tagIncest/TabooSon Tan Lotion

Son Tan Lotion

byYuu Sakagami©

On a bright and sunny day in a West Coast town and down a quiet street secluded by palms, 36 year old housewife and mother Cathy Myrick was tanning on her backyard chaise lounge.

The 5'10" blonde-ponytailed beauty lazily stretched her curvaceous legs out, better allowing Mr Sun access between her creamy thighs. She stretched her arms, which did not contain one ounce of flab, back over her head. Her heavy 36-double-'D' jugs had scarcely sagged with age.

In her younger days Cathy had been a model for big-tit nudie magazines before marrying a photographer and retiring to the suburbs. The worst damage this easy living had done was an extra inch around her waistline, most women her age would kill for. When Ted, her husband, took her to the local clubs for an evening out, she was still hit on by frat boy muscleheads mistaking her for someone ten years younger. That made her happy. She would bat her blue eyes t them, scrunch up her pixie nose and even pout her thin wide lips, but always turned away in the end, golden hair whipping against her back.

As a hot young mom she loved to flirt but was committed only to her husband and to Calvin, her 18 year old son.

Cathy's pussy began to tingle as she thought about her boy. He'd be back from surfing soon, a pursuit which in mere months had toned and refined him into a buff teenage dream. He'd inherited his mother's good looks and was constantly being ogled by the beach babes and bunnies who cavorted around him, his buddies and their boards.

Add a meaty 10-inch pecker and you've got a son any mother would be thrilled to have around the house, Cathy gloated to herself.

At that very moment, the glass door to the house slid open behind her and she knew that darling Calvin was home!

Still stinking of the salty sea, Calvin began to pitch a tent in his swim trunks at the sight of his gorgeous mother. She was wearing her two piece black-and-white striped bikini and unaccompanied by his father. He grinned and strode over to her side.

Calvin's crotch tent cast a shadow across his mother's pretty face as it blocked out the sunlight. Cathy looked up and smiled.

"Dude, you're blocking my rays!"

"Sorry, mom! You should've seen all the killer babes at Zeph's Crab Shack today. They were so foxy I thought I was gonna explode!"

"Um, hel-loooo? Foxier than me, your mother?"

"Heh, no way mom."

"So, like, if those skanks got my poor little boy so hard, why didn't he, like, just take hem to the bathroom to get sucked off?"

"'Cause that's effin' lame, mom!"

Cathy didn't let her son use crude language around the house.

"Besides, no way am I gonna waste my hard-on on some skank when I got the foxiest babe in the universe waiting for me at home!"

Cathy swooned. Nothing rejuvenated her like a sincere compliment from her boy, with an even bigger compliment just beneath his pants.

"That's awesome, baby" she muttered throatily.

Cathy's pink tongue slid across her perfect teeth, open-mouthed.

"It's totally perfect timing you got here. I've got, like, a MAJOR problem."

"What is it, mom?"

"I'm all out of tanning cream."

"Oh no, no way!"

"Yes way. But, I was reading one of my ladies' magazines, and it said that young boy cream is, like, almost as good. You know, like a substitute!"

"Oh, I get it!"

Calvin stepped over his mother's reclining form and positioned himself with legs on either side of her, knees slightly bent and manhood pointing directly at her face like an arrow.

Cathy reached out and cupped her son's gigantic eggs with her dainty manicured hand. Calvin almost sprayed his shorts!

"Hmm, feels like you need a little relief!"

"You bet, mom! I could cum all day thinking about your big ta-tas!"

Cathy giggled and pulled down her top with her free hand. Her titanic hooters flopped out like water balloons from their lycra prison. In her other hand she felt Calvin's balls swell.

"Oh YEAH, mom!" he panted.

The dime sized nipples on Cathy's melons were standing on end with excitement. Suddenly, a thought entered Calvin's head and he frowned.

"But mom, does this mean I won't get to squirt inside you or down your throat?"

Cathy shrugged.

"I guess not, dude."

"Aww, man! But mom!!"

Cathy folded her arms beneath her bosom, which covered them almost completely.

"Calvin Worthington Myrick, don't you take that tone with me!" Cathy spat.

"I didn't raise my son to be a whiny nerd who spazzes out when he doesn't get what he wants! Are you saying you can't shoot a big load on mommy?"

That injured young Calvin's pride.

"Heck no, mom!"

He yanked his trunks down to his ankles, uncoiling the monster schlong within. Roughly the diameter of a baseball bat and covered in pulsing veins, its purple knob began to drip precum onto Cathy's naked chest.

