tagLesbian SexSomething Unexpected Ch. 02

Something Unexpected Ch. 02


After an interesting first week of classes, it was finally the weekend. Angel really needed a break from her confusion over Dre and her dreams about this mystery figure, so she decided to relax and spend time with her friends.

She called in her two best friends since middle school, Camilla and Elise, because she knew they would take her mind off of everything.

The girls didn't see each other much because their schools were so far apart. Camilla and Elise went to the same school which was about three hours away from Angel.

"Hey girls!" Angel exclaimed walking out the door of her apartment to meet her two best friends.

"Omg Ang!!!" Both Camilla and Elise said in unison.

"It's been too long, Ooh I've missed you guys so much," Angel exclaimed.

"We've missed you too," Camilla said while hugging Angel.

"I know we talk and catch up on Skype, but it's just not the same," Angel said sadly. The girls hugged again and then Angel helped them bring their bags up the stairs to her apartment.

"So, where are you girls dragging me to first?" Angel asked while quirking a brow at Camilla and Elise.

"I know you asked us to pick out some places, but I think it's a good idea if we each just pick out a place. That way we can try out something new that we may find we enjoy," replied Elise staring at Camilla while saying the last part. Camilla just rolled her eyes and looked away.

"Ok, Ok I'm down with that, what places do you guys have in mind?" asked Angel looking between the two quizzically.

Camilla and Elise share a look and then Camilla says, "Well I was thinking we could catch a movie or go bowling."

"We can do both," Angel replied, "Movies are surprisingly cheap around here to be so close to a college campus and bowling, well, bowling is never really that expensive...So where is it that you want to go Elise?"

"I want to go to a gay club," Elise answered while Camilla laughed at her direct response. Both Camilla and Elise were gay. Camilla identified as bisexual, while Elise was strictly lesbian.

When both girls confessed to Angel that they were gay their freshman year of high school, instead of rebuffing and rejecting them like some of their friends, Angel turned into their biggest supporter.

She told them that she loved them no matter what and that she would always love them and be there for them. She would march with them at pride fests, rally for equal rights and be there if needed when they told their parents.

Instead of breaking them apart like Camilla and Elise both feared, their confession brought all the girls closer together, and ended in Angel making a promise to them.

"I should have known by the look you guys shared that you were calling in that promise I made to you back in high school. Curse my quest for being a good friend," Angel replied while jokingly shaking her fist in the air.

"That's right," Elise said, she was always the direct one, "We are calling in your promise. That means one full night with us, looking your best and having a great time at a gay club...Besides, I heard there are some pretty nice clubs around here."

"Yes, this community is actually pretty gay friendly. Jordana is very diverse and welcoming," Angel replied with a wink.

"Besides, I know the perfect place for us to go to, I anticipated you calling in the promise," Angel said while ruffling Elise's hair, "So, I've got the perfect place all picked out."

"Where?" Camilla and Elise both asked in unison.

"It's this straight bar called Silver, but on Saturday night, it's a gay bar called Barcode." Angel replied, put Camilla's bag on the side of the couch.

"Oooo, some of my friends have been there. I've heard it's really nice," said Camilla with excitement.

"Yup, so tonight, we can do bowling, movies or both then tomorrow we can go to Barcode." Angel said sitting down on the couch.

"So what place do you want to go to, Angel," asked Camilla as she began unpacking her bag looking for something to wear.

"I'm going take you guys out to all the cool restaurants." Angel said.

"Mmmm," Camilla and Elise both replied while rubbing their bellies. Although you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at their lithe frames, all three girls were huge foodies. One of the things they bonded over in high school was there love of food.

"Good, because I'm starving right now," replied Elise.

"First place up is this place called Hometown Café. It's a few blocks here. The good news is they serve breakfast all day and a myriad of foods. They have American, Italian, Greek, and southern loving cooking." Angel finished with a smile.

"Sounds great," Elise said already making her way to the door, "Lead the way tour guide."

"You haven't even unpacked yet," said Camilla rolling her eyes.

"I don't need to unpack, but I do need to eat, so come on," Elise groaned while shooing the girls out of the door.

The Café was within walking distance from the campus and Angel's apartment, so they arrived within 8 minutes. The café was usually packed on Friday but since Angel knew her two friends were coming, she called ahead and asked a friend to save her a table for around this time.

