tagGroup SexSocorro Islands Live Aboard Ch. 02

Socorro Islands Live Aboard Ch. 02


Chapter 2

Socorro Islands Part 4

Day 2 – Still at Sea.

We woke up and wandered into the dining room to find Aaron and Cindy eating breakfast. Cindy said that they had eaten with Tammy and Jerry before we got there. I asked how everyone was doing. Cindy said she thought Tammy was feeling a little sea sick, but that the toast for breakfast seemed to make her feel better. I asked if anyone else was sea sick. Cindy said she didn't think so, but she wasn't sure. She said she and Jerry slept well after he fucked her for thirty minutes after they went to bed.

"I guess he enjoyed Teresa and was happy that you let him enjoy her." I commented. Jerry smiled. Cindy smiled. "Who did you get last night Cindy?" I asked.

"I got to know Alan!" She said with enthusiasm. His body is rock hard! I bet he doesn't have 3% body fat!" "But can he do this?!" Jerry said as he jumped up on the table and began shaking his ass.

"No, I don't think his body does that......" Cindy said needling him even more. They finished their plates and left the dining room together, holding hands as they left.

Jenny and I smiled at each other as Teresa asked up what we'd like for breakfast running down our options.

The sea air was pleasant. The warming day was incredibly relaxing. Coming from Seattle to 75 degree days was exactly what I needed. All morning the passengers and crew moved around the ship. Stephanie laid out naked in the sun on her chair. Stan was kind enough to bring her some lemonade. He rubbed her thighs as they talked. I saw Aaron talking with Lisa (actually staring at her tits as she talked). She finally told him to get it over with and feel her. Soon they were making out on the deck. It seemed she and Stan had a good first day at sea.

Tammy kept strolling by. She was stalking the deck, which was a little odd. After a while I started seeing a pattern. First she would walk by, then ten minutes later Laura would go by. I wasn't wise about what was happening until Laura approached me. "Tammy and I are having a fuck off. She thinks she can get more men to cum than me and she's one ahead. I need you to fill me to make it even again."

"Do I get to pick which hole?" I asked smiling. "Sure," she said, "but Stan has agreed to join too which will push me into the lead." I agreed on the condition that I get her sweet pussy. He could have some other hole. She smiled excitedly and dragged me off to her room. Ten minutes later and Stan and I had placed Laura in the lead. I knew what was next.... Tammy was going to come begging for my cum too! I went for a walk on deck and looked for a place to hide. I found Maria staring out over the stern rail. I started up a conversation with her about diving and Mexico. It was pleasant to get to know her again. Our conversation turned a little naughty and soon we were talking about each other's sexual preferences. I told her I really liked to eat pussy, but that 69 with the girl on top was my favorite position. She said she liked that too, but that she liked reverse cowgirl best. I mentioned that the transition was easy between our two favorites. She smiled and told me to meet her in her cabin this afternoon, after our diving sessions.

Pretty soon Teresa announced that lunch was being served. If I didn't say so already, breakfast and lunch were incredible! Over lunch Carlos gave us a dive briefing. He asked from a show of hands who was going to get in the water and everyone raised their hands. The excitement was palpable. I saw more nervous faces during the dive briefing than the mixer the night before.

At about 1:30 we pulled into a small cove and joined Carlos at the stern to begin gearing up. I'm not sure how many men have had the opportunity to see a hot girl don and doff a wetsuit, but it is better than any striptease. Most every girl had their bikini on to start except for Stephanie. She was nude and looking good. I watched with my tongue hanging out of my mouth as the girls pull on their suits. I reached out to help Lisa pull up her zipper. She gave me an excited smile.

Carlos explained that this was a shallow dive to check people's skills. He asked that we keep close as a group and never leave contact with our buddies. He explained that there would be plenty to see and we wouldn't have to go exploring. One by one the divers splashed into the water then made the "diver ready" sign. Carlos was the last to enter the water and the first to descend. I waited a bit to make sure that everyone was getting down ok. Cindy was floating a bit, so I helped her get under. Soon everyone was at 30 feet looking for their buddy. I found Jenny just as Alan turned and kicked me in the face. There's only a few things that really get under my skin. Getting kicked in the face with a fin is one of them. I cleared my mask and glared out to see Alan swimming up next to Maria. I immediately recognized those curves and said to myself. "That's ok. In an hour I'm going to fuck your wife." I wasn't upset any more. Amazing huh?!

