Sophie's Last Night Out


"Maybe I want to get drunk." She said with a teasing smile and the lust within her grew even more.

"And why would you want that?" Said the guy who had stood in front of her on the dance floor

"Because it's my last night as a single girl." She said teasingly and downed the contents of the glass before placing it behind her on the bar.

The two exchanged smiles with each other, and then they both moved to stand either side of her, leaning against the bar.

"Well, if you get too drunk, then you might not know who you go home with tonight? Or what might happen with them." The first guy said as he slowly ran a finger down Sophie's soft left arm, sending shivers of excitement through her horny body.

"Well, it's a good job I have you two boys here to protect me then." She responded playfully.

They both smiled and laughed with her, before moving a little closer to her, almost pressing against her from both sides. Sophie's breathing grew slightly heavier. She needed to be fucked badly, and the memories of her first threesome burned pleasure into her mind.

"Say," The first guy began as he ran his finger up her smooth arm and onto her slender shoulder, "the drinks are overpriced in here and we've got some bottles in the RV, and seeing as it's the night before your wedding, we thought you might like to have a special celebration?"

As he spoke, the other guys hand slowly moved onto her flat stomach as the first guy's finger slowly ran down from her bare shoulder to gently pass over the soft but firm exposed area of her magnificent cleavage. The two touches at the same time, in a club where her and Josh's friends and family all were, sent shivers shooting through her slender, sexy body and Sophie couldn't help but let out a light moan of pleasure.

"Have you guys got anything to entertain a girl like me in your truck?" Sophie asked, her eyes now burning with pure lust as she could hold back no longer. She was going to fuck these two complete strangers, in their RV, in the parking lot outside the club, while her fiancée and all their family and friends celebrated the wedding day tomorrow. This was so hot.

"I'm sure we've got a couple of things to keep you going for a while gorgeous." The second guy said with a smile as his hand began moving down from her flat stomach.

"Then don't keep a girl waiting." She said teasingly as she reluctantly removed both of their hands and pushed herself away from the bar.

The two guys smiled, and were just about to lead her outside when Sophie felt someone tap her on the shoulder.

Irritation flared up inside her at whoever was getting in the way of her getting laid, but when she turned around that quickly faded as the face of Josh's older brother Simon came into view.

"Hey Soph, I've been looking for you." Simon began seriously, "It's Josh."

Instantly all lust disappeared from the hot girlfriend as it was replaced by worry over the man she loved.

"Why what's wrong?" She said, the guys behind her instantly forgotten.

"Nothing bad," Simon answered reassuringly, "He's ok, it's just that Dad bought him a really strong mix of drinks and now he can't sit let alone stand. Dad's going to take him home and Josh won't go anywhere with out you. Dad tried to tell him to leave you here to have fun but he won't leave without you."

With the need to worry gone, once more intense lust surged through Sophie's young body, but even that was crushed but the frustrated irritation she felt over missing this opportunity to fuck two complete strangers, let alone Tyler or Billy.

"Fine, let's go find him." Sophie said as she walked passed Simon and headed toward the tables fast.

Once she got there, Josh was being supported by his father and it was obvious that he would've been on his back if he tried to stand alone.

"BABY!" Josh yelled as soon as he saw her and tried to move to hug her but David, his father, wouldn't let him go.

"You're in no state to stand on your own Josh." David said as Josh looked at him wondering why he held him back

"Come on babe." Sophie said as she put Josh's other arm around her shoulders to help David support him. "I'm here now, let's get you back."

"Awww, I love you Sophie. You're so special." Josh slurred affectionately as she and his dad helped him to walk out of the club.

"I love you too." Sophie replied half-heartedly as her mind was else where.

She couldn't help but feel how horny she was. How her pussy begged to get filed and fucked! How she needed something hot and erotic, and now any chance of that had ended as she walked Josh out of the club to go home.

She hadn't cheated on him for 3 weeks, and although Josh was great at sex, she needed that extra erotic lust to satisfy her now, and now she had been denied it. Fucking another man the night before her wedding would have been so incredibly hot, but all chance of that was now gone.

Sighing inside, Sophie thought that at least she could get laid by Josh tonight. He was still good at sex.

Holding on to that thought, knowing that sex with Josh would at least satisfy some of her horniness for now, Sophie walked out of the club and towards Josh's dad's car, not knowing just how wrong she was, and just how hot this night was going to be.

David Seymour held his son up with ease as he helped Sophie walk Josh towards the car. This evening was going better than he could ever have imagined when he had come up with the plan to get his son drunk so he could screw his future daughter-in-law.

As they placed Josh down into the back seat of the car, David smiled at the gorgeous blonde fiancée and held her door open so she could get in the front of the car.

"Thanks." Sophie said with a smile as she lowered herself into the car.

'Thank you.' David thought in reply as he watched her climb in. The view down the top of the hot blonde's dress was incredible.

Soon they were heading back towards Josh and Sophie's house. Josh soon fell fast asleep in the back and Sophie seemed lost in her own world as she sat and stared out of the window as they drove. David didn't mind the silence too much; it gave him the perfect opportunity to keep stealing glances at his son's bride-to-be.

She was the hottest girl he had ever seen in his life, and in that short, clinging red dress, she had instantly made his dick rock hard. Of course, he had to play things slowly and cool, so that no one would suspect what he was doing; that's why he hadn't spent much time around the knockout girlfriend that night. But now he had the perfect opportunity to be completely alone with this girl, and no one would think anything strange about it. The plan had worked perfectly, and as David drove and looked at Sophie's smooth, long legs, and the curves of her slim red material encased waist, and her large barely contained tits, he was looking forward to putting the rest of the plan into action. If it went half as well as the first half, he'd have his dick buried deep in his son's fiancée's pussy before she walked down the aisle tomorrow.

