tagGroup SexSon's Nasty Girlfriend Ch. 02

Son's Nasty Girlfriend Ch. 02


My cock feels soft, gentle caresses. Slowly, it is sucked into a mouth. I break our kiss. I look over the shoulder of my son’s girlfriend, and see a surprise. Quietly, my 28 year old admin assistant had come in the office, drawn by the loud love making, and knowing that I love to be sucked clean after making love, has stripped her clothes off. She wants to pleasure me while I finish with Sharon. She is randy, wanting to share in the next round of sex, and is willing to begin now.

Sharon stiffens, looks at my distraction. Surprised, embarrassed, and not knowing what to do. “Oh shit” is her response. I draw her back to my kisses while Vickee drops to my cock, and takes it completely down her throat, washing me clean. Suddenly, Sharon becomes rigid. I look down our bodies. While sucking my cock, Vickee has reached to Sharon, and inserted two fingers into her open cunt.

The next few minutes will be long! Where will it go?

I continue to kiss Sharon. My mind is racing! I have, in all my 51 years, never participated in a threesome. And it may be unfolding before me.

Suddenly, Sharon is grunting. Vickee has started pumping her fingers hard into her cunt. I can literally hear the sounds of Vickee’s hand smack Sharon’s pussy. Smack, smack, smack, and with each, audible grunts, groans are coming from Sharon. She is lost to me at the moment, kisses have stopped, I feel her brace herself, pushing down on Vickee’s fingers.

Laying underneath Sharon, it feels like she is trying to hump my dick. But it is buried in Vickee’s throat. Movement suddenly stops.

“Hey boss”, said Vickee. “I listened to you for so long at my desk. I began to rub myself through my pants. It was so damn loud, it was driving me crazy, and my pussy ached to play. Hope you don’t mind”.

At the moment, I was more than pleased she had taken the initiative to come in the office.
“I watched” she continued, “she has such a beautiful pussy”. “I loved seeing her place your cock at her pussy. I closed my eyes, and could also feel it in mine. I waited quietly, watching her lower herself on you as I have done so many times. She looked stuffed” she said licking her lips provocatively.

During her talk, Sharon slid off me, pulling off Vickee’s fingers. As she snuggled up beside me, Vickee moved and laid down beside Sharon. My couch was getting crowed.

Vickee’s hands gently caressed Sharon. “She is very pretty boss, great tits” she continued as her finger tips moved to Sharon’s nipple. It was standing straight up. Sharon was definitely tense, not knowing what to do. For that matter, I was not sure what to do. But I knew some formal introductions might help, and maybe explanations on our relationship were necessary.

“Sharon, you have met my admin Vickee, but by now you realize there is probably some things you did not know” I said. “Vickee and I are” I said hesitantly, “real close”.

Vickee spooned to Sharon, reached around her to her tit. I am not sure Sharon was paying attention to my introduction. Vickee had continued to use her nails to tease Sharon’s tit and nipple. At the moment, Vickee had Sharon’s nipple between her finger tips, rolling the nipple back and forth. It looked like more of a pinch, but Sharon was responding well to this new sensation.

I gently directed Sharon’s mouth to my nipple. She parted her lips, and began sucking on me as Vickee took a full hand to her tit, grabbed her nipple between the thumb and index finger, and rolled, pulled, and stretched the nipple. Leaning forward, Vickee began to kiss Sharon’s neck and shoulders. Moans escaped her lips. I could feel Vickee press her hips to Sharon’s backside, as the pressure pushed against me as well.

Sharon’s hand slid down my body, slowly reaching for my cock. Grasping it, she pulled upwards, then back down to my body. Her fingers traced down to my balls. With the air being cool, my sac was tight. She caressed my balls. I heard her moan again as Vickee’s hand slid down her side to her hip, down to her bushy pussy. Her finger tips danced in her hair, traced the line between her leg and pelvic region, then the other. Her hand came to rest on her arm as it reached down to me. Sliding her hand down to Sharon’s hand, both hands grasped my cock, with Sharon’s hand lower, and Vickee’s hand midway up my shaft. Vickee began shaking the top half of my dick back and forth, letting it flop as it landed against Sharon’s arm. Both ladies giggled at the same moment.

