tagLesbian SexSomething Unexpected Ch. 04

Something Unexpected Ch. 04


On Friday night Camilla arrived to Angel and Madeline's apartment after a long and exhausting drive. Angel could tell that her friend was stressed and had been crying during the drive.

After congratulating Madeline on her relationship and going over their weekend plans, Angel sat down with Camilla in the living room to talk over tea.

"Thanks." Camilla said as she accepted the tea from Angel.

"Green tea always calms my nerves but this strawberry and passion fruit tea, mmm it puts me in my happy place." Angel said before she snuggled into the couch and took a sip of her tea. "So Camilla tell me what's wrong."

"It was just horrible..." Camilla said with anxiety as she ran her fingers through her newly dyed brown and blonde her hair.

"Calm down," Angel said as she touched Camilla's shoulder. "Relax and start at the beginning." Angel encouraged.

After three sips of her tea and a deep calming breath Camilla began, "After you left the dance floor, I danced alone for a few songs."

"Ok." Angel commented.

"After a while I looked up and noticed Elise sitting at a table not too far away nursing a beer, so I sat down with her. Before I could even open my mouth the waitress brought over a bottle of Dragon Berry Bacardi and a few shots." Camilla said and took another sip of her tea

"Elise was really thoughtful to order that in advance for me." Camilla said thoughtfully with a smile.

"That's my girl." Angel said with a smile under her breath.

"So we did a few shots and then we struck up a conversation about school and everything. I asked her if she was dating anyone and she said no. By the end of our conversation, I had downed like 4 or 5 shots so I was feeling good. As I'm pouring another shot, all of a sudden my song came on, do you know that song I Wanna Go by Britney Spears?" Camilla asked.

"Yea, I've heard it." Angel replied.

"The singing is terrible but I love the chorus and this one part of the song." Camilla said and then they sang in unison "Taking out my freak tonight."

Camilla smiled and said, "So once the song came on, I dragged Elise to the dance floor to dance with me. We started dancing and it was fun I was feeling the drinks she was feeling her beer and we were having a good time."

"Uh huh," Angel said not seeing the bad in the story.

"While we were dancing something changed, something happened. It was like a spark of something and we just gravitated closer to each other." Camilla reflected.

"Really?" Angel said with a devilish grin while she rubbed her hands together in glee before Camilla smacked her arm.

"Yes." Camilla replied with a chuckle. "I knew what was coming, I knew she was going to kiss me and..." Camilla abruptly stopped and looked away.

"And what?" Angel coaxed.

"I wanted her too. For a while now it seems like something has been building between us." Camilla said.

"Yes it has, but before we talk about what all that means, tell me more about this kiss." Angel directed leaning in to hear.

"There wasn't a kiss, not with me anyway." Camilla said angrily.

"Wait, come again?" Angel asked bewildered.

"I knew she was going to kiss me. She was leaning in and giving me the most amazing look. Kinda got me a little excited, I must admit." Camilla said with a chuckle.

"Anyway I leaned in to kiss her and clutz that I am I slipped on someone's blistex. As I'm rubbing my hurt ass and getting up, I see someone approaching. All of a sudden that bitch... ooooh that bitch Bianca comes out of nowhere and kisses Elise." Camilla said hotly.

"Aw hell." Angel commented. Angel braced herself for what was to come because she knew any story that involved Elise's ex would not end well.

"Fuck is more like it." Camilla said angrily.

"That conniving manipulative bitch! She just came out of nowhere and took my kiss and what's worse is Elise kissed her back right in front of me. I was so hurt and angry I wanted to storm out and get away from them both."

"I'm sorry your first kissed with Elise was ruined." Angel said coming over to Camilla and rubbing her back lightly. "So what did you do? I know you didn't leave because you two were together when I came back."

"The kissed only lasted a few seconds and after they were done I tried to smack them both. I smacked Elise across her face and tried to get Bianca but Elise grabbed me away and Bianca's friends pulled her out of the club before we could get kicked out for causing a fight. Ugh that tramp she looked so smug after what she had done." Camilla said with a pout.

"So have you talked to Elise at all since this?" Angel questioned.

"No, I have nothing to say to her. I'm still upset and angry but most of all I'm hurt. She's my best friend and seeing her kiss another woman in front of me was just devastating. I really care about her Angel." Camilla said and silently began to cry.