"Thanks Joy," Angel said while sliding into the booth and thanking her friend.

"You're welcome, now what can I get you ladies to drink." The waitress Joy said.

"Lemonade," replied Angel looking at her menu.

"Sprite for me thanks," Camilla chimed.

"I'll have a uh, Dr. Pepper," said Elise while licking her lips and looking into Joy's eyes. Joy just smiled and walked away.

After Joy was out of earshot, Elise looked at the girls and said "A fine girl asking me what I want to drink is like asking for a licking. I was about to get on my knees in front of her and say how about you, Haha."

"Did you see the way she was looking at me after I told her what I wanted?" Elise went on, "I think that there white girl is down with the swirl."

Turning to Angel, she asked "Is she down with the swirl?"

"I think maybe she was just indulging you and doing her job," replied Angel, "Now decide what you want before she comes back.

"Yea, yea," replied Elise distractedly while looking at her menu.

"Are you ready to order?" Joy asked while approaching the table and distributing the girls drinks.

"Yes, I'll have the spaghetti and meatballs." Camilla said closing her menu.

"And I'll have the steak and cheese sub with cheese fries." Angel responded.

"And for you," Joy asked turning to Elise, "What would you like to eat?"

"I'll have the 8oz burger with lettuce, tomato, ranch and avocado. I would also like to try something that I didn't see on the menu. I was wondering if......"

"That will be all thank you Joy," Angel interrupted while covering Elise's face with a menu. "I can't believe you," Angel said shaking her head with laughter and disdain as Joy walked away. "Not everyone that asks you what you want to eat is giving you an invitation to fuck."

Elise smiled and shrugged her shoulders and said, "If there is one thing that I learned from Jersey Shore, it's that almost everyone is dtf. Speaking of fucking, tell us about this new guy you're dating, what's going on with you two?"

"There's nothing to tell really, and before you ask we have not had sex, you know my rules." Angel said with a huff. Elise had long ago coined Angel's rules, the prude rules.

"What ever happened to you and Sam," Camilla rejoined. "You never really said, I mean wasn't he your perfect dreamy tall military white guy?"

"Uh......." Angel replied looking everywhere but at Camilla and scratching her arm in a nervous gesture.

"Let me feel you in," Elise said while taking a sip of her drink, "He didn't know how to fuck her."

"Really," Camilla asked with a voice full of shock and wonder.

"Yes," Angel groaned. "He was so hot too," Angel said as she began to reminisce. "Blue eyes, 6' 2", deep voice, tattoos, strong, fit....."

"Small dick," Elise joined in.

"No!" Camilla shocking exclaimed. Angel just nodded. "Really?" Camilla asked.

"Yes. I mean he was maybe 5 or 6 but it was thin maybe an inch at best. It was so hard for us to have sex, I basically had to just lay there and let him find a spot where he went in deep. We couldn't do cowgirl at all, and I knew it wasn't me, he's only the second guy that I've had sex with as you know."

"That must mean the cat hasn't been scratched in a long time Haha." Elise said with smiles.

"Oh ha ha ha, laugh at my sexual frustration will you." Angel said with a scowl.

"Maybe Isaiah just spoiled you," Camilla said thoughtfully.

"Woa, woa woa, let's not even mention that situation," Angel replied taking a sip of her drink.

"That retch bastard," Elise chimed in. "Anyway Ang, all you need to solve all that frustration is a toy, or a woman with some toys who knows how to use them, Haha." To this Camilla and Angel both shook their heads and laughed.

"What about you ladies, since you put me on the spot, are you getting any action?" asked Angel.

"Ever since Zachary and I broke up, I've just been single and focused on school. I think I want to try being with a woman again, I just need to find the right one you know?" replied Camilla.

"So glad you ditched that loser," replied Elise angrily. When she met Camilla's ex Zachary for the first time, she took an instant disliking to him and no one knew why.

"As for me, I'm just dating, working out, making friends and being a good college student. Studying veterinary medicine is no cake walk," Elise replied.

"I hear that," both Camilla and Angel mumbled as Joy returned with food.

While the girls ate, they caught up on the latest things they had missed in each other's lives. Camilla also took a few pictures for her upper level photography course.

