tagBDSMSomething Wicked Learned

Something Wicked Learned


The rain was slamming against the window and every few moments the dark sky became a flash of white. The rumblings of thunder had subsided; it was just another summer storm in the city. I was lying on my bed propped up on a couple of pillows staring out the window as the storm wore down.

"Thanks baby, goodnight." I whispered.

"Your welcome, goodnight."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

And with that the line went dead. I closed my phone and lit a cigarette. I took a deep drag filling my lungs with the delicious smoke and exhaled towards the ceiling. Looking down I watched as my cock started to lean to one side.

"Timber." I said to no one at all.

The sticky semen took on an eerie orange glow when I took another drag. Setting my cigarette in the ashtray I picked up the small white towel from the floor and began whipping myself clean and thinking about the conversation I had just had with Charlie.

Phone sex was better then no sex but I wanted her back. Back in my arms, back in my bed, back where she belonged. I loved sharing our sexual fantasies; my latest one had been based on a web site I came across while surfing for porn. It was a double anal site where the guys made the women wear a dog collar complete with chain leash. The girl was then used by various amounts of men before ending up with two dicks in her ass. When I first saw it all I could imagine was how hot Charlie would look wearing that dog collar and being used by a handful of men. It was a good fantasy and she seemed to like it, almost too much. She had asked if I would really be willing to share her with other men. Which made me stop and think. I mean I did love her and she did make me happy. But, would I end up losing her? What if she decided to do that sort of thing without me being there? Could I handle watching her suck and fuck other men?

I dropped the towel beside the bed and picked up my cigarette, took another long drag and tried to concentrate on all of the questions I had running through my head. Our sex life was amazing and she was a very sexual being. I did love her and I did find these fantasies exciting. I figured it all came down to whether she actually loved me or not. If she truly loved me and wasn't going to cheat on me then what could really be the harm? But how would I know if she really loved me? I had to devise away to make sure she would always be true to me. She was my slut. She wanted to be my slut. What I had to do was make her my slut. I would have to form a master/slave type bond that she would never dare break.

After all of our fights and arguments whenever I "broke up" with her she always wanted to get back together. She would call; she would email, so it would seem that I had some sort of power of her already. I just needed to solidify her feelings. It could be done, but it would take time and "training".

With my mind made up I stubbed out my cigarette.

"So she wants to be my slut, well my slut is what she's gonna be."

Her training would begin soon. It would take time; I had to approach this slowly. Small things first and I had to instill the fear of losing me is she chose to disobey me.

During the week I went about my business tying up all of the loose ends as far as my plan went. Various phone calls were made and received and everything was coming together. Charlie had called and we had made our tentative plans to meet at my place that weekend. She had even gone so far as to email me a few times going into great detail about some of the sexual activities she was looking forward to. The only thing that I had asked of her was that she show up wearing a thong and she would make the trip to my house "wearing" the string of anal beads I had bought for her.

Soon our date night arrived. As was our ritual she called when she arrived and I met her at the door. She looked amazing and I wondered if it was because she knew she was going to be screwed soon. She nervously entered the house and slipped into my arms where we kissed and gently fondled each other. She moaned softly as I gripped her ass.

"Put both hands on the arm of the sofa and bend over." I instructed her.

She smiled coyly and stepped over to the sofa placing her hands on the arm and bent over slightly.

"No, bend OVER." I demanded.

She complied and bent farther. I lifted her skirt slowly exposing her thighs and savoring the anticipation. I then lifted the skirt above her butt cheeks and was pleased to see she was indeed wearing a thong as I had requested. Fixing her skirt in place to leave my hands free I immediately began my inspection of her ass. I spread her wide and slid the thong to the side. There before me was her tight little bud, and a mix of emotions rushed through me. There was no presence of the anal beads.

"Oh, yeah." She began.

I quickly cut her off. "Shut Up! You deliberately disobeyed me."

"I'm sorry, its just that they..." She began again.

Interrupting I asked. "Did I ask for an explanation?"


"Stand up."

"Are you mad at me?"

"Not at all. Come on lets go."

"Where are we going?"

"Out, come on."