"I know you do sweetie. I think you should talk to Elise about this, not only for your budding relationship but especially for your friendship. I don't think she would do anything to intentionally hurt you and this may all just be one big misunderstanding." Angel said offering comfort.

"I know but I'm just not ready. Now that I have had time to think about what our new relationship could mean, I'm scared, I don't want this to ruin our friendship." Camilla expressed.

"Why do you think this could ruin your friendship?" Angel asked.

"Because if this goes wrong, it could end badly between us and I don't know what I would do without you girls in my life. We have been through so much together and helped each other through so much. I don't want that all to be destroyed over nothing." Camilla said grabbing Angel's hand for comfort.

"Camilla let me say this. First things first, you should never enter into a situation thinking of bad things that will happen when or if it ends. If you start something negatively of course it is going to end that way, but if you think positive thoughts and just go with the flow...you never know what could happen." Angel advised.

"That's true. I'm usually more optimistic, you know me I'm a very happy person but this is serious and I don't want anything to go wrong." Camilla reasoned.

"Which brings me to my second point, I understand that dating a friend or choosing to date a friend is always a hard thing to decide. The stakes are very high but...If you and Elise are going to enter into this thing and you're worried about the friendship just start things slow. I value you both as friends and I'm telling you to me it makes sense. For years we have all been friends but there was always something different with you too. I've known for a while now that Elise had feelings for you and I've been telling her she should show them." Angel said.

"You have?" Camilla asked.

"Yes but just like you she was scared. Look Cam, I'm not saying this thing is going to end well and I'm not saying it's going to end badly, but you guys will never know unless you try. I know you two have feelings for each other. I think you should both just be honest and practical and see where it goes. I know you are scared to lose her as a friend but wouldn't it be comforting to know that someone you already know and trust is the one?" Angel said.

"It might. I don't know. I just need time to process this. I love her as a friend and I like her as a woman but I have to see if this is a good idea. I don't want my pussy to get me in trouble." Camilla said lightening the mood.

"So while me and Elise were going through our drama, what was going on with you?" Camilla asked after a beat.

"Well..."Angel said wringing her hands and not making eye contact with Camilla. "I uh..." Angel cut off blushing red.

"What?" Camilla said quizzically trying to turn Angel toward her. "Oh my god Angel you're blushing, what did you do?"

"I didn't do anything, I'm innocent!" Angel said innocently but not looking at Camilla.

"Tell me!!!" Camilla exclaimed.

"Well there is nothing to tell really, and like I said I didn't do anything, it happened to me." Angel said.

"What is it!?!!?" Camilla said with barely contained excitement.

"I kinda sorta had a situation with a girl." Angel said lamely.

"A situation!! Wait a situation? You mean you almost got into a fight? Why didn't you say anything, you know me and Elise would have had your back." Camilla said.

"No, no, no. Not a fight. A situation situation, like sexual." Angel said.

"Oh?...Oh! Woa! I missed your first sexual experience with a girl! Dammit. Now I'm really bummed. Ang tell me everything." Camilla said.

Camilla wasn't shocked that Angel had done something with a girl. When they were younger, Angel had revealed to her that she had feelings for a girl they went to school with.

"Well, I was minding my own business and then Skin by Rihanna came on..." Angel began.

"This is going to be good." Camilla said absentmindedly taking a sip of her now cold tea.

"Shut up!" Angel said blushing. "Anyway...I was relaxing in one of the tents when the song came on and this girl joined me." Angel said her blush now replaced with a look of perplexity.

"What are you thinking about, Ang?" Camilla asked with a face mirroring Angel's confusion.

"Nothing," Angel said shaking her head, "It's just that the person from the tent seemed so familiar, but then again I was a little tipsy and unreliable."

"True." Camilla interjected. "So what happened?"

"We danced to the song, me and this mystery woman, then things started to get a little hot and heavy. Before I could even get her name, or orgasm Angel thought, she was gone." Angel finished.

"Interesting," Camilla said vaguely and tapped her finger near her lips. Angel waited for Camilla to say something else. She knew that when Camilla tapped her finger she was in deep thought.

"So Angel...How does all of this make you feel?" Camilla asked after a while.

