tagGroup SexSocorro Islands Live Aboard Ch. 03

Socorro Islands Live Aboard Ch. 03


Chapter 3

Socorro Islands Part 6

Day 3

Carlos and Captain Keith were bustling about the ship getting it ready to make way. Jenny and I made our way to the galley for breakfast, where Teresa announced that we were having crab omelets. I might have asked what the other options there were if I hadn't already experienced Gina's abundant talents. I was right not to question. Gina's crab omelets were everything Carlos's face had promised the night before.

The rest of the group slowly started to stumble into the dining room. There were plenty of smiles, kisses, and friendly chatter as the passengers greeted each other. The debauchery of the night before hung thick in the air.

The small talk turned to gasps and moans as the group began to sample Gina's morning creation. She really is talented. We felt the ship start to move and a short time later Carlos came in to announce that we were underway to Roca Partida. Today's plan was to make the passage in the morning, make some dives later in the day, and get an early start in the water tomorrow. He said that if we were going to find a whale shark, Roca Partida would be our best shot. Captain Keith was going to scan the ocean in front of us as we went. If anything large showed up on radar, he would stop the boat and we could jump in.

Everyone became very quiet over the thought of jumping in on a huge fish. The possible encounter welled up emotions ranging from nuclear holocaust to winning the powerball lottery. Cindy eventually broke the tension. "I wonder how big the dick is on a fish like that!?"

Everyone laughed. Stephanie reached over and pulled on Rick's penis. He jumped a little.

I made my way out of the dining room to find Carlos. I wanted to follow up on the nitrox diving course and the down time of the morning seemed like as good a time as any. He set me up in the library, with a video and course book. I haven't taken a refresher course or specialized diving course in several years. It was actually good to review the dive tables. I rely heavily on my dive computer, not thinking too hard about depth and exposure, but the course was a good way to bring the physiological aspects of diving back into my mind. When the video was over, I spent about a half hour reviewing the manual. Carlos came in and asked me if I was ready for the exam. The test was fairly short, went straight to the point, and I finished it in relative ease. After the test, I made my way down to the stern hold to change my dive computer to "enriched air." I wandered back up to find Jenny and the others, fully expecting to find naked bodies writhing in a pile on the deck. It's amazing how some images become your reference identity for people. Instead, I found people sitting on the deck in chairs lounging in the sun, reading books, resting, and just sleeping. I did notice that Mike was sitting on the ground next to Stephanie's chair. I walked a little closer to see him massaging her clit. I know it's not possible, but looking back on the trip and it seemed like if there was a spare minute when we weren't eating or diving, someone had something inside of Stephanie's cunt. She welcomed all the attention and was a gracious fuck, always returning the favor. I noticed too that with her insatiability came a certain popularity. It was true, she was the oldest of the women, but she was also the most popular among the guys. I started to think of her as the open beer taps that sat on the bar. If you wanted a fuck or to watch a girl orgasm, you just had to sit next to Stephanie and pull the taps. Free serve, any time of day.

The younger passengers were content to sit and relax for a while. The day was beautiful. A slight breeze from the progress of the ship on the water wafted over the deck. I spied Danielle sunning herself on a lounge chair. She was topless, wearing a bright fuchsia bikini bottom I hadn't seen yet. Her matching top was lying on the deck next to her chair. I found my way over to her, winking to Jenny as I passed her chair. Jenny smiled back.

"Danielle. You look incredible. Relaxed. Beautiful. Satiatied. Sexy as HELL." I started. She looked up and me, squinting her eyes and smiled. "Thank you Craig. I'm having such a great time!" She responded.

"I really like that bikini too!" I commented.

She rolled her hips and showed me her ass. The back strap of the thong disappeared between her legs. I moaned at the beauty of her ass and she giggled. "You wanna touch it?" She asked.

"Fuck yeah!" My words undermining my efforts to play it cool.

Danielle rolled over on her front and let me rub her ass, handing me a tube of sun tan lotion to work into her skin. I felt embarrassed at her effortless manipulation of me, and focused back on my plan.

"You have such beautiful and soft skin." I continued. "So was all that luggage full of lingerie and bikinis?"