The dive was great. Most everyone looked comfortable. I could tell Danielle was a little new. She was blowing a lot of bubbles. Carlos was giving her extra attention. Laura looked great. She was putting her dive mask close to the little fish between the rocks. Rick was taking pictures. I saw the others spreading out around the shore line. Jenny grabbed my hand and we swam to the rocks to get a closer look. She was like a kid in an aquarium. "Hey! Look at that! Hey! Over there! Look at that!" She darted like a fish. It was fun to swim with her.

Soon part of the group started to make their safety stop at 15'. Jenny and I stayed at 30 feet exploring the rocks. After another 15 minutes she signaled "up" and we rose to take our safety stop. I didn't realize it, but we were the last to board the ship. The girls were pulling their wet suits off. Damn I could watch that all day.

Carlos lead a debriefing as we climbed aboard. He explained that everyone did well, and that we were going to go a little further down shore to a deeper dive. He said this location had a very cool rock ledge where the manta rays like to hang out. He encouraged us not to go too deep, and to watch our buoyancy, because on the other side of the ledge, no one knew how deep it went. The girls pulled up their wet suits again! Thank you Lisa! The boob shot was very much appreciated! 20 minutes later and we were back in the water.

The manta rays were incredible. They were huge, and friendly. The little ones swam up to us to check us out. Kind of like puppies, wagging their tails, only the rays wagged their wings. I was surprised the adult rays weren't protective, but they seemed to enjoy our presence. They were incredible creatures. They were to become a focal point of our diving experience on San Benedicto.

Jenny and I ventured out over the rock cliff. It was an eerie feeling. Like flying over the edge of a cliff and not being able to see the bottom anymore. I wondered what lives way down there and how big it is.

We did a third dive about 45 minutes later. This was another 45' dive, again with the rays. Jenny and I swam with a school of bright yellow angel fish. That was cool to swim right in the middle of them! Soon the whole group was on board, stowing our gear and cleaning up. The conversations were excited as everyone talked over each other, retelling their favorite experience of the dives. Maria looked at me and winked. I smiled back, gave Jenny a big hug and a kiss and followed Maria to the showers. We washed each other with soap, I rinsed the sea water out of her hair, and paid special attention to her pussy, making sure it was good and clean. We toweled off and went to her room. She kissed me, and then turned around and placed her pussy on my face. I was in heaven. She likes cock as much as I like pussy and before long we were getting close. She pulled off and lowered herself onto my dick. She looked back over her shoulder and gave me a wicked grin that is still burned into my mind. She ground me and panted. I rubbed her incredible ass, licked a finger and began tracing her anus. She pushed back and my finger went in. She moaned loud, began rubbing me harder and faster. She was cumming. Her sounds pushed me over the edge. We finished at the same time. She collapsed on my feet. I pulled her hips up to my face and kissed her leaking pussy. We took another shower, which allowed me to rub her beautiful body again. I left her door with a towel wrapped around my waist and my swim trunks in my hand. Not thinking, I opened the door to our room and found Jenny bent over on her knees and Alan's cock buried deep inside her. She looked back at me and smiled, "Well, he couldn't get into his room, so we had to find something to do!" I smiled back at her.

"You mind if I watch?!" I asked moving to the end of the bed. "Sure!" Jenny responded between hits. It sounded more like "Suhhh Herrr." Alan kept pounding without response.

Cindy was right. The boy was in shape! Every muscle in his back chest and rump flexed as he hit Jenny with his dick. His lats and biceps flexed, his quads were ripped. I wished for Jenny's sake that she had a mirror to watch him fuck her. His body was amazing.

I love to watch Jenny when she cums. She is so beautiful, and I could tell she was getting close. She sat up, rolled over and spread her legs up high and wide. Alan entered her slowly, then began to pound. He was doing pushups over her. His shoulders and back flexing again. She grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him into her. Her face shriveled and grimaced as her orgasm took hold. He pushed hard one last time, then began to whimper and grunt.

They laid together for a minute, then Jenny threw her arms around his head and kissed him. She rolled out from under him as he stood up. She threw him a towel, he wiped up, turned, gave her a smile and left to find his wife. Jenny watched his ass move for long after he was gone.

"The guy's an Adonis!" I said. "His body is amazing!"

