tagGroup SexSometimes That's How it Goes

Sometimes That's How it Goes


Author's Note: The following story contains: non-incest, brother/sister incest, group sex, double penetration, oral & anal. If these scenarios offend you please do not read this submission. Thanks to BradBigBrain for editing suggestions. Comments are always appreciated and enjoyed. Have fun ~ Red


It wasn't supposed to happen like this. I wasn't supposed to be on my knees, giving head to my brother -- worse than that, I wasn't supposed to be enjoying it. But there I was, sucking his dick and only feeling a fraction of shame. What had started out as yet another boring wedding for another member of my family had quickly turned into something much more exciting and rewarding than I could have ever imagined.

My brother Jack, his best-friend and best man, Tommy, as well as Scott -- Jack's soon-to-be father-in-law, and several other various male guests were all hanging out at Smokey's Bar for Jack's impromptu bachelor party. From my understanding he wasn't planning on having one; it was something his fiancée Jessica frowned against, but Jessica's dad had insisted and much to my chagrin they happened to pick the bar I worked at.

I know Jack planned that part of the party, after agreeing to Scott's demand of having one in the first place. Jack figured I'd give them a discount on booze and well, he was right, I would, but only because my boss would allow it. So the men filed in, all of them laughing and telling jokes. Various bottles of beer were passed out amongst the fellas and before long the bar was full of joyous revelry. I, on the other hand, was growing more and more disgusted with the whole affair.

Trudy, one of the local girls, was also in the bar; she had her hands all over my brother and his best man. I rolled my eyes and gave him dirty looks, thinking about Jessica and her feelings; every so often I'd glance over at Scoot, Jessica's dad, just to see how he felt about it all and he must not have thought much of it, because his eyes were always on mine.

Well, eventually I gave up sending my brother a look that would have sent any other man six feet under and decided to just let fate decide when it came to whether or not Jack walked down the aisle. I had work to do and real tips to earn. That was another thing about waiting tables for your relatives -- your cheap relatives -- tips were scarce.

During the course of the evening I caught a break and headed outside to smoke a cigarette. I didn't even get it lit before some man's fingers were pulling it out of my mouth and throwing it into the air. I watched it arc and then fade away into the night.

"What the fuck?" I muttered before turning to look at the ass that had ripped my cigarette from my lips. It was Scott and he was looking at me like a lion ready to pounce on some poor unsuspecting lioness. My tongue darted out and my knees grew weak.

"That's bad for your health," he told me. I chuckled, rolled my eyes and reached into my pocket to pull out the antique cigarette holder that was once my grandpa's. Scott pulled it from my hand and tucked it in his back pocket.

I was pissed. I cursed, reached around him, and went to retrieve what legally belonged to me. He was faster though and before I knew it, he had me turned around and my chest pressed against the wall of the building.

His breath caressed my cheek and he whispered how fuckin' hot I was. I felt my pussy tighten and I pushed back against his crotch. There it was - that thick hard piece of meat that I knew would be waiting for me. He must have known I hadn't been fucked in weeks -- hell, months really. It had just been my toys and I since my boyfriend broke up with me on my 22nd birthday. Who the fuck does that to a girl?

Well, the dry run was going to be broken tonight. I felt Scott's hand move down between us. He kept both my arms raised above my head and my wrists in a vise-like grip. I wiggled against his knuckles as he worked to release his belt, button and zipper. I wasn't making it easy on him. Sure we were going to fuck and I was all for it, but why not add a little bumping and grinding to his hand to make him work a little harder.

He cursed me and I laughed, but that laughter was soon replaced with a shocked and somewhat outraged "ouch" that left my lips after he smacked my ass -- hard! My pussy shook from the vibrations and my nipples got hard. I wiggled again and he landed another blow to my ass cheek. Fuck it felt good!

His cock was out, he told me so and then his hand was up my skirt. I felt his fingers wrap around my white panties and within seconds the bits of lace and silk were ripped from my ass and pussy. The air around us swept up and licked at my slick sex.

Scott lined his cock up to my pussy and shoved his hard dick into me. One quick thrust and he was buried balls deep. I threw my head back and squeezed his cock. He groaned, pulled out and slammed back in. Over and over he used me; his piston action made my sex drip with juice. I shoved back and he pushed forward. He'd pull out and I'd drive back. I wasn't losing his cock and he was not about to stop using me as his quick fuck toy.

