tagSci-Fi & FantasySolon: First Contact

Solon: First Contact


Captain Catherine Allen leaned back into my arms as we looked out over the spaceport of Solon. My sexy lover was the commander of the spaceship that had brought our contact mission to Solon and she took her prerogatives seriously. Now that we had landed, however, I, as the ship's chief xenologist, was essentially in charge of the contact operation. Although supposedly ours was the first group from Federation space to make contact with Solon, there were vaguely ominous stories which implied that others had come here ... and not returned. One particularly silly version had it that Solon was ruled by women who kept their men in a kind of sex slavery.

"Tony, I don't like this place," Kathy said, snuggling closer. "There is too much preparation down there to be based on our tele-messages of just three day ago."

"They certainly *look* friendly," I replied.

"That is exactly what worries me," she said, archly.

"Why don't you let me worry about meeting the natives, darling," I said. "Five years of astrophysics doesn't make you and expert on extra-terrestrial humanoids."

"Humanoids!" she harumphed, "Those are *women*, and I don't trust them. Look at those revealing smocks they wear! There is only one reason women dress that way -- to excite and seduce men."

"Not to dispute your mastery of the feminine wiles, darling, but this is a tropical planet," I pointed out reasonably. "Why shouldn't they wear skimpy clothes. I am afraid you are just applying Earth standards to the Solonians."

"And why did they insist that the men and women of our crew be separated as soon as we land and have no contact while on Solon?" she asked defiantly.

"You are making a mountain out of a molehill, honey. Actually it is a taboo that has been reported from several star systems. Just leave handling the Solonians to me. You are on vacation here until we are ready to return. Just rest up and eat well so that on the way back we can get down to business."

"On the way back I just pilot this crate home. What `business' are you talking about," she inquired, not mollified.

"Our `business.' I think it's time we stopped being a `number' and got married. Can your Deputy do that?

"Do you mean it, darling?" Kathy squealed. "Yes, yes. Judy can perform the ceremony if it is her Captain who is getting married. But why the rush?"

"Honey, haven't we waited long enough? Let's take advantage of the months of leisure on the way back to get you pregnant. When I arrive on earth with my new wife, I want her to step off the ship with a big belly!"

"Well, in that case, maybe we should start practicing now," Kathy said as she took me by the hand and pulled me towards the Captain's stateroom.


I thought it unnecessary, but Kathy insisted on leaving a small group of men behind to watch the ship. As they announced, the Solonians had separate welcoming parties for the men and women. Kathy gave me one final, worried look as the group of men and women parted company for the journey into the city. Our precaution seemed unnecessary. Far from seeming hostile, the Solonian women officials we met were most friendly. After a day of sightseeing and conferences, they invited us to a formal dinner.

At the banquet each of my men found himself with a beautiful young companion at his side, a woman who frankly seemed more interested in being with a man than in the ceremonies. These randy young women snuggled close and my men glanced, furtively at first, them avidly, at gloriously large round tits in the loose fitting halters of their sexy table mates. The liquor flowed freely and the women made sure that my men all gradually got drunk The banquet progressively slipped towards orgy. The lights dimmed for an erotic entertainment -- if anyone was watching. Large screens showed almost nude women dancing before entranced men before falling on them and ravishing them. This helped get everyone in the proper mood for the women to giggle and open their tunics, encouraging my horny shipmates to feel up their partners' ample tits. Soon these apparently randy bitches were hiking their tunics to have the men play with their well lubricated snatches as well.

I could see what was happening and might have stopped it. I should have at least tried to stop it, but I was much too distracted myself. Ethne, the plump High Priestess of Solon was giving me the same treatment up on the dais that my men were getting down below. This mature, well-built, and apparently rutting female was crawling all over me. Early in the evening Ethne's tunic had fallen open letting one of the best set of jugs in the universe start to work their magic on me. It made my recent proposal of marriage to Kathy sort of hard to remember and I soon stopped trying.