I held the door open and we stepped outside. I took her hand and we walked in silence the few blocks to a local "go-go" bar. It wasn't one of the upscale places with plush seating and cocktail waitresses. There wasn't security or even a bouncer. It was a local dive with stages behind the bar where girls would get up and dance to three songs while undressing to panties and pasties. What Charlie didn't know was that I knew a girl who danced here. We took seats at the bar and got the bartenders attention. The selection was limited; you had alcohol or a choice between two bottled beers. Charlie ordered a Jack and Coke while I settled for a beer. The girls weren't dancing yet, but it was only about ten minutes before the jukebox was turned on and the three girls appeared and climbed upon their respective "stages". Stacey was on the middle stage and shot me a quick look and a smile. It wasn't anything Charlie would have picked up on, which was good.

"So what, you want to check out some strippers before fucking me? What, is this my punishment for not showing up with the beads in my ass?"

"Yeah." I lied, "Does this make you mad?"

"Not really. That girl in the middle is kinda cute, she's kinda turnin me on."

She was talking about Stacey. And she was right Stacey had a tight little body. She was short, like 5 foot nothing short. She couldn't have weighed more then a buck o five soak and wet. She had those small pert tits and the kind of nice round small ass that fit perfectly into your cupped hands. Her curly raven black hair cascaded in loose ringlets down past her shoulders against her pale skin. I had known her for a while and she was a freak! I would have considered dating her if it wasn't for the fact that she was almost ten years younger then me and pretty heavy into a lifestyle that included going to raves and ingesting the various drugs that accompanied those types of parties.

I knew she'd be down with what I had in mind, all I had to do was tell her about the plan. She didn't care; to her it sounded hot and she was all too happy to be a part of it.

The music continued and the girls swayed and "danced" to the odd song choices that the rather out of date jukebox offered. Finishing our drinks we ordered another round. Before long Stacey started making eyes at Charlie. And I thought Charlie might be getting a little receptive. That coupled with the fact that she thought I had brought her here because I was mad. Knowing Charlie her "revenge" would be to make me jealous by flirting with someone, and why not one of the dancers? Yeah in her mind this made sense.

Once the songs had finished the dancers climbed off their perches and started to make their way to the "dressing room". Charlie stood up and told me she would be right back. I watched as she quickly made her way over toward the door of the girl's dressing room intercepting Stacey. The girls chatted and Stacey looked my direction before pulling Charlie towards her and kissing her. Then taking Charlie by the hand she led her into the dressing room.

I know Charlie had engaged in bisexual activities before so her behavior didn't surprise me one bit. Just about a half-hour went buy as I slowly nursed my beer and tried to keep myself from chain smoking. Normally I would have left and I'm sure Charlie wasn't going to be expecting me to be sitting at the bar when she emerged from the dressing room. But I had a plan and I wasn't going to give up so easily. If she thought she was the only one who could play games she was wrong.

Finally the dressing room door opened and the girls started filing out; the last two were Charlie and Stacey. Charlie's skirt looked slightly skewed and as I had guessed she looked shocked to see me still sitting there at the bar. She sauntered over and climbed up on the barstool and picked up her drink to take a sip.

"So are you still mad at me?"

I didn't answer her, figuring I'd play the "silent treatment". Two feet away behind the bar was Stacey shaking her ass on the stage closest to us. She got down on all fours and crawled across the bar towards Charlie. Charlie leaned over the bar and the two girls kissed. The bar erupted with applause and I watched as Stacey discretely dropped a small pill into Charlie's Jack and Coke. Stacey pulled away winking at me and stood and made her way over to her stage.

"I'm outta here." I announced getting up and dropping a handful of cash on the bar before turning around and walking out the door.

Sure enough Charlie came out the door after me.

"So what, that's it? You are just gonna leave me her because some girl kissed me? Don't forget YOU were the one who brought me here, if anybody is to blame its you!"

Typical Charlie, I knew she'd react this way. She was shouting and trying to cause a scene. I turned and politely asked if she was coming.

We walked again in silence for a couple of blocks before she spoke again.

"So I suppose you just want me to go home now, huh?"

"Nope, you came down for a reason, right?"

"So you still want to fuck?"


We got back to my house and I let us in. We went straight upstairs to my bedroom where she laid down on my bed and kicked off her shoes.

"My pussy is really wet and my panties are gonna be really smelly. Wanna know why?"

"Why?" I said as I removed my shirt.