She giggled again. "Yeah, I kinda went a little nuts getting ready for the trip. I've been buying outfits for months now. Mike thinks I'm crazy, but I wanted the guys to think I was cute enough to fuck. Mike thinks that's stupid and kept telling me, "just show 'em your tits and they'll be dying to fuck you." But you know, I was a little nervous, and I know there are girls here with much more confidence and experience, and they, like know stuff, you know? Like stuff I don't, or haven't done, You know, like anal and multiple guys, and girls. I'm just a little innocent and kinda shy. But I wanted to have fun, and you know, have guys want me, and want to do stuff to me. Like you! You totally got me off the first afternoon! That's what I was hoping for. A memorable experience. Something that I could fantasize about for the next thirty years. And I guess I get a little nervous and went overboard. Like with all the outfits, I'd get so excited about the trip and having all the beautiful women and you studs fuck the shit out of me. And my pussy would get wet, so I'd go to the store, try on lingerie and bathing suits, but I was so wet, that I couldn't put them back on the rack, so I had to buy them. I ended up with bags full. And Mike, he liked seeing all the different ones for a while. Then he lost interest and just wanted to fuck me. OOOOOHH, that feels good. What are you doing back there?"

She turned and looked back to see me rubbing my greasy fingers on her anus. She gave me a funny look.

"You're beautiful." I said. "Just lay back down and relax."

"I think I get a little nervous and excited. Here I am rambling like a crazy women, telling you how I want guys to want me and you're rubbing lotion on my asshole. I guess I really shouldn't be so worried, should I? Do you want me to roll over?"

"If you'd like me to put lotion on your front, you can. I'm perfectly content with rubbing your ass. It really is incredible. Just do what you want. I'm fine." I assured her.

"Really? You don't want to rub my pussy?"

"I'd love to rub your pussy." I assured her, "but I'm really into making you happy and getting to know you better right now."

"Ooooohhhhkkkkaayyy." She said putting her head back down on the towel.

"So how do you pick out your outfits?" I asked. "Do you have favorite colors, or styles, or fabrics? What catches your eye?"

"Well," She started, "I like bright and bold colors better than pinky soft colors. I'd rather have people notice, and I like the idea of people seeing my lingerie under my clothes. Kinda like a dirty little secret that I can't help but tell my girl friends. You know? A secret that really isn't a secret. I like that image. So I pick out stuff that would be hard to hide under a white t shirt or a pair of white shorts. I also like thongs. Thong panties, thong bikinis. I like how they rub in between my ass. I like the tight and smaller ones because they rub my pussy too. I like the tension and being wet all day. It makes me think about sex all day. Then when I see Mike I just wanna fuck him right then. I like more cotton and stretchy fabrics. Lace is pretty, but it's rough too. I like to wear my things all day, rather than just for a minute or two until Mike can't stand it any longer. He doesn't like to look at me for very long."

"I bet he REALLY likes to look at you!" I assured her. "He probably can't stand looking very long because you look like SEX in shoes!"

Danielle laughed a bit, shifted and rolled onto her back. I squirted more lotion on my hands and began rubbing her tits, neck and belly. I worked my way down the fronts of her legs, working the lotion between her toes, then moved back up to her tits. She began to talk some more.

"You're really sweet. I'd think you were just trying to be nice to get into my pants, but you could probably do that without needing to be nice...." She started. I snickered.

"I like you Danielle. You're really cool, and I'm happy to get to know you better."

"I like you too Craig. Everyone here is so nice. I can't believe what we did last night! I've never been to an orgy before. Was that crazy or what? Do you think we'll do it again? What am I talking about? It's only the third day. We've got six more! Of course we'll do it again! You know who I want to fuck? I really want to fuck Aaron. I know he's a clown, but he's so funny. I bet he'd be a blast. And I wanna learn everything that Stephanie will teach me. That woman is gifted. Mike said it was the best sex he's had! Can you believe that? A sixty year old woman? I bet she knows stuff. Have you seen all the guys flocking around her? And she's so damn hot! I guess it's true you know. Sexy is a frame of mind. I like that. It makes me feel more comfortable with getting older. You all are so cool. I feel like a dumb kid. But damn, what an adventure. Do you think I'll have a three way with two other girls? I wonder if Aaron will fuck me in the ass if I ask him to. I bet it'll hurt a little, but I think I'd like it. What about the whale shark?! Are they really as big as they say? That would be soooo amazing! To swim with a WHALE SHARK! Did you see the dolphins swimming with the boat? They are such amazing creatures. I stood at the rail and watched them for hours the other day. They are amazing. Oooh, that's nice.... Right there..... "

I pulled her bikini bottoms to the side and began working the folds of her pussy.

