tagErotic CouplingsSomething for Teacher

Something for Teacher

byRichard Crawford©

The prelude is non-fiction, the conclusion my own fantasy.

* * * * *

My last year of teaching Monica was about to end, as was my friendship with her attractive mother. How often had we stood just a little too close to each other, my bright blue eyes looking just a moment too long into her warm brown ones? After graduation there would be no reason for our frequent chats in my classroom and I found myself fantasizing about a finale to our mutual sexual attraction.

The attraction was quite physical and quite powerful, but not in the sense that either of us were movie stars. An erotic chemistry struck me every time we shared a laugh, which was often. Her large eyes narrowed as our minds connected, sending a tingle rippling down my spine. Sincere laughter cascaded easily from her mouth at my silly quips and she had a habit of lightly touching my arm with her fingertips that drove me crazy. Her brunette hair hung almost to her shoulders, neither long and sexy or short and cute…so why did I long to run my fingers through it? Julie pushed me beyond traditional views of women, creating an eroticism that expanded beyond trite into something that pulsed through my body with reality.

Julie appeared to be a bit older than I, perhaps around forty, though her husband seemed much older. He was also rather out of shape, causing my scheming mind to wonder if Julie had been made love to properly lately. And if she would like to be.

Their daughter had come a long way academically as well as socially, and I was proud to have been a key in this development. Each year I had connected solidly with the entire family, so it felt weird to think about Julie this way, but nonetheless I did. At first my desire for her touched me rarely, but each time we laughed, touched, or spoke I grew more greedy.

I appreciated the way she dressed in simple elegant clothes. She worked for Seagate technologies, in middle management. I loved the way Julie’s body pressed nicely into even her "proper" outfits, hips and breasts drawing my hungry eyes right through the sensible double layers of cotton. I had never been one to focus on a body--it was always Julie’s eyes that held me--but her body was full and lovely, and I found my fantasies involving more than a kiss. I sensed that her thoughts had drifted in this direction, too, and considered my options. Usually by the time a woman’s intentions became clear to my muddy mind, they were intense. I hoped this was the case with Julie, because my next day’s actions were to be extreme.

The next day arrived bringing with it fears, doubts, and a thinly fabricated reason for an appointment with Julie (supposedly about homework concerns.) Both of us knew that there were no homework problems, but when I asked if 6 pm was too late, she murmured, " Not at all." I melted into her gentle brown eyes, mentally communicating that I was glad we could meet alone, after even the janitors had left.

After school I scoured the science lab until even the mouse cages smelled good! The white counter almost sparkled and the beakers shone crystal clear in the setting sunlight. The caterpillars the students had raised, recently emerged as Monarch butterflies, fanned their moist wings and outside the blooming flower garden buzzed with the butterflies’ wild cousins. I smiled at the final effect. The atmosphere matched my mood: alive and wild with emotion. I felt breathless with anticipation and an uncharacteristic confidence.

At that moment I heard the door squeak open, "Tomas?" she called (Julie and I had been on a first name basis for years.) She spotted me by the mini-rainforest terrarium and smiled a greeting. I grinned back and met her at a black lab table to discuss her daughter. We sat side by side and began to discuss the non-existent problem with Monica. As I had known, the lab tables were a bit small, pushing us together as we spoke. The proximity of her face affected me and I found myself mentally tracing the sculpted edges of her lips. The sounds of her voice faded as if a heavy fog had descended on us, and I could not take my eyes from the way her lips formed words.....she would love tonight.....my mind snapped back to reality, generating a vague oral response.

Julie was dressed in a smart looking, double-breasted blazer and I let my eyes linger on her form as we talked. I wanted her to "catch" me, so my glances were too often and too long to be coincidental, but fell short of socially unacceptable. She saw me look. She didn’t say a word, but I felt her eyes scan my body in return and then felt my body respond. Overtly my body did nothing, but my soul arched its back, closed its eyes, and purred.