"You're telling me!" She said in a longing tone.

"We've got to get him to fuck Danielle in front of everyone!" I told her.

"I want to watch him fuck!" She said.

We began hatching a plan.

Socorro Islands Part 5

"You missed the announcement, didn't you...." Jenny said trailing off as she toweled herself off. "You were busy fucking Maria and missed what Carlos said."

"What was that?" I asked.

"Well... I guess dinner is going to be early tonight and then Captain Keith has something planned for everyone this evening." Jenny explained. "We're supposed to be up on deck for drinks and hors d'oeuvres at 4."

Looking at my naked arm where my watch would usually be, I mused, "That would be about now... What are you planning on wearing to dinner?"

"I thought I'd wear my black lace thong panties, my black bikini top and the lace cover up." She announced.

"Well if you are going to be so formal, maybe I ought to actually wear a shirt and a pair of shorts." I grabbed a black t-shirt and my dark blue shorts from the gear bag. I kissed Jenny and announced, "I really like dressing up for a formal dinner. " She laughed, pulled up her skirt and flashed me her ass.

I watched as she put on her lipstick, flipped her hair in the mirror, and adjusted her bikini top. We set out for the dining observation deck. Stan and Lisa were already in the narrow hallway. Stan had Lisa's top down around her belly as he sucked her tongue. Jenny laughed when she saw them, then pinched Stan's butt as she wiggled her way past. Lisa looked at me and smiled. I grabbed a feel of one of her boobs and pushed Stan into her.

On deck Rick and Stephanie were waiting for the rest of the group. Rick was nursing a gin and tonic. Stephanie was sipping on a glass of rum. She had her hair done up, was wearing a very sexy see through dress with no underwear. She looked great. Aaron and Cindy appeared from the opposite side. Aaron was wearing a bowtie and his swim trunks. Cindy wore a silk blouse and white lace thong panties. The couple looked great together. Silly and sexy. I really enjoyed having them on the trip, they seemed to add a lightness and sense of fun every time they entered the room.

Tammy and Jerry came in next. Evidently, Jerry and Aaron had planned their ensemble together. Jerry too wore a bowtie without a shirt and his swim trunks. Tammy looked at the two of them and snorted. We all laughed at her indignation. Carl and Laura then Lisa and Stan came in together. Lisa was adjusting her top. Stan was cupping her ass as she walked. Carl snuck up behind Jenny, cupped her breasts with both hands and nibbled on her ear. She giggled like a teenager. Laura gave me a hug and thanked me for helping her beat Tammy earlier that day. Tammy scowled at both of us. I sensed a little catty tension between the two of them.

Captain Keith was the first to join us. He poured himself a drink and asked how we liked the tour so far. All the passengers responded as once. He tried to hear each response. He turned his attention to Stephanie and asked her specifically if she was having a good time. She said it had been her favorite vacation so far. "Great company, perfect weather, exotic places, wonderful food, hard cocks, and hungry lips. What could ever be better!" She announced.

I thought I saw Captain Keith blush a little. We all mingled for some time. Mike and Danielle showed up on deck just as Teresa announced that dinner was ready. Mike was wearing a G-string with a tiny tuxedo around his dick. Danielle wore a black camisole with thigh high fishnet stockings. It was covered in straps, buttons and lace. She beamed as everyone admired her outfit.

Laura rubbed Mike's cock to see how well it would fill out his g-string pouch.

At the table we were presented with another amazing meal. Gina had dressed the fish in spicy chili powder, limes, and peppers, then grilled them as steaks. With the fresh fruit and vegetables, the meal was simple but tasted exquisite. I didn't realize how famished I was. Diving tends to increase appetite, and for another dinner, no one spoke. Everyone was too busy wolfing down the incredible feast. Stephanie sat next to me at the table. I saw a dribble of fruit juice slink down her chin. I pulled her face close and licked her clean. She cooed and kissed me deeply back.

As the plates became bare, Captain Keith announced the itinerary for the rest of the evening. He noted that for all who were interested, we were going to do two night dives. Those who wanted to stay on the boat could enjoy more drinks and watch the sunset. After the divers got cleaned up, he would treat us to a movie night from his personal stash. He announced that he had a very good library of "art" films that we might want to enjoy.