Her eyes and vaginal walls began to widen, but she quickly blinked back into mom mode. Give kids an inch and they'll take a mile, her magazine had said, especially when they've got ten full inches to give!

Cathy shot her son a stern glare.

"Do you promise to cover your mom with every last drop of your goop, young man?"

Calvin nodded rapidly.

"Can I start stroking now, mom?"

Cathy lifted her foot up to her son's groin and playfully tickled his ball sack with her pedicured toes.

"Yes, sweetie. But first, kick off those shorts and step back to the pool. You're going to cover every part of me or there'll be no Nintendo for a week!"

Calvin gulped as he shimmied his shorts to the ground and kicked them from his ankles. He stood at the edge of the family pool and began to stroke his pulsing member with both hands, as he always needed.

Cathy uncrossed her arms and squeezed overflowing handfuls of her tits, jiggling them playfully. She snickered.

"Do mommy's funbags give her little superstud surfer a nice big woody?"

She pressed her right breast up and leaned forward until the fat nipple reached her flickering tongue. The mother and son studied each other's faces as Calvin continued his buck naked stroke session mere feet from his mother's lewd display.

Calvin's rod throbbed. Cathy slowly drew one finger into her cleavage and brought a dollop of Calvin's clear precum to her mouth. She smeared it across her lips and puckered them.

"Hee hee. Look, it's lip balm! My son's ove juice has, like, a zillion and one uses!"

Calvin grunted approvingly at the perverted sight. Cathy sat up and swung around on the lounger. She dropped to her hands and knees, and upturned her ass to him like a bitch in heat. The diagonal black and white stripes of her bikini bottom folded into the smooth contours of her tiny wet pussy and stretched across her big round butt cheeks.

Cathy rocked her hips, shifting her inviting rump for her little boy's entertainment. Behind his mom's legs Calvin could also see Cathy's tits swinging free like cow udders. She turned back to watch him as her bum wiggled.

"Ooh, Calvin! Mommy wants your boy cream on her big butt sooOOoooo baaaad!! That mean ol' sun is so bright today he might burn mommy's hot legs and ass, it'll hurt to sit down on baby's big boner! Wouldn't that totally suck??"

"But mom...How can your...*pant*...butt get burned...when it's still...covered...?"

Cathy stood up on her knees and shrieked in mock realization.

"Ohmigawd! I'm, like, such a retard!"

Turning away from her son, Cathy watched the reflection of his nude form in the glass door of their house. She hooked her thumbs into the bikini bottom string and slowly slid the panties down her long legs, revealing the taut skin of her peachy behind that framed her juicy cunt.

Cathy wiggled her hips from side to side once more just as her son's nut blast flew through the air, expanding and spattering her backside with tiny globs.

Cathy momentarily felt like she'd gone walking too close to the shoreline and had been hit with warm ocean spray! She laughed to herself at the sound of Calvin's groans.

"Not bad, son! Now come come over here and rub it in!"

Calvin composed himself and stumbled over to his mother, big dick swinging between his legs.

"Ooh son, I see you're still rock hard!"

"Sure am, mom!"

Calvin beamed as he kneeled onto the hard concrete and clasped his big hands over her mother's legs and thighs, smearing his seed of life over every unmarked spot he could find. His hands eagerly felt up Cathy's firm sexy ass and legs as he helped protect his mother from UV rays.

"Hey son, be careful! Don't wipe any of that precious baby batter off, just spread it around!" Cathy warned.

"My bad, mom! Do you want me to rub it on your cunt, too?"

Calvin hoped the answer was yes.

"Well, duh! I said to cover everything, didn't I?"

"Okay, mom!!"

Calvin grinned and jabbed two fingers into his mother's pussy. Cathy cried out and hoped the neighbors wouldn't hear as her son mixed her secretions with his potent seed into a wet sticky mess. He tickled her clit with his thumb, sending waves of ecstasy through the buxom mother's quivering nerves.

Cathy decided to take control of herself and her son for the sake of her tanning. She firmly but gently removed his hand from her sex by his wrist.

"Thank you honey, but if I keep juicing up it's going to wash all your cream away! Let me finish, mmkay?"

Calvin grudgingly ended the rubdown and withdrew his hands from his mother's sperm-soaked body. Cathy's bottom half glistened in the afternoon light as she raised both legs straight up in the air and began sliding her hands along them for one final coating. She was every bit as limber as she'd been in her modeling days thanks to a steady discipline of yoga and aerobics. Calvin began pulling at his returning hardness as he stared at his mother's golden haired pussy poking out at the bottom of Cathy's shapely towering legs. She mischievously raised an eyebrow at her son's boner.

"Surf's up?"