I had dressed carefully for this meeting, seeking to bring her lust to the surface, but also knowing that anything too blatant might scare her off. So I had chosen my "coach look", even though there had not been practice today. White shorts to show off my legs and a robin’s egg blue sport shirt to bring out my eyes. The shorts were on the short side, but I wore them regularly to school so she would not think them out of the ordinary. However, feeling wicked an hour earlier, I had removed my underwear; I felt so free and sexy as the breeze blew in the door and over my naked thighs. I had undone one extra button on my shirt, normal after a hard workout, and my current cologne, "Woods", had replaced the scent of sweat. I felt athletic, desirable, and wonderfully confident. In my mind grew the image of Julie and I making love, and I knew, crystal clear, that the night was tonight. My flirting became less subtle.

We joked and giggled like high school kids, forgetting about her daughter and allowing our bouncy mood to engulf us. In the euphoria of laughter it was easy to allow our knees to touch, or to lay a hand on the other’s arm. As I noticed for the hundredth time how her eyes crinkled when she laughed, I felt a surge of romance blend with my lust and stopped laughing. I also noticed how her nipples stood out from underneath her blouse. We looked at each other and there was a eternal pause, lasting perhaps two seconds.

With one sudden move, I hooked her neck with my right hand and brought her lips to mine. Her eyes flew open wide and she grunted shock and disapproval as her hands went to my chest. She released a groan of resistance even as her lips went soft, moving under mine. Her hands pressed on my chest, pushing me back and she managed to pull her lips away.

"Julie…don’t you want…?" I whispered, lips just an inch from hers.

"Tomas! Stop it! It doesn’t matter what I want...." she trailed off, looking down. If her words were intended to cool me off, it backfired. All I heard was the "what I want..." and I kissed her again, smoothly, confidently. This time her throat moaned approval and her lips parted, allowing my tongue to play inside her hot mouth. Her hands remained stubbornly upon my chest, at first vainly struggling to push, then just holding me away. My mind remained steady enough to tease her with my kiss, my tongue exploring. She dodged my tongue, then hesitantly touched its tip, then shared the wet touch and I felt her hands weaken, sliding over my chest and onto my back. My kisses seduced her into bringing her slim arms around my neck until she was pulling me tight, kissing me openly.

Julie stopped kissing me suddenly, and struggled to regain her composure. I could see her eyes focus on some remote point on the wall, then lose focus again as she struggled. She breathed deeply and hard. I hesitated, momentarily paralyzed with confusion. She grabbed onto my forearms and pushed me away from her. Still holding my arms, she leaned her forehead onto my chest, closing her eyes. Again I just stood there, wondering what she would do next. My lips brushed her hair and its scent drifted over me sweetly. I was ready to grab her and stop this dizzy silence with another long, hard kiss but just then she straightened. She looked me in the eyes and said, "Tomas, no. No! N– O, I can't do this. I've wanted to for so long, but I just can't…" And with that, she turned quickly and walked out of the lab.

I was crushed! I had been so sure of myself, and I was so wrong! I had never imagined that Julie would reject me, but she had been decisive in action if not in emotion.

Later that night, lying in bed, I schemed. I imagined Julie in her own bed, naked, thinking of our kisses and shifting her body. This must happen between us! At the same time her rejection burned deep, making me hesitant to be aggressive again. Too nervous to confront her alone, I chose to simply create a situation and see what happened.

I decided to call a meeting of several of my brightest student's parents, in preparation for high school. This group of kids would be going into the accelerated science track, and the parents would surely welcome some advice from their child's middle school science teacher. There was so much I could actually help them with, that I decided that my scheme would be beneficial to them as well as to my plan! I put together several visual aids, a plan for a 30 minute meeting, and composed a letter to invite the small group of parents.

The evening was to begin at 7:00 PM, and as I got showered and dressed I suddenly wondered if Julie might show up with her husband, and all my scheming would be in vain! I showered and worried, dressed and worried, drove to school and worried. I told myself that it did not matter, that she would want to bring her husband to keep me distant. I reminded myself that despite her interest, her decision had been clear. As I arrived, I noticed Julie's car was parked already and she was emerging from the driver's seat alone. Whew!

Tonight she wore a denim skirt and a white silk blouse, a casual yet clingy outfit. I followed her inside, admiring her shape once again, wistfully wishing that her skirt had been chosen just for me. The others were already in my classroom when we arrived, settling into the most comfortable lab chairs they could find.

