tagAnalSometimes Size Does Matter

Sometimes Size Does Matter


This is a story in which the male in the leading role does not possess a 7 to 11 inch long penis as big around as a beer can. Rather, this man is of average or even slightly below average size. Personally, this author is rather tired of reading about how all men have oversized penises. Yes, I suppose I am jealous because I’m on the short side of normal, and yes I realize that these erotic stories are fantasy. However, I wanted to write this story for us more normal size guys.

I met Bob at the athletic club and we hit it off right away. It just so happened that we were on the same workout time schedule, what with work responsibilities, etc. We became buddies and met several times for a beer. One day, after several months of male bonding, we were sitting in a bar having a beer and Bob said that he had a confession to make and a proposition to present to me. The first thing that I thought of was, OH NO HE’S GAY! I told Bob that I didn’t go that way and he started laughing. “No-No he said, I’m not gay. Although after what I’m about to tell you, you may start to wonder.”

“You know we have showered together at the club and there have been several times that I’ve seen your penis as you have probably seen mine.”

Now, I have to admit that I did glimpse at his penis and in a flaccid state it appeared to be 7 or 8 inches long and quite thick, whereas mine, when fully erect, stands at a proud uncut 5 inches and normal thickness. Bob went on to say that his erect penis extends to about 10 inches and is very thick.

“Ok, so you’ve got a big fat cock and I don’t. What’s the deal? Is this where you point and laugh?”

“Hear me out before you get all pissed off! I think you’ll like this proposition.”

“My wife is a petite woman and a complete anal freak. You see she loves to be ass fucked but she can’t take my oversized cock. We’ve tried many times and used all the lubricants and all the tools like butt plugs, and all the fucking positions to allow her ass to accept my cock, but as much as we’ve tried it’s too painful for her. I’ve hardly been able to get the head of my cock in her sweet ass. Her pussy can stretch to accommodate my cock (just like it stretches when giving birth) but she really misses having a cock in her ass. I love my wife and I want her to be happy, so I’m wondering if you would fuck my wife in her ass. I’m sure she’ll be able to take your size cock.”

“Wait, you want me to have anal sex with your wife, and it’s ok with you and her?”

“Yes, but there is one condition. I have to be there to watch. You see, since I can’t pleasure my wife anally I want to be able to at least share her pleasure by watching her getting the thing she loves.”

“I’ve never fucked another man’s wife in her ass, especially with him watching. I don’t know, I’ll have to think about it. Ok, I’ve thought about it and I’ll do it.”

“Good, I know you won’t be disappointed. I’ll call you in a day or two with the time and place.”

Bob called me several days later and asked me to come over to his house on Saturday night about 8 PM. When I arrived he met me at the door and invited me in. His wife was sitting on their couch and when she got up to greet me I thought I was going to cum in my pants. She was a gorgeous, petite blonde with the most perfectly shaped ass I’ve ever seen on a woman. Small tits but a great ass!

When she took my hand as Bob introduced us, her name was Roxanne, I could feel my cock start to harden and stand at attention. “Oh, look Bob, it seems that our guest can’t wait to get started!” I was a little embarrassed and could feel the blood rushing to my face as well as my dick. “Well, I suppose I can’t really blame him my dear after all you do have the most perfect and sexiest ass any man would lust after. How about I fix us some drinks while you put our guest at ease.”

Roxanne put on some music and took my hand. The first song began, and we embraced for the dance. It started innocently enough, but Roxanne began to dance a little more suggestively. She brushed her breasts across my chest several times, and then moved closer to grind against my crotch. Her dancing continued to get more suggestive. At one point she turned her back to me and started grinding her butt against my crotch. She placed my hands on her hips and led them up and down. When my hands drifted to her thighs, she led them back up under her skirt. My hands were rubbing her hips and squeezing her ass. Roxanne parted her legs slightly farther and bent a little at the waist. Her eyes slowly closed and her mouth parted like it was making an “ooohhhh” sound. My swollen cock was really hurting trapped in my jeans. Roxanne turned around unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them and my boxers down freeing my straining cock. Bob had returned with the drinks and had been watching his wife and I dancing. “Ooh, look” Roxanne cooed, staring at my uncircumcised throbbing erection. “He’s got a really nice one, honey. Isn’t it a beauty? It looks like it’s just the right size to fit in my ass without tearing and hurting me. Bob, you were right, it’s just perfect.”

"Look, guys," she said, "We all know why we're here, so how about we get something going? Bob," she looked directly at her husband, "I'd love to suck his cock and taste his cum!” “Go for it babe, I brought him home for your pleasure and the pleasure I’ll get seeing you enjoying yourself. Just remember one thing”, my friend said to me, “you can do anything you and my wife want, but her pussy is mine and mine alone!”

