Son Controls His Mother Ch. 01


That was the start of his affair with Miss Foster who he eventually felt comfortable calling her by her first name Carrie, at least when they were in her bedroom. Over the next several months Joey would visit Carrie at her place on Tuesday evenings initially and then it was Thursday evenings as well. During those visits Carrie taught him a lot about sex. He learned to eat pussy and really bring a woman pleasure. Carrie loved it when Joey stuck a finger in her ass as he ate her pussy. He also learned various positions of vaginal sex and he learned about 69 positioning and mutual oral satisfaction. The time came when Carrie taught him about anal sex.

"Do you want to try something different? Do you want to put it in my bottom? Do you want to fuck me in the ass?" Carrie asked.

Joey had never tried anal sex but at this point he was ready. He replied, "Yes," enthusiastically.

Carrie knelt on all fours on her bed and instructed Joey in anal sex. First he had to prepare his ass for his cock so she showed him how to lubricate her asshole and his cock. Joey loved fingering Carrie's ass and he added fingers to her pussy as well. He was so caught up in fingering Carrie's ass and pussy that he forgot all about fucking her ass.

"Joey, please don't tease me anymore. Put your cock in my ass," Carrie begged.

Joey lined his cock up with Carrie's ass and slowly pushed into her rectum. Carrie gasped aloud as the impressive cock filled her anal passage. Then Carrie guided him through the initial butt fuck.

"Not too deep then deeper," she said.

Joey was careful not to hurt her and took his time penetrating her ass. He couldn't believe the erotic feeling that came over him once he was sheathed in her ass. Joey looked at her shapely spheres as he slowly fucked her. He caressed her curvy bottom as he plowed her ass with his shaft. Joey was overcome with desire as he watched his cock slide in and out of his teacher's shapely ass. Carrie had her head down on the bed turned to one side and her face was filled with passion. She grasped the bed sheets in both hands making fists with them as Joey skewered her asshole. Joey felt his semen travel from his balls through his scrotum and shoot into Carrie's rectum. He filled her ass to overflowing and he could feel his own semen gather around his cock. He kept fucking her until his cock softened somewhat and slipped from her ass. Carrie cooed as the semen trickled out of her ass and ran over her pussy and down her inner thighs. She stayed on all fours with her head on the bed as she fingered her pussy in search of her own orgasm. Joey watched as she brought herself off and then he fucked her ass again since his erection had returned. Joey was hooked on anal sex at that moment.

Anal sex was now part of the normal love making sessions with Joey and Carrie. Their routine was that she would suck his cock until he came in her mouth. Then Joey would eat Carrie's pussy until she came. Then Joey and Carrie would fuck in one of the vaginal sex positions. They always saved the anal sex to last and Joey would cum in her ass at least once and sometimes twice. Then it all came to an abrupt end.

One day at school Joey learned that Miss Foster had been dismissed and would not be returning to teach at the school. Joey tried to reach her at her place but she was gone without a trace. Rumors had it that she was sleeping with students both male and female. Joey never suspected since he thought he was the only one and he had been so discreet. Apparently Miss Foster had had three boys over at one time and one of them started bragging about it. It started an investigation and then she was history.

After his affair with Carrie Foster, all the girls at school suddenly seemed so immature so inexperienced. There was one girl who was rumored to do it all however and Joey decided to find out. Marilyn wasn't a very pretty girl but she had an incredible body. Nice size tits, narrow waist, great ass and very shapely legs. Joey asked her out and on the first date it was like being with Miss Foster again. Marilyn gave a great blow jobs, she was a good fuck and best of all she took it in the ass. Marilyn loved Joey's cock and she insisted on measuring it when he was hard one time. It measured just over 9" and about 5 1/2 around.

One day Marilyn announced that she was leaving school. Her parents had heard about her exploits and decided to put her in boarding school. She and Joey had one last fling where they fucked and sucked each other for as long as they could. Then Marilyn was gone from his life as well.


Joey was still curios about his mother and what she did for sex. She was still a beautiful woman at age 39 and she had a fantastic 34-24-35 figure. Ellie had let her blond hair grow out over the years and she was actually more attractive as a brunette. Ellie worked in real estate so she was gone most evenings and some of the weekend when she had appointments. However most of the time she could work from home. One day while she was out Joey decided to check out her bedroom.

