tagNon-Erotic PoetrySometime in the Night

Sometime in the Night


Sometime In the Night

Sometime in the night, the doubt slipped in through the window,
Stealthily creeping in to rob me of every last sane thought.

No longer open to trust, my heart lay shattered on the floor,
Beaten down by a rage so severe, there was no running away.

Thoughts of sliding down an endless well of despair consume my mind,
And drive that final nail into my coffin, closing all avenues of escape.

Sometime in the night, I believed the angels of deceit tormenting my thoughts,
Describing in detail the horrible twists that awaited me.

Not trusting in the pathetic silent movie playing before my eyes,
Placing the truth, in all its viciousness, into my lap.

There’s no where to turn now, I have let the lies choose for me,
For the safety and security it provided is a prison of my own design.

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