me Deanne. Will we do it here beside the pool?"

"No, come into the gym, its private and sound proof so it doesn't matter how much noise we make. The staff has been given the day off so we won't get interrupted."

Deanne led me into the gym, which was extremely well set up with every piece of gym equipment one could ever wish to use. We had spoken about a safe word on the phone so it was all stations go. There was a straight-backed chair in the middle of the open floor area and I took Deanne by the arm and led her over to the chair.

"Ready Deanne?" I asked. "Ready to give up control? Ready to be spanked?"

The excitement shone in her eyes. "Oh yes Matt, let's do it!"

I reached forward and untied the bow of the cloth belt holding the robe. I gasped as the robe fell open and then fell off her shoulders onto the floor. Deanne was wearing a mini bikini. It barely covered her lovely breasts and the bottom piece was also very small.

I sat on the chair. "Right Deanne, over my knees".

Deanne whimpered as she laid herself over my knees. The bikini bottom was a g-string and her beautiful white bottom cheeks were a spanker's dream. I rubbed my hands over the firm flesh, squeezing and pinching.

My left hand held Deanne steady as my right hand started to gently spank and warm her lovely arse. I started slowly, making sure I covered all the area of her arse and upper thighs. Her skin was very smooth and tight; Deanne had obviously spent quite a lot of time here in the gym and the pool.

As I spanked lightly I was surprised that there was no verbal reaction at all from Deanne. Usually when a lady is spanked for the first time there are quite a few "ooooohs" and "ahhhhs" but this time, apart from the quiet sound of the spanks, there was no noise at all.

"Can you do it any harder?" Deanne suddenly inquired. "This is doing nothing at all for me."

"I certainly can Deanne", I replied with a grin, "Most ladies like to be warmed up slowly, but if you want it harder, then harder it will be."

"Smack, smack, smack," My hand rose and fell rapidly, the spanks a lot harder now. Deanne's skin turned from white to pink in seemingly no time at all.

"Mmmmmmm, that's more like it," Deanne exclaimed as I spanked her hard, the sting on my hand telling me just how firmly I was striking her arse.

With hardly a pause I picked up my old fashioned wooden hairbrush and started to use it on Deanne's pink bottom. "Ah, ouch, oh yes that's more like it Matt," Deanne encouraged me on.

"Whack, whack, whack!" It was not long before her skin turned from pink to red and Deanne even wriggled a little on my lap. I was amazed how Deanne was taking her first spanking. I admired the way she took the hairbrush as I knew it delivered quite a sting.

After about twenty spanks with the hairbrush Deanne called out to me. "Please stop Matt, I need to talk this over with you."

"Stand up Deanne," I ordered as I stopped spanking and put down the hairbrush, "And tell me what's on your mind."

Deanne rose and looked at me with sparkling eyes. "When you started the spanks did nothing for me at all, but after the hard spanks and the hair brush I know I need more. Show me what you have in your bag Matt, what other things have you got that you can use on me?"

My reply was to rise and take the bag over to the massage table. I laid out some leather straps of different widths, a couple of cats of nine tails, a riding crop, nipple clamps, a butt plug, tube of lubricant, two vibrators, wrist and ankle cuffs, rope, a blindfold, a ball gag and lastly a thin, whippy cane.

Deanne stood beside me and looked down at the assorted items. Her bikini covered breasts rose and fell with her breathing and her face was slightly flushed.

"Matt, when you arrived I told you I wanted to be spanked and controlled. Well I've been spanked but it's not enough, I need to feel more pain. I don't know why and I don't care, I just have to know what all those items feel like. I want you to control me, be a bit rough if you want to, just no permanent marks, ok? God I can't believe I'm saying this stuff, but I know I want it and I hope that you are the man to do it."

I stood looking down at this feisty lady. She sure knew what she wanted and wasn't afraid to tell me. My answer was to reach out and place a hand on each of her shoulders, firmly pushing her down onto her knees. I grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her head back so she was looking up at me.

"Alright Deanne, I'll give you what you want and more, just remember the safe word and no speaking unless I speak first, ok?

Deanne nodded her reply, her eyes shining with excitement.

I took two of the leather cuffs from the table and attached them to Deanne's wrists. Grabbing another handful of hair I hauled her to her feet and pulled her over to a side wall which was lined with climbing bars. Pushing her back against the bars I took two short lengths of cord from a pocket and secured the wrist cuffs to the bars. I reached down and slapped the inside of her thighs, spreading her legs wide apart. Deanne made no comment at all and no effort to resist as I stood in front of her and traced my fingertips lightly over her face.

"Well Ms society girl, it's time you were taught a lesson. All your life you have been calling the tune, giving the orders, and being in control. But now, its time for you to suffer a bit, to find out what it's like to lose complete control."