Carlos asked who wanted to join in the night divers, then scanned the room for a show of hands. Jenny doesn't like to dive at night. She feels claustrophobic in the dark. I love to dive at night, in caves, and in wrecks. It makes what would be an easy walk in the park a lot more exciting.

Rick, Alan, Jerry, Tammy, and I raised our hands. Lisa looked at me for encouragement. I winked and she slowly raised her arm. "I'll take good care of you Lisa. No worries!" I promised her. She raised her hand high.

Carlos set off to the back of the boat to prepare for the dive. We divers made our way back to meet up with him. I encouraged Lisa as we made our way to the back of the boat and explained a little about night diving. As we started gearing up, Carlos encouraged us to pick new buddies. Lisa grabbed my hand. We checked our lights, checked our regulators, then began stepping off the boat into the water. I looked for Lisa, waited for Carlos, then we began our descent. I watched Lisa real close to make sure she didn't lose her buoyancy on the way down. We made it to 45' and Carlos flashed his light on the bottom. That close to the island the bottom was rocky with only small areas of sand. When Carlos's light hit the rocks they started to move! There were crabs everywhere!

Lisa and I swam down to explore. The crabs pinched at our lights. They fought each other to scurry away from us. Carlos swept down in front of us, grabbed one of the big crabs from behind and stuffed it into a dive sack. We watched as he scooped several more. As he disappeared in the darkness, Lisa and I explored the rocks some more. We found a moray eel sleeping in its hole, its jaws opening and closing with little regard for us. We watched the smaller crabs on the rocks, and found a nurse shark snuggled in a hole. All too soon our dive computers flashed that we needed to ascend, and we made our way to 15' again. Lisa smiled through her mask and regulator. We surfaced at the back of the boat and I got to watch her pull off her wet suit again.

Carlos had 10 crabs in his bag. He dumped them in a cooler full of ice. Teresa took them back to the kitchen to put in the icebox.

"Crab for breakfast!" He announced with a great deal of excitement.

We divers shared our different underwater experiences for several minutes before switching tanks and heading back out. Lisa grinned and pulled off her bikini top and threw it at me before she pulled her wet suit back on. I smiled, my eyes fixated on her boobs.

We hit the water and descended, not waiting for Carlos this time. Lisa went right back to the rocks where we had seen the shark. We explored up and over the rocks watching the big and small creatures. We both popped up over a big rock and our lights caught a silver flash. My heart jumped instinctively as my eyes focused on the large barracuda in front of us. I held Lisa's arm and she looked at me with a puzzled look in her eyes. The large fish turned at us, looked into our lights, then darted off like a extraterrestrial space ship hitting warp speed. We turned back toward the ship, tracing our path backwards and paying attention to the compasses on our dive computers. We made our safety stop and rose up behind the boat. My pressure gauge showed 100 pounds! Lisa climbed the ladder. I pushed her butt as she left the water. She was pulling off her BC as I made my way onto the deck. I stood in front of her as she stripped. "What?!" She said, looking at me.

"Just waiting..." I said. "I didn't forget that you're topless under that suit."

"I did..." She confided. Then she slowly peeled back the rubber skin exposing her perfect breasts. I stood and watched her stretch and contort herself until she had the suit fully off. Her body made beautiful movements in its struggle to get free of the rubber. Standing in her panties she rubbed my hard cock through my suit then went off to find her bikini top.

I helped Carlos clean the deck and put away the equipment. I asked him about nitrox diving, explaining that I get tired more quickly than I'd like. He said that nitrox was much easier on the body and explained that we could do a nitrox diving module while we were at sea tomorrow. There was a little book work and a comprehension exam if I wanted to take the course. I made plans to meet him in the library the next day.

I made my way to the showers, changed my swim trunks and headed back up to the observation deck. I found Jenny making out with Carl on the couch. Stephanie was servicing two guys. Rick was enjoying watching her. I wandered out to the rail and looked out to the water below. Maria joined me. She explained that she was watching us as we were underwater. She said she could see our lights from the boat. Lisa came up behind us. She threw her arm around my neck and kissed my neck. "Thanks Buddy!" she announced.

Maria looked at us, and asked about the dive. She wanted to know if it was scary. Lisa told her about the crabs, the eels, and the little fish we saw. Maria was riveted on Lisa's every word. She told us both that she could see two lights go off over there. She pointed up the coast line. "Then they stopped and turned around."

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