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Something Horrid


Halloween night is the night that the nightmares are made from. I can remember it as if it were yesterday. I was twenty-one-years old and in college and I accepted odd jobs. I was booked by the Carroll's who would be out most of the evening. I took the three girls out trick or treating through the neighborhood. One of the neighbors gave me a story to read and ask that I would pass it onto another person.*smiling at you*

That's right I picked you to be the next one. I got the girls all tucked into bed and then called my boyfriend to come over. I removed my bra and just had on my T-shirt and thong when he arrived he was dressed up in a devil costume.

It wasn't long before he had me down on the couch sticking that big huge cock deep inside my wet pussy. He plunged his huge thing deep into my creamy, throbbing pussy. His cock was throbbing so hard I thought he would rip my pussy apart. My pussy loved how rough he was and my tits wanted him to bite them even harder. My hips were rubbing harshly against his pelvis. I was trying to get that hot fucking lust full feeling that makes me moan and purr like a kitten. Suddenly our bodies were rocking hard as we began to climax and I bit down on his shoulder so hard I drew blood. We laid there for just a few minutes when he got a call on his cell phone that is when he told me he had to leave.

I turned off the television and just turned on a reading light by the couch and began to read the story. It was in New England where a group of young people went camping on Halloween. It was three girls and three guys. They put their tents up, built a camp fire and toasted hot dogs and marshmallows as they told their spooky stories. They began to drink beer and were having a great time scaring one another. Soon it was Mindy's turn to tell her tale.

" Late one night there was a young woman who was walking home late one night. She had only a few blocks to go before she was safe inside her house. A sound like twigs were breaking under someone's feet caught her attention. She walked faster and faster until those feet caught up to her and a man brutally attacked her. He left her broken body on the side of the road as dead. Mindy with her last bit of energy was able to crawl home. She could hardly knock on the door, she was so weak from losing of her blood. Their dog Max heard her and began barking until her father opened the door.

To his horror it was his only baby girl laying at his feet, her blood was gurgling up into her throat. Her father let out a loud howl like an animal who had been wounded. Max licked his best friend's face. Her father took her into his arms and rocked back and forth with her as he cried pushing her bloody hair from her face. Max lay beside them whimpering. Her father looked into her swollen blue eyes.

"What did this to you my baby girl?" He asked her as he cried hysterically.

"The ugliest man I ever saw Poppy. The book is in my room poppy burn it, please it's cursed. You'll find it on my bed. It said seven days after I read the story something horrible would happen to me. It was placed at the very end of the book. Poppy today was the seventh day." She told him as her eyes closed and her soul left her body.

The next day the father went into the room and saw the book his daughter warned him about. He picked up the book shaking his head as his grief consumed him. Max lay outside the bedroom door acting as if he were scared to enter it. What could be so dangerous about a simple book? A book cannot do anything to you. I do not believe this book is cursed. He began to flip through the pages when the phone rang. It was Missy Greens mother, her daughter was in serious condition at Memorial. Her car went out of control. Missy blames the book she loaned to his daughter. She wanted to know if the book was still in the house?

"What was the name of it?" He asked her and was nearly floored when she told him. "Please, please repeat that name again?" He asked almost in a whisper.

"Something Horrid" She told him just before the line went dead.

***Warning! Reading this story will cause something to happen to you. Something horrid will come to you in seven days after you read this story. Read at your own risk!***

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