"Here, let me help you." She offered, and she lifted her butt off the lounge, pulled off her bottoms, tossed them on the deck and let her legs fall to either side of the chair. Her pussy glistened in the sun. I kissed her on the lips, started rubbing again, and asked, "so how many outfits did you bring?"

"Probably more than I could even wear. Mike was such a good sport letting me bring them all. But I figured that I bought them for the trip. It would be a waste if I didn't bring them."

"So.... I've been thinking...." I started. "You are so beautiful, and your outfits are really hot. And you have so many of them. How would you feel about doing a little fashion show for us tonight?"

"Really?" She asked. "You think people would want to see me model my lingerie?"

"And your bikinis too!" I said. "Well, I know that the guys would all love to see you strut your stuff, and I'm sure the girls would love to see your different outfits. Jenny keeps telling me how cute you look and how much she likes your clothes. I bet the other girls would enjoy a little show too. And besides, have you ever watched the girls in a strip club? They get turned on too."

"You mean you want me to act like a stripper?" She asked.

"No... er not unless your want to..." I answered. "You can run it however you want. Make it your own little production."

"I wonder if I could get some of the other girls to join in?" She said thoughtfully. "It'd be really hot to have several of us up there grinding away for the guys..."

"Now you're thinking." I encouraged her.

"Tammy and Laura will want to join in. Tammy is really cute and Laura looks great. I really like Tammy's long hair. It's so pretty, but I bet it's a lot of work. I wonder if Captain Keith would let Teresa join in. Her body is incredible. She's really sweet which is a good thing, otherwise I'd probably hate her. Mike tries to no look at her around me, and when I say how pretty she is he doesn't say a word. I know he wants to fuck her. She's so hot. I'd like to fuck her myself. I KNOW he wants to fuck her! Do you think Captain Keith and Gina would let her join in? What about Gina!? Isn't she talented!!!!? Wow, I wish I had a gift like her. I wonder where she studied. And she's so Goddamn gorgeous too. I think I hate her. But she's so great. You've fucked her huh? Was she good? I think Mike is jealous that you got to fuck her first. I bet her pussy tastes like roses. I bet she's really good at sex. You fucked her right? Is she nice? I really haven't been able to talk with her. I bet I'd like her. She seems really nice. Can you imagine this as your life?"

"I'll ask Captain Keith to let Gina and Teresa join in your fashion show if you'd like. They're both very sexy and fun. I think he'd enjoy seeing them enjoy themselves for the evening. And I'm sure he wants to see you up close too.!" I encouraged her. I pulled back the folds of her pussy, exposed her clit and squirted some of the lotion onto the red rosebud. She jumped a little from the cold. I rubbed in the lotion as her hips began to sway.

"What about Maria?" She asked me, her eyes closed and her facing beginning to grimace. "Do you think Maria would want to join in? She's so beautiful. I want to see her naked, and rub her breasts. Maybe she would let me dress her..... Maybe she would let me......... " Her last sounds became guttural, she threw her head back and let her hips bounce off the chair. I hooked three fingers inside her pulling my palm into her clit, and began massaging the area with my hand. I pushed into her thrashing body, trying not to lose contact with her clit. She bounced and bucked, and then started to calm down.

"I think Maria would be an excellent model!" I assured her. "And I bet she would let you......."

Danielle looked me in the eyes and blushed. "That was really good." She said, throwing her arms around my neck and kissing me deeply. "Do you want me to suck you off?"

"I'm actually really good!" I said. "That is not to say that I don't want to experience your lips on my cock. Which I'm sure would be incredible. I just wanted to get to know you a little better. And maybe tonight I'll get the opportunity to fuck you properly. After you've gotten yourself all wet and hot by modeling your collection!"

Danielle looked at me with a puzzled look on her face. I bent down and kissed her pussy, licked at the folds, flicked her clit with my tongue, then kissed her hard on the mouth.

"You've gotten me off twice and I haven't even had your dick in me! This doesn't seem fair somehow!" She protested.

