tagRomanceSongs of the Heart

Songs of the Heart

bySatin and Lace©

Grant was sitting whenever Betty brought him in a special delivery. He set aside he was making notes on his business lunch. Then he realized he was smelling a beautiful scent. He knew that fragrance but it slipped his mind. Following his nose he saw the special delivery. Picking it up he noticed the high quality vellum paper. Running his fingers over the embossed seal he slid his finger under the lip. He shivered he flashed back to Mariah and her lingerie, at the park.

As the envelope opened he saw the most elegant invitation he had ever seen. It was written in calligraphy:

Grant please be at:
4254 NorthView Drive
8:00 PM Sharp

I'll be waiting ..

"Betty is this all I got?" Grant asked.

"No, it came with a suit bag feels like a lot of suits." Betty answered.

She walked the suit bag into his inner office. Grant could indeed see there was more than one suit inside. Unzipping it he saw a black tux, complete with all the trimmings.

He smiled at himself. He was guessing he was meeting Mariah at this address. He tried to call her again but he couldn't reach her. His day went quickly as his mind wondered what was happening at 8:00 sharp.

It was just after six everything was seen too. The setting was just so sensual. The music was expertly set up. The whole place was conducive for a beautiful evening. Making sure all went letter perfect she was at last needing to get ready. She brought some changes of clothing. Lights were set on a timer, dinner was going to be served when she rang the bell.

Standing before the floor length mirror she took special care with her hair. Braiding and hot curling it into a soft cascading of ringlet of curls around her face. Putting on the make-up went fairly quickly. She turned to the lingerie she wanted it to be tantalizing for his eyes and touch. Reaching for the devil red she slipped her round breast in the lacy sheer cups. Her cleavage was barely legal, she smiled as she turned around looking at her silhouette. She then picked up her garter belt it was so lacy, ribbons and bows adorning the lacy long ribbons holding her thigh highs up.

She sat down picking up her stocking, carefully putting her toe in the foot she with steady hands brought it onto her delicate ankle allowing it to kiss her calf. Up onto her knee and she brought it up mid thigh. Before she hooked it on she took both hands and ran her hands up her leg until she got to the top. Lace and ribbons were awaiting for her closure. The other stocking was just as sensually put on. Standing up she turned slowly to see what Grant would feel, touch, eventually see. Her ass was framed in a perfect lacy and satin frame of sensual material. She slipped her first outfit on over her head, it was so very sexual sensual. Hugging her curves, falling to her knee. She tied the belt around her waist, fixing her skirt she heard the door.

"Would you come in?" Martin asked as he backed up for Grant to enter the room.

Instantly Grant seen the most sensual dance room he had ever been in. Soft music was playing far off the right was a staircase. Martin took Grant's coat, noted how well the tux fit him.

"Can you tell me is Mariah ready?" Grant asked anxiously

"May I get you a drink?" Martin asked avoiding the question.

Just as Grant was about to ask the question again the music came up but not to loudly. Three Times a Lady sung by the Commodores that allowed Grant to see Mariah stepping onto the landing. She was radiant, she was always radiant but tonight the light caught her beautiful white hair. Slowly she stepped down the stairs he had walked over to be there to take her hand.

As soon as they touched he bowed kissed her hand lightly. Then as he drew her close he led them onto the dance floor. They melded as one as the song swirled around them. Neither spoke. Eyes intent on the other, smiling, both felt the music enter them. As the song ended another Baby Come Close by Smokey Robinson. Grant made their bodies glide across the floor. She was as light as a feather, she found him so magnificent in his control. He finally bent down and kissed her lips she kissed him back.

When Luther VanDross' song came on Dance with my Father they seemed to take flight. Her feet were barely touching the floor, his arms were guiding them to nirvana.

John Denver's You feel up my Senses seemed to allow them to soar. Eyes looking deeply, whispering words, lips gracing each others. Grant had led them flawlessly.

Mariah wanted no pressure for them just natural dancing. As partners each filled the other senses with passions yet unspoken.

As the music faded, Grant backed away from Mariah seeing her up close. His hands fell to her hips he felt the garter belt.