An hour later the girls decided to catch an action flick at the theater a few miles away. By now it was around seven o'clock. Angel new that this was around the time Dre usually took a dinner break at work so she decided to send him a few quick text before she went into the movie and turned her phone off.

To Dre she text: Hey. Just wanted to say that I hope you are having a great day at work. My girlfriends are in town this weekend so I don't know how much we will be able to talk.

Five minutes later he replied: Thanks for giving me a heads up and the well wishes, my day has been great, how was yours?

She replied: It's been awesome. We just had a dinner and now we are about to go into a movie and then bowling. I'll try to text you after the movie. Bye.

Be safe, he replied, right before she shut off her phone.

The movie was amazing. It was a new action movie with Mark Wahlberg. Any movie that he was in Angel always vowed to go see.

"Now that is one hot piece of man," Angel thought to herself as Mark burst through a door and started fighting with a bad guy.

Angel and the girls enjoyed the movie thoroughly. It was now just after nine so the girls decided to go to the bowling alley and bowl until the store closed at 2am.

All of the girls were dressed to impress. During their friendly but competitive game of bowling, men came over and asked each of the girls out. While Angel and Camilla laughing decline their suitors, Elise looked like she wanted to kill them.

"Do I look like I like dick?" Elise yelled at the second guy that had come up to her.

"Elise!" Angel exclaimed, while apologizing to the guy. "You can't get mad at him for trying, just because you're gay doesn't mean you don't look good. You have such a potty mouth!"

Elise was around 5' 7" with deeply browned skin. She had long hair, which was tied in a ponytail, an athletic build, 34 DD sized breasts and hated the color pink.

She wore glasses but most nights, like this night, she was wearing her contacts. She was dressed in black slim fit levi jeans, and a fitted striped polo.

"Just because I look good doesn't mean he has the right to bother me," Elise said angrily.

"Well, if I was him, I would look," Camilla said grabbing Elise's hand as she walked by her to bowl and looking at her.

Elise chuckled and watched Camilla as she bent over to bowl her shot. Angel just watched it all and shook her head as Elise got up and decided to help Camilla with her form.

"You see you have to bend your knees less and bend your hips more, like this," Elise said while placing her hands on Camilla's hips and moving her forward.

"Like this," Camilla answered focusing on the lane ahead.

"Yeah, like that," Elise answered back distractedly. She soon snapped out of her trance and walked to the restaurant area to get something to eat. After that no one bothered the girls again.

Camilla and her new techniques ended up winning the game, followed in close second by Angel and then Elise. The girls left the bowling alley at 1:45am and hurried back to Angel's to shower and rest before they went shopping tomorrow.

Angel took her shower and said goodnight to the girls who were both sleeping in her living room. She went into her bedroom, sat on the bed and brought out her laptop. She wasn't really tired yet so she decided to read over some course material.

"I know, I'll read Organic Chemistry because that always puts me to sleep." Angel thought. She knew Dre would be closing the store around this time, so she decided to text him and let him know she got in safely.

She sent: Made it in safely, just got my shower and I'm headed for bed.

He replied 10 seconds later: Are you sleepy?

"Not really, why?" Angel sent.

"I want to see you, take you someplace, can I?" Andre questioned.

"But Dre, I was about to go to bed." Angel sent.

"I won't take no for an answer, I'll be by in a little while, see you soon." Andre messaged.

Angel groaned and got dressed. Ten minutes later Dre called and said he was downstairs waiting.

"Where are we going?" Angel asked while getting in his car.

"I'm starving and wanted to spend time with you while I ate." Andre said.

"Ok, I guess." Angel replied.

Ten minutes later Dre pulled into an all-night diner. Angel and Dre decided to sit in the back corner of the restaurant. He ordered two fried eggs with Tabasco sauce and French toast. Angel wasn't really hungry but decided to order some ice cream to pass the time.

Before the waitress could bring their plates, Dre saw some of his friends in the front of the restaurant and left Angel at the table to talk to them.

The waitress came by 5 minutes later and dropped off a tea for Dre and a soda for Angel. Angel chatted with the waitress for a few minutes and waited for Dre. By the time Dre came back twenty minutes later Angel was irritable and exhausted.

As soon as he sat down the waitress came over with their food.

"I'm sorry about that, it was my boys." Andre said.