"How does what make me feel?" Angel said backtracking and stalling for time.

In response Camilla gave her a direct stare and arched her eyebrows as if she was saying "Really, you know what I meant."

"I'm scared." Angel finally admitted.

"But why gorgeous?" Camilla said coming over to Angel to offer her comfort.

"You know I've tried to bury my feelings about women for a long time." Angel began and Camilla nodded her head in agreement.

"Hell, since high school I've done a pretty damn good job of it. This woman though, she just stirred up so many feelings in me and I'm confused. For once in my life I have a life problem I don't know how to solve." Angel said shaking her head perplexed.

"But why is it a problem, you like women, big deal. What's can't you just embrace that?" Camilla said innocently.

"Cam, it's not that simple." Angel replied.

"Why isn't it?" Camilla challenged.

"For one, I've trained myself to be a straight woman these past, I don't know fourteen years." Angel said.

"So what's the big deal? What is that supposed to mean?" Camilla questioned.

"I don't know how to be gay!!!" Angel said.

"How long have you known that you liked women?" Camilla asked.

"Fourteen years ago so I was around seven, what of it?" Angel asked confused and defensive.

"It means that you've wanted the same thing for fourteen years and it has never gone away. It seems to me like it isn't supposed to." Camilla said with a shrug.

"Look Ang you know I love you but as your best friend I have to be honest with you on this. You know it wasn't easy for me to embrace the fact that I'm bisexual, but I am and that's not changing." Camilla said.

"So what's your point?" Angel said, not liking the hot seat.

"My point is, that it is time for you to stop being in denial about what you are. You are bisexual, always have been, always will be honey. Embrace it, love it and stop trying to get rid of who you are because of what society says or what you think your family may think about you. Be true to yourself and who you are sweetheart. That's one of the things I have always admired about you." Camilla finished pulling Angel in for a hug.

"I know Camilla. I know what I am and have always known and you are right I can't let what other people may think stop me from being me. When I was younger I really thought it would just go away you know? I always thought that in order to be happy I needed a man and children and a job and a nice middle class income." Angel reflected.

"Who says happiness is only what you see on tv. You're a unique individual, make your own happiness." Camilla said giving Angel a squeeze.

"Well enough of all this crying, serious, sappy crap. Let's say we curl up to a redbox movie reminisce, laugh, catch up and then go to sleep." Angel said heading toward the door.

"Sounds like a plan." Camilla said grabbing her coat and heading out after Angel.

Angel and Camilla both knew this wouldn't be the last of their discussions but a break from the seriousness of their respective situations was in order for now.


On Saturday, the girls decided to celebrate Madeline's new relationship by trying out a new restaurant called "The Hot Cantina". The restaurant had a bar, a dance floor, and live music.

"This place is jumpin'," Camilla said as the group sat down at a round booth pointed at the dance floor.

The girls ordered food and drinks and sat back to bask in atmosphere and live latina music.

"So Madeline, finish gushing about how he asked you to be his girlfriend." Camilla asked.

"Well he called me to come by the hospital that he works at and a million things were running through my head for why he called. Did he get the internship he wanted? Did he get into another car accident and need a ride? Did he need a kidney?" Madeline said rambling.

"We took a walk in this park across the street. I was really starting to feel like he was going to give me bad news. While we walked he told me he got the internship. As I started congratulating him for that, he told me that's not why he wanted me to come." Madeline said pausing to take a sip of her drink.

"He said that everything in his life was as it should be except for one thing, us. He said when we were dating before, he broke things off because he wasn't ready to be serious, but since then he has realized that I was what is missing in his life. He said he couldn't offer me a Porsche now, but he would spend the rest of his days making up for breaking things off with me. Then he got done on one knee and my heart started beating so fast." Madeline said with a smile and tears in her eyes.

"I was excited and scared at the same time because I thought he was going to propose. As I started chanting oh my god, he looked up from tying his shoes to give me this quizzical look. Then he stood back up and walked me over to his car. He opened the back door, put something behind his back and said he couldn't wait another moment without asking me something." Madeline said.

"Then he pulled flowers and all my favorite candies from behind his back and ask me would I give him the honor of being his woman. I said yes!" Madeline said excitedly.

"Oh how romantic!" Camilla said clutching her heart with a dreamy look in her eyes.