"Let me hope, red?" Grant kidded her.

"Yes, Grant red, satin and lacy." Mariah laughed.

He walked with his arm around her waist to the beautiful table. White crisp tablecloth

crystal, China, flowers and candles. Holding her chair out she sat down not before kissing Grant's face. he slid into the chair across from hers. She waited for him to sit down before she took ever so slowly her leg and crossed it. She afforded his eyes to feast of her lingerie. Smiling, tilting her head and looking up into his eyes she swore she could see his soul. Her heart beat raised a few beats. His hand reached over and touched her slender fingers. He covered hers with his. They sat there each drinking the other in, not speaking but were speaking volumes with their eyes and touches.

"Grant, you need to change as I do. Martin, show Grant where to go." Mariah leaned into Grant's waiting lips.

They went different directions. Mariah slipped her red sequined dress which was just long enough to cover her garters. Low cut, with a flirty skirt, four inch heels would make them eye level. She placed a head dress on it was of ostrich feather in ruby red and a tight satin skull cap. Turning around she seen her firm ass as she shimmied her hips.

Grant broke into a smile when he saw the white suit. No chains, but the Saturday Night Fever came to mind. The fit was like a glove. He could see that his crotch was full. Then he heard the sound track of Saturday Night Fever. Walking out into the ball room he saw Mariah in the center with the light making a halo of her body. His breath caught in his throat. She smiled broadly reaching out for his hand. They danced with every movement letter perfect. He twirled and lifted her to only bring her down between his legs. She was his perfect dance partner, every small motion mirrored his.

They danced with no inhibitions, touching feeling the other's muscles. He loved when she twirled away she was such a breathtaking sight. When the last note played he brought her into his body and kissed her fully on her lips. His hands held her into his body then came the song Luther VanDross sang The closer I get To You. They were in full body motion. His hands traveled to her womanly hips pushing her into his crotch. They seemed to be swaying not moving. Mariah reached up to his lips kissing him with a mind blowing kiss. Slipping her tongue into his mouth, he felt like soaring from being so enthralled by this enchanting lady.

They moved without moving their feet. He massaged her ass in his hands. She kissed and nibbled his ears. Then their eyes met not speaking they told one another this was something they hadn't felt. Song change was Lovely Day with Busta Rhymes it was a slow hip moving sensual dance. Mariah danced for Grant moving around him coming close then moving just out of his reach. She had foot work that made her thighs and calves look so sleek. Grant just stared at this angel in motion. She went around his body putting her hands on him like a butterfly. His hardon came on with a vengeance, she made sure she backed up and shimmied her ass onto him. He was thrilled with this erotic dance she was gorgeous to look at. She was making him know he was the only man that she ever cared for. He closed his eyes so his sense of feeling was heightened. Moaning with anticipation. She slid her hands down his body, leaning into kiss him she was soo sexy he was blown away.

Luther VanDross came on again with Dance with my Father. Grant brought her to him this time he showed her his foot work. He commanded her attention. His body was taking hers to the heavens. They didn't seem to know they were in the ball room. They were without boundaries. They were dancing amongst the stars. Tears came into Mariah's eyes misting over because her heart was so taken by his tenderness. They swirled around the floor without one wrong move. Grant sang the song to Mariah as they gazed into one another's eyes. The dance ended they stood in the still of the night and he gently kissed her. His hands seemed to move touching her all over at once. She wanted him, yet their evening was still young.

The sound track for Dirty Dancing came on. They went into sensual mode she straddled his thigh as he bent her back their hips were connected. They were having beautiful foreplay while still dressed. He swung her high to glimpse her lingerie. She pressed herself into his hard cock. His loud moan brought her chills. She was biting her lips as each dance brought a new erotic feeling coursing through their veins.

