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Some Days are Diamonds



Almost to work and I realized I forgot my fucking pass, and my wallet! Just what I fucking need not only will I be late to work because I have to go back home to get my card and wallet but my "loving wife" will get another chance to point out another of my many short comings.

For some time now my relationship with my wife "Darla" had been very strained to say the least. I could not remember the last time we "made love" we have had a couple of very quick and, in my opinion, un-satisfying fucks over the last several months but we had not had what I would call a satisfying sex life in about a year

It wasn't just our sex life that had gone in the tank either. It seemed like nothing I did (or didn't do) met with Darla's approval any more.

Up until about a year ago our life together had been like a dream come true. We have been married for eight years and had been madly in love (and lust) almost since we met. Even having two kids, Jody six and Mark four, hadn't seemed to slow us down. We got it on at least four times a week and it wasn't just me having to initiate sex, Darla came after me almost as often as I went after her, and it was great! She loved to give me head and went wild when I went down on her. She was up for most any kind of sex most any time, the only exception being anal, she said it hurt to much the few times we tried it.

But that all came to a screeching halt between six and eight months ago. At first it was just that she seemed a little less enthusiastic whenever I wanted sex, she wouldn't turn me down but just seemed like it had suddenly become a chore she had to do rather than something she looked forward to.

Over several months the sex and closeness just got less and less. I thought that it was just a phase she was going through and that it would blow over given time and lots of hugs but it just kept getting worse until now its like living in an armed camp.

When I tried to talk to her about it and see if there was something I could do to perhaps take some of the load off her around the house she got hostile alternately saying I was being critical of her and then complaining about how little I do around the house. When I tried to point out that I was offering to do more she just got more hostile claiming I was trying to start a fight.

Last night I had tried once more to talk to her about what seemed to be going wrong in our relationship we were sitting in the family room with the TV on, the kids had been put to bed and she seemed reasonably relaxed and mellow so I said:

"Honey can we talk for a few minutes?"

"What now Jim?", Clearly she felt it would be a dis-agreeable chore.

"Honey we need to get our relationship back on track" "All we have done for the last several months is fight, and I don't know how much more of this I can take. I get the feeling that you think maybe I have been fooling around on you. At least you seem to be acting the way I think you would if you thought I was doing something like that."

I could see she was shocked by what I said but instead of using it as a way for us to start to re-establish some sort of communications she went into attack mode "How can you say that" she said " We are doing no differently now than we ever have. You are just looking for another fight, as usual!"

"I'm not looking for a fight!, I'm trying to figure out why we have not been getting along for the last several months. I want to get to the bottom of what I see as a problem and try to fix whatever the problem is! Frankly I think we need to get into counseling"

"There is no problem! The only problem here is that you see problems where there are none, I'm getting sick and tired of all your shit!"

"Well lets see if there is no problem then why is it that we have gone from making love four or five times a week to once in the last two months. Why is it that I practically had to rape you that once, when you used to come after me for sex almost as often as I came after you? We used to sit together on the bench in the back yard watching our kids with your head on my shoulder and our arms around each other now if I come out there you get up and leave, You don't seem to be able to stand to be in the same room with me. Our Happy Home is more like an armed camp"

"I have no idea what the hell you're talking about, nothing has changed. If anyone needs to be in counseling around here its you, I certainly don't need it!" At this point she stood and stormed out of the room a moment later I heard the sound of our bedroom door slamming.

I wish I could say I was shocked by her outburst but in fact I was not. This had been her normal reaction to any attempt by me to get any kind of communication going for the last couple of months.

I sat there for a while contemplating the train wreck my, once perfect, life had become. "What the hell is going on" I thought "Is she having some kind of a breakdown?", "Am I?"

I began to think about what I had said about the possibility of her thinking I was having an affair and the thought occurred to me that maybe she was the one cheating. But from everything I had ever heard the woman who has an affair tries to hide it by being extra loving to her cuckolded hubby, not by being a complete bitch the way Darla was being Unless of course she is getting back at him for screwing around, but I thought I had that covered when I asked if she thought I was having an affair..

After several hours of contemplation I was no closer to a solution than I had been before. The only thing I did decide was that I would see what I could do about getting into counseling myself maybe that would help me to better understand what was going on. I actually felt much better as I headed upstairs to bed at least I would be taking a step toward some kind of resolution albeit a small one. When I got upstairs I found my toiletries and a change of clothing on the floor outside our bedroom and upon trying the door found it locked. I was actually relieved, I wasn't looking forward to sleeping in the same cold bed as Darla anyway. I went into the guest room got undressed and went to bed.

That was last night. This morning I got up early and left the house before anyone had gotten up. I usually get the kids up and take Mark to day care leaving Darla to take Jody to school on her way to work. Today I felt like just getting away as early as possible so I got up before dawn, picked up a breakfast meal at Mc Donald's and took it out by the lake where I watched the sun come up. It felt really good to do something I had always enjoyed and not worry about what Darla would think or how mad she would be at me for leaving her to deal with the kids.