"How about this..." I began to negotiate. "I'll come to your room after our dives this afternoon and I'll help you pick out my favorite outfits for the show, and I'll let you do whatever you want with my cock before dinner."

"Ohhkay..." She responded, "But if the other models are there too, you may have more hands, mouths and pussies than you can handle. BUT you have to finish inside of ME!"

"Deal!" I said.

"Deal!" She answered, reached out, hooked my head in her arm, pulled me close and kissed me. She sucked on my tongue as I pulled away.

Socorro Islands Part 7

Day 3 continued

I made my way to the bridge to talk with Captain Keith about our plans for the evening. He welcomed me in as I requested passage, then chided me again about being so formal. I explained about the fashion show and how Danielle wanted to invite Gina and Teresa to be her co models. He said that he has always found Gina to be very hot, and that he appreciates it when others are attracted to her beauty. He said that he would be fine with them being part of our show but that we would have to make the invitation to her.

"On our first night on Roca Partida we like to have a cook out. Gina prepares the fish, Carlos builds the fire, and we have a fish fry on the shore. It's the one time I get to cook on the trip. Gina doesn't let anyone work in her kitchen but her, but she'll let me cook off the boat!" Captain Keith smiled. "She shouldn't have too much to do to get ready, so tonight might be a great time for the fashion show. You should go ask her."

"Thank you Captain!" I said with a salute. He smiled again and reached out to slap me across the back of the head for being a smart ass.

I made my way down to the galley to find Gina. I smiled when I saw the large stainless steel table where I had sampled her fine pussy. She called out to me as I stood staring into space remembering our time together.

"What are you looking for!" She shouted at me.

I smiled and tried to assure her I wasn't going to raid the refrigerator. "Actually, I was hoping for a snack... and I thought I might try the kitchen..... I was hoping for pussy flavored ice cream. You wouldn't have any of that in here would you?"

"Sounds rather cold. But I've got other things that are pussy flavored. I'm sure I can whip something up if you want to wait." She responded with a cute flip of her hair.

I grabbed her, gave her a big hug, and a deep kiss. "Actually, I'm hoping to ask you a favor of another sort.." I countered. I explained the fashion show and told her that I had been getting very jealous comments from the guys and the girls that I had been able to see her naked and fuck her twice. The others all wanted to get to know her too, and with the fashion show I might be able to divert the jealousy away to someone else.

She laughed at the flattery. "Well, if it helps you out, then I'll give it the old college try." She said blushing a little. "One condition!" She said as an after thought. "I get to pick out which outfits to wear, and you have to tell me what looks good before I go out and shake my ass for everyone."

"Deal!" I said.

"Deal...." She responded shaking my hand. I watched her boobs bounce. "Teresa and I will go by Danielle's room after the dives this afternoon. Now get out of my kitchen. I've got to get lunch started." She swatted my ass.

"I really like these people." I thought to myself as I wandered out of the kitchen.

I went in search of Danielle to give her the news. At the stern Lisa was reeling in another whopper fish. I didn't see her top lying around, and she wasn't wearing bottoms either. I guess she figured fishing naked brought her good luck. It certainly did attract the men. She had 4 of the guys staring at her pussy and tits as she worked the fishing pole. Stan was rubbing her with sun tan lotion. She was oblivious to all of them, her attention focused on landing the big fish.

At the front of the boat, I found Aaron with his face between Stephanie's legs. Cindy was rubbing her tits and sitting on the older woman's face. I didn't see Jenny or Carl, or Laura, or Tammy for that matter. I guessed that they were together getting freaky, which Jenny later confirmed. She said that the girls spent the morning doing a show for Carl. I'm sure his head was spinning when they finally let him out of the room. I went back into the observation lounge where I found Danielle and Maria. Danielle was explaining the fashion show and I informed them both that Gina and Teresa would also be joining in. They got really excited and started screaming like high school girls at the chance to show off and try on each other's clothes. I left them with the promise that we'd all meet in Danielle's room later to pick outfits for the show.

I left the room with my head spinning in excitement at the possibilities. I wandered aimlessly to the back of the boat to arrive on deck just as Lisa was pulling the fish on board. She jumped up and down from excitement. Our eyes watched helplessly as her breasts bounced.

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