tagInterracial LoveSomalian Women Love White Dick!

Somalian Women Love White Dick!


The feel of his short but thick White dick sliding into my backdoor has me hypnotized. And I can't get enough of it. My name is Corral Lindenwood. A young Black woman of Somalian descent living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. And I am that rare Somalian sister who is secretly addicted to White cock. Just ask my boyfriend/co-worker Sean Gelling if you don't believe. The chubby, hairy French Canadian has me face down and ass up in the break room of the warehouse where he work security as he thrusts his cock deep into my asshole. And I am loving every minute of it.

Sean spanks my skinny Black ass as he fills my asshole with his cock. Man, I can't get enough of his unique brand of fucking. Sean is a Frenchman with a serious craving for Black pussy. That's more than okay by me because I've got a serious craving for White dick. Preferably Italian if you've got it. Sean is a far cry from the Italian lotharios I usually go for but he's okay. I'm not into Black guys. Never have been. I've always been into White guys. Ever since I could remember. Being a skinny, dark-skinned young Black woman from the deeply conservative Muslim community of Ottawa hasn't made my sex life any easier. However, I'm having a lot more fun now that I moved out of my mother's house.

Sean cusses me as he fucks me in the ass. He's not the most racially sensitive guy in the world. At work he's always talking trash about women and minorities. Although this may surprise you, Sean's comments about women and minorities don't bother me one bit. In fact, just the opposite. They actually turn me on. You see, I am into race play. I love to be sexually dominated with a racial element involved. Having a White guy call me by certain politically incorrect terms while dominating me sexually turns me on. Yes, I am turned on by that kind of thing. I like bossy White men. I often fantasize about what it would be like to be the Black female slave of a White male slave owner in modern times. Especially if he's a horny bastard who craves Black pussy.

Anyhow, where was I? Oh, yeah. I was telling you about how my boyfriend and fellow security officer Sean Gelling fucked me in the ass so hard, he nearly broke my damn booty. I mean, my asshole was well-lubricated but he fucked me so hard it hurt. And you know what? I loved every minute of it. Sean pulled off my hijab and yanked my short, tough and stringy hair as he slammed his thick White cock deep inside my asshole. I am screaming my lungs out as Sean's cock slides even deeper into my asshole. Ladies and gentlemen, I am addicted to the feel of White dick in my asshole and if loving it is wrong then this proud Somalian slut definitely doesn't want to be right. Sean fucks my ass until he cums, blasting his load deep inside my asshole. I scream even louder as I feel his hot cum flood my asshole.

Man, I am so stunned I am actually dazed. I am panting and sweaty as Sean pulls his big White cock out of my asshole. The big French Canadian smirks as he flips me on my back. He tells me to look at him as he jerks off. I lick my lips. He's big and hairy, and not very tall. Not most women's ideal of masculine beauty but to me he is like a god. Yes, I love my hairy, mean-spirited and bigoted, short and stocky White stud. He totally does it for me. I'd choose him over Denzel Washington or Brad Pitt any day. I really like short, hairy French Canadian men. Sean jerks off all over me, and his cum rains all over my glistening dark brown skin. I take his cum in my hands and bring it to my fingers. I lick it. Then I smear his White cum all over my very dark skin. What an awesome picture it paints. And we're both loving it.

I kneel before Sean Gelling and take his short, thick White cock into my mouth. I begin sucking his dick like my life depends on it. He barks orders at me, and cusses me as I suck his dick. He calls me a damn dirty Black whore, a no-good Somalian slut and a towel head. Words that would offend most Black women and definitely any Muslim women. However, they really turn me on because, like I told you before, I am into race play. I suck Sean's cock and balls. They taste magically delicious to me. I can taste my ass on Sean's cock since he just pulled it out of my asshole mere minutes ago. What an awesome taste. I lick his dick clean. And when I am done, he sighs in pleasure. He tells me that I would have made an awesome Black female slave in the old days. I grin and tell him that he would have made an awesome White male slave owner if times were different. A bright idea runs through my head.

Sean pulls me into his arms. I propose something to him. Why don't we play this game all the time? Nothing would make me happier than to be his Black female slave all day and every day. Sean looks at me, surprised. He clearly likes the idea but he has to think about it. He makes up his mind. He agrees. That night, I move into Sean's house. He collars me and brands his name on me. I am his now. Forever. I will cook and clean for him. I won't ever leave the house. I will never disobey his orders. And I will never yearn for freedom. I relinquish all of my worldly goods and ambitions. Why? Because serving my Master is the only thing that makes me happy. And I'm a strong Black woman!

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