tagFetishSolving My Little Problem Ch. 06

Solving My Little Problem Ch. 06


Messing around with both Erin and Angie in the past few weeks had been really hot and steamy, especially so for someone as inexperienced as me. Plus, there was still a mystery girl -- a girl who had given me a blowjob without giving me the benefit of knowing who she was. I was now guessing this had to be Rachel, since it definitely wasn't Erin. No other girl made any sense.

I was still feeling a little bit shell-shocked from getting with Erin and having her pretty much laugh in my face a the size of my small penis. She'd been polite about it, just as Angie had, but it was still embarrassing. I could see the look on her face when she saw it for the first time. I was far too self-conscious to try to do anything with her again. I only hoped that neither of the girls talked about it openly with the rest of their little group. Angie had promised she wouldn't talk about it, but then, she admitted that the mystery girl knew about it, so she obviously hadn't kept her mouth shut.

The following weekend, I was coming home late again on Saturday night and recognized my sister's car in the driveway. As I made my way upstairs, I was wondering if she'd brought any of her friends home with her as she had on previous trips. When I clicked on the upstairs hall light, my question was answered in the form of Angie, who popped out of the shadows, scaring the shit out of me.

"Sorry," Angie said. "I didn't mean to startle you." She was dressed only in a pair of panties and a tight t-shirt that did nothing to conceal the dark color of her nipples underneath. Her hands were held curiously behind her back, causing the material of her shirt to stretch out and accentuate her breasts even more.

"That's okay," I said. "I wasn't expecting to run into anyone in the hallway this time of night."

"You going to bed?" Angie asked.

"I was planning on it," I was curious about what she was holding behind her back.

"Could you stay up a few more minutes? I have something for you."

"What is it?" I asked. "Is it what you're holding behind you back?"

"It's part of it," she said, backing me up against the wall of the hallway. When she took her hands from behind her back, I could see she was holding a long black silk scarf, which she placed over my eyes.

"Wait, what's that for?" I asked, pulling my head back.

"Trust me," She insisted. "Have I ever done you wrong?"

"That's a good point," I agreed. She was right. She had done nothing but good things to me in the short time that I'd known her.

Angie wrapped the scarf around my head, covering my eyes with her makeshift blindfold. After she'd tied it tightly around my eyes, she turned me around. Pressing my chest against the wall, she pulled both my hands behind my back and gripped both of my thumbs in one of her hands.

After some fidgeting behind my back, I felt and heard a set of metal handcuffs being ratcheted into place on one wrist. I tried to pull my hands apart, underestimating how difficult it was to separate them while Angie had such a solid grip on my thumbs. With little effort, she tightened the other cuff down on my other wrist.

"Is that necessary?" I asked.

"I could let you go, but that would put an end to our fun, wouldn't it?"

Without saying so directly, Angie's words and actions indicated another visit from the mystery girl. Why else would she blindfold me? The choice of locations seemed a bit odd, though. Why in the hallway?

Angie turned me back around to face her. Fortunately, the cuffs weren't too tight on me and I could feel the metal was lined with some kind of cloth, making them a little more comfortable than regular cuffs would be. I recalled seeing a pair of cuffs like this in my sister's room a few months back. When I'd asked her where she got them, she told me not to be so nosey, smiling as she answered. Apparently, they were from a lingerie shop or a place that sells sex toys. I didn't press the issue.

I leaned my back against the wall and raised my head to where it was level, then cast my eyes straight down. I was in luck! Even though Angie had tied the scarf tightly, with my head level, I could still easily see anything that took place right in front of me at waist level. This was great. Any minute now, the mystery girl was sure to make an appearance and I'd be able to finally see who she was.

"Be still," Angie instructed. Her hands worked my belt buckle loose, then she unbuttoned my pants and tugged them down along with my underwear. Holding my head up straight, I could see her kneeling down in front of me as she gripped my flaccid member between her fingers.

"Somebody could see us," I protested as Angie started stroking my cock. Standing there in the hall, any one of the girls could come in and see me there with my hands bound behind my back and my little cock poking out. Even with her expertly fondling my cock, I didn't like the situation.

I couldn't dismiss the fear I had of one of the other girls stepping into the hallway and seeing my little cock sticking out. I'm sure any one of the girls would burst into laughter and I'd never hear the end of it.

