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Sold at Auction


Kenny O'Brien was just finishing his second year of college, and his mom had been hounding him for a while to come home on a weekend and look for a summer job. He was enjoying his last few weeks of freedom before going home to chores and rules, so he kept putting it off. Finally his mom lost her patience and use some connections to get him a waitering job at a catering place that was owned by a friend of one of their neighbors who had been a friend of the family for years. The job sounded like hard work, and Kenny was more than a little annoyed that she did it without asking him even though he had lots of warning. She told him that she had chanced jeopardizing her friendship with Mr. Seaver on him, and Kenny had better not screw it up.

So, the weekend after classes ended, Kenny had to get dressed up in a full tux in the 95-degree heat and his mom or dad would drop him off in front of "The Cliffwood" which was a typical wedding-factory looking place about half a mile from their house, that he had never really paid much attention to. They drove him there so he would not be sweaty when he arrived, but they couldn't be bothered to pick him up, so he walked home, often still in the 90-degree heat.

Being a typical nineteen-year-old, Kenny only half-listened to instructions, and did just what he had to, to get the job done. He was the only teenager working at the place, most of the waitering staff were older men and women who weren't exactly thrilled to share their tips with some snot-nosed kid. Kenny, who was used to people liking him just because they liked his looks, reacted by giving them attitude right back, except for the bartenders, who he tried to sweet-talk into slipping him a beer while they were cleaning up. A couple of employees complained that they ended up having to do a lot of his work, and finally one Sunday night, Sid, the manager, called him into his office and told him things were not working out.

"I know you ain't thrilled to be working here, you've made that pretty damn obvious, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm paying you and you have to pull your weight," Sid told Kenny. "I did somebody a favor by hiring you in the first place, and the thanks I get is complaints that you give people attitude and don't do your share."

Kenny slouched in his chair miserably as Sid continued.

"We're not as busy this summer as I thought we would be... and when that happens, guess what? It's time to get rid of some dead weight. The last thing I need right now is to pay somebody to do nothing, and so far that's pretty much what you've been doing... checking yourself out in the mirror and trying to scam free drinks."

Kenny swallowed, he wondered which of the bartenders had ratted on him.

"After the shit I heard tonight, I have half a mind to get rid of you right here and now."

"Aw, please don't fire me, Sid. My mom will kick my ass if I lose this job. I'll try harder, I'll do anything, I promise." Kenny was not used to having to beg, but he knew – as sucky as this summer had been so far – it'd be worse if he got fired. Two more months of endless chores and no spending money was not a pleasant picture.

Sid sighed. "Look. I know this job ain't exactly a picnic, I did it myself long enough, but if would just you try a little bit, you could make some good money. You're a good-looking kid; if you would try to turn on the charm instead of acting like you're bein' punished, you could make a killing in tips, and then they wouldn't be complaining about working with you.

"I'm gonna give you one more chance to get your act together, mostly because I got a job coming up that requires more looks than brains. Be here Wednesday night, do as you're told, and they better say good things about you after, or don't bother coming back. You got me?"

"Yeah," Kenny mumbled, just wanting to be out of there. He wondered about the "more looks than brains" comment, but he knew better than to ask questions when the boss was already pissed off.

Word apparently traveled fast, because – when he got home -- Kenny's parents already knew that there had been some complaints about his work, and – to make matters worse – his grades came and – while they weren't awful – they weren't great either. They gave their usual lecture about responsibility and made him feel guilty because he was making his mother look bad with the neighbor after she stuck her neck out for him.

"If you lose this job, you can say goodbye to living at school next semester! We can't afford to throw money away... if you aren't going to try, you can take the bus to class just like a high school boy who isn't ready for adult responsibility!" his father scolded.

Wednesday came, and when Kenny walked up to the Cliffwood, he saw something about the LAMBDA CLUB FUND RAISER on the marquee outside. Oh shit, wasn't "Lambda" the name of the gay group at school? He hoped that they might be in one of the other rooms, but – sure enough – that was the only party booked. He recalled Sid's looks/brains comment and realized why he was chosen for the job.

