Something New Ch. 12


Max saw how far Ember intended to move the flames, and he sent a warning out to Christian and Keisha as well. A moment later, the entire mountainside looked like a forest fire, except that nothing was burning, except for shadows.

Max could feel the drain on their combined strength, but he held nothing back, knowing this was currently the most important thing to Lisa's safety. It wasn't long before Ember had cleared the entire mountainside, and the flames disappeared as if they'd never been.

"I wonder how many alien sightings are going to be reported after that," Max commented tiredly to Ember, as he reached into whatever reserves he had left. Unfortunately he didn't have much after that little display, but it would be enough.

"Depends on how many people were driving mountain roads at two in the morning," Ember replied with a weary chuckle.

Max heard the sounds of fighting nearby, and checked back in with his team. It seemed that as soon as Ember eliminated the shadows, a group that had been massing for an attack had been discovered. Max had been unavailable, so his people were not only taking care of the problem, they still managed to hold the lines. Once again Max was highly impressed with their caliber, and felt a wash of pleasure that he had the opportunity to work with them.

When the fighting was over, and everyone was back into their original positions, he asked who had coordinated the attack. "That would be Misha and myself, sir," Harriet's gruff mental voice promptly answered, giving him details of what happened along with her reply.

Max took a moment to digest the information, and then spoke to the two of them. "Excellent work, both of you. Consider yourselves seconds in command."

Max then opened a channel to the entire team, informing them of Harriet and Misha's new status, and watched carefully for any disagreement. To his relief, there was little, and Max felt an upwelling of pride in his team.


Carol's fur was matted with blood, and the metallic tang was in her nose and on her tongue. Some part of her brain idly noted that she should be bothered by this, but she wasn't. In fact it felt perfectly natural, though she and Tiu did want to clean up later.

Since mating with Christian, she and Tiu were no longer separated. It wasn't that Tiu didn't speak with her own voice, but it wasn't really that different than internal conversations Carol used to have with herself before. The main difference was that Tiu's voice was more distinct and opinionated. There was no dominance of one over the other, and Carol was finding Tiu to be her voice of practicality and efficiency.

Carol lifted her lip, sniffing and sucking air in over her Jacobson's organ to get a better taste of what was on the wind. Grim amusement flashed through her and her animal side, as they scented fear from some of the nearby vampires. Tiu's take on it was that they should fear her, and that it was good to keep them in line. Carol tended to feel the same in this instance, knowing through Christian's memories and Keisha's behavior towards her underlings, that they would give her more respect as a result of that fear.

She'd been surprised by the flames that washed through shortly before, but having been warned by her mate, she took it in stride, only snapping a couple of times to keep people in position. She'd actually felt a bit sorry for the vamps during that moment. Fire was more than a little disturbing to them, but they'd held when they were ordered, and she respected them for that.

Another scent came to her keen nose, and she gave a slight growl. Someone was trespassing. Again. Apparently these people did not learn. Her bloodlust rose up. It didn't matter that this land was only hers for one night, it was still hers, and she would not tolerate intrusion.

She called to several pack members and some of the vamps, sending them to deal with the filth that thought they could walk here with impunity. They made quick work of the sneak trying to slip past their guard, and her blood settled down again. "Idiot probably didn't notice their shadow protection was gone," Tiu commented. Carol agreed with the assessment, and continued her patrolling and monitoring of her people.

They still had many hours ahead of them, but hopefully the dawn would bring more light than just the sun. She wanted Lisa back, and not just because of all the help she'd given. No, she'd chosen her sister, and she wanted her back. She was family.

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