tagNon-EroticSolo HMT Adventures #07

Solo HMT Adventures #07


Oct 6, 2009

Heavy Metal Thunder Solo Adventers #7 Introducing the Blond.

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Heavy Metal Thunder Productions


Copyright protected on October 2009

The persons, places, entities, and events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, places, entities, or events is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Warning! Some stories may contain adult language, explicate violence, adult situations, and some sexual content. These stories are intended for a mature audience.

Heavy Metal Thunder Solo Adventures

Written by Stacy James Meadows

With Concepts Created by Stacy James Meadows, Larry William Van Hoorebeke, and Donald Edward Van Hoorebeke.

Previously on Heavy Metal Thunder Solo Adventures... Heavy Metal Thunder began to become a vigilante when thieves stole his brother's bike. He ended up saving a new friend from bullies, to have that friend help him get a computer disk to the police, while on the run from men in suits. With that fiasco behind him, he had decided to take the day off, and rest at the beach, however, trouble even followed him there. The Cobra Strikes Gang controlled the beach, and a few of the gang members confronted him. After beating one the others realized who he was and ran off. Now Heavy Metal Thunder was leaving the beach.

Chapter Seven

Introducing the Blond

My day off at the beach was ruined, or was it? Can you truly say your day was ruined when the love of your life walks into it? -H.M.T.

Heavy Metal Thunder was now leaving the beach, and walking along the lake back towards his home. Up ahead of him on the road to the left was a set of steps leading down to another section of the beach, and to the right was an alleyway between to buildings.

As he got closer to the alleyway, he began to hear a commotion going on inside the alley. Sounded like raised male voices, and they were saying some rather rude and crude things. Thinking there might be trouble he set his bag down, digging out his three lock bladed knives and chain. He set them up in his lefthand, and crept closer to the alleyway entrance.

The punks in the alleyway were just having some fun. The "Cobra Strikes" gang all wore red bandanas. While several of the punks were getting high on several different types of drugs, about three were harassing a beautiful blond lady, and attempting to rape her, while the others were egging them on.

The three had her surrounded, and kept reaching for her threateningly, while saying derogatory remarks. Sometimes there hands snatched at her clothes or hair, others times their hands reached for her behind or breasts, as she slapped them away.

Heavy Metal Thunder could tell she did not like this, and that she was scared and begging them to stop, as tears messed up the make up on her face, and ran down her cheeks. He also knew he had to do something quickly, before they really began to get serious. So he quickly decided to make his move.

One of the "Cobra Strikes" gang members grabbed at the blond woman's pants, this time not letting go. "Come on lady, let's she what you got!"

That's when Heavy Metal Thunder appeared and said, "She said, 'No!' Gentlemen!" As he knocked out the nearest punk with a strong right cross punch to the temple.

The one holding her pants looked up startled that anyone would stop him, and released his hold on her pants. The lady once freed ran off crying down the alley to freedom. The two punks who were attempting to rape her, were now to busy staring at Heavy Metal Thunder to notice her leaving.

Unfortunately for them, while they stood there taken by surprise, Heavy Metal Thunder never stopped moving. A black shoe caught the pants grabber in the jaw sending him flying into the wall, and into the blackness of unconsciousness, as he crumpled to the ground.

Before the pants grabber hit the ground, a spinning back handed right punch caught the other punk in the nose, blood gushing out, and his eyes rolled to the back of his head as he crumpled to the ground.

Standing there triumphantly, Heavy Metal Thunder now stood where the four had been. Suddenly, the other "Cobra Strikes" gang members started coming out of their surprise, and began to advance towards him. Heavy Metal Thunder, realizing that the blond had a good idea, turned and took off in a dead run back towards the beach behind the alleyway, sliding the knives and chain into a pocket.

He ran down the stairs towards the beach, but as the gang followed him down towards the beach he began to realize that many other gang members were here on the beach itself. Quickly realizing he was trapped between two mobs, he managed barely to circle back around behind the ones that chased him originally.

He had only one place left to run with the mob of punks back behind him again now, back to the stairs up to the road from the beach. He ran hard and fast. Heavy Metal Thunder thought, "Sometimes you just can't handle a mob, especially if they out number you a million to one. At least though, they haven't started firing guns at me like the men in suits."

He finally made it to the stairs, panting hard and trying to catch his breath, with the mob close behind him. About halfway up, with the closest mob punk about four steps behind and wielding a pipe, the noise of a reeved motorcycle engine could be heard at the top of the stairs. Heavy Metal Thunder, still in a dead run, looked up and saw the punk on the motorcycle, who smiled and said, "You're mine!"

Pulling a rather thick chain from a saddle bag on the motorcycle with a whip like motion he started twirling the chain in the air, and reeved up the engine again as he began rolling the motorcycle down the stairs towards Heavy Metal Thunder.

Several "Cobra Strikes" gang members took this as a hint to jump over the railing or to run back down, but several stayed watching, either in surprise to scared or just plain to stupid to move, hoping that Heavy Metal Thunder would now get his the hard way.