"No one will see," Angie assured me, stroking my cock to an erection. My excitement that was fueled by the fear of being discovered by one of the other girls. Having Angie see me naked was nothing new. She was well aware of the small size of my cock as she'd had many opportunities to fondle me and do with me what she pleased.

The same went for Erin. After I'd mistakenly thought she was the mystery girl, I'd hit on her and she'd experienced my small cock in her mouth. She was polite about it, but she did mention how small it was.

I also couldn't omit my own sister, Linda, who had seen my cock out by the pool one day. She had been asleep when, at Angie's request, I pulled my shorts off and sat out there naked. She assured me Linda wouldn't wake up, but when she did, she saw my little cock. I covered up as quickly as I could, but she'd already seen it and she even asked me to see it again. I had reluctantly shown her, but when I did, she wrapped her hand around my cock and felt it, which still gave me the creeps to think about. She may be just my step-sister, but still...

That left Rachel and Cheryl as the only two of the five who hadn't seen my cock and presumably didn't know about it's small size. Angie had promised not to tell anyone about it's size, but her ability to keep a secret was still a subject for debate.

At this point, I was guessing Rachel was the mystery girl, which would mean she'd also seen how small it is. She was the only one left who made any sense. Only she and my sister had the right build and Rachel appeared to be extremely shy. Cheryl was shy, too, but she had the wrong physique to be her. During my last encounter with the mystery girl, I'd felt her tits and they were far too big to be Cheryl's.

With all these thoughts running through my head, I was more nervous and self-conscious than ever. My heart was pounding. Anyone could come up and see Angie stroking my little cock, which had grown to its full and unimpressive length.

Then, I felt the light, rhythmic vibrations of footprints coming toward me from the other end of the hall where both the guest bedroom and my sister's room were.

"Who is it?" I asked nervously, trying to squirm away from Angie in an attempt to hide my little cock from whomever had approached, but my struggling was futile. Angie had a good grip on my balls and I couldn't move.

"Shh! It's her," Angie answered, holding me in position.

Ah, the mystery girl. She stopped a few feet shy of where I was standing, unable to approach any closer due to Angie's position in front of me. I tried to get a glimpse of the mystery girl from under the blindfold, but if I moved my head enough to see her, the girls would know I could see under the blindfold and would probably end their little game. As nervous as I was, I had no intention of making the experience end any time soon, so I stood there patiently waiting for Angie to move out of the way and for the mystery girl to move into place directly in front of me. Finally, I would know for sure who it was. The anticipation was agonizing.

I wasn't completely in the dark, though. From that position, I could see a pair of sock-covered feet and the legs of pajama pants that were decorated with clouds or maybe they were sheep or bunnies. I couldn't tell exactly what they were from my vantage point. Whatever they were, they weren't the same ones Rachel had been wearing on the previous visit, but that didn't mean anything. She could easily own several pairs of pajamas. I tried to recall if any of the girls had worn some pajamas like that, but I couldn't remember any.

"Ready?" Angie asked.

"Yeah," I answered quietly.

"I wasn't talking to you," Angie whispered, then stood and leaned close to me. Grabbing my chin in her hand, she pressed her lips to mine, and forced her tongue into my mouth, kissing me roughly. Reflexively, I closed my eyes to savor her tongue in my mouth and the sweet taste of her lips on mine as I inhaled her delicious scent.

I heard a sharp click as Angie pulled away from me, saying, "Enjoy yourself."

I opened my eyes and realized the click I'd heard had been the light switch as the hallway was now dark. I wheeled my head around trying to see, which did absolutely no good. Even without the blindfold, I wouldn't have been able to see anything in the dim light.

I heard footsteps walking away.

"Angie?" I asked in the darkness.

"Shhh..." came a whisper as a finger pressed against my lips, then down my chin.

I had no idea what was going to happen next, but I was pretty sure it was Angie who had walked away, leaving me alone with the mystery girl. I tried to imagine what I must have looked like to her before the lights went out. Now, I was completely at her mercy, standing there with my pants down around my ankles and my cock standing out toward her. What would she do with me? The answer was simple -- anything she wanted! I was hardly mobile with my pants down and my hands cuffed behind my back.