The only thing he found was a realistic looking dildo in her nightstand. Joey held the dildo in his hand as he inspected it and he couldn't believe how much it looked like a real cock. Joey imagined his mother fucking herself with the fake cock and his own cock started to harden. Joey fished his own cock out of his pants and stroked it until it was rock hard. Then he compared his size to the dildo. His cock was longer and thicker than the dildo and Joey smiled to himself. He let his erection subside and he replaced the dildo in the nightstand. At that moment Joey was resolved to catch his mother fucking herself with the fake cock.

Bobby and Kenny had stopped over that day and they pleaded with Joey to have a party. "There is nothing going on Joey, we need to have a party," they begged.

Joey smiled and told them he would check it out with his mother but he liked the idea of a pool party. The guys were ecstatic when they left. Later that evening Joey asked his mother if he could have a pool party and she immediately agreed. Joey didn't know it but his mother was looking forward to seeing the hard bodied young men just as much as Joey was anxious to see the girls in their bikinis.

The party was set for Saturday evening and there would be about 10 couples there. Joey couldn't decide on anyone to ask so he decided not to have a date. He preferred to be solo that night. The party was a success as everyone who attended had a blast. There was a little loose action that night but not much since Joey's mother was present. Joey kept comparing his mother's body to the girl's all evening. Ellie was getting turned on watching the young men who periodically got erections during the evening. She watched their crotches all night as the outline of their hard cocks were obvious in the bathing suits.

The guys and girls played a little grab ass, squeezed some tits and fingered some pussies when they were in the water but nothing got out of hand. Joey knew that some of the girls would be spreading their legs later for their dates. When it was time to go everyone helped clean up before they left and then Joey and his mother went inside to retire for the evening.

Ellie was wound up and she couldn't wait to get into bed and thrust her dildo into her overheated pussy. Joey was also horny as all get out after looking at the bikini bodies all night. His thoughts went to his mother and he decided to spy on her that night.

Joey left his room wearing just his sleep shorts and quietly positioned himself outside his mother's bedroom door. He listened intently and he was sure that he heard slight moans and whispers in her room. He turned the door handle slowly and eased the bedroom door open. He could then his mother clearly moaning and whispering to her self.

"Oh yes that's good, right there, oh fuck me," Ellie whispered as she moved the dildo around in her pussy.

Ellie was thinking about the hard youthful bodies that she had been around earlier that evening. She imagined that one of them was fucking her but he imaginary lover was faceless. Ellie thought about the hard body and good sized cock as she fucked herself with the fake cock.

Joey's eyes adjusted to the dim lit room and he watched his mother move the rubber dick in and out of her pussy. Ellie was still in her nightgown but it was gathered about her waist leaving her naked below her breasts. Joey felt his own cock grow into hardness and he decided that it was time to make his move. He dropped his sleep shorts and approached his mother's bed with his impressive cock bobbing in front of him. When he got close to the bed he saw that his mother had her eyes closed as she worked the dildo in and out of her pussy.

Joey got up on the bed and maneuvered between his mother's legs. He leaned over and took her hand holding the dildo and slowly pulled it from her pussy. Ellie panicked when she realized that someone else was in the bedroom and in her bed. Her eyes opened wide and she panicked when she saw her own son kneeling between her legs and holding her hand with the dildo in it.

"Oh Joey what are you doing here? You shouldn't be here? I can explain this later. You need to leave, please!" his mother stammered.

"Relax mother, its okay, I think that you would be happier with the real thing," Joey replied and then he moved closer to her pussy.

Joey then eased his big cock into his mother's pussy. Ellie was taken back with the size of him. Her first thoughts were to her ex-husband's cock and he wasn't as big as Joey.

Oh we mustn't, we shouldn't, it is not right and then oh yes, oh it feels so good, oh, oh, fuck me, yes fuck", his mother cried a she was too close to her orgasm to stop now.

Joey slid in and out of her pussy slowly allowing his mother to adjust to his size and he continued to go deeper with each thrust until he was buried balls deep in her pussy.

"Oh my I have never been so full of cock, fuck me, make me cum, make it last forever", Ellie cried out.