When I told him I was going to come, he told me "you better" and the tone reeked of masculinity, something the last man I was with lacked. He bit my shoulder, right through my blouse and that was it. I was coming like a mother fucker and my fluids soaked his cock, ran down my thighs and twisted dirty little paths along my calf muscles.

I didn't have a lot of time to enjoy the rush. Scott was ready and he told me so without saying a word. He pulled his dick out of my pussy, let my wrists go, spun me around and shoved his hand on top of my head. The knowing push was all I needed before I dropped down and began sucking on that come-covered cock of his. I tasted myself, smelled our joining and hungrily pumped his rod deep into my throat, lifted up and then dropped down again.

Scott helped. He grabbed my hair, anchored his fists in it and began to really plow his way through me. I didn't mind. The thrill of the fuck was amazing and when he shot his load into me, all I could do was moan in appreciation. When he was done, he pulled me off his mouth and looked down on me. I grinned, cum dripped from my lips, but I quickly swallowed it up so as not to appear wasteful. He chuckled and said, "Your turn, Jack."

My eyes grew wide and I turned to the back door of the bar where my brother stood looking at Scott and me. His eyes were probably just as big as mine, but where mine showed shock, humiliation and embarrassment, his held something more --- something more wicked. He chuckled, turned around and headed back into the bar. The last words I heard before the door closed behind him were, "Tommy, guess who just face-fucked my sister?" being shouted into the interior of the establishment.

I stood up, wiped my mouth and glared at Scott. He laughed, pulled me back to him and kissed me hard. I kissed him back, but it didn't mean I wasn't pissed. I smoothed my skirt, and kicked the torn panties several feet away. He walked over to them, winked at me and picked up the shredded lace. I rolled my eyes when he tucked them into his pocket, right next to my cigarette case.

Back inside I went; my face was a crimson red, brighter than my hair and my skin was hot. I kept my head lowered as several of Jack's buddies were whistling at me and lifting raised fists to Scott. I felt like that girl who got caught behind the bleachers with the quarterback and it wasn't a good feeling --yet it wasn't a bad feeling either.

Eventually the cat-calls stopped and I was able to get back to work. I tried really hard not to think about what Scott had said to Jack about it being his "turn." The idea of my big brother and I fucking and sucking each other into oblivion was totally beyond any fantasy I'd ever had. Now though, with three simple words, uttered by a man that should have been appalled by the idea of his soon-to-be son-in-law fucking anyone besides his daughter, it was all I could think about.

It wasn't long before a few of the stragglers to the party started to leave. They weren't really Jack's friends, more like people who knew people, who knew people. Jack, Scott, Tommy as well as two other guys, Doug and Paul -- both members of the wedding -- were all that was left of the revelers.

My boss noticed how exhausted I was and he was very much aware of the leering looks coming from Scott as well as Tommy, Doug, and Paul. So he sent me home and told me to get a good night's rest. After all I was supposed to be one of the bridesmaids for Jessica. A last minute fill-in since the one, who was supposed to show up, just had a baby.

I said my goodbyes to the boys, winked at Scott and headed up the road to the lake cottage that was doubling as my temporary home away from home. I don't like people -- well crowds of people I don't know - and the wedding was taking place on my mom and dad's farm. It was just a few miles from the bar and it was full of every relative this side of the Mississippi. I had talked my parents into letting me abandon the house and take refuge under the protective shelter of the old hunting cabin my daddy used to use when he was a young boy.

Once inside I stripped down and headed to the bathroom. I took care of my business before climbing into the shower; hot water and creamy soap washed away the sweat of my extracurricular activities.

When I came out I did so thinking I was alone. After all I was supposed to be, that was the plan. I was freshly scrubbed and dried off and had no issues walking out the room naked. Everyone had agreed that this would be my place for the week, and no one else's. Well, guess who was there -- Jack. He was leaning in the hall with a cocky grin on his face; he was also as naked as the day he was born. The fingers of his left hand were wrapped around his dick and he was stroking it. His right hand just hung to his side, a lit cigarette held between his fingers.