Roxanne dropped to her knees in front of me and started sucking my cock. I looked over at Bob, who had stripped naked and was idly stroking his monster cock as he watched his wife hungrily suck on my cock.

Roxanne was every bit the expert cocksucker I’d imagined her to be. Sexy slurping sounds came from deep in her throat as she slobbered over my hard organ. Her husband was offering words of encouragement to urge her on; at one point telling her to show me how well she could swallow a cock. Roxanne responded immediately, and the next thing I knew my whole cock was disappearing down her beautiful throat. The sight alone was enough to start me coming, but Roxanne didn’t flinch as my semen streamed down her throat. She simply swallowed it all and then licked me clean.

Watching his wife suck my cock and swallow my cum was too much for Bob. He started moaning as he continued stroking his big dick. Roxanne licked her lips and immediately fell to her knees in front of her husband. Her long slender fingers wrapped seductively around his hard shaft as she began to play with his cock and balls. Bob sighed deeply as she began to work his foreskin up and over his large bulbous cock head and then slide all the way down again to the base. Tickling his balls briefly and grasping the shaft, she parted her lusciously painted lips and, forming an "O", she took the mushroom shaped head into her hot, wet mouth as she began to suck hungrily on his dick.

She was sucking on Bob's cock for all she was worth. She was kneeling in front of him with her ass in the air. The sight was too much for me and I quickly joined her on the floor, kneeling at her swaying bottom. Bob was moaning and groaning deeply as I lifted Roxanne’s skirt and flipped it onto her back. She wore a pair of sexy, lace thongs that revealed the smooth, creamy flesh of her buttocks. I pulled the single string that ran between her cheeks to one side and started to lick and kiss her gorgeous ass. The more I licked at her brown hole, the deeper she swallowed Bob’s big cock. I wanted to see what was happening and, looking over her back, I was just in time to see Bob’s penis disappear right down to the balls in Roxanne's throat. She gagged slightly as Bob began to cum, but then adjusted the angle of her head slightly and allowed his emission to pour into her sweet, hot mouth. Bob had his eyes tight shut as he climaxed, but I could clearly see the obscene outline of his huge organ as it spasmed inside of his wife's mouth. As Roxanne slid back to allow his still hard cock to drop from her lips, her lipstick glistened with his seed and I could see some of the residue drip onto her chin.

We moved into the bedroom where we took off all our clothes and minutes later I was seated on the edge of the bed while Bob was stretched out on the bed with Roxanne sitting on his face. His wife was gasping and moaning with erotic delight as he licked and sucked on her swollen pussy. She let out a scream and shuddered as her climax overtook her. I lost myself in watching that most erotic scene and my cock was beginning to stir.

Roxanne’s magical mouth had me hard again in no time, and when I was set to go she climbed onto the bed and wagged her inviting behind at me. “Go to it” Bob said excitedly. “How can you resist that beautiful ass?”

I couldn’t, so after putting on a condom and greasing her tight ass hole with K-Y and finger fucking it for a minute or so. I placed my lubricated penis against her well-lubed anal opening. Then slowly I pressed harder with my cock. Little by little I worked my erect cock deeper into her as she clenched with some small amount of pain. When my cock was completely inside her ass I remained completely still. We lay there for several minutes as I kissed the back of her neck, letting her anal opening adjust to my cock. When she became comfortable, we started towards her anal climax. Slowly I started pumping my cock in and out of her tight opening, increasing the pace and stroke depth as she became more relaxed with my cock in her ass.

After only a short time Roxanne started responding and reached a shattering anal orgasm. "God, this is great, I can feel you moving all through my insides,” she gasped. “Oh, Bob, look what he’s doing to me,” Roxanne cried out. “He’s fucking my tight little ass, baby. He’s really filling my asshole with his just right sized cock and it doesn’t hurt, it feels exquisite.” The words excited her husband to the point where he could barely speak. He just stood there as if nailed to the spot, with his face flushed and his eyes riveted to his wife’s upturned ass and my hard cock repeatedly spearing those creamy smooth cheeks. I was close to coming when Roxanne reached around and cupped my swaying balls. After several more of her orgasms my cock erupted its sperm filled load into her bowels. Roxanne screamed out with her strongest and final orgasm, and then Bob, jumping onto the bed next to his wife, clutched a handful of her hair and positioned her head so he could treat her to a semen facial. She was sucking the remaining cum from his cock as I staggered backward and fell into a chair, thoroughly and happily sated. And that, as it turned out, was enough for Roxanne and Bob as well. All we wanted to do now was curl up and get some sleep.

“But tomorrow’s another day,” Bob said as he walked me to the door.

“No, not tomorrow,” I said. “I need to rest.”

Bob chuckled. “Next Saturday night then.” He paused briefly. “We have another fantasy you might want to help us with, but we can discuss that later.”

I told Bob I would be up for what ever it was and that I’d definitely be there.

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