Snuggling close, this overflowing female let me know I was welcome to start inspecting her equipment. She pressed glass after glass of the deliciously potent liquid to my lips and even before she had me tipsy, I couldn't keep my hands off of her luscious tits. While I was busy kissing and nuzzling these man-melters, I suddenly felt the High Priestess's hand slither into my pants. I couldn't resist when she took full possession of my cock and of me! Did this woman know how to work a man's prick! Her successful effort to give me an erection showed what she had in mind. It looked like she was planning to take me to bed and fuck me stupid. Well, anything for interplanetary amity!

It didn't take her long to have me sinking into an erotic daydream about spending the night -- no, many nights -- getting laid by the hottest woman I had ever run across. I could see her taking me through that nearby curtained exit into her private quarters. When she had me alone there, she would strip me. Perhaps her attendants would bathe me in tepid perfumed waters before she joined me in the bath. We would play with each others' naked bodies until we were both aroused to a fever.

Then she would lead me to her bed. Before taking me in her arms to make love to me, she would press a final goblet to my lips, a philter to incite my lust and permit me better to service her own. Then she would lay me back and again place in my mouth a nipple of a lust hardened breast. as she lowered herself onto me. How this woman would take charge of me! I would be immobilized beneath those hips, my prick swallowed up by her ravenous pussy. I would let her screw me to heaven.

Suddenly, however, I was jolted from this delightful reverie. The lights had begun to flicker in a dangerously familiar pattern - the hypno-ray! Instantly I pushed treacherous woman off me and drew up. "Ethne! What do you mean by this kind of low trick? You have turned a hypno-ray on Federation officers. That is a hostile and stupid act! Don't you know this amateurish attempt at mind control is futile. Federation explorers are well trained to resist hypno ray."

"We know all about the resistance of Federation men to hypno-ray, Lt. Black," she replied, smiling. "More, apparently, than you do. The supposed `immunity' of a trained man to hypno-ray is not unconditional. Resistance to its insidious effects demands total concentration on certain subconscious, learned blocking patterns. Your men may soon find that concentration ... faltering," she smirked.

"Women of Solaria have generations of experience in gaining domination over our men. We can subvert even subconscious resistance. When a man is lying in the arms of a Solonian woman getting properly fucked, even his subconscious attention becomes focused on only one thing -- the pleasure he is drowning in. Growing ecstasy makes it more and more difficult for his brain to block out the hypno-ray as she pushes him closer and closer to orgasm. When at last she makes him come, his mind's last defenses will fail. There, in dazed satiation as he lies overwhelmed by orgasm in the arms of his seductress, the hypno-ray will destroy his mental shields and he becomes as totally vulnerable to hypnotic suggestion.

His partner will take advantage of this moment of weakness, but only to induce a light trance. This is the first step to falling into her control, but the effect is subtle. At first, he will only have an enormous sexual appetite and an obsession with her. Tomorrow, each of these men will wake up in bed with his hot new girlfriend back at her lair. He won't be able to remember exactly nor will he care very much how he got there. Remembering how they made out at the party and how she then took him home for the fuck of his life is enough for him. By the time breakfast is over, he will be eager to get screwed again and his partner will be more than willing. Every time she takes him down for a roll in the hay, the hypno-ray will be on. Each time he goes under, her control of his mind will become stronger."

"After a few days of hypno-ray drenched sex all your men will have been totally enslaved, although they won't know it or care. In a few months, when my women have them under sufficiently strong domination, we will use them to build a star drive for us. With a star drive Solonian women can go out and, with our power over men, conquer the universe."

"You may think you are clever, Ethne, but your plan won't work." I replied, proud of Kathy's forethought. "Not all of the men are here. Captain Allen left guards at the ship. If we don't come back, they can call for help on the hyperwave."

"Yes, they could, if we didn't have them, too, otherwise ... 'occupied,' right now," she agreed. "Unfortunately for you, a group of my prettiest women in short tunics and revealing halters visited the ship this afternoon and asked to look around. Of course they needed companions. Soon each escort was surprised and pleased to find the busty girl he was showing around seemed more interested in him and in sex than in the ship. My girls wiggled their asses and jiggled their tits until each guide was thinking of nothing but sex.