"It's fine, whatever." Angel said beginning to eat her ice cream. By now it was after 4am and she was beginning to fall asleep.

"You are so sexy." Dre said to Angel. "I'm half past dead, falling asleep and he's telling me I look sexy." Angel thought.

"Thanks, Dre." Angel said instead.

"What's wrong?" Dre said while grabbing Angel's hand from across the table.

"I don't want to fight and I'm tired." Angel replied.

"Fight about what? My boys? I don't understand." Andre said.

"It's not that I don't understand, I mean I get it I had brothers, but it seems like even when you have time for me, you never have time for me." Angel said.

"So, what are you saying?" Andre asked.

"I'm saying I don't think you have time enough to fully devote to a relationship, especially one with me." Angel said leaving her ice cream alone.

"I really don't think this is something we should talk about right here and right now." Andre said eating the rest of his food.

"So when would be a better time," Angel said after Dre was mostly done with his food, "It's not like I see you a lot." Before Dre could answer the waitress dropped off the check and before she could leave, Dre handed her the money.

"You know you are so cute when you are angry," Andre said to Angel with a smile.

Angel rolled her eyes and replied, "Babies are cute Dre, I'm a grown woman, the last time I was cute was when I was seven."

Dre laughed and grabbed Angel's hand and led her to his car. As he began driving back to her apartment he turned and asked her "So are you just not happy with me or is there someone else?"

"There isn't anyone else Dre," Angel said with a sigh. "I just don't think we are compatible."

"What do you mean we aren't compatible," Andre asked raising his voice. "We look good together me and you. I mean gosh we are both successful at what we do; both very attractive, we get a long great and our families would get a long great."

"Just because it looks good on paper, doesn't mean it works out in real life. All those things you mentioned are great but let me ask you this, why do you want to be with me?" Angel asked turning to him when he stopped in front of her apartment.

"Well you're sexy and intelligent and you have your own money...."Andre began.

"Let me stop you there. I can't be with a guy who wants me because I'm sexy and because he doesn't have to spend all of his money on me. I want someone who thinks I'm beautiful, admires my intelligence but challenges it, someone who I can be with and we can make more money together. You're a great guy Dre, but not the one for me." Angel said unbuckling her seat belt and getting out of the car.

"But Angel, wait, I......" Andre began but Angel was already going inside her apartment. "Shit!" Andre cursed. He took out his phone and hit five on his speed dial; while the phone rang he pulled away from in front of Angel's apartment.

"Yea Isaiah man, it didn't work." Andre spoke into the phone.

"What the fuck do you mean it didn't work?" The angry voice of Angel's ex could be heard saying on the other end of the phone. "I don't understand you should be just her fucking type."

"She said we are not compatible." Andre replied.

"This is bullshit." Isaiah stated angrily. "It's ok Dre you did your best, I have another plan up my sleeve to get that bitch back. Thanks man."

Andre ended the call and headed home all the while questioning the mess he had gotten himself into.


Saturday Night

"Oooooooh you are so going to get laid tonight!" Camilla exclaimed to Angel in the mirror. The girls were getting ready to go to Barcode.

"You don't think it is too much," Angel asked nervously running a hand down her new pink and black bandage dress. Although she had a nice figure, she liked to cover it up. Form fitting dresses always made her feel naked.

"Hell no! The only problem is I can see your panty line, so I would say just take them off." Camilla said while fixing her makeup. Camilla had on a strapless tan dress that complimented her slim frame and caramel complexion.

"Really?" Angel said, "I've never done the whole commando thing."

"Yes really! Hell I'm going commando right now." Camilla said turning to Angel and doing a spin.

"I agree with Miss Free Spirit over here," Elise said entering the room in her signature polo and fitted jeans and giving the girls their masks.

"What are these for?" Camilla asked.

"There is a masquerade tonight at Barcode, an evening of sin and delights. So I would say both of you lovely ladies are dressed to par, but Angel definitely take off the panties, panty lines are not cute. Besides maybe with them off you can have a little fun eh?" Elise said with a smirk.

"I guess," Angel said going to her room to remove her underwear.

"Hey Ang?" Camilla began as Angel walked back into the room, "I never asked you, where is Madeline this weekend?"

"Oh she had to go back home for some family thing, and gay clubs freak her out anyway so she would not have wanted to go."

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