Joey pounded her pussy making sure that his cock was in constant contact with her clit. Ellie had multiple orgasms as he fucked her. Joey pushed her nightgown up over her breasts. His mother had pretty firm tits with rock hard nipples that extended a ½ inch. Joey twirled the nipples in his fingers and then leaned over taking one then the other in his mouth. This was the first time Joey had seen his mother naked and he savored every moment.

Ellie went wild telling him. "Oh yes, suck my tits, suck my nipples, fuck me good!"

Joey could feel his balls start to tighten and he knew it wouldn't be long before he filled his mother's pussy with his cum. Ellie stiffened and then had another violent orgasm. She thought to herself that her son was experienced far beyond his years as he fucked her and sucked her tits.

Ellie yelled, "Hold me, please hold me, I'm cummmming!"

Joey reached around behind her and pulled his mother toward him as she shook and trembled throughout her intense orgasm. As she was cumming so did Joey and he fired a barrage of cum into her pussy. As his mother started to recover Joey laid her back down on the bed and slowly fucked her as his cock softened. Joey's cock was swimming in her cunt; there was so much jizm in there mingling with her own juices.

"Are you okay mother?" he asked her.

She looked at him and said, "My God, I have never cum like that in my life, nor have I ever had anyone cum that much in me before."

His mother looked down at Joey's soft cock and took it in her hand, "My you are a big boy," she said as she felt his cock harden in her hand.

Ellie held her arms open to her son welcoming him between her legs again. Joey crawled between her legs and slipped his hard cock back in her pussy. Joey never wanted this to end and he wanted to fuck his mother all night. Ellie knew this was wrong and she would deal with it tomorrow but right now it felt so good to have a real cock in her. Joey fucked her as long as he could before he shot his second load of the night. Ellie had multiple orgasms and the final one was so violent she nearly bucked her son off her body.

Then Ellie collapsed and cried out. "Please stop, I have to rest. I have never been fucked so thoroughly in my life. I am not sure I can cum any more."

Joey stayed in bed with his mother that night and they both slept soundly. The next morning Joey woke up first and looked at the beautiful woman lying next to him in bed. It was hard to believe that he had just had the most incredible sex with his mother last night. She looked so angelic sleeping on her back with her cute firm tits poking up in the hair and her hot pussy on display. Joey eased her legs apart and lowered his mouth to her vulva unconcerned that he had cum twice in her pussy the night before. He teased his mother with his tongue until her pussy heated up and glistened with moisture. Ellie started to stir and reached down to her pussy only to find her son's head between her legs. She opened her legs wider giving Joey easier access to her luscious pussy.

Joey located her clit and brought a soft moan to his mother's lips as he nibbled it gently. Joey recalled everything that Carrie had taught him. He then inserted a thick finger into his mother's pussy and continued to tease her hard clit. Ellie's pussy was getting wetter and wetter and she started to move her hips with a desire to cum. That was the signal that Joey was waiting for and he moved his body up and knelt between her legs. He lined up his huge erect cock with Ellie's sopping wet cunt and eased it in. Ellie's face tensed with the anticipation of her son's big cock filling her pussy.

Joey fucked her slowly at first and then he began to pick up the pace. Soon he was pounding his mother's pussy and fucking her into submission. Ellie had orgasm after orgasm as her son relentlessly fucked her. Joey just kept at her with his morning piss hard-on until she screamed and pleaded with him to stop. Ellie's body convulsed in a mind blowing orgasm and then she went limp on the bed. Joey smiled to himself and he eased his cock out of his mother's well fucked pussy. I got up and went into the bathroom to relieve myself. He was thrilled with the seduction of his mother and he was proud about how many times she had orgasmed at his hands. Joey came back in the bedroom sporting his erection and his mother looked at his youthful hard cock.

"I haven't cum yet today mother," Joey announced.

"Please Joey I can't, I am tired and sore," Ellie begged off.

"Well I will need your mouth then," Joey said assertively.

Ellie couldn't believe what she had just heard. Her own son was telling her to suck his cock. Ellie hadn't sucked a cock for four years and now her son was pushing his toward her face. As if in a trance Ellie took her son's cock in her mouth and began to suck on it. Joey was charged and he knew that he wouldn't last long. He made up his mind to cum in his mother's mouth so he did not warn her of his impending orgasm.