I looked past him and into the other room; no one else was there, which surprised me. I honestly figured, with the smile on his face, he was sure to have brought backup -- just to make sure there was someone there to witness me sucking off my brother.

See, there was no doubt at all it wasn't going to happen. It was. I knew it as soon as Scott had voiced it and obviously Jack did too.

I reached for his cigarette, expecting him to share but he only chuckled, dropped it to the hardwood floor and stomped it out. "Brat," I told him. He laughed at me, grabbed the back of my head and kissed me fully on the lips.

Our tongues moved along side each other and I moaned deeply as his hands came up and grabbed my tits. His thumbs pressed against my nipples and I pushed into the caress. Before long he was leaving my mouth and gathering my right areola between his lips and sucking it hard into his mouth.

My hands weren't idle. I willingly and vigorously wrapped my fingers around his cock and took over where his hand had left off. I stroked him fast and slow, alternating my speed so he was forced to either break concentration on my nipples, or push my fingers away. Needless to say, I know how to give a hand job and soon my big brother was putty in my hands. He leaned against the wall and let me do my thing. I dropped to my knees and for the second time that night I was giving head like a pro.

Jack's cock was different. It was thick and hard, but somewhat shorter than Scott's. I didn't mind though, after all this was my brother. It was hot -- so fuckin' hot to be sucking him off, who cared what size dick he had. I know I sure the hell didn't. He used his hands, much like his Father-in-law-to-be had, but instead of a forceful push he was more gentle and kind. I didn't mind though, again, it was Jack!

When he told me he was going to come, I pumped him several times, leaned back and begged him to cover his baby sister in his cream. He did it, too. Boy, how he fuckin' creamed me.

I opened my mouth and seconds flew by as thick hot ropes of cum shot out to splash against my eager lips and tongue. I tilted my head back and he shot a load onto my neck. I shivered as it raced down my chest and then the final volley he rewarded me with landed right in my mouth, because I was not missing out on that. I had thrown my head back down and taken that softening tool between my lips and sucked until that last explosion hit the roof of my mouth. I swallowed and groaned, muttered and cursed, until he was empty and pushing me from his limp rod.

I sat on my ass, staring at Jack while he recovered from my thorough inspection of his cock. I hadn't even gotten around to lickin' his balls, but I knew I would -- the night was still young and the wedding wasn't until noon.

I heard a thump, followed by a yelp and then a curse. I turned and watched as the cabin door opened up and Scott, Tommy, Doug and Paul walked in. Paul was holding his foot; he was saying something about stubbing his toe on the door or some other stupid immovable object. I looked to Jack. He shrugged his shoulders, but said nothing else. Scott met my eyes and I knew he'd walk the other boys out if I wanted him to. My lips rose in a smirk and I crawled over to the new arrivals on all fours.

There wasn't much for me to do, not really. The men had their clothes off faster than virgin boys taking their first pussy. I would have laughed, but I was somewhat nervous; this was an entirely impromptu situation and one I had never contemplated before, but hey -- when the time is right, why not, right?

When I reached the center of the room, it was like I was the main course at an all you can eat buffet. Tommy wasted no time, grabbing my hair and angling my head back so he could shove his dick into my mouth; he was long, thick and hard. I felt the full impact of his rod slam into the back of my throat and worked hard to make sure I took his full length. He held me there, our eyes locked in a heated battle. I guess he was surprised when I shrugged my shoulder, turned my head slightly and closed the gap between the base of his dick and the top of his balls. He smelled divine and he felt even more wonderful.

Beside me I saw a pair of naked legs; instantly recognizing the scar on the right knee, I was able to identify my brother. Jack lay down on his back and shimmed underneath me. His hands began to play a melody on my body that was surreal. He had one hand on my left tit, the other on the right and his face was buried between my legs. I moved one of my hands and wrapped my fingers around his cock.

Tommy pulled his dick out and pushed it back in. I allowed him to control the speed and depth, while I concentrated on what was going to happen next. I felt the telling sign of another man's hands on my ass and being the curious woman I am, I pulled away from Tommy's crotch and looked behind me. There was Paul. His big swollen appendage was toying with my ass. I eyed him, made a face and he laughed. His cock head slid down the crack and I moaned when he found the entrance that was all for him.

