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Somthing About Nothing


A quick thanks to Tseranc for editing for me. ~ Red

George studied the group of friends through the window of the café. They'd been friends for so long George knew he could come to them and tell them anything, but this was different, this was way out there and he wasn't sure if the guys and Elaine would accept this particular tidbit of news. He looked over at Newman and sighed, "It's time, isn't it?"

"Yes George, it's time. We need to tell them the truth," Newman took George's hand and pressed his lips over the warm skin. "We've kept it hidden for so long. I don't want to do that anymore."

"Neither do I," George said. He squared his shoulders, puffed out his chest and opened the door to the café.

Jerry and Elaine were having coffee and talking. Jerry looked up and waved his friend over and then his face fell. "Eww. . .Newman."

Elaine rolled her eyes. "No "

"Yes," Jerry said, putting his hand over his eyes. "Shhh. . . maybe he won't see us. But he's with George. What is George doing with Newman?"

Elaine shrugged her shoulders and when George reached the table and said "Hi" she turned her head quickly and gave a big, bright smile. "George," she said with a polite grin. She looked at George's guest and said, "Newman."

"Jerry. Elaine," Newman answered. He rolled Elaine's name off his tongue and looked down her blouse. He and George were lovers, but they were also bi-sexual so his desire for Elaine was strong and he openly ogled her while George slid in next to Jerry.

"Take a seat," George told Newman. Jerry's eyebrows shot up as did Elaine's, but Newman grinned and instead of taking the seat next to Elaine he grabbed a spare chair from a table and sat down, after spinning it around to straddle it.

George was about to tell his friends what he'd been hiding from them for years, but just as he opened his mouth to bring up the subject the café door opened. He sighed and slumped back as Kramer walked in. Jerry raised his hand and motioned for the last of the group to join them. "Kramer " he shouted.

"Jerry " Kramer answered back. He slid in next to Elaine and threw his arm around the bench. "Ohhh... Elaine. Looking lovely today. Is that a new blouse?" he asked as his finger toyed with the collar of her shirt.

Elaine chuckled and swatted his hand away. "Hey Kramer, your just in time. It looked like George was about to tell us something."

"Yes, I was," George admitted and took a deep breath. "Newman and I..."

"Yes why are you here?" Jerry turned to Newman. "No one likes you, so why are you here?"

Newman smirked and leaned back and then raised a brow to the group. "Oh Jerry. . .Jerry. . .Jerry. . .Jerry. Someone likes me here. Don't they George." Newman looked at George through his glasses and ran the tip of his tongue over his lips.

The others each made faces of disgust and shuddered, before turning their attention to George.

George took a swallow of coffee, smacked his lips together and in a quite whisper said, "Newman's my lover."

Elaine's jaw dropped, as did Jerry's, and Kramer's hand flew to his forehead where it made a resounding slap just before he dragged his fingers through his thick curls. Newman smirked and nodded his head up and down as the others sat there stunned. George then explained to them when the relationship had started, but just as he was going into details, Jerry and Elaine held their hands up pleading for him to stop. Kramer, however scooted closer and wanted to hear every detail.

Eventually George and Newman left. Kramer's eyes were still wide from the shock, Jerry and Elaine's faces were still puckered in disgust. They weren't disgusted by the gay relationship. . .after all there's nothing wrong with that, but Newman was the problem. "Newman," Jerry kept muttering as he and the others left the café.

Once outside Elaine turned to Jerry, "Hey, I have tickets to the ballet, you want to come with me."

Jerry doubled over in laughter and wiped the tears from his eyes that had sprung free. He gripped Elaine's arm and tried to regain his breath. "Ummm. . .no," he told her before waving goodbye and leaving her with Kramer.

Kramer stuck his hands behind his back and proceeded to whistle, until Elaine turned toward him. "The ballet's at 6:00." She pushed a ticket into his hand. "Don't be late and you have to wear a tux."

Kramer grinned and tucked the ticket into his pocket. He tipped an imaginary hat to the pretty brunette and spun on one heel, leaving Elaine to make her way back to her apartment. Once she got home Elaine slipped into a hot shower. She closed her eyes and let the warm water slide down her soft skin. She thought of George and Newman and shuddered, then she focused on the upcoming evening.

The ballet wouldn't have been something she would have normally desired to attend, but Putty was going to be there with his new woman. He'd told her that he needed more class in his life and so he had ended things with her and was dating some socialite with a brain the size of a pea, but breasts the size of watermelons.

Elaine looked down at her breasts and teased the nipples with her slim fingers. She pulled on one, then the other, treating them both to tugs and twists. Her eyes fluttered closed as she made the hard nubs grow harder and become swollen from her play.

The water continued to cover her. She slipped one hand down her stomach and pressed her palm against her bare pussy. With experienced fingers she began to explore herself. Her fingers glided gently between her velvet lips, her nails scraped the tender flesh with precision. She moved her hand from her cunt and brought the slippery fingers to her lips. Elaine's eyes remained closed as she opened her mouth and slid her digits in. Her tongue cleaned her fingers and she moaned as she took in the flavor of her sex and savored it.

Elaine leaned against the shower and reached around the curtain to pull her vibrator from the basket sitting on the back of the commode. The welcoming hum filled the room and a smile lit up her face. She ran the head of the artificial cock over her neck and up to her jaw. Her free hand slipped to the bar that her washcloth lay over. She gripped it as she ran her toy over her lips and then opened her mouth.

She clicked the toy on, setting the vibrations to low. It tickled her cheeks and the roof of her mouth, but she didn't care. She liked the feeling of the toy moving inside her hot lips and she added to her arousal by shoving the dick deeper down her throat. She smiled when she felt her pussy tighten and her come flow down her thighs.

"Mmm..." she moaned over the sound of the shower water. Elaine took her toy from her lips and slipped the saliva-covered tool down her chin, neck and then between her cleavage. Her hand gripped the bar tighter as she flicked the speed on the vibe and pressed the rigged side over her left nipple. The medium speed rubbed her swollen peak and she hissed in pleasure.

Her breathing increased to a more ragged point and she felt her eyes flutter open and closed. She moaned again and slipped the cock back and forth increasing both the pressure and the speed of the dick along her rippling nipple. Elaine's pussy tightened further and she felt fresh nectar slip from between her moist cunt lips.

"Fuck," she hissed and moved her cock-toy over to her right nipple and teased it with as much vigor as she had the left.

Eventually the throbbing cunt between her legs was more then she could handle and she slipped her vibrator down to her waiting pussy. Elaine's body slid to the floor of the tub and she plunged her fake cock into her cunt, releasing the towel bar. As she flicked the toy to high, her free hand went to work on her clit.

With forceful thrusts Elaine inserted and withdrew the peach-colored rod and fucked herself while she pulled her clit with her two fingers. She twisted the strip of flesh, felt the tiny bumps and scrapped her nails over the sensitive bud. Her hips lifted and her muscles grabbed onto the slippery toy. "Ohhh..." she muttered.

The water splashed over her, but Elaine didn't realize it was growing colder; her body was on fire. Her cunt was burning with passion and she felt her pussy begging for more. She worked her body into a heated frenzy and when she gave her clit a hard pinch using only her sharp nails, she came all over the vibrating dick.

"Ohh. . . fuck yesss " she screamed. Her body convulsed and she felt herself shudder as she released her nectar. She rammed the cock deeper and gave herself another shivering orgasm. "Mmm."

She removed her toy and cleaned it with her tongue. Her smile was still on her face when she slipped into her evening gown, minus panties. She opened her closet door and looked at her supply of birth control. "I wonder. . . if Kramer's sponge worthy?"

To be continued. . .

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