Vickee rose, and moved over between my legs. Holding Sharon’s hand as it grasped my cock, Vickee directed the head of my cock to her lips. She looked directly into Sharon’s eyes, watching her reaction. With her free hand, she reached over to Sharon’s mound, and began to slide her fingers between Sharon’s pussy lips. Searching for the clit, Vickee gently pulled apart Sharon’s pussy lips to see the nub. Vickee deep throated me, moving Sharon’s hand away from my cock. Sharon’s hand reached for the back of Vickee’s head, intertwining her fingers in her red hair. Pushing down, Sharon forced Vickee’s mouth back down on my cock. Vickee’s fingers pushed into Sharon’s cunt. Sharon’s body stiffened, breathing stopped, as Vickee’s two fingers pushed into her body.

Suddenly, Sharon grabbed Vickee by a handful of hair, pulling her mouth off my cock, and pulled her toward her pussy.

The moment of where we go had arrived.

Vickee hesitated slightly. “Lick my pussy Vickee” was all Sharon said. Sharon rolled slightly to her back, raised her leg, and pulled Vickee’s face to her cunt. Vickee moved slowly down, chin resting on her pubic hair. Looking up into Sharon’s eyes, Vickee ever so slowly moved down, down, sticking her tongue out, flicking back and forth, but not yet to her pussy lips. Sharon, watching wide eyed, groaned loudly. “Now” she begged, “lick my pussy”. As requested, Vickee moved down, and using the thumb of her hand with the two fingers buried in her pussy, parted her lips, and sucked the clit directly into her mouth. Sharon’s other hand tightened quickly around my cock. Tightly. As she focused on Vickee, she about pulled off my cock. Not wanting to cause a distraction, my hand reached for hers, forcing it back down, and releasing the grip she had on me. My cock remained mine.

Both of Sharon’s hands went to Vickee’s head. Pushing Vickee’s face into her pussy. Moans, loud moans escaping her lips. Sharon’s hips arched. “Eat me, Oh God, eat me” trailed out of her mouth. Eyes closed, tits are full erect, hands pushing Vickee into her pussy, Sharon was lost in sexual heaven. And Vickee, she was engrossed in sucking out the pussy I had fucked so hard minutes before. I am sure Sharon had her share of new juice, but my cum also had to be there. I knew Vickee loved to suck my cum from my body, so mixed with Sharon’s juices? Vickee did not hesitate in sucking her hard.

Now free to watch, I sat up. I could see Vickee’s fingers pushing hard into Sharon’s body. As she continued to eat Sharon’s pussy, Vickee placed a third finger into the mix of fingers being inserted into Sharon’s pussy. Vickee would push them as far as she could, hold them there, and retreat. At the same time, Vickee was making use of her tongue and lips on Sharon’s clit and pussy. Eyes open, watching Sharon, Vickee increased her pace with her lips and tongue.

I tapped Vickee’s hip gently. I grabbed her hip, and lifted, raising her to her knees. I slid around and underneath her. Reaching up, I grabbed her by the cheeks of her ass, and pulled her down to my mouth. Vickee’s perfect pussy lowered to my mouth. Quickly, I found her clit. She was absolutely soaked. Her pussy was dripping with juice. I sucked her clit into my mouth, closing my teeth over the hard little nub, and began flicking my tongue back and forth. Her hips arched downward, her pussy covering my face. A loan moan came from deep within, and she assaulted Sharon’s pussy even harder.

I tried to imagine what Vickee was feeling. I was lapping at her pussy, sucking in her hard little nub, running my tongue from her clit to her hole, burying my tongue deep into her hole, and back to her clit over an over again. At the same time, she was eating Sharon’s pussy. Was she doing the same thing I was doing? Then I remembered, she had fingers stuck deep into Sharon’s cunt as well. Quickly, effortlessly, I stuck two fingers into to folds of her pussy, finding her hole, and pushed. She pushed back hard, burying my fingers deep into her cunt. I began to pump hard while not losing a beat on sucking her clit. All thoughts other than pure sex were gone. All thoughts were to please. For the next 10-minutes, I, sucked, licked, and finger fucked Vickee. She returned the favors to Sharon.

Soon, I heard Sharon breathing heavily. I believed she was getting close to cumming. I pulled my fingers out of Vickee, moved from underneath her, and turned to watch Vickee finish Sharon. Vickee flattened on the couch, face buried in Sharon’s pussy. Sucking hard, Vickee assaulted Sharon’s clit. Fingers pumped her hole. Sharon’s breath was now coming in short gasps, body arching, hands pulling Vickee’s face deeper into her cunt. “Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh God” strung together by Sharon. Repeated. Repeated again.