As I spoke my fingers moved down her smooth neck over her upper chest and traced circles around her heaving breasts. Deanne gasped as I suddenly I grasped the small piece of material and ripped it off letting her breasts fall free. They were beautiful, so firm and upstanding with her hard nipples standing out like small cocks. I took a nipple between a finger and thumb of each hand and squeezed tight. Deanne remained silent, apart from a quiet "ohhhhhhh" as I held firmly onto her teats for at least two minutes. She certainly had a high pain threshold, exactly how high I was to find out later, and she sighed as I released the nipples. I traced my fingers lower, over her flat tummy and hips, down the outside of the slim thighs and then back up the inside and over the damp bikini bottom.

Taking the elastic in my hands I surprised Deanne by suddenly pulling them up, right into her crack. The force made her stand up on tiptoe and a surprised cry of "oh my God" escaped from her lips.

"I thought I told you no speaking!" I said menacingly, raising my hand as if to slap her across the face.

Deanne looked at me defiantly and said, "Go on, I dare you!"

My hand moved swiftly and hit the right side of her face, just hard enough to sting a little and give her a fright, but not hard enough to cause any damage. The look of shock on her face was only matched by the shock of the second blow, a backhander on the left side.

"Don't you ever dare me unless you want to suffer the consequences, you understand?'

Deanne nodded, a look of complete surprise on her face. I bet nobody had ever laid a hand on her before in her whole life and now she was in no position to do anything about it. But she remained silent, not using the safe word, which would have stopped everything.

I returned my hands to the elastic of her pants and pulled forcefully up again, this time the material ripped and came away in my hands. Deanne opened her mouth as if to cry out so I quickly stuffed the wet bikini bottom into her mouth. A look of fear came into her eyes as she realized how vulnerable she was at that moment, nude, tied securely and unable to use the safe word. I reached into a pocket and took out a small "clicker" toy that I had brought from a toyshop. I had attached the clicker to a loop of elastic that I now slipped over her right hand.

"This is your safe word to use while you are gagged Deanne, just click it if you want me to stop. Ok? Try it and see if it works."

Deanne nodded and tried the clicker, a look of relief on her face as I removed the gag.

"You want me to stop now Deanne?" I asked. "Remember you may speak when spoken to, but address me as Sir."

"Sir, you want me to call you Sir? You must be joking!" Deanne laughed at me, then cried out in shock as once again I slapped both sides of her face. There was a pause of about fifteen seconds as Deanne mulled over her situation. Then, "Oh shit, I'm sorry Sir, no please don't stop!"

"You are sure you want to continue?"

"Yes, um, Sir, I am so turned on right now, please make me cum!" Deanne pleaded.

My answer was to once again stuff the bikini bottom into her mouth. I walked over to the table and stood looking at my sexy captive, her eyes blazing at me as I kept her waiting. I selected a cat of nine tails that had very soft leather fronds.

I flicked the tails over Deanne's breasts and across her thighs, tantalizing and teasing her, and grinning at her pleading eyes. Then I raised my arm and started to gently whip the front of her lovely body. I knew from past experience that if used properly, this cat had a sting to it but would not cause real pain. Using a crisscross pattern I started at her shoulders and slowly moved down across her heaving breasts, stomach and hips. I deliberately missed the groin area and whipped down the inside and outside of both legs to the floor. Deanne was moaning and groaning, whether from delight or anguish I was not certain but the clicker remained silent so I continued. Aiming with great care I whipped up the inside of her thighs alternating on each leg. When the tips of the cats finally caressed her pussy lips Deanne shuddered as the first orgasm shook her body. I stepped back and watched her body shaking against the horizontal bars and when she had calmed a little I removed the gag.

"Anything you wish to say?"

"Oh Sir, that was fantastic, I have never experienced a cum like that before. Please Sir, I want more!"

"Mmmmmm, you certainly have masochistic tendencies don't you slave Deanne? How can I refuse such a request?"

I raised the cat and slashed it twice across her breasts, quite harder than previously. Deanne screamed out loud at the shock but did not use the safe word. Taking deliberate aim I whipped her pussy lips quickly, three times without pause.

"Aiiiiieeeee", Deanne screamed loudly as another giant orgasm shook her body, some tears rolling down her cheeks. Again I stepped back and watched her as her body thrashed against its bonds. When she had finally quieted I released the ropes from the bars and Deanne collapsed onto the floor.

I stood looking down at Deanne as she regained some composure waiting to see if she would break the silence first. She looked up at me, eyes shining and a huge grin on her face, obviously wanting to speak but determined not too.

"Very good Deanne, I can see you have things to say but you have remained silent, maybe you can be trained after all. You may speak."

"Oh Sir, that was absolutely amazing but why did you stop? I did not use the safe word or the clicker."

"Do you think this is the end of the session? It has only just begun, I have many new sensations for you to experience today, if you wish to go on of course."

"Oh shit do I ever Matt, I mean Sir." Deanne's words came tumbling out as of her own volition she moved and knelt at my feet. "That other equipment over there on the table, I want to know what they feel like. Oh God, I can't believe this is happening to me. I had hoped it would be good but I never expected to cum like that from being whipped. Please, please Sir, give me more!"