Finally Grant was needing her, his hands needed to touch her soft yielding skin. He needed to play upon her body to make her feel treasured. Mariah was also feeling the pressure to be with Grant. She took his hand walking towards a red door. They walked in side by side. There was an enormous bed, mirrors standing all around. Candles floating with gardenias in crystal bowls. As soon as the door shut he turned towards her and slipped her, off the shoulder dress down. His eyes feasted on her naked breasts. He bent down circling her nipples, sucking and licking moving from one to the other. His hands tried pulling the dress off. His mind couldn't find the answer. Mariah unsnapped the snaps and Grant ripped off her hips. Standing back he groaned like a tiger. She stood before him in devils red garter thigh highs and satin four inch heels. He touched her mound, it was smoothly shaven and he felt the moist heat radiating from her love box.

Mariah pushed Grant back and deftly undressed him. Gracing his body with touches.

Licking his nipples, tonguing his center body down the stomach. Licking his thin line of hair ending at the thick patch of soft pubic hair. She loved his scent pushing her nose into his hair inhaling deeply. Sex, raw lusting sex, had a scent it was permeating from his triangle. She nuzzled his hair tonguing its thickness. His hard cock was bouncing off her cheeks. Hitting her in the eyes. She pretended to ignore him. He took his cock and kept playing with her face and hitting her cheeks. It left a wet trail around her beautiful face.

"Mariah, open up your mouth sweetie." Grant rasped.

Mariah smiled slowly opening her lips so he could see her bright white teeth. He took his cock and rubbed it onto her teeth.

"Open" Grant asked much to excited.

Mariah opened her mouth he placed the head of his cock just inside then let Mariah take the whole hot muscle down her throat in one long swallow. Her nose hit his pubic bone with each thrust Grant made. Then she did something that caught him off guard. She clamped down he wasn't able to move. Not forward not backward. She then took her hands and caressed his balls. Enjoying the heaviness, the big scrotum

she enjoyed the tender area just behind his balls. Applying pressure at timed intervals

he was ready to cum. Mariah was still holding his cock hostage. Being trapped inside her perfectly hot, wet mouth having his balls played with such knowledge. He was ready to shoot off.

Taking her hair in his hands he moved it away from her face so he could see her cheeks. He could see his cock bulging from one cheek to the other she was driving him insane.

"Mariah have mercy on me.." Grant said breathless. 'I'm hurting so fine. Please Mariah." His eyes were losing focus.

Mariah took the base of his cock and quickly she withdrew his cock from its hot captivity. As soon as he was free from her lips she stroked it once he came with such force all over her face. She moved his cock around her face eyes open as she saw the lava hot cum blasting her face. Grant looked amazed his seed was dripping off her nose. Matted in her eyelashes. He saw her angelic face covered thickly with his cum.

His Mariah was licking her lips as she looked him in his face.

This made him rock hard again. He lifted her up throwing her onto her stomach. He lifted her ass higher and plunged in deep first stroke. Mariah started to moan instantly. He grabbed her hips roughly he piston pumped into her. With each one of her moans he called out 'Yes! Cum for me." Grant said between his teeth.

More unison pumping and Mariah's hands grabbing the comforter. Burying her face in the mattress she started to shake. Her animalistic raw sexual side had taken over.

She was making monkey love with the man that was pounding her into the bed.

"Grantttttt Ahhhh... Yes! Yes! Yes!..." Mariah shouted so it reverberated off the walls.

"Mariaaahhh." Grant managed before he blew his cum deep into her pussy.

They fell upon the bed with hearts pounding. Not able to catch their breath. The whole evening was picture perfect. Mariah snuggled up to him purring like a kitten. They were having a lovely time cooling down.

His cell phone rang. Mariah stopped snuggling, Grant looked at her then swung off the bed. Mariah tried to ease her panic. She felt light headed. When Grant walked back into the room. He looked perplexed.

"Mariah I am so sorry I have to leave."

"Sure. Your suit is in your dressing room." Mariah was on auto pilot.

Grant wanted to hold her but he saw she was in shock. He just walked away, got dressed and left.

Mariah laid on the bed with tears unshed. Looking in the sky light she noted the stars were shining bright. Then she curled up into the fetal position at some point she fell asleep. She fell into such a deep sleep she didn't hear the phone ringing.

Grant hung up his cell. She must be so hurt he only hoped she would listen.

Their night had been a beautiful night of dancing, it had been a night of firsts..

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