"Way up, mom!"

"Sweeeeet! Why don't you take a break from yourself and let mommy, er, handle things?"

Oh boy! Calvin was front and center in a flash at his playful mother's side. She tenderly felt his nuts with both hands and cooed.

"Ooh yeah, these are still full of little man's special sauce for mommy. I TOTALLY can't wait to have the rest of me done!"

"And I can't wait to cover you, mom!" Calvin guffawed.

Cathy moved her hands along Calvin's shaft, admiring its girth and resilience. It was even harder than before! Calvin loved seeing his mom hypnotized by the up close view of his tool. No wonder she'd made him stand back, she was hypnotized by it! Manicured nails scratched and tickled the base while her other hand palmed the underside.

"Want mommy to tell you a story?"


"Mmkay! So, like, this one time, I was watching you surf, right? And I just totally wanted to FUCK YOU!"

Calvin laughed as his mother's hands alternated places, squeezing and stroking his shaft and balls.

"That's not a story, mom!"

"Aww, shut up! Let me finish! I meant, like, I KNEW I wanted to screw you when I saw you started surfing this Summer. Its made your muscles sooooo hard!"

Cathy paused her ball-fondling to glide her nails along Calvin's washboard abs.

"You went from dud to stud in, like, overnight time. And I looooove surfer guys with big dicks and big muscles. When I was your age I used to hang around the beach in my teeniest tiniest two-pieces and get all fucking horny watching those big dudes run into the water and swim around. Then when they'd wipeout, they'd come see me!"

"YOU, mom?"

"Uh huh, I'd kiss them and make them feel all better, y'know? If a guy was REALLY cute, I'd let him take me to the lifeguard shack so I could kiss his cock, too! They called me 'Cathy the Surfer Suck Sluf' and I totally was!"

Both Cathy's hands were thrusting her son's meat now. She could barely reach all the way around.

"So like, anyway. There was this one guy, he was so totally cute. He won the big contest they had that Summer, the second annual Big Kahuna contest, and - "

"S-second annual Big Kahuna?" Calvin choked. "You...you met...*grunt"...Steve Steiner?"

"Don't interrupt your mother, honey. Yes, I 'met' him. He only unloaded about a gallon of cum in me, without any protection!"

"Holy shit!"

"Calvin! Language! Maybe I should just let you finish by yourself!"

Cathy abruptly removed her hands from Calvin's crotch.

"Aww, mom! I'm sorry! PLEASE keep doing it to me, I need your hands so bad!! They're so soft!"

Cathy rolled her eyes and sighed, then slowly resumed jacking off her son.

"Anyway, the point of the story is that, like, I got pregnant, right? And the kid I had was....you!"

Calvin's brain boggled as he stiffened to the bursting point. Cathy aimed her son's knob head at her chest and rubbed it clockwise around her left nipple.

"So, um yeah. I married your dad, but your real father is really a surfer stud!"

"Not just any surfer, mom! Steve Steiner, undisputed Big Kahuna from 1986 to 1991! That's so awesome!"

"It runs in the family, baby!"

Cathy was breathing heavier with anticipation. She could feel Calvin swelling up to the breaking point.

"You've got his big dick, his big muscles, and his awesomely rad surfing style!! Now c'mon, let's cum all over mommy!!"

Calvin threw his head back and roared through gritted teeth as the next torrent of jism raced through his glands.


With less distance to travel than before, Calvin's jizz splattered his mom's tits point blank. As long thick ropes of cream covered her knockers Cathy began humming to herself and guiding Calvin's fuck stick like a shower head. She made sure both tits were dripping with goo before applying her son's offerings to her arms, using one hand to spray the other with his penis. After one quick squirt on the tummy, she leaned under Calvin's pecker and sent his last three shots cascading down her back while he grimaced and convulsed with brain-frying orgasm.

Finally, Calvin began to wilt. His knees buckled and forced him to sit down. Cathy looked at his disappointedly while further wiping her arms and chest to cover every part of them. Almost her entire torso shined and gleamed with ejaculate.

"Hey stud, get up and help mommy do her back! Are you pussing out on me?"

"No, mom" mumbled Calvin as he climbed to his feet and stumbled over to help coat his mom's back and shoulder as she rubbed her tits down.

"Mmm, son, your cream feels so warm and nice all over mommy. I can tell this will be killer for my tan, and your big hands are, like, so strong! It's like a free massage! I sure need one, too. There's so much junk to do around the house every day! Ugh!"

"Hey, mom?"

"Yes, sweetie?"

"Were you telling the truth just now, about Steve Steiner...? About what happened? Before you married dad?"

