Something Unexpected Ch. 04


"Both of my best friends are gay, so let's just say I have a great gay dar. It doesn't bother me or anything." Angel said.

"Oh really?" Michelle said with a grin. I have chance then, Michelle thought.

"Yea. Just don't try any funny business with me because I don't eat pussy." Angel countered.

Michelle's mouth dropped and she clutched her sides as she erupted in laughter. After a minute she regained her composure and looked up to see Angel's face.

"What?" Angel said bemused.

"Who said you have to eat anything?" Michelle asked licking her lips.

"No one I guess, but hypothetically speaking, wouldn't it be unfair to have a partner that didn't. Lord knows I love a good licking, couldn't imagine going without it." Angel said looking down and then looking Michelle directly in the eyes, challenging her.

Is she denying liking women, but flirting with me Michelle thought. Hmm let me push her and see how far she is willing to go Michelle decided.

"Well," Michelle said moving closer, "It all depends on the partner. You see it's sort of like dancing." Michelle said getting into a dancing pose with Angel.

"With the right partner, you can be taken to amazing heights and do things that you have never done with anyone else." Michelle lifted Angel in her arms.

"The right partner knows how to take the lead." Michelle said dipping Angel.

"You may start the journey thinking you can't do one thing." Michelle said pulling Angel into a dip that had her back beautifully arched. "And end the journey in that very position." Michelle finished with a smirk, biting her lip.

"My brothers told me never to trust anyone that puts you in a strange position." Angel said arching a brow.

"Eh, you say strange, I say new. I've never had a partner not like the new things that I have introduced." Michelle said staring into Angel's eyes.

The two women stared at each other for a while before Angel broke the silence.

"It looks like they are delivering my tables food. I will see you on Monday at 7." Angel said getting up and walking back toward Madeline and Camilla so she could eat.

"And Erin," Angel said waiting for Michelle to look up. "I think we could both teach each things." Angel said giving Michelle a sexy look over her shoulder and wetting her lips.

Was she just flirting with me? Michelle thought.

As soon as Angel sat down at the table with Madeline and Camilla, Camilla instantly gave her a look that said she had questions. Camilla wouldn't ask her about Erin in front of Madeline, but Angel was sure that her friend would get the details out of her eventually.

The girls ate their dinner, listened to the live music and reminisced on the good old times. While she ate her cocido, Angel passed a few glances at Michelle who was having dinner with a few of her friends.

Since this was there first time at the restaurant, the girls decided to be adventurous and try some dessert. Angel ordered the pan de muerto and Camilla ordered some dulce de leche. Before Madeline could order her dessert, she got a call from Javon and left the table to take it.

This gave Camilla the perfect opportunity to interrogate Angel about Michelle.

"Erin and Angel sitting in the tree..." Camilla began as Angel looked away from Michelle and blushed.

"It seems to me like you two are more than just study buddies and classmates." Camilla said.

"I don't know what you mean." Angel said innocently.

"It seems to me like there is more going on between you and this girl." Camilla said "Do you like her?"

"She's cute." Angel said hesitantly. "We also have good chemistry. I guess."

"Steamy chemistry is more like it. You should have seen you two on the dance floor. That wasn't dancing that was dance fucking. You could cut the sexual tension between you two with a knife, specifically a cleaver." Camilla replied.

"I was just dancing." Angel smiled.

"So what are you going to do?" Camilla inquired.

"What do you mean?" Angel asked.

"I mean what are you going to do about your attraction to Erin and your steamy chemistry with her?" Camilla questioned back.

"I don't know. I'm just getting to know her for now. Dating a woman is a pretty big deal. Let's just say that I'm just seeing what happens between us." Angel answered.

"Well I think you should go for it." Camilla said.

Their dessert arrived soon after that and Madeline sat down as it was being placed on the table. The girls shared their desserts with each other since the dishes were so big.

Full from dessert the girls decided to head home and go to sleep. As they were driving back toward Madeline and Angel's apartment, Angel received a text message from Michelle.

The message read: "Forgot to tell you, you looked amazing tonight Chiquita (little one)."

Angel replied: "Thanks, you didn't look too bad yourself Boricua. I would have never guessed you were half Puerto Rican. We will have to eat at a Puerto Rican restaurant the next time we go out."

Michelle replied: "Def will. Us Gawallas are the best at everything, as you should know. I had killer moves on the dance floor and I'm going to kill it in the :-)."

"You're so cocky. Are all Ricans this bad? :-) And good at everything...What's that supposed to mean?" Angel sent.

"You'll see soon enough. You have a nice night Angel." Michelle text.

"You too." Angel finished as she smiled at her phone.

"I definitely have a chance with her." Michelle thought.