I was sitting, observing, stroking my cock. Suddenly, a guttural moan started in Sharon. Louder, it became a low scream. “Eat me, I cumming, Oh God, Oh God” screamed Sharon. Her hips were pumping so fast, I could not believe Vickee could keep her face buried in Sharon’s cunt. Let alone on her clit. Sharon’s hips bucked hard, up in the air, froze, held there with Vickee hanging on. “Yes” screamed Sharon. Just as quickly, limp. Sharon flopped on the couch. Vickee continued to lick her pussy, but no big response at the moment. Finally, Vickee came up for air. I wanted to suck her pussy again.

I turned her around so her pussy was about face level with Sharon. I wanted Sharon to watch me suck her pussy. I wanted her to get interested in what I was doing. Maybe participate with me. I parted Vickee’s legs, enough for me to get my fingers into her pussy lips, open them, to see her clit. It was swollen and engorged from my sucking. And it was begging to be sucked now. She was ready for an assault on her clit. I began rubbing her clit with my finger tip, quickly, gently, sliding my finger back and forth. Her body arched slightly toward me. Using the fingers not playing in her pussy, I gently pushed her back down on the couch. Flat, on her ass, I could watch my fingers. More importantly, Sharon watched with me. I saw her lick her lips.

I leaned forward, and planted a kiss on Sharon’s lips. I knew she could taste Vickee on my mouth. No hesitation, no pulling back, she kissed me hard. I pulled away, lowering my face to the softness of Vickee’s leg, nibbling, licking, tasting her skin. Her breathing stopped just for a second. She knew I was about to begin eating her pussy again.

“Hey boss man” she said breathlessly, “God am I ready to cum. Please do me! Eat my pussy. Make me cum!” How could I resist. I moved my head to her crotch, raised her legs, stuck my tongue into the folds of her pussy, and began licking gently the regions around her clit. I sucked her lip into my mouth. I gently pulled her lips, I lightly blew air on her wet clit. I touched her clit with my tongue. Gently, very slowly, I flicked it back and forth. “Yes, do me” came from her lips. A deep moan telling me she wanted more. I leaned over her, and buried my tongue deep in her pussy. Tasting her, filling her hole with my tongue. Out, in, repeatedly I played with her hole. I tilted my head back, reached out to her ass, rimmed her ass, teased the hole with my tongue, and back to her cunt. My chin pressed hard on her clit. Moving back and forth, the pressure of my chin continued to tease her, not let her clit forget about the pending orgasm. I moved back to her clit. I reached under her ass, lifted her pussy to me. I sucked her clit into my mouth. Her hips arched. I started fresh to make her cum.

During this time, Sharon had watched quietly. She had reached one hand to her clit, and was gently rubbing her own clit. Eyes wide open and watching, the other hand was pulling on her nipple.

I had other things on my mind. I quickly played with Vickee’s clit, focused on making her cum. I could feel the orgasm building within her. I continued licking her, sucking her clit into my mouth. She grabbed my cock, guiding it to her mouth. A momentary distraction, I felt her engulf the head into her soft mouth. I now had a raging hard on, wanting a place to put my monster.

Focus, back to her clit. I began a unrelenting assault of her pussy now. Licking, teasing, sucking the engorged clit into my mouth. I stopped. Lifting off her, I told Sharon to reach under her ass, and give me her fingers. She complied, reaching near my waiting mouth. I sucked two fingers into my mouth. Out just as quickly, I placed her fingers into the lower part of her pussy lips. Taking her by the back of the hand, I pushed her fingers into Vickee. Out, in, out, in, I proceeded to pump Sharon’s fingers. With two fingers of one hand buried in her own cunt, Sharon now had the other hand buried in Vickee’s cunt. I moved back to sucking Vickee’s clit. Sharon stopped finger fucking herself, moved down to watch her fingers as they pumped into Vickee. I could easily watch as she pushed in, pulled out. Suddenly, she pulled her hand out, and sucked on her fingers. Just as quickly, she closed all her fingers together, and pushed into Vickee’s cunt. I continued to suck on Vickee’s clit. Vickee arched, quit breathing, and then screamed, “Yes, fuck me, fuck me hard”. I had seen pictures of fisting, but never had seen it in person. But Sharon’s little hand, pushed into Vickee’s cunt. I continued to flick, suck, and nip on Vickee’s clit.