"Because that stripper back there ate my pussy."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah but not as good as you do..."

I climbed on top of her and slid my hands down her arms to her wrists and pinned her to the mattress as we kissed. From her lips I moved to her neck then progressively down to her nipples which were now poking hard against her top. I moved myself down between her legs and slipped her skirt up so I could remove her panties.

"Oh yeah, baby, eat that pussy, eat it good for me..."

I pulled her thong down her legs and started to bring them to my face to inhale her aroma. But they were so moist I just dropped them to the floor. I positioned my face between her thighs and lowered my tongue to her already moist folds.

"Thas... it.....bae..." And her voiced trailed off. Now she just moaned. Whatever Stacey had slipped her was taking effect.

I stood up and walked to the head of the bed.

"Awe, dough th-top."

I reached under the bed and pulled out the wrist restraint and secured it around her wrist. She giggled and tried raising her arm. The cuff lifted only and inch or two off the mattress, the other end was attached to the bed's frame. I walked around the other side of the bed and pulled the other cuff out and closed it around her other wrist. She cooed happily.

I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and looked at the time. It was A little after 2am. I had a few minutes to kill so I unzipped my pants and pulled my semi-rigged cock out and knelt beside Charlie's head.

"Mmm," she moaned and licked her lips. And I leaned forward shoving my cock towards her mouth. She took it greedily and began sucking at it with abandon. Soon my cock was completely swollen and I began thrusting into her mouth. Ever few seconds I'd pull out and slap her cheeks with my saliva coated boner before returning it to her wet mouth.

I heard a noise downstairs as the front door opened and closed.

Stacey was there. "Hello?" She called as she came up the stairs and came towards the bedroom.

Stacey started getting undressed without so much as saying a word.

"Hi there." I said. As I climbed off the bed. Still standing near the head of the bed I slid my pants down and stepped out of them. I was now totally naked, as was Stacey.

"Awe, you started without me." She said eyeing my erection.

"Whad da fuck?" Charlie said slurred and confused.

"You see honey, you didn't do as you were told so now as your punishment I'm gonna fuck the shit out of your little friend here while you watch." I explained to Charlie.

Stacey came over and dropped to her knees in front of me.

"Aren't we gonna play with her too?" Stacey asked.

"Only if she's a good girl."

Satisfied with the answer Stacey crammed my cock into her mouth and began bobbing on it.

"Yeah bitch suck that dick." I commanded.

Stacey worked it hard, maybe it was the fact that Charlie was there, I didn't know and could have cared less. My rod slipped past her lips, in and out, in and out, in a nice steady rhythm. Stacey then pulled it out and ran her mouth up the side before popping the head back in and engulfing my shaft. Charlie just lay there staring at the ceiling but I knew she could tell what was going on. Sure she was a little out of it but she still had some of her senses about her.

"Hold your mouth open." I told Stacey. She opened her mouth and I grabbed her head and began pistoning my cock in and out of her mouth. She groaned as I violated her mouth. It was either her groans or the intensely loud slurping and squishing noises but I could see Charlie turning her head to watch the show.

"Take it all." I ordered and pulled Stacey's head towards my groin. She looked up at me and made an awful gagging noise. I could see tears welling up in her eyes and I relented a second before continuing my assault on her mouth. She relaxed and I could feel the head of my cock cross the threshold into her throat. Her nose was pulled tight against my pubes and my balls were resting on her chin. The tears grew and began running down her cheeks leaving black trails behind them. She began to gag and cough again and I pulled her off. Long strands of saliva hung between my cock and her lips and she quickly closed the distance and enveloped my dick again. She bobbed up and down on my shaft and I looked over at Charlie. Her eyes were locked on the girl sucking me off.

"Yeah baby suck that dick." I told Stacey. That got Charlie's attention and she looked up and made eye contact with me. I smiled and thrust my hips in unison with Stacey's mouth. Charlie then scowled at me before turning her head away from the action.

"You want me to fuck you with that dick?" I asked Stacey.

"Oh yeah, you know I do."

I laid down on the carpet beside the bed and Stacey straddled my hips. She lowered herself onto my erection.

"Oh fuck!" She moaned loudly.

"Oh yeah baby that's it." I encouraged her.