The rest of the weekend passed by in a blur to Angel and left her wanting more time. She said goodbye to Camilla Monday morning and went to class in a daze. She was so anxious for her dinner with Michelle that night, but it seemed as if all her classes dragged on forever.

During her last class, her chemistry lab, she was so distracted she broke a small beaker. Luckily there was an extra one in her drawer. When she finally got out of class at 6:50, she turned her phone on while she walked to the bathroom to get herself in check. While staring at herself in the mirror, her phone went off with a text message from Michelle.

It read: "Didn't know exactly where your class was, so I'm hanging around Smithson Hall."

Smithson hall was the building over from where she was, so Angel replied that she was in the James Building and would be out shortly. Taking one last look at herself she garnered her confidence and walked out the door.

When she walked out the building, she didn't immediately see Michelle, so she began walking toward the center of campus.

"Mmm, mmm, mmm." Michelle said coming up to Angel from behind.

"Is that your way of saying hello?" Angel said with a smile.

"That's my way of saying I missed you." Michelle said with a sexy grin sticking her tongue out.

"That may work on other girls, but that certainly doesn't work on me. And do you always have to come up from behind me to look at my ass?" Angel asked saucily.

Michelle erupted in laughter. When Angel just stared at her inquiringly, Michelle answered her unasked question.

"You are very blunt, you know that?" Michelle said continuing to chuckle.

"I believe in being honest with people and besides, it's not like you weren't looking at my ass." Angel said.

"Don't be so cocky Angel, just because I'm gay doesn't mean I come on to everyone and everything." Michelle said.

"mmmhmm." Angel said with a disbelieving smirk.

"So what is on the menu tonight for dinner?"

Hopefully you, Michelle thought, but instead she said, "It's a surprise. Shall we head over to your apartment, now?"

"We shall." Angel said and hooked her arm through Michelle's.


As Michelle prepared dinner, Angel poured two glasses of cranberry sparkling cider and sat at the bar.

She played music off of her Pandora account and got dishes and silverware that she thought Michelle would need. Done with her busy work, she began bothering Michelle in the kitchen.

It was weird for Angel to see someone else cooking in her kitchen and her not helping.

Eventually Michelle kicked her out and Angel decided to take a shower and get ready for tomorrow. An hour later she came back refreshed in a tank top and shorts to the smells of a nice Italian dinner.

"Mmm," Angel said walking into the kitchen and rubbing her stomach. "This smells heavenly."

"Thank you," Michelle replied. She pushed Angel toward a seat as she dished some shrimp alfredo with fresh tomatoes onto Angel's plate.

"Mmm is that garlic bread." Angel said looking at the plate on top of the oven.

"Yes it is. You can't have an Italian dinner without garlic bread." Michelle replied.

After saying their grace, the girls dove into their food.

"Oh my god, this is so good!" Angel screamed around a mouthful of food.

"I told you I was going to tear it up in the kitchen." Michelle replied.

"I have to give you your props for this one Erin, this is delicious." Angel said.

As the girls ate, they talked about meaningless things. When dinner was over, Angel washed dishes.

"If it's one thing my family taught me, it's that the cook never washes the dishes." Angel said.

"Get out your chemistry book and I'll come help you when I'm finished here."

"Give me one more second; I don't want to smell like garlic while I'm teaching you." Angel said finishing with the dishes and going to brush her teeth.

"Ok, so what do you need help with?" Angel asked.

"I'm having a little trouble with a few reactions. Can you draw out the mechanisms and explain to me what's happening to what?" Michelle asked, showing Angel her notebook.

"Ooh Grignard's! I love those!" Angel said nerding out. "Sorry chemistry nerd." Angel said getting up and getting her white board from behind the couch.

"Ok, so with Grignard's you can do anything that you want. Think of them as a way to add almost anything to a carbon chain." Angel began.

As Angel began drawing mechanisms on the board and showing different Grignard reactions, Michelle watched the sway of her hips and ass in her shorts.

After twenty minutes of Angel lecturing and Michelle pretending to listen, Angel sat back down on the couch.

"I really like your jeans, by the way." Angel said.

"Is that your way of saying you're looking at my ass?" Michelle asked with a chuckle.

Angel had noticed that Michelle had a nice, round, plump ass, but of course she wasn't going to say that to Michelle.

"Of course not! I just like clothes and you dress really cute for a gay girl." Angel said.

"For a gay girl?" Michelle inquired.

"Yea. I mean, I guess technically you would be a stud but you don't really dress or look like one. You have that eyebrow piercing like a stud and you wear graphic tees or tees that aren't form fitting. You also wear men's shoes but you always wear form fitting tight jeans." Angel said.

"So you were checking out my ass." Michelle said with a chuckle.

"I was not!" Angel shouted as she turned cherry red.

"It's ok Angel. I've noticed a few things about you too." Michelle said.

"Really?" Angel inquired while taking another sip of her cider. "Like what?"