I made my presentation, and everyone seemed to be genuinely grateful for my care and concern. As they prepared to leave, I handed each parent a packet of information, which included a syllabus from their high school science team, several published study guides, and a personal note from me. Everyone shook my hand as they left. Julie was the last one leave. As I shook her hand, we smiled to each other and I felt a slip of paper in my palm. I was mildly confused until she murmured, "Tomas, read the note." I paused, looked down at the paper in her hand, and read --

Tomas, I apologize if I offended you the other night. I did not want to upset you or make you angry in any way. Can you stay a while, so we can talk about this?

I looked at Julie, then out into the courtyard, biting my lip subconsciously. Everyone had left, leaving us alone in the room. It was still light outside, but growing darker by the minute as she took my hand and walked out the back door into the garden. She looked back at me and casually said, "Twilight is my favorite time of day..." I stepped closer to her, and she dropped the packet of papers onto my desk and turned to face me. Gently, I took her hands in mine and gazed into her eyes. No words were spoken -- none were needed. Our bodies glided together and we shared a soft warm kiss of flickering passion. We pressed closer together, wrapping our arms around each other and breathing heavily as we continued kissing. Suddenly, the fuse that connected us ignited and I moved my tongue to her lips, tracing their soft contours seductively. I took her full lower lip between my teeth and gripped it firmly, tonguing the soft flesh. Her fingers found my cheek, at first gently, then clutching my hair and drawing me even closer. The role of aggressor passed between us until it did not matter. Time stood still. The sparks of passion turned into raging flames.

At last I stopped kissing Julie long enough to catch a breath. We panted together silently, until I murmured, "Is it just when we meet, or are your nipples always hard?"

Silenced by my bravado, she gaped, then spoke, "You noticed?"

"Yes, always..."

Julie walked slowly away, back into the lab where we had so often talked. She leaned against my oak desk, nipples protruding from white silk. Her eyes closed in desire as she admitted, "Every time I am with you.....it happens. "

"How lovely of you, Julie," I teased with a smile, "Are you wet for me, Julie?"

"Tomas!" she gasped in shock. She leaned back against a lab table for balance.

I waited. She would tell me. She looked me, then away.

Quietly, "Tomas, yes............"

"Julie," I said with a low, steady voice, "I'm going to seduce you tonight. I’m going to romance you, make love to you, fuck you and suck you like you’ve never had it before." Julie shivered, and looked down at the ground, but did not respond verbally.

I reached a hand toward her blouse, slipping it inside to cup a breast, letting my thumb tease her erect nipple. I sensed her last bit of hesitancy, and swore to dissolve it with my touch. She stood motionless except for a subtle shaking until I rubbed more insistently. Finally she reached her hand out and slid it behind my neck--how long had she dreamed of doing that?--making my heart melt. I was hers. I pulled gently on her nipples, hearing and feeling her moans of approval. Julie’s lips parted and moved to mine, open, free of all resistance. My free hand found hers and brought it under my shirt to my own nipples. "Do what I do," I urged. Her hand was soft and skilled, and for a moment I paused my own actions, feeling the pinch of her fingers and the caress of her tongue. My mind swam in heat, then recovered.

My fingers played every possible touch on her breasts and nipples, calmly recording each response until I had a catalog of erotic preferences to choose from. I found the combinations of squeezes, flicks, and caresses that she liked best and repeated the pattern over and over until her hands could no longer imitate mine and her mouth simply allowed my kisses. At last she cried out, and I took that as my cue to grab her shirt and rip it off, sending buttons everywhere. I pulled her tightly to my heaving chest seeking the bra hook at her back, but getting lost in the sensation of her silky skin. At least I unhooked it. Her bra fell and she stood before me topless and panting with excitement.

In her eyes I saw silent raging desire. I walked behind her almost casually, removing my eyes -- and with them, the message that I knew she wanted this even more than I did. I admired her from behind, enjoying the sight of her heavily panting form. She ached for me, but stood hypnotized with lustful submission. I stepped close enough for her feel my body heat as one finger traced a tickly line of fire down her spine. She took a breath and started to turn, but I denied her this pleasure by slipping my arms around her waist. As I had hoped, she slumped over the lab table, giving in to the needs of her body, swaying her ass before me ever slow slowly. "Oh, Tomas.....just do it.....before I try to stop you."