As I watched the sunrise I came to realize that in some strange way Darla and I had reached a kind of cusp in our relationship. I had decided that from now on I would take care of myself and Darla would just have to take care of herself, I would still take care of her financially as my wife but she would no longer come first as a matter of fact she would come fourth after the kids and me.

It was with a much lighter heart that I left the lake and began my drive to work. I resolved that I would do things like this more often and also make sure that I got the kids out to enjoy nature much more from now on.

As I drove I thought some more about last nights decision to seek counseling and decided that it was still a good idea. As an Air traffic controller I make really good money and have very good benefits so there will be no problem paying for it. And who knows it might actually help the relationship. It sure couldn't hurt!

As I neared the control center and started digging for my ID I realized I had left my wallet and ID sitting on the dresser in the guest bedroom. I hadn't missed the wallet when I got breakfast because I keep several dollars in the console of my truck so I don't have to dig for my wallet in the drive thru lane. But now I did need the ID to get in to work. They have gotten really tight about the security of air traffic control centers since 9-11 so I would have to have a least my drivers licence and that was in my wallet. I was really upset for a few minutes then I started to think about the things I had decided this morning and cheered right up. I called my boss and told him I would be taking one of my personal days off because I had some "personal problems" to deal with, He wasn't real happy but it wasn't that big a deal either.

I turned around and headed for home. As I drove I got to thinking some more and decided that I would get my ID and wallet and just take off for the day and do whatever I felt like, maybe head into the mountains and go for a hike or go to the amusement park and ride the roller coaster.

When I turned onto our street I noticed a strange car in our drive and for a moment all my good feelings from this morning evaporated but then I thought "hey it could be something totally innocent lets not borrow trouble and even if it is something bad I have already decided that the one's I need to take care of are me and the kids and Darla is Darla's worry".

I was half expecting the worst when I opened the door but I have to admit my new attitude was sorely tested by what I found.

I parked at the curb (the strange car was parked crooked taking up the whole driveway) and walked up to the front door. As I entered I found Jody in the living room playing a video game.

"Why aren't you in school?" I inquired "and where are your mother and brother?"

"Mark was here a second ago" said Jody " and mom is upstairs with her friend"

"Is that her friends car in the driveway?"

"I don't know daddy"

"Ok you wait here and I'll take you to school in a minute" I said, I looked in the kitchen and family room for Mark not seeing him I started for the stairs.

As I neared the top of the stairs I heard the sounds of lust in progress from the master bed room, a male voice groaned and then I heard him say " Oh baby that feels so good!"

As my head came to the level of the floor so that I could see down the hall I saw Mark standing in front of the open door to the master bedroom, His eyes were as big as saucers as he stared into the bedroom with his mouth hanging open in amazement.

I rushed the rest of the way up the stairs and down the hall to my son. I'm not sure what told me to do it, but I pulled my new cell phone out of my shirt pocket and used its camera function to take pictures of Mark as I strode toward him and also took pictures of what I saw when I looked into the master bedroom.

Picking him up and holding his face to my shoulder I turned and looked through the bedroom door at what he had been watching. On our marriage bed my wife lay on her back her legs spread obscenely to give the man kneeling between her legs complete access to her cunt.

The main thing that caught my attention was the wedding and engagement rings I had placed on her finger as she gripped his hairy ass pulling him in to her cunt and urging him on she began to chant "Harder baby Harder! Fuck me as hard as you can! I love having your cock in my juicy cunt! Make me your whore! I want all of that dick stuck up my horny snatch!"

I made sure that the rings were in the middle of the picture as I snapped away with my cell phone camera.

I briefly considered rushing in there and beating the crap out of them both but then I thought of the two kids that would be witness to that confrontation and decided that now would not be a good time.

I also realized that I had already come to terms with my feelings for my wife and that all this did was move her further (MUCH FURTHER) down my list of people who mattered to me So I decided that my first priority should be to get both my kids out of there and to a place where they would be protected from her.

I grabbed both kids and headed out the door.

I hadn't thought Darla saw me in the bedroom but as I turned the corner I saw her in the rear view mirror as she ran out the door and into the middle of the street all she had on was a robe that was streaming out behind her as she ran so she was basically naked for all the world to see.

I took the kids to my sisters house. From my point of view this was an good choice because my sister had a child of her own, a daughter 12, who just loved both my kids and would love to help her mom take care them thus minimizing the impact on my sister who would not see it as a particular chore to have my kids anyway, she just loved them too.

It also had another advantage and that was my wife did not know my sister and her husband had just this week moved back to town, when his company promoted him and moved him back to Sacramento from Denver. I had tried to tell Darla about it but she had cut me off saying she didn't give a shit about my sister before I could tell her more than that I had news about my sister. Funny they used to be good friends, it was my sister who introduced us.

I was surprised when I arrived at my sisters house as she wasn't home but Cristy her daughter was. Cristy explained that Katherine had gone to the store, and that she had delayed her return to school for a week to help her mom set up their new household. Cristy is an honor student and is so far ahead of her class that missing a week or two would not make much difference. When Katherine arrived home I asked Cristy to take my kids out in the backyard while I told my sister that I needed her to watch my kids for a few days while I took care of "personal" business. My cell phone rang and looking at I cursed under my breath and turned it off, it was Darla calling from the home phone.