He went into the kitchen. Even though this was one party of only about 24 people, but there were four waiters on duty. Tony would be working the bar, but that left three guys to wait on four tables, which was one more than normal. Sid apparently also took the night off, and nobody seemed to have been given any special instructions, so they bitched and moaned a little bit about having to share a lower-than-normal amount of tips among the four of them (especially with Kenny, who they all considered a slacker), and went about their business.

Kenny and Tony prepped the dining room, and Kenny was tempted to comment about the crowd they'd be taking care of tonight, but he had some suspicions about Tony as well (he was in his 50's and not married) so he didn't bring it up.

They were in one of the smaller rooms, and there were two tables for six each on either side of the dance floor, and a long table where either a bridal party or guests of honor would sit across the third side. At the fourth side, two of the guys from the group had a table set up near the door with a sign that said "Silent Auction".

The guests started showing up, they looked for the most part like any other people and Kenny started to relax. The youngest was probably about 35, but most of them were in their 40's to 60's. It was kind of weird that there were no women, but that was no different than the bachelor parties they sometimes hosted. Each guy that came in had put an envelope in a box on the auction table. The guys seemed excited about whatever it was that was getting auctioned off, and Kenny was mildly curious about it, since nobody appeared to have brought any stuff that looked like prizes. The only other thing they brought with them was a boom box, which they were using to play some disco music, and he didn't think they'd be raffling off a used boom box.

Suddenly, Kenny jolted to a stop. There, sitting at one of the tables, was Mr. Seaver, one of his neighbors. Kenny had long suspected the guy was gay... he was in his late 50's, lived alone just down the street, and always seemed to be available – alone – when Kenny's parents dutifully invited him to parties that were otherwise couples-only. Kenny had known him since he was a little kid, but – since he started wondering about the man's preferences – had not said much to him beyond hello and goodbye during his frequent visits to the O'Brien home. He would, however, deliberately walk through the room shirtless when the man was over, or at least make a pretense of scratching his stomach, lifting his shirt to give the guy a peek at his ripped abs and the 3" of underwear that his peer group dictated should show above his pants. It cracked him up to see the older man try to discreetly check the youth out while someone was talking to him.

On his next trip to that table, he said hello, and Mr. Seaver – who seemed kind of uncomfortable about the situation – gave a gruff hello in response.

Periodically, he felt like he was being checked out, but that happened constantly and he wasn't hardly aware of it anymore. Kenny was really good-looking, with dark hair and eyes, smooth chiseled features and the body of the jock he was. Working out and primping were probably the only things he put any real effort into. Ever since Josh Hartnett appeared on the scene in Forty Days and Forty Nights, people had said he resembled Kenny.

A couple of times he thought he heard the other waiters mumbling stuff and laughing amongst themselves, but that was not that unusual. Kenny tried, despite being a little uncomfortable with the gay men, to be friendly. Of course the guests were friendly right back, and a couple of times, as he turned away from a table, he'd hear them comment on how good-looking he was.

At ten, the dinner dishes were off the tables, and the two other waiters punched out. The guests all had some drinks in them, and were having a good time dancing on the dance floor between the two pairs of tables. Tony stopped Kenny and said, "The old man wants you to stick around." Kenny was about to retort that Sid hadn't said anything about that to him, but remembered he was on shaky ground as it was, and kept his mouth shut.

Just then, the guys who had been working the auction table near the door carried their box up to the front table, then carried that out onto the dance floor so either long edge faced two of the round dinner tables. A murmur of expectation went through the room, and Kenny wondered when they were going to find out what the big prize was.

There was a lull in the conversation as if everybody was waiting for somebody else to do or say something. Finally, one of the box guys, whose nametag said LARRY came over to Kenny and said, "You ready, kid?"

"Ready for what, sir?" Kenny hoped he sounded polite.

Larry looked pointedly at the table, and back at Kenny. "Don't play games with me..." but the look on Kenny's face must have belied the fact that he honestly didn't know what the older man was talking about.

"Didn't Sid tell you why you were here?"

Kenny's mind spun... it was obvious that he was missing something but he had no idea what it was. At the same time, he didn't want to make his boss look bad in front of a customer, so he decided to try to fake it and go along with whatever the game was.