Cathy looked at her son with utmost empathy and honesty.

"Oh sweetie, of course I did. Now, as soon as you're done back there, are you ready to give mommy one more round?"

Calvin was flabbergasted.

"Jeez, mom! What's left to cover?"

"My face, duh!" Cathy laughed. "Get over here so I can suck you off!"

That sounded fine to Calvin. Dick turning achingly stiff once more, he resumed the position with meat dangling inches from Cathy's mouth.

"I think it might get even harder if you let me fuck your tits, mom."

"Hmm, I don't know" Cathy frowned. "We might rub too much of your spunk, but...it'll make wicked excellent lube for sure!"

"Does that mean I can, mom? PLEASE??"

Cathy's heart melted. She couldn't turn down her son's request when he'd given so much, and on such short notice.

"Okay, son. I love feeling your big hot rod between my boobs too much anyways!"

Calvin eagerly laid himself between the cushioning twin pillows of his mom's naked tit flesh. Cathy pressed her cleavage together and swallowed him completely. His mother was right - his cum bath had made her tit tunnel into a primo slippery tight fuck spot. She leaned back and all Calvin could see of his dick was a couple inches at the base and his purple plumb that sprouted up impishly to his mother's lips.

Without warning Cathy took his tip into her mouth and began to swirl her tongue around it like an oversized jawbreaker. Crushing her mammary globes together, she squashed Calvin's meat as his hips began began thrusting into his mother's mouth. Cathy felt her son's dick head poking the roof of her mouth and then bashing it as the pace of his facefuck turned furiously fast.

"Mmmph! Mphllphth! Ghthmplth!!!"

Calvin temporarily withdrew himself from Cathy's mouth.

"What is it mom?"

"Calvin Wendell Myrick, you may be tempted to blow your wad down my throat, but if you do there'll be no going to the beach for a month! Mommy needs her facial, got it?"

"Ok mom, ok! One facial coming right up!"

Cathy smiled and returned to her motherly duty, moaning and licking Calvin's pee slit while working her fun bags against the rest. Calvin had never expected he'd be able to shoot off three loads in a single torrid fuck session but sure enough, he felt another coming on strong. Somehow the sight of his beautiful cumslut mother worshipping his prick with her pretty mouth and oversized milk jugs had him harder than ever. With no stamina left for staying power, it was already go time.

"Oh mom, I'm coming already! I'm coming again!! ARRGHH!!!"

Without missing a beat, Cathy spat her son out of her mouth and allowed his pole to continue pistoning between her tits as more of his nectar surged up and glazed her face like a frosted donut. It was a good thing she'd tied her hair back, thought Cathy, as her eyes and nose clogged and the world disappeared under a blanket of incestuous sperm.


Ted Myrick closed the glass door behind him and stepped out into the serenity of his home's backyard. The scene was domestic bliss and his chest swelled with pride.

To the left was his son, of whom he was very proud, sprawled out on a lounger and snoring away in his swim trunks. Though Ted didn't know the first thing about surfing, he respected his son's interests and was glad he'd finally found a steady pursuit aside from the damned Nintendo. Surfing would certainly help his chances with the ladies a hell of a lot more! It sure took it out of him, though. Calvin didn't look like he'd be waking up anytime soon.

To the right was his beloved wife. Where had the last 18 years gone? Cathy looked just as beautiful as when he'd first broken into the photo biz. Of course, he didn't need to pay the bills snapping nudie pics anymore, but damned if his former wank-material wife wasn't THE bragging point of his adult life. She was tanning, as usual, and didn't look asleep yet.

Ted smiled and strode over to her.

"Hey there, honey"

Cathy was wearing sunglasses. She looked up at him, smiling, and Ted could have sworn the smile dropped for a milisecond before replacing itself.

"Oh! Hey, honey. How was your day?"

"Good, good. I see Calvin's all pooped out from riding the ocean today, huh?"

"Mmmhmm. He works so hard. He's gotten pretty freakin' good!"

Somewhere deep inside him, Ted cringed just a little bit at his failed efforts to educate the valley girl inside his wife. What was it they always say about the futility of trying to change the one you marry?

"And what are you up to? Coming inside soon?"

"Yeah, I just need another 15 out here for the tan to come out right."

"I see....Is that a new lotion I smell?

Cathy looked back at the swimming pool.

"Yes, Calvin helped me put it on just before you got here."

"He's not trying to steal my best girl away, is he?" Ted chuckled.

"I think he might be!" Cathy giggled.

"Good thing he's got enough girls down at the beach to lather up, eh?"

"He certainly has. King of the beach!"

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