Each woman contrived to be lead to some secluded niche where she could be alone with her guide. There she let your woman-starved crewman slake the desire she had cleverly incited. Blouses were hastily unbuttoned, flies invaded, skirts lifted, shorts pulled down, and panties dropped. Quite droll! Soon your ship was filled with moans of passion as twosomes copulated in the oddest places and in the most original positions. They tell me that one man wasn't keen until he was wrestled to the floor by a large shapely woman. Eventually tussling with an armful of female flesh aroused him enough for her to mount and fuck him. As soon as each man came, the woman's portable hypno ray generator did the rest. The men left behind on the ship will wake up the same way as the others."

"Your plan will still never succeed," I said. "Building a star-drive will take a long time. Even if you take all my men captive, the women of the crew can take the star-drive ship and go for help. Their immunity to hypno-ray is based on other psychological principles."

"Do you think we are stupid, Lt. Black? Of course the women could go for help if left Solon. I assure you, none of them will. We have made equally sure that not one of your women will ever the slightest desire to leave Solon -- and not because of hypno-ray. We don't need it. Sex can be as sticky a trap for your women as for your men. Have a look at what was going on a while back at the banquet for your un-chaperoned girls," she grinned.

Ethne switched on a large screen showing our female officers and enlisted women obviously drunk and laughing uproariously. The group was at different stages of foreplay and in various degrees of undress with an equal number of handsome young men. The most restrained was lying back moaning like a heifer in heat as a pretty boy worked on her tits. Most had their legs splayed going off their nut as they were being eaten. A few were already down and being fucked out of there minds.

"You now see why we had to separate you. Those young men 'entertaining' your women so well are our Solonian studs," Ethne explained. "The women of the Solonian elite have powerful sexual appetites and we have to use these young bucks to keep us satisfied. These men have been trained since puberty in knowing how to excite sexual desire in a woman and then give her pleasure. Your girls never knew what hit them. From my personal experience, I can tell you, these boys know how to make a woman want to get laid! When I turn myself over to one of them, I know I am going to be ravished. His touch makes me forget everything and sends me into a frenzy of lust. In seconds he can have me fully aroused and panting for sex. All I can think about is getting him in me. And when he finally penetrates me and discharges his large caliber cock into my pussy, he leaves me devastated. No human female in the universe can defend herself from these boys."

"Perhaps you would be especially interested in the normally demure Captain Allen." Ethne adjusted a control to focus on my Kathy. "She's your girlfriend, right? Yes, Captain Allen, a totally professional woman. Not at all interested in anyone but you? Thinks only of her career? Take a close look at her face. That's raw desire you see! The young man beside her is Ramo, one of my favorites. He has reduced your sweetie to a puddle of female rut! Ramo got her giggly drunk and she's itching for sex. Now all the poor Captain wants is something hard thick and masculine between her legs. He overwhelmed her brilliant, disciplined mind with a desire for cock as easily as the silliest little pants-crazy ensign."

"Almost as soon as Ramo sat down next to her and started pressing close, your cool Captain was surprised how much she enjoyed the warm pleasure from his hard body pressed against her. More surprisingly, she found she had the urge to press back. In fact she was already feeling quite randy. We had put the right dose of testosterone in their drinks, so all your women were feeling amorous even before their dates moved in on them. Before long Kathy was lying back contentedly in Ramo's muscular arms, a warming glow of arousal spreading out over her from between her legs. She felt the juices from her pussy start to stain her Navy panties as he nuzzled her neck and nibbled her ear."

"Then your girlfriend felt her date's very practiced hands first slip inside her blouse and claim possession of her tits. She suspected what was coming and had every intention of pushing him away. She never let strange men touch her breasts. She knew a man felt up a woman's tits for just one reason, to get her hot enough to screw. But Kathy was already horny and the pleasure of his hands on her titties was too good to refuse. She wanted to be felt up! How could this be happening to her? Her tits had turned to rocks; her nipples ached with erection. His hands, oh those marvelous hands! It was getting hard to think. She moaned with pleasure."