"Silence Deanna, you have spoken enough. To your feet now and stand facing the bars on the wall."

Deanne immediately rose and took up her position, holding her arms up for me to re-attach the ropes to the bars. She was certainly learning quickly about obedience, amazingly quickly in view of her upbringing when all she has ever known has been supplied at her commands.

I tied her wrists to the bars and spread her legs wide apart, this time using some more rope to attach her ankles as well.

"Now Deanne, I am going to whip your arse six times with each piece of equipment. Let me see, three straps, the crop, the hard leather cat and the cane. That will be thirty-six strokes altogether, I want you to count each stroke out loud, understand?"

A shudder of fear ran through her delightful body as Deanne nodded her head in agreement. She sure was a game girl, I had never had a first session like this before and I was interested to see how much she could take.

"Remember the safe word is 'mercy', use it if necessary." I reminded her.

Again Deanne nodded; I could almost hear her silent scream of 'get on with it'.

I selected the lightest leather strap and took up my position. Starting with light strokes again crisscrossing her arse it was not long before the first six strokes were complete. Apart from calling out the numbers from one to six Deanne had not made a sound.

A heavier strap came next, used with a bit more force.

"Ouch! Seven" Ahah, some reaction at last! The next five strokes were obviously felt by Deanne but again the only sounds were the numbers.

I selected the crop to make a change from a strap. Deanne could not see the change but soon realized as the crop 'whooshed' through the air to sting her now red arse.

"Owwwww, oh Sir, thirteen", she yelled. "Oh Christ that stings, fourteen, ahhhhh fifteen, Christ almighty, sixteen, ohhhhh Jesus, seventeen, fucking hell, eighteen."

"Talk to me Deanne, are you ok to continue? Was the crop too much for you?"

"Oh Sir, just a short rest please," Deanne panted, perspiration was glowing on her shoulders and back. "I was expecting the next strap and the crop took me by surprise. A pause then, "Yes, I want more, Sir."

I decided to give Deanne's arse a short rest and took up the heavy fronded cat of nine tails. Waiting until Deanne looked ready for more I slashed it fairly softly across her back. She arched but apart from calling the number remained silent as she did for the next five strokes, each of which varied in strength. There were red marks across the white skin on Deanne's back but apart from the sound of her heavy breathing she was silent.

So we had reached twenty-four strokes and the safe word had not been used, this was a lady full of surprises. I picked up the heavy strap and then held it up in front of Deanne's eyes; a low moan escaped her lips as she gazed at the thickness and width of the strap. This strap was a mean instrument and I stood back and flicked it against Deanne's arse to get my range. I knew from experience that I would not need to use much force for this strap to really hurt.

"Smack" - "Owwww, twenty five!"

"Whack" with a bit more force - "Ohhh God, twenty-six!"

"Thwack" with still more force on the bright red skin - "Ahhhhhhh, NO, -oh, oh twenty seven!

Deanne was now sobbing quietly, tears rolling down her cheeks but seemingly determined to take more.

"Whoosh - Smaaaack" - I knew that this stroke would really hurt - "Aiiiiiieeeeee, ohhhh FUCK, I can't take any more, MERCY SIR, MERCY!!"

I immediately dropped the strap, untied the ankle ropes and wrapped an arm around her to help with support as I removed the ropes holding her wrists. Deanne collapsed into my arms, sobs wracking her body, I wondered if I had gone too far? I helped her over to the massage table that I cleared with a wipe of an arm and laid her face down on the cool leather.

I grabbed some cold cream from my bag and gently smoothed it onto the hot skin of her arse cheeks. Deanne was still sobbing and I gave her a towel and some tissues. Slowly the cold cream eased the pain Deanne was feeling and her breathing gradually returned to something like normal.

Leaving Deanne lying on the massage table I explored the pool area and the attached rooms. I was glad to see that a laden picnic basket was on a side table in the guest bedroom, Deanne had planned well. From a refrigerator I took some ice cubes and returned silently to the gym. Deanne was still lying face down on the table but had a hand working busily between her legs.

"Stop that immediately!" I ordered, making Deanne jump with fright. "Did I give you permission to play with yourself?"

"Oh, I'm sorry Sir," Deanne stammered, "I just had to have some relief."

"You will get relief when I say so and not before, understand?"

"Yes Sir," Deanne said as she lay there, accepting her position and wondering what was to follow.

Using the wrist cuffs I quickly secured Deanne's wrists to the table legs and using more rope on her ankles I tied her legs wide apart. A shiver ran through her lovely body as I used an ice cube to further ease the heat of the punishment. A murmur of excitement escaped her lips as I placed an ice cube against the entrance to her anus and then slowly but firmly pushed the cube into her arse hole. Two more followed the first cube and then I took the narrow butt plug and eased it into the tight opening, pushing until it was fully in.

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