"Oh.. yeah. Sorry, I forgot, he told me." he said unconvincingly. Larry gave him a weird look and said, "Well let's get on with it, then."

Everybody was looking at him expectantly. He walked out towards the center table, and somebody pulled their chair out and turned it back towards the table. Kenny got it that he was supposed to climb up on the table, although he couldn't for the life of him imagine why.

Larry and his partner, whose name was Frank, had emptied the envelopes out of the box and arranged them in some kind of order. Somebody stopped the music, and Frank took the microphone. "Okay, it's the moment we've all been waiting for," he announced grandly. "Uh... what did you say your name was? ... Kenny here is ready, and I know you all are too!" A commotion of whoops and shouts went through the crowd of guys. "We've sorted the bids from lowest to highest, as usual, and as you know, the prizes get better and better as we go along! You all know the rules, so if you aren't satisfied with your prize, you better bid more next year."

At this point, the music started again, and Kenny's mind raced... the comments in the office, the snickering of his co-workers, the extra waiter... he realized the reason he was picked for tonight was Sid knew the gay guys would enjoy looking at him... but he was some how connected to the prize they kept talking about, and he couldn't figure out how.

He figured, since he was the center of attention now, that maybe he was supposed to dance. He smiled in a way that he hoped was convincing and did his best to move to the music. He hardly ever danced, but his athletic background gave him grace and coordination so he was okay. He started to take his jacket off in what he hoped was a sexy way, but Larry shook his head, so Kenny left it on. "Wow, maybe this is will be easier than I thought," he wondered.

Frank took the first envelope. "Okay, we're ready for the cheapskate award... if you can't afford more than this, you better get out there and pound the pavement for a new job... we'll help you out because this prize is, a pair of shoes! And it goes to Tom!"

Everyone booed and hissed and laughed, and an embarrassed and disappointed looking guy came towards the table. He looked expectantly at Kenny, who stared back at him, totally lost. He walked towards the guy, who then untied Kenny's shoe and pulled up on his calf, saying "Come on, kid, help me out." Kenny realized to his horror that THEY WERE GOING TO UNDRESS HIM! That was why Larry didn't want him to take his jacket off, because someone else was going to. Numbly, he picked up his foot and let the guy slip his shoe off, then the other one. The guy took Kenny's shoes with back to his seat.

Before the emcee could open another envelope, Kenny beckoned to Larry and the older man approached with an impatient expression. Sensing a delay, Frank started doing some one-liners to keep the audience busy. Kenny knelt down and muttered, "Um, I think I misunderstood something."


"Are these guys bidding on my CLOTHES?"

Larry snapped "I thought you said you knew what was going on."

"Well I sorta did, but I didn't realize..."

"It's kind of late to say that NOW,"

Pictures of his boss's and parents' angry faces flashed before Kenny's eyes, followed by endless days of getting up at 6 for an hour-long ride to school.

His reverie was snapped by Larry, who snapped. "Look... either we get the show we were promised, or we walk out of here without paying a red cent!"

Kenny knew what he had to do... as embarrassing as this was going to be, it was better than facing the music, in stereo, from his boss and his parents. He just hoped Mr. Seaver would keep his mouth shut.

"Okay," he practically whispered, and nervously stood back up. Larry looked satisfied and went back to the emcee.

Frank happily got back to business. "Okay, next, if you're so hard up that this is the best you can do, you must have to keep the heat down pretty low, so we'll give you a nice jacket for those cold, lonely nights," Frank intoned. And this price goes to... Jerry!

The guys hooted and hollered, and made shivering noises, as Jerry approached Kenny, who realized he'd need to kneel down to facilitate this transfer. Jerry looked Kenny saucily in the eyes as he slid his hands inside the younger guy's jacket and lifted it off his shoulders. To Kenny's horror, several flashbulbs went off, and he realized this whole embarrassing thing was going to be captured on film.

When Jerry had Kenny's jacket off, he playfully threw it over his shoulder and paraded back to his seat .Not wasting any time, Frank continued: "Boys, if you're this cheap on a date, the only way you're going to get a guy to go home with you is to tie him up, so we'll give you a nice pair of socks.... do we have any foot fetishists in the house? Oh my.... the things you learn about your friend..... Carl!!"