Katherine poured us each a mug of coffee and said "Sit" Pointing to the kitchen table and the chairs pulled up to it

She took a seat across from me at the table and said "OK now spill it, I can see that something very serious is going on and I want to know what it is!"

We talked for almost an hour and I told her all that had been going on between my wife and I, what I had decided this morning, and what I had found at home just a short time ago.

Katherine sat there in shock for what seemed like several minutes. "OK I will watch them for as long as you need me too. Does Darla have my number and is she likely to come looking for them here? " She asked.

"Darla does not even know you guys are back in town! I started to tell her when you told me you where coming back, but she cut me off saying she 'didn't give a shit'"

Katherine was shocked by this revelation. She and Darla had been really close when Katherine and her husband Bob had lived close to us before Bob took a promotion and transfer to Denver three years ago. Now that they had returned she had expected to pick up where they left off. And they would have, before Darla's change in attitude.

Katherine shook it off and said "You will be staying here too, Your kids need as much stability as possible and the only way for that to happen is for you to be with them as much as you can while this shit is going on!"

Katherine said "Go hug your kids then take care of your business and we will see you when you are done. Meanwhile Christy and I and your kids will figure out who is going to be sleeping where!" and she grinned, grabbed me and gave me a hug.

I hugged my kids and Christy, told them I loved them and headed out, first stop the Bank. I took half of the money out of our savings and checking accounts and opened new ones in my name only.

I checked the messages on my cell phone's voice mail and found only one. It was from Darla and consisted of lots of cussing me out and threats about what "her friends" would do to me if I didn't return "her" kids "right now you asshole". Nothing about the fact that I caught her fucking some asshole in our bed with our kids in the house and no apology for her actions.I checked the missed calls list and saw no other calls from her it was almost like she made the one call because she thought she was supposed to do something like that then forgot it, she had gone throuh the motions she was supposed to so she didn't need to do more.

Sitting in my truck in the parking lot I called all the credit card companies using the phone numbers on the cards and tried to close the accounts. One bank gave me trouble because we had a balance, which surprised me because we had always payed the cards in full every month and had always talked over purchases before buying anything on credit, but of course Darla was the one who handled the household accounts.

I was able to have Darla's name taken off the account. Then I had them fax me a copy of the outstanding charges to Kinko's.. After seeing them I called back and had all the statements for the last year sent to the same Kinko's.

What those statements showed shocked and saddened me. It was apparent that Darla had been meeting someone at one motel or another at least once a week for the last six months. I also noted another pattern. At first the motels had been nice (The Marriot for example) and the meetings only once a week. But as time went on the frequency increased (last week it was four times) and the quality went down (Motel 6 and another name I thought was a flop house downtown). The thought occurred to me that she must be hard up because she was paying for the rooms instead of making the guy pay.

Then I started looking for an attorney. My grandmother had recently passed away and I am in line for a rather substantial inheritance. So I called the attorney for the estate and he recommended a fellow named Ralph Edwards.

I called Ralph's office and explained my situation to the secretary and she told me to come in right away and she would squeeze me in.

Ralph's office was only a few blocks away so I arrived in just minutes

"Wow that was quick!" Sheila, Ralph's secretary said as she introduced herself saying that it would be a few minutes as Ralph was with a client. Sheila showed me to a seat and offered me coffee

I told her I would love some coffee and as she turned and walked to the coffee maker I found myself admiring the view of her almost perfect ass in a short tight skirt. She poured me a cup of coffee and half turned looking over her shoulder asked if I wanted cream or sugar. She had to ask twice as I was almost in a trance admiring her body in that half turned profile. She smiled and kind of chuckled as I stammered out "just black thank you"

Sheila brought my coffee over to me but instead of handing it to me she bent from the waist and placed it on the table next to the chair I was sitting in. As she did this the front of the peasant blouse she wore fell away giving me a perfect view of her fabulous bra encased tits. Without standing up she looked up at me catching me staring down her blouse. With a tremendous effort I tore my eyes from the view down her blouse and looked up finding her looking me strait in the eye, and then she smiled, not just any smile, this was a smile to die for.

Sheila's expression suddenly changed she frowned, straitened up turned, quickly stepped to her desk and sat down heavily, she was blushing as she looked across the desk at me and stammered "I'm so sorry! That was totally un-professional of me. I don't know what came over me, I know you must be going through a real tough time right now and I had no business throwing myself at you like that, Please accept my most humble apology!"

I really looked at her for the first time taking in the whole package instead of lusting over the good parts (Her Tits and ass) which I must admit are more than just good. What I saw was a very beautiful woman. Sheila is about 32 years old and stands 5 ft 8in tall with a figure that would make a 20 year old "Hoty" green with envy. I estimated her measurements at 38-25-36 her face is oval shaped with hazel eyes that you could just get lost in, a pixie nose and sensual lips over a chin that is just strong enough to add character. All this is topped by a wonderful mane of auburn hair. In short an exceedingly gorgeous woman faced me across her desk with an extremely distressed expression on her face.

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