He slid his dick into my pussy. I groaned, pushed back and welcomed all of him. I don't know if Jack and Paul had issues or not with one man's cock being so close to another's man's mouth. Believe me that was the furthest thing from my mind. I had a beautiful cock in front of me that needed attention. I had my big brother under me sucking at my clit and groping my titties and now I had a thick tool shoved into my pussy. The only men missing were Scott and Doug. I had one orifice that hadn't been claimed, from the look I had given Paul, Scott and Doug knew better than to put their cocks there -- maybe some other time.

With that said, neither man was forgotten, not at all. They both came up to Tommy and stood right next to him. I popped off one dick, just so I could welcome another. I repeated the same ministrations on all three cocks and over the course of several minutes I fucked three men's cocks with my mouth, lavished their balls with long licks and hard suckling as well as ground my pelvis against my brother's face and his best friend continued to plunge his rod deeper and faster into my pussy.

We fucked like this for several long delicious minutes until Paul was spilling his seed into my warm hot cunt. I squeezed his rod, milking him, and Jack had left my pussy, answering one question as to whom else would get some of Paul's cum. I felt my brother's mouth latch onto one of my nipples and he bit the areola hard. I came then, showering Paul's softening tool with hot liquid satin and moaning around Tommy's dick. It wasn't long before he was pulling his meat out of my mouth and coming all over my smiling face. Scott wasn't done though and as Paul shot his jism onto me, Scott shoved me back onto his cock.

Paul pulled out and I watched Doug move in to take the man's place. A primal grunt of lust poured over Scott's dick as I welcomed Doug's meat into my used hole. It was so long and pressed smack right up against my cervix. My eyes rolled back. I squeezed him hard and he began to work me like there was no tomorrow and tonight was all we had. Death could come knocking and I would have told it to fuck off -- I had cum to swallow and wear!

My tongue wrapped around the base of Scott's rod and when he came it filled my throat. I was thirsting for every drop. His cum tasted salty and tangy, as delectable as it had been earlier. When he was done, he pulled out, slapped my face with his limp rod and stepped back. Jack was still there, under me and still treating my tits to his expert tongue. I knew his cock was raging and I knew he would be the one who would claim that last piece of heaven.

I licked my lips and told Jack to get ready. He eyed me, but rolled out from under me, just as Doug shot my pussy channel full of his seed. He thanked me for the ride, pulled out and slapped my ass. I hissed and told him that next time he better fuckin' slap me like a man -- or use a belt. That made him grin and Scott cursed softly, promising to fuck me again later. I told him, "I look forward to it!"

"Take my ass, big brother," I said. Seconds before he had been ready to plow into my pussy; immediately he grabbed my hips forcing me to rise from my knees just enough so my ass was presented to him in a lewd display of skin and glistening juices.

He dipped his cock into my pussy several times and I felt his hand sweep down and gather my cum as well as some of Paul's and Doug's into his palm. I guess my brother wasn't so worried about another man's seed on his dick after all. I felt his fingers push that mixture of juices along the inside core of my anal cavity. I groaned in appreciation and when he spread me open, I knew I was going to the only girl invited to all of Jack's "guy" nights.

I couldn't wait. Neither could Jack.

He pushed the head of his cock into my ass. I hissed from the tight confines being forced to accept something so thick and heavy. I closed my eyes as the pressure increased. Inch by glorious inch my brother took up the space of my anus and filled it with his cock. I looked up and saw Scott stroking his dick as were Tommy, Paul and Doug. I wasn't sure what they were thinking, but I knew they weren't done with me. Each man was a young stud, and though Scott was older than all of them, he wasn't too old -- that was obvious by the growing hardness that was filling up his fist.

As my brother took his own sweet time in pushing and pulling himself from my puckered entrance, Scott encouraged me to sit up so I was slightly resting on my knees. Jack chuckled and I knew he was more than willing to accommodate his soon-to-be Father-in-law; he held my hips, so I wouldn't lose my balance.

Scott scooted his legs between mine and Jack's. My eyes rolled back as I felt his dick push into my pussy. There was fullness to both my orifices that I can't describe as anything else but awesome. My words were inaudible as my brother slowly dropped my hips and Scott settled me onto his rod. Jack pushed himself in and I was anchored to both men. I shook my head, almost in disbelief that this was happening.

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