Ellie took Joey deeper in her mouth and jerked him off with her hand. Cum flew out of his cock and sprayed the back of her throat. His mother was caught off guard by the force and the volume of his ejaculation and she pulled his cock from her mouth to avoid gagging. Joey's semen splashed against his mother's tits and neck as she guided his cock away from her face. After about seven ropes of cum shot out of his cock she squeezed the remaining seed out then took Joey's cock back in her mouth and sucked him dry.

Ellie then said, "Oh that was some load. I have never seen so much cum. I need a shower now."

After her shower Ellie put on her panties and bathrobe and went downstairs to make coffee. Joey just threw on a pair of shorts commando style and then joined his mother in the kitchen. Joey sat at the kitchen table as his mother stood at the sink facing away from him. Ellie was extremely upset over what had happened. She struggled internally with her emotions. She had let her own son fuck her and she didn't try to stop him. In fact she enjoyed it as it was the best sex she had had in years. But it was wrong, sinful and she couldn't let it happen again.

Ellie spoke looking out the kitchen window, "Joey what happened last night and this morning can never happen again," she said trying to sound firm but her voice cracked.

Joey got up from his chair and walked over to his mother. Ellie felt his presence behind her and she trembled. She wondered why she suddenly felt so insecure with her 18 year-old son.

Joey put his arms around his mother's waist, pulled her back toward him and nuzzled her neck. He kissed his mother lightly around her ears, and then stuck his tongue in her ear and Ellie shivered with excitement. Ellie knew she should stop this before it went any further but she couldn't. Joey moved his hands up to her breasts and began to massage them through her bathrobe.

"You have very nice tits, mother," he told her as he moved his hips forward and Ellie felt his enormous cock pressing into her bottom through the robe.

Joey dropped to his knees behind his, lifted her robe up and eased her panties down and off of her legs. Joey trailed kisses up and down each leg and on her ass cheeks. Ellie was trembling with desire and she wondered where her son learned these things. Joey turned his mother around toward him and began to tongue her sopping wet pussy. Ellie came immediately when his tongue touched my clit but Joey grabbed her by both ass cheeks, held his mother's cunt to his mouth and ate her to another orgasm. The second time Ellie came violently humping his face and covering it with her pussy juice. Ellie had trouble standing so he eased her to the kitchen floor and took off her bathrobe.

Ellie lay there waiting in anticipation of what was to happen next when I heard her son say, "Let's go back to bed mother."

Ellie lay back on the bed while Joey confidently undressed in front of me. His impressive erection jumped out as he removed his underwear and Ellie felt a little intimidated by the size of his hard cock. Ellie could tell that her son was proud of his manhood as he openly displayed himself in front of her. Joey moved up on the bed between his mother's legs and eased his huge cock into her cunt. Ellie had never felt so full in all her life, as she had the past 24 hours. Joey fucked her slowly and then gradually picked up the pace as his mother once again adjusted to his size. Soon he was pounding his mother's pussy and bringing her off to multiple orgasms. Ellie had never come so many times in my life a she had with her son.

Ellie's last orgasm was violent as she humped her pussy against him pleading with him to fuck her and hold her. Joey held his mother tight as he filled her cunt with so much cum that it rushed out of her as fast as it rushed in. Ellie had never been so thoroughly fucked and so full of cum. Joey eased his softening cock out of her pussy and moved up the bed to kneel by his mother's face. Ellie couldn't believe her son's boldness expecting her to suck his cock right after he fucked her. She also couldn't believe her reaction, which was to take his cock in her mouth and suck him clean. Ellie tasted her own juices mingled with her son's cum.

Joey got out of bed and took another shower then he put on his bathing suit and headed for the pool. "I will be out by the pool mother bring the coffee out when you come outside," he directed.

Ellie was appalled at her son's behavior. All of a sudden he acted as if he was in charge of her. Ellie also took another shower and donned her two piece bathing suit. She then brought the coffee out by the pool as her son had ordered. The two of them sat in the lounge chairs and drank their coffee. Neither one of them brought up the topic of sex nor did they discuss their recent incestuous affair. Ellie was beside herself as she did not know what to do about her son Joey. Last night she could attribute to both of them being horny and getting carried away but this morning was just hard core sex between a mother and her son.

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