Sharon’s hand retreated, then pushed hard. Her hand disappeared into Vickee’s cunt. “Oh God” she groaned. I could see Sharon’s wrist about lip level. Now she started hammering Vickee’s cunt. Verbal, guttural, screams came from Vickee’s mouth. I continued to suck. Her body was becoming rigid. Arching, she held her body tight, my tongue on her clit, Sharon’s hand deep in her pussy.

“Oh God, I’m cumming” she hissed. And with that, I thought she was about to buck me off her pussy. Sharon continued to hammer her hand and fist in and out of her pussy. I sucked like a demon on her clit. Her orgasm began to subside, she reached for Sharon’s hand, pulling it out of her pussy. She literally went limp. I teased her clit a few more quick licks, and rolled off her.

“I want you cock boss man! Butt fuck me now!” Already on my back, my cock was ready for a fuck. She quickly climbed over me, facing my feet. Reaching between her legs, she got as much cunt juice as possible. She grabbed my cock, running her hand over my cock to moisten it. Placing the head at her asshole, she slowly lowered her body slightly. Tight, her ass slowly relaxed, allowing access to her body.

“Yes boss man, give me your cock” she said. She began to bounce slowly on my dick. Inch by inch, she began to slide down my tool. We were getting into a rhythm now, as she raised her body, pulling off some inches, and slowly lowering herself, to bury more of me in her. One of our favorite positions is to have my cock buried in her ass, with her laying back on my chest. Then, we can both play with her pussy and clit to make her cum. As many times before, she positioned her feet down outside my legs, impaling herself entirely on my cock. Now, leaning back, she rested on my chest. I reached for her tits, and started playing with the nipples. Tugging, pinching, and stretching the nipples, I started movement with my hips to fuck her ass.

Several minutes passed. We continued fucking, lost in each other. Sharon began movement. She positioned herself over my legs, and inside Vickee’s. She watched closely as my cock buried itself in Vickee’s ass. Then slowly reappeared. She reached to Vickee’s cunt. Directly, she inserted two fingers into her cunt. Pumping, I could feel the pressure on my cock in Vickee’s ass. Now, without a word, Sharon leaned forward and began sucking Vickee’s clit. Vickee reached down, and stroked Sharon’s hair. She pulled Sharon deep into her pussy.

“Lick me Sharon” Vickee said. “Make me cum. MMmmmm, I want you to face fuck me” she said softly. I wanted to see Sharon, but given my position, all I could do was to feel her in Vickee’s pussy.

“Yes baby”, Vickee said, “Eat my pussy”. I knew that Sharon was now licking and sucking Vickee. I could not wait much longer. Vickee could feel this as well. “Boss man, give me two minutes more” she said. “Wait for me”. I stopped movement, not wanting to blow my load yet. Vickee’s breathing got faster, heavier, and shorter. Gasps came from her. I felt the orgasm building in her. Sharon was doing her best to make Vickee cum. “Yes” was repeated many times by Vickee during the next several minutes.

“Now boss, fuck my ass! Do me hard!” she screamed. I obliged. I started pumping for all I was worth. Long, deep strokes. Quickly building, I felt my own orgasm beginning. Somebody had turned on the switch. At the same moment, Vickee screamed “Yes baby, I’m cumming!” And with that, we both reached our orgasms at the same time. I grabbed her hips, and pumped hard, emptying my nut sac and load in her ass. This was one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had. I wanted to split her with my dick. I wanted to have her plead for me to stop fucking her so hard.

“Fuck me hard, harder boss man!” she quipped. “Fuck! Fuck! Oh Fuck!” When our orgasms subsided, we collapsed together. My cock was shrinking, having done his part today. Twice, in 3 hours, he had produced great orgasms. At my age, I was more than pleased. Amen to that!!

Vickee rolled off me, and snuggled beside me. Sharon crawled up and snuggled against the other side. We lay quietly, breathless, and content with the activities of the past several hours. I could not believe the luck this ol’ country boy has had in his life. I lay relaxed, clearly with the best admin assistant a boss could have. Now I wondered, what will the relationship be with my son’s nasty girlfriend? It had been quite an afternoon.

Breaking the ice, I quipped “That was fun”. Got chuckles from both ladies. “So what’s next?”

With a small gym and workout area in the basement of my building, Vickee suggested a hot shower to clean up. “Let’s get squeaky clean” she laughed.

Sharon flatly stated, “Got to go home and do homework”. With a look I could not believe, she grinned an evil grin and said “I get washed first” and off she headed for the shower. Vickee jumped quickly to follow.

Wonder if I can get it up again I thought. I headed off to the shower to find out!

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