I gasped and shivered when I felt her hand grip my cock firmly, but not painfully. Her hand slid around my cock and gently stroked it, seemingly feeling it's size and shape.

Her hands then found my sides and I could feel her lifting my shirt up until it bunched up around my chest before she was able to wrestle it up and over my head, finally ending with my shirt tangled around my elbows behind me.

In this position, I felt more vulnerable than before. I was completely at her mercy. In the dark silence, I wondered what was going to happen next. I could hear a little rustling in the darkness and wondered what she was doing. The rustling stopped after about 30 seconds.

Next, I felt a hand on my chest, then another. Two palms rubbed my chest, then found my nipples, tweaking them gently. Then, the hands moved up my chest to my neck, then to the sides of my face.

Her hands gripped the sides of the blindfold, pushing it up and off of my eyes and resting it on my forehead. I strained my eyesight, hoping for just enough light to make out who she was, but the hall was so dark, I couldn't make out even a single shape. All I could see in front of me was blackness.

Then, her face pressed against mine. Her soft lips pressed against my lips in a closed-mouth kiss. When she began to exhale, her lips parted slightly as did mine. Our tongues met and held that position momentarily. I suddenly realized -- this was the first time she'd kissed me.

As the flesh of her body pressed against my naked chest, I came to understand what the rustling noise had been. She'd been stripping her clothes off. Her bare breasts pressed against my body. She was naked, or at least topless, and pressing her firm tits against my bare chest. If I hadn't already been hard, I would have gotten an erection from the sensation of her bare nipples rubbing against my own bare chest.

Our mouths separated for a second, "Rachel?" I asked the darkness. "Is that you?"

"Shh..." came the whispered reply, then her mouth pressed against mine again, stopping me from saying anything else.

This time, she pressed her body against mine firmly, gripping my face as she kissed me. The experience was incredible. I was a captive, but had no intention of trying to escape. The blindfold wasn't covering my eyes any more, but I still couldn't see her. She had to be Rachel. Why wouldn't she just admit it? I could feel her and taste her, but she was silent and I couldn't see her. Why keep the mystery going? How could anyone be so shy? Why not just admit her attraction?

"It's okay," I said when our lips parted again. "You don't have to be ashamed of your feelings. If you like someone, just let them know. Take a chance." Here I was, trying to give advice, even though I was more self-conscious than anyone else I knew, but giving advice is easy. Acting on good advice is much harder.

"Shh..." she repeated, pressing her lips against mine again, planting soft little kisses on my lips, then she tilted my head down slightly with her hands and I felt her body rise as if she was standing on her toes, kissing each of my eyelids in turn.

Her hands moved from my face to snake around me in a warm embrace as she pressed her cheek to mine. I felt something wet on my face, a tear? Then, I heard a sniffle. Had I done something wrong? I couldn't think of any reason she would have suddenly gotten so emotional.

"I, I'm sorry," I stammered. I heard another sniffle. "Are you okay?" I asked, not expecting an answer.

She nodded. I could feel her cheek on my face.

"I won't pressure you any more," I said, suddenly feeling bad, but not knowing exactly why.

She patted me on the head. I wasn't sure what she meant by that. Was that her way of telling me it was okay? Then, without warning, she broke the embrace. I felt her hands push the blindfold back into place over my eyes, then she gripped me by an elbow, turning me toward the center of the hall.

What was she planning to do with me now? I felt her tug downward on my elbow a little. I guessed she'd bent over to pick up her clothes, but couldn't be certain, then she pulled on my elbow, dragging me down the hall as she led the way, walking slightly in front of me.

Again, I imagined what a curious sight this would be if someone should happen to see. I was waddling down the hallway blindfolded with my pants and underwear around my ankles, hands bound behind my back, and my shirt stretched out over my arms. This, of course, was all topped off with my stiff little penis leading the way. Terrific.

"Wait," I insisted, trying to stop, but couldn't without the risk of falling flat on my face. "Where are we going?"

No answer. Waddling down the hall was a slow process, but surely, we'd passed my bedroom door by now. Where was she leading me? To the guest bedroom where the girls were sleeping? Or maybe to my sister's room? I hoped like hell she wasn't. What a horrible surprise that would be -- to wake my sister up with me standing in her doorway looking like I did now. I cringed at the thought.