"At first Kathy tried not to show arousal to the other women. She wanted to set a good example, but she saw that the all other women were already making out with their dates, too. Many were further gone than she was. Her best friend Jill over there had thrown open her blouse and was lying back bawling like a heifer in heat as a boy with a shock of curly black hair was sucking and kissing her breasts. The smock of Alexandra, the ship's doctor, was up around her waist and a grinning young man had his hand in her pussy making her writhe in ecstasy. And Margaret, the dowdy flight engineer, had her panties around her ankles and was yelping joyously while a pretty boy was eating her snatch and making her come time after time.

"Soon Kathy, too, was past caring who saw what she and Ramo were doing. Promptly her blouse, too, was wide open and this beautiful man had his hands and mouth all over her tits. He proceeded feeling up your girlfriend's boobs, gradually working her up into a fever of passion she'd never known before. Before she left there, she had come more times than she could count."

"That was at the party. it didn't last long! Now let me show you one happy Federation Navy officer on her way to her new stud's apartment," Ethne gloated and changed the view.

I saw Kathy's giggling, almost comically insincere efforts to prevent the young man from getting his hands on her pussy and seethed with anger. It had taken me months before she ever let me get that far with her. "A little later, when he succeeded in running his hand back up inside her skirt, and into her panties, she was so horny she only sighed, kissed him passionately, and squirmed with pleasure as he titillated her. She may have vaguely remembered Miss Someone from the training Academy telling her never to let a strange man handle her pussy like that. But it wasn't Miss Someone's clit that was being fingered so wonderfully. And if it were, Kathy knew the old bag would be just as hot to trot as she was."

"By now, Kathy just didn't give a damn any more. She was just a horny woman and she liked being finger fucked by this wonderful man. She spread her legs cooperatively so he could get his talented fingers in her and diddle her all the better. Now look at her! She has pulled down her pants and hiked the skirt of her uniform and is squirming with pleasure as our boy plays with her clit. She can't stop coming. My Ramo knows how to drive a woman crazy with desire, touching erogenous zones she didn't even know she had."

"Your Captain has never before known a man who could arouse her like this. She is going wild with craving for some cock, rutting to get a prick in her cunt. She has been sexually mastered by an artist and loves it. She will eagerly follow our stud into his quarters tonight. There, overcome by a desire more powerful than she's ever felt before, she'll be eager to let this Adonis bed her and penetrate her with his cock."

"Happily she will let her man lasciviously undress her. His finger will never leave her clit as he puts her down in the sack. Gently he will push open her willing legs. And when he drops his pants she's in for a wonderful shock! Centuries of selection has given our Solonian studs longer, thicker pricks and larger balls than any Earthwoman has ever dreamed about. Helplessly excited by the sight, she will gobble his long pussy-pleasing prick down into her juiced-up cunt. As inch after long thick inch of this woman- subduing shaft slides into her warm wet pussy, she will go off her nut. Our stud will screw Kathy long and thoroughly tonight. His massive cock will go deep into her vagina again and again, making her yelp and bray in ecstasy. His practiced prick will send her into orgasm after orgasm with almost every stroke until your Federation Navy officer is dissipated. When he finally pumps her pussy full of a greater load of jism than she has never before experienced, it will knock her out like dope."

"As she lies there in sated, unconscious bliss, waiting medical technicians will begin to purge her body of the long-lasting contraceptives we know Federation Navy women take. Then they will give her hormones to re-establish and bring forward her menstrual cycle. They will also insert a small subcutaneous testosterone capsule that will keep your girlfriend's sex drive enormously elevated for the next several, critical weeks. Although she'll have no way of knowing it, when she wakes up tomorrow, your girlfriend, and all the other women of the crew, will be near their most fertile time of the month, completely unprotected and ravenous for sex."

"You don't mean...?"

"Yes, we're going to make sure Kathy and all your other women promptly get pregnant. By tomorrow morning each Earthwoman will be well on her way to making her first fat Solonian baby. Some, maybe even your Kathy, may already have conceived without knowing it. But we won't take chances."

"Kathy will wake up in the arms of the hunk with whom she spent an unforgettable night making love. She won't let him get out of bed until he has fucked her again. She will be surprised at her strong craving for sex, but she will suppose it's because she is hopelessly in love, as in a way, she will be."

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