Carl came up and motioned for Kenny to sit down on the table. He pulled the boy's leg up so that his foot rested on the man's significant belly, and slowly pulled off his sock. When he had them both off, he kept Kenny's feet bare against him and massaged them with his hands. Kenny tried not to laugh ... he was kind of ticklish, and it was very weird to have a total stranger playing with his feet while a roomful of men watched.

"Hmmm, I guess I was right," Frank said. MOOVING on... and Kenny's tie and cummerbund were the next things to come off. They had him dance around a bit before going on, and all the while more pictures were being taken.

"A lot of us claim we'd give the shirts off our backs to help the organization, and it's so nice to know that this young man is willing to do the same." Frank mocked getting all choked up, putting his hand on his heart. A guy named Terrence won his dress shirt... Kenny knelt down in front of the man, who then took his time unbuttoning it and slipping it off him. He pretended to have some trouble getting it out of Kenny's pants, and started to slip his hand inside, but Frank caught it immediately. "Ah-ah-aaah... only touch the skin you can see, you know the rules!" the guy pouted a bit, but took his time getting the shirt off and took it back to his seat.

Now Kenny was down to his dress pants, white t-shirt, and boxers. He started to get back up to dance some more, but someone yelled "You might as well get used to being on your knees!" which drew uproarious applause and laughter. Kenny's face burned red... he couldn't believe this was happening.

Frank went right on."Well, straight people complain that our outrageous behavior just scares the PANTS off them!" he exclaimed. "Just in case that is not true, we thought we'd better help our young friend here out of his! And this prize goes to... William!"

William looked pleased as punch to help out. He came up to the table and Kenny reluctantly stood in front of him, but William pulled him down onto his knees. "I like to see what I'm buying!" he told the delighted crowd. With Kenny's crotch at face-level, William took his time getting the fly open with his face just inches away.

"What are you blind, William?" "Get glasses, Alice!" the men catcalled.

Determined to enjoy his prize, William eased Kenny's fly down, then put his hands on the youth's bare hips, fingers through the belt loops and let the pants slide down ever so slightly, so that Kenny's white Abercrombie boxers loomed into view. "TEN... NINE... EIGHT..." the guys began chanting, and as they counted, William slid his hands over Kenny's cotton-covered ass and smooth quads, taking the pants with him as he went.

When they got to zero, the pants were at Kenny's feet. William lifted one foot at a time, Kenny forced to put his hands on the older man's shoulders to keep his balance, and removed them. Then, to Kenny's utter horror, the man grabbed the kid by his rock-hard ass and stuck his face right in his crotch, nuzzling and sniffing the boy's already swelling privates through his sweaty boxers. Everyone laughed, but Frank put a stop to it... "Hey hey hey... you know that property has been SOOOLD!" William defiantly gave Kenny's ass a final squeeze and said, "I'll see YOU later!" as he carried the pants – and Kenny's wallet -- back to his chair.

"Myyy it's getting HOT in here," Frank fanned himself with the remaining envelopes. Our dancer is getting hot tooo... maybe one of you kind gentlemen can help him out of that t-shirt?? For our first prize...... I nominate.... LARRY!"

The man who had been so short with Kenny earlier smirked in satisfaction. He approached Kenny and slid his hands INSIDE the t-shirt, sliding it up the youth's smooth lats until the t-shirt bunched under his arms. Then he pulled Kenny's arms over his head and slid the shirt up, carefully lifting it over his face and off over his hands. He dropped the shirt, and – to Kenny's shock – took the boy's now-bare lats in both hands, leaned forward and began sucking and kissing his left nipple, while tantalizingly rubbing the right one with his thumb. He did this for several minutes, then used his hands to guide Kenny down onto the table on his back. Kenny could feel his cock stirring in spite of himself... remember he was 19 years old... and his exposure to any kind of sensual contact was pretty limited, even if it was NOT somebody he found attractive.

"Did someone bring the baby oil?" Larry asked as he slid his hands over Kenny's landmark abs and baby-smooth chest, squeezing the pecs and chasing the lines of his sculpted six-pack with a teasing finger.

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