She stopped me in the hall and turned me to the right. That was the side of the hall Linda's room was on! She couldn't be leading me in there! I was horrified, but kept quiet. I suppose it could have been worse. She could have guided me into the guest bedroom where all the other girls were.

The mystery girl stopped me somewhere inside the room, then guided me to the floor, pushing me onto the floor. When I was stretched out flat on my back, turned me over onto my stomach, then uncuffed one hand and rolled me over to handcuff my to a bedpost.

I still didn't know where I was when she climbed off of me. Whether I was in my room or my sister's room, I couldn't be sure. I heard her making noises throughout the room. What was she doing? She was moving from here to there, climbing over me a bit. I heard the sound of curtains opening or closing, I couldn't tell which. Then, she walked away from me and I heard the door snap shut, followed by silence.

Had she cuffed me to the bed and left me like this? What was the point in that? A grim reality struck me. Had she taken me to Linda's room and cuffed me to the bed just so Linda would discover me when she woke in the morning? How embarrassing that would be! I tried to push the thought out of my mind. I thought I heard something, but wasn't quite sure. I felt hands on my ankles, startling me back to reality. She hadn't left. She'd just been standing there.

Feminine hands pulled my shoes off, then my socks, and finally my pants and underwear. She'd laid me out on the floor and stripped the lower half of my body. My arms were still constrained with my hands cuffed over my head, though.

Then, she slithered up my body, covering me with her own naked flesh as she straddled me at the waist. Once again, her hands moved to my face, removing the blindfold from its place over my eyes.

Opening my eyes as widely as I could, I tried to focus on something, but there wasn't enough light to make out even the slightest of shapes. The room was completely black. Once again, I'd be forced to wait to confirm the identity of the mystery girl.

I don't know why I kept trying so hard to confirm what I already knew. This was Rachel. I was sure of it, but I still wanted a solid answer, despite all the evidence. I'd been wrong about it being Erin, but besides Rachel, who else could it be?

Leaving the blindfold pushed up on my forehead again, she kissed me gently between my eyebrows, then moved her mouth to kiss my lips. Her soft, sweet lips parted, pushing her delicate tongue into my mouth again, kissing me deeply as she inhaled forcefully.

I felt her lower body moving and squirming around my pelvis, then a connection was made. Her sex found mine in the dark.

"Oh..." I groaned as I felt her smooth wet folds slithering up and down the head of my cock. She wasn't allowing me to penetrate her, not just yet. Instead, she was teasing me by sliding her womanhood across my shaft repeatedly.

"Mmmm..." she responded with a muffled whisper, her voice too faint to be distinct.

I wished there was some light in the room, not just to see who it was. I still couldn't even tell where we were. It could have been my room, or was it Linda's? That was the least of my concerns. I'm a visual person. Imagining her shapely ass bobbing up and down as her pussy slid along the length of my cock was one thing, but I wanted to see it. I wanted to commit the vision to memory.

I wanted to see those nipples pressed flat into my chest as her breasts smashed against my body. I also wanted to be un-cuffed, so I could grip that firm ass in both hands and pull her down on my cock, but that wasn't the case. I wasn't the one in control here. I was still at her mercy. She dictated the actions. I was helpless to shape the experience in any real way.

Suddenly, I felt her delicate folds part, finally taking the head of my cock inside before engulfing my little cock with her warm, wet pussy. She withdrew slightly, sliding my cock out of her again, then back in slowly, making several strokes that had to be carefully calculated so my short cock wouldn't slip completely out of her, but she was delicate with me, at least up until now.

She sank down on top of me again, pressing my cock inside her as far as it would go, then pushed up with her hands on my chest to sit upright on her knees. In this position, she started riding me quickly, pressing her palms down onto my chest. Each time she slammed herself down on me, she exhaled a little puff of air that blew into my face and onto my chest.

Now, I imagined those sexy titties bouncing on her chest as her pussy swallowed my cock repeatedly. Her nipples had to have been jiggling up and down, maybe even making little circular motions as her breasts slammed together as she bounced up and down on my pelvis. I tried to move my hands from the bedpost so I could grip those breasts and squeeze them in my hands, but the handcuffs continued to hold me captive.

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