"You really like the color orange and you like playboy. You're not very sexual so I would say it must have some sentimental value to you. You like wearing heels anytime you can, but you don't like to be the center of attention." Michelle said.

"Interesting." Angel said.

"I also noticed that you have freckles." Michelle said moving closer.

"I do? Where?" Angel asked trying to think of where she had freckles.

"Right here on your lips..."Michelle said as she leaned in and kissed Angel.

She started off by running her tongue along Angel's bottom lip. Then she sucked Angel's bottom lip into her mouth and released it with a slight bite. When Angel moaned, Michelle used that as encouragement to kiss her deeper. She put one hand in Angel's hair and one on her neck and pulled her closer.

Angel and Michelle's tongues dueled and both of them moaned. Noticing that Angel didn't wear a bra, Michelle used that as an opportunity to twist and tug at Angel's nipples.

Michelle pulled Angel closer as Angel moaned and gasped. Noticing that she was practically in Michelle's lap, Angel tried to push Michelle away.

"No, Erin, we have to stop." Angel punctuated with kisses. "I'm straight!"

"Straight, straight?" Michelle asked as she continued to kiss Angel. She undid the ties to Angel's shorts and slid her hands in. She marveled at Angel's soft shaved pussy for 3 seconds before she ran her index finger up and down Angel's slit.

"You're so straight but yet your pussy gets so wet for me?" Michelle said. Michelle then began biting and sucking on Angel's neck. Angel's moans increased and she began clutching at Michelle's shoulders.

Not seeing any resistance, Michelle moved Angel's shorts to the side and began working a single digit in and out of Angel's pussy.

"Mmm." Angel moaned and pulled Michelle closer to a spot on her neck.

Michelle chuckled and said, "Where is the straight girl now?"

Angel did not answer but continued to moan. Michelle added another finger and began pumping harder in out of Angel's pussy. When Angel's moans increased, Michelle removed her fingers and began lightly circling around the inside of Angel's lips. Angel looked at Michelle pleadingly.

"Do you want me to stop?" Michelle asked. Angel shook her head no.

"Do you want me to put my fingers back inside you Angel?" Michelle asked.

"Yes, Erin." Angel replied breathily.

"Like this?" Michelle asked as she quickly pushed two fingers deep inside Angel.

"Aaah, yes!" Angel said getting closer to her orgasm again.

Michelle quickly removed her fingers and stood up in front of Angel. She removed her shirt and stared down her abs at Angel in between her legs. "Beg for it." Michelle said.

Angel kissed her way up Michelle's abs and bit her sides. She removed Michelle's bra and began licking the undersides of her breast. She sucked and bit down on a birth mark she noticed on Michelle's left breast.

She took the nipple into her mouth and began swirling the tip with her tongue as Michelle ran her hands through Angel's hair.

Angel lightly bit down on Michelle's nipple as she twirled the other with her finger. She moved up to the tops of Michelle's breast and her collarbone.

"Please Erin." Angel whispered in Michelle's ear.

"Please let me come." Angel said and then began to suck and bite Michelle's neck while continuing to twirl her nipple.

Michelle moaned and said, "How could I deny a beautiful woman's request?" Michelle pushed Angel down on the couch with a plop. She pulled the sides of Angel's shorts until they were near her ankles and Angel kicked them off. Michelle circled Angel's clit.

I sure would love to get a taste, Michelle thought. Instead she began dipping her middle finger in and out of Angel's center.

"More, More!" Angel begged as she pushed down on Michelle's finger. Michelle added another finger and began to pump harder and faster in and out of Angel's pussy. Angel's pussy made loud wet noises as Michelle slid in an out.

Just as Angel felt the beginning stirrings of her climax, the doorbell rang. The girls tried to ignore it at first, but then an insistent pounding began on the door.

"Urrrrrrgh." Angel said with a frustrated growl. Michelle slowly removed her fingers from Angel's pussy. When they were out, she slowly and deliberately licked each finger in front of Angel. Angel moaned.

Michelle helped Angel right her clothes. She intended just to give Angel a light kiss on the cheek. Instead Angel kissed Michelle with all the frustration that she felt. She licked Michelle's tongue and massaged her breast as she longed to do more.

At the chime of the doorbell, the girls slowly broke apart.

"I should get that. Maybe Maddy forgot her key." Angel said.

"Hurry back." Michelle said with a lingering kiss and a hard smack to Angel's ass.

Angel looked back longingly as she trotted down the stairs to the door. She checked her appearance in the mirror before she opened it.

Gasping in surprise at who was on the other side, all Angel could do was clutch her chest.

"Isaiah?" Angel said staring at the face of her ex-boyfriend.

"Hi Angel," Isaiah began, "Miss me?"

And with those few words, Angel's world faded to black.

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