"I’m not wearing any underwear," I teased as I slowly lowered my zipper, hoping she could hear the sound of each tooth and imagine the sight of my cock, still unseen and unfelt. At last I felt the cool air, but only for a moment before I daringly pressed my erection against Julie’s ass. Her meticulously pressed skirt had been subdued by the wet excitement of the woman underneath, and she ground her ass shamelessly against my cock. Her moans began as tiny sounds in the back of her throat, but built as I continued to rub against her. My hands found the button on her jeans and lowered them, and to my surprise I saw that Julie was also naked underneath! I heard her whispering, as if trying to fight the feelings but still totally lost in them...."fuck me....fuck me...fuck me!" Her hips moved enticingly and I felt myself losing my ability to think; God, I wanted her!

I brought my hand between her legs and stroked steadily over her mound. I circled her clit, then slipped a finger inside...then two fingers. Fluttering. Fucking.

When she seemed at her limit of frustration, I removed my fingers and touched her entrance with my cock. My penis was so full and ready.....it found her entrance and entered easily. My wet fingers moved up to her lips and she obediently licked them, then sucked them, then sucked them hard, moaning. I felt wonderfully powerful as I teased and fucked this willing woman. I shifted my hips forward allowing deeper thrusts into her, holding her firmly with my arm around her waist. Her mouth sucked harder on my fingers, her tongue flicking between them as I pressed deeper into her. I swear that my cock grew as it entered her silky wet pussy! At last my hips met her naked ass.

There in the lab I fucked her as I had so often dreamed. With her hair hanging damply on her neck, she lowered her head and fucked me back. She adored the thickness of my raging erection filling her and felt nothing but the joining of our bodies between her legs. I felt a rush of power as I caught our reflection and pounded her dominantly.

The calm part of my mind searched for the right power and speed to please Julie’s cunt and upon finding it I fucked her unmercifully. I tossed my curls back and groaned with desire and excitement as I pistoned in and out. Julie moved with me, but I felt her submission and reveled in it. I kissed her gently behind the ear and asked, "Do you like this Julie?" She did not respond, so I teased more, "I think you love being taken like this, like an animal. I think you want me to come inside you....am I wrong? Tell me, lover, you will love telling me...."

She fought the words, only her body telling me it was all true. I nibbled her ear and whispered my demand again, punctuating each word with quick thrusts of my hips until I felt her unsettled mind surrender.

"Oh.....OH! Tomas, yes.....I love it!! Fuck me, oh FUCK me!! Oooooooooo......Tomas!"

"It felt good to say that, didn’t it, Julie? Soooo close now.......what will send you over?" She was panting hard now. "Is it the knowledge that I am just what you need? That you love this more than anything your husband can do to you? That this is totally wrong, and totally hot because of that?" Her whimpers filled my ears and my cock filled her pussy. Harder, rougher. "Or could it be that even though this is wrong, you will come back for more....you will crave Tomas again and we will do this again......is that what really turns you on, Julie?"

That did it. Her body lurched and she released a deep, heart-felt groan of pure lust. I felt her inner muscles contract and somehow she found the composure to reach between our legs and stroke my balls tenderly. My body reacted instinctively to the way she touched me, exploding inside her as I released the controlled lust I had felt for months.

"Oh, Julie.....!!"

the sweating

"God, Tomas, YES! Oh, you fuck me so good"

biting her neck, tasting her skin

"Julie......so hot inside you, lover"

The slightest hint of perfume

"you get to me.......I will come back; I must have more of you"

soft inner thighs

"Baby......I can’t take any more!!"




We recovered together, finally coming down to earth enough to laugh at our state of partial dress. We swore that this would never happen again, but before she left I kissed her, opening my mouth in invitation. I smiled when I felt her tongue enter my mouth tentatively, the urgently. I broke the kiss abruptly and made eye contact again as I teasingly whispered, "I can have you anytime I like, can't I lover?"

She gaped at me in frightful desire, and rushed out of the room…wet between her legs, I am sure.

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