Without bothering to even stop running Heavy Metal Thunder leaped into the air just before the motorcycle got to him. With a scream, "Heavy Metal Thunder!" He jumped towards the driver, clearing the motorcycle handles, and knocking the driver off of the motorcycle with a sort of football tackle. The chain went flying out of the motorcycle driver's hand and over the stair rails, as Heavy Metal Thunder used the motorcycle driver to absorb the shock of the blow as they both hit the stairs hard.

The force and sudden shock of the hit to the stairs knocked the motorcycle driver unconscious, but Heavy Metal Thunder acrobatically rolled up the stairs, and he barely regained his footing enough to begin running again.

Unfortunately for the punks on the stairs still, the motorcycle kept going, and knocked them to the bottom of the stairs. The motorcycle wasn't really damaged, but several punks laid sprawled out on the ground.

Heavy Metal Thunder kept running up the stairs unopposed now that the punk on the motorcycle was down. A couple of the punks, who had jumped over the railing, pulled out guns now, and started shooting, but they missed, just barely, as he came to the top.

Just as he cleared the steps he noticed that the mob was starting to climb them again. Even though the shooting stopped, Heavy Metal Thunder couldn't help but think, "So much for this being a little different from the suits."

Seeing his bag where he had left it before he ran and grabbed it up, just as the mob began to reach the top of the stairs.

Just then the blond haired woman, who was in the alley, pulled up in a black convertible, with the top down. Throwing the bag in front of him into the back seat, Heavy Metal Thunder jumped in yelling, "Go!" With that the convertible squealed the tires, leaving black marks behind on the black top road, and took off, as several more bullets flew past the car.

Meanwhile, the punk, who had been on the motorcycle, regained consciousness, and now in a fit of rage, made his way back for the motorcycle again.

"Thanks for saving me." Heavy Metal Thunder said.

"Don't mention it, you actually saved me, and I couldn't leave you there to die by those animals. By the way, my name is Samantha Wilson." She said, brushing some blond hair out of her eyes, and looking in the rearview mirror at Heavy Metal Thunder.

"Nice to meet you Samantha, like the tattoo says, I go by Heavy Metal Thunder. So what happened to get you in that mess?" Heavy Metal Thunder replied, as he sat up in the back seat.

"I was on my way back to my car, after doing some shopping, when they pulled me into the alley. After you came to my aid, I ran back to my car again, but as I was about to leave I noticed that you were way outnumbered and in trouble, and I decided to return the favor by helping you." She said with an inviting and comforting smile.

Meanwhile, the mob at the top of the stairs had stopped pursuit, except for one person who pushed his bike back up the stairs.

"I'll get them both, and make them pay!" Shouted the punk, as he made his way through the mob, and then mounted his motorcycle. "I'll make them pay for ruining my fun!"

The motorcycle was reeved up full throttle and wide open. The tires squealed, and actual white smoke appeared. Hesitant only for a second, the bike launched forward leaving a trail about twenty feet in length of one long black mark.

The speed began to build, as the driver thought of his revenge. 30 mph...40 mph...50 mph...60 mph...70 mph...80 mph... 90 mph...100 mph...110 mph...120 mph... 121 mph...122 mph...123 mph...124 mph...125 mph... and it was now going off of the speedometer, and was still building up speed.

Rain started to sprinkle at first, and then pounded with full force and fury causing the roads to become slippery under his motorcycle's tires. A car in front of him was going way to slow, so he had no choice, but to pass it. Just as he was to the side of the car, a huge diesel engine box truck came around the curve. Suddenly realizing the unavoidable collision, both drivers, scared stiff, slammed on their brakes. The motorcycle and its driver were ran over and killed by the huge truck, as the terrified truck driver desperately tried to come to a stop.

That particular "Cobra Strikes" gang member would never again forcibly pull women's pants down again, but unfortunately the truck driver wouldn't live long enough to realize the good deed he did, or to do anymore good deeds, as the mob had been watching this, and were already on the move towards him.

To be continued.

Next Chapter Eight, Planning Session. Heavy Metal Thunder plans what to do about the gang, while chatting with his new girlfriend.

File #: 14

Character Star Power: 3

Name: Samantha Wilson.

Legal Status: Single, with no criminal record.

Rank: None.

Occupation: Student in high school.

Known Relatives: Debbie Wilson (mother), Mark Wilson(father, a police sergeant), and many others not talked about.

Birth Date: October 6, 1971.

Birth Place: Sesser, IL.

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 120 lbs.

Eyes: Green.

Hair: Blond.

Strength: 3.

Equipment: A black convertible car.

Known Skills: A driver's license & student.

Limitations or Weaknesses: Mortal.

For More Info. See: Police Sergeant

History: So far rescued by Heavy Metal Thunder, and is developing a love interest in him. Stay tuned to see how this love affair is going to turn out.

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