"All that story is missing is a ring." Angel said under her breath.

"I don't know how he knew that my favorite flowers were orchids; I swear I never told him." Madeline continued and looked at Angel who had her eyes plastered to the ceiling.

"Angel!" Madeline said punching Angel lightly in the arm.

"What? I was being a good friend and truth be told it was supposed to be more awful, I mean romantic than that." Angel said taking a sip of her drink and Madeline punched her again.

"What? You know I'm a hopeless romantic but you two are something else." Angel said.

Just then the live band decided to strike up a nice merengue tune and Camilla and Angel went to the dance floor. As the girls were sashaying about and having a good time, Angel bumped into someone.

"I'm so sorry." Angel looked up and said with laughter.

"We should really stop meeting like this," Michelle laughingly said.

"I'm sorry?" Angel said not hearing what Michelle said.

"Nothing...How about I help you dance this merengue. As good as you are at dancing, your form could use a little help." Michelle said looking Angel up and down.

"Oh really?" Angel said smiling and getting into position to dance with Michelle. "You seem to admire my...form." Angel emphasized looking through her lashes.

Michelle laughed.

"And what makes you the merengue expert?" Angel questioned.

"I'm half Puerto Rican." Michelle said.

"Boricua! Me and Angel love Boricuas, don't we Angel?" Camilla said from the other side of Angel and elbowing Angel in the ribs.

"Erin this is my crazy friend Camilla, Camilla, this is Erin. Erin and I have biology lab and lecture together." Angel said by way of introduction.

A guy came up and asked Camilla to dance. Before she went away she turned and said, "I'll leave you two to your dance. Angel we will talk later."

Neither Angel nor Michelle missed the veiled threat that Camilla gave before she left.

"So," Angel said turning back to Michelle as the band began to play "No me hace falta by Victor Manuelle. "I may not have good form when it comes to the merengue, but I'm very good at the salsa."

With that, Angel struck up her pose to dance with Michelle again and began to twist to the music. The two danced in and out of each other's arms with Michelle dipping Angel to the music. They were so in sync that they gathered a crowd that cheered them on.

While they danced the salsa, it was like they were in a competition. Angel would twist and turn and taunt and tease Michelle as she danced, while Michelle would smoothly taunt back with a roll of her hips and a flip of her hair.

Michelle and Angel twined in and out of each other's arms. Working up a sweat and letting the sparks fly.

When the two finally stopped dancing, they were out of breath and breathing heavily as the crowd clapped. All Angel and Michelle could do is look into each other's eyes.

The crowd soon dispersed and the girls sat down at Michelle's table to drink a glass of water and talk.

"You are a very good dancer," Michelle said to Angel while catching her breath.

"Thanks. My Spanish teacher taught her classes a few Spanish da;nces my freshman year of high school." Angel replied taking a long pull of her water. "So tell me more about how you are half Puerto Rican? What half does that come from?

"My father's side. I am bordequa." Michelle said.

"Bordequa?" Angel tested on her lips.

"Sorry. It means my grandparents were immigrants." Michelle replied loving the way Angel sounded.

"So do you speak the language fluently?" Angel asked.

"A little. Its Spanish more or less with a little bit of our slang in the middle." Michelle replied with a sexy grin.

"Maybe you can teach me some sometime. I've taken Spanish and Portuguese" Angel said, and hearing you speak the language is hot, Angel thought.

"I can teach you my language if and only if you can help me in chemistry." Michelle said.

"It's a deal." Angel said. "Speaking of our study sessions, what time do you think you can come by to study and cook on Monday?

"Would after seven be ok?" Michelle asked.

"That would be lovely, in fact, I get out of class at 7...You know it would be really nice to have a half Puerto Rican girl walk me back to my apartment. You know, just to be safe." Angel said with a smile.

"Yeaaaaa, I can protect you girl." Michelle said sexily and scooted closer to Angel.

"I'm sure protecting me is the last thing that is on your mind." Angel said back with a roll of her eyes.

"I don't know what you mean," Michelle replied easily taking a sip of her water.

Angel chuckled and looked down. She waited a few seconds and then looked up at Michelle beneath her lashes and said, "You know, I knew you were gay from the first moment I saw you." Michelle laughingly replied, "What do you mean, how did you know?"

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