She started riding me with force. At first I kept my hands on her hips and "helped" her, but that didn't last. I had to reach up and squeeze those little tits of hers. Man handling them I pinched her nipples.

She began to yell out, "OH! OH GOD YEAH! I'M GONNA CUM! I'M GONNA CUM! FUCK!"

Again I grabbed her by the hips and we began fucking each other as hard as we could. Her back arched and she grabbed her own nipples pinching and twisting them as her body convulsed in orgasm. After her orgasm subsided and she caught her breath she began to rock back and forth on my still erect cock. I let my hands roam over her tight naked body.

"Oh God, that was good." Stacey breathed.

"I'm glad you liked it." I responded.

I reached around and grabbed her ass.

"We aren't done yet, you know."

"I hope not."

She stood up and walked to the foot of the bed. There lay Charlie, still naked from the waist down. Her arms bound and her legs slightly spread. She was watching us now. Stacey placed her hands on the bed beside Charlie's knees.

"Can I lick her?" Stacey asked.

"No," I said as I went to the dresser to get the tube of lubricant.

"But she tasted so good."

With that Charlie started grinding her hips in a seductive fashion.

"No, she's being punished. Maybe later."

Charlie sighed heavily and made a pouty face.

I took up position behind Stacey and grabbed her by the hips. Her pussy was so freaking wet I slammed my entire length into her. I wasn't going to be gentle. I didn't care about Stacey, I was using her. I pulled back and rammed my cock home again. Stacey's head flew back as she groaned loudly. Picking up the pace I started drilling away at Stacey's sopping wet cunt. Her loose pussy sucked and slurped as I plunged and retreated, plunged and retreated. Stacey's head would drop to her chest and fly back as I hammered away. I reached up and grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulled hard as I sunk deep into her.

"Do you want it now?" I asked.

"Yeah," panted Stacey, "Just go slow."

I pulled out of Stacey's pussy and spread her cheeks pulling her little butt hole open. I then began to lick the rim of her tight little opening.

"Tell her what I'm doing." I ordered.

"Mmmm, he's licking my ass. And it feels so fucking good." Stacey complied.

"Oh. He's shoving his tongue into my ass."

I lapped at her like a dog at its water dish. Her anus flexed and quivered with each lick. I picked up the tube from the bed and squeezed an ample amount out and into my hand allowing it to warm up while I continued to eat her ass. After a few moments I slid the lube down her ass crack, I ran my hand up and down and began to work the lube into her clenched orifice with my index finger. Once past the tight opening she seemed to relax and I was able to work my finger into the second knuckle.

"Hoe GOD!"

"That's it baby, soon my fat cock is gonna be up in there."

"Yeah, I want you to fuck my ass."

"Charlie? Do you want to watch me fuck her ass?"

"You're a dick." She seemed to have regained some composure.

"You disobeyed, so this is your punishment. But, I'll ask you again, do you want to watch when I fuck her ass?"

"Screw you." Charlie retorted.

"Oh come on, it's no fun if you're tied up." Chimed Stacey.

"I don't know."

"Look," I said, "How about I let her release you and you can lie there while she eats you out and I fuck her in the ass. Then if you want to watch you can?"

"Uh," pause, "Okay."

"But from now on you must do as I ask, when I ask, ok?"


I pulled my greasy finger out of Stacey's ass and she released Charlie. Charlie didn't really move other then to spread her legs giving Stacey access to her pussy. Stacey took up position and lowered her mouth and began licking at Charlie. I meanwhile had resumed playing with Stacey's tight little bum. Both girls began moaning and I decided Stacey was warmed up enough. Gently I began to shove the head of my cock into Stacey's rectum.

"Oh FUCK!" Stacey almost yelled as she lifted her head away from Charlie's wet snatch. Charlie quickly grabbed Stacey's head and pushed her back down. I began the slow process of invading a virgin asshole. Stacey was whimpering as my cock slowly crept deeper into her bowels. Her whimpers were muffled as she continued to be almost force fed Charlie's pussy as Charlie moaned in pleasure. Finally I looked down and I could see that my pelvis was tight against Stacey's bottom. I didn't move for a few moments, I just relaxed and listened to the two girls moaning. I wanted Stacey to get comfortable having my disk in her ass before fucking her, and the sight of my cocked being buried in her tight ass was amazing.

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