David couldn't help but smile as they pulled into the driveway; he had a whole load to empty tonight.

Sophie once again helped David prop Josh up and walked him towards the house. Josh was all but out for the count now as his head drooped forward and he barely managed to not get dragged along.

Finally however, Sophie and David dropped Josh onto the sofa opposite the TV. The frustration burned in Sophie's body, her pussy almost seeming to squeeze her legs together as she stood there looking down at her now completely sleeping boyfriend of 3 years.

The frustration burned into irritation as she looked at Josh. There was no way that he was going to be able to fuck her in that state. So not only had he ruined her chance of getting laid by another guy by getting drunk, he had now ruined her chance of having sex with him by falling asleep. She could barely keep herself from growling in annoyance as she looked at him.

"He's out for it tonight." David said calmly but with a small smile.

"Yeah, thanks to you." Sophie said as she turned to face Josh's dad.

Her irritation had to be let loose on someone, and David had gotten Josh drunk, and so it was as much his fault as his son's.

"Hey, it is my son's last night before he gets married Sophie, I am allowed to celebrate with him." David responded adamantly

She tried to calm herself down, after all, he did have the right to celebrate with his son, and he didn't know how horny she was, or that he had ruined her chances of getting laid.

"I'm sorry David, I'm just a bit irritated that's all." Sophie said as she turned to give Josh one more look. It wasn't his fault, even though she felt it was. "How about a coffee since we're back?"

"Sure," He replied. "I'll make you one seeing as you're getting married. My chance to congratulate you."

Sophie couldn't help but smile a small smile as David walked passed her and headed through the glass doors and into the kitchen.

She stood and looked at Josh, looking all cute as he sat asleep on the sofa, his head lolling forward and his chest rising and falling in the slow rhythm of deep sleep. And then Sophie turned and walked through to the kitchen, her body still rippling with horniness.

As she walked through the doors, David turned and smiled at her as he placed a cup of coffee on the counter for her.

"I've got to say Sophie, you look really gorgeous tonight." He said casually

Sophie couldn't help but be taken aback by the comment; that was one thing she hadn't expected josh's father to say when she walked through into the room.

"Thanks." She managed to say in a surprised tone, "You look handsome yourself."

She had said it as just a response, a polite response for his compliment, but it was at that moment that Sophie really did notice just how handsome Josh's dad was.

He was 53 years old, with his hair gelled back like Billy had his, although he was slightly taller than both Billy and Josh, about 6' 1" Sophie guessed. He had the same build as Billy and although he was older he was not only handsome, he was physically in good shape, by the look of him. It was obvious where Billy and Josh got their good looks from, and David Seymour just looked liked an older version of Josh's younger brother.

The thoughts of Billy and the night she had gotten engaged to Josh made her pussy cry out for pleasure so much that she could feel her skin tingling. Mixed with how she had just noticed what Josh's father looked like as a man and how long it had been since she had been fucked in a ht and satisfying way, Sophie began to feel her knees weakening with horny lust.

She needed sex so badly, and not just any sex, but hot, erotic sex, and looking at David, so familiar to his two sons, bought questions into Sophie's mind; Was he as good as his sons at fucking? How big was he? Did Josh or Billy take after him? Josh was a great size, but Billy was bigger than Josh easily. And did Billy get his stamina from his dad?

All of these thoughts flooded through her mind and began to drive her horny feelings through the roof.

"Are you ok Sophie, you look a little flustered?" David said sounding amused

Sophie smiled back at him sweetly

"Yeah, I'm fine." She began, "So you think this dress isn't too much?" She asked as she looked down at herself, trying to hide her smile.

She loved flirting, and she was incredibly horny now.

"I don't think a dress like that could ever be too much on a girl like you Sophie." David answered playfully before taking a sip of his own coffee.

"A girl like me?" Sophie asked with a smile before folding one arm underneath her large tits, emphasizing her already formidable, and half-naked, cleavage.

"Well, You're beautiful and you know it. And if you've got the gifts you have naturally, you should always show them off to their best." David replied calmly and sweetly.

She smiled back at him over the rim of the cup, shivers rippling through her body as the waves of horniness began going to her head. Flirting always made her hornier.

Still looking at him in the eyes with her own horny filled eyes, Sophie drank the rest of her coffee before setting it back down on the counter. How could she have not noticed how hot Josh's dad was before now?

"You make a nice coffee David." Sophie said with a playful smile up at him

"Thanks," He replied with a returned smile, "You drink fast."

"I like to swallow it all while it's still hot, I don't want to miss any, I like the taste too much." She replied hornily as her body pulsed and the memories of Billy and the questions about David flew through her mind. Her body ached for sex.

She couldn't help but wonder what he would be like. He was standing there, a handsome man with a dick and Sophie really needed a hard dick inside her right now. Lust shook her inside.

"That's good to know." Josh's dad replied with a sparkle in his eyes, "I like a girl who doesn't waste things."

She could only smile playfully back at him to stop a moan escaping her full lips. This was making her hornier and hornier by the minute. She thought that she might just cum right now.

"Want another?" David asked as he looked at her, his gaze turning her on even more

"What, are you trying to keep me up all night?" She replied teasingly

"I wouldn't need coffee for that." He answered coolly before taking another drink of his coffee

Sophie felt her stomach leap inside her, she couldn't control herself much longer.

"Maybe you can tell me why in a minute, I'm just going to check on Josh first," She said with as teasing a smile as she could, "I want to make sure he's comfortable."

And with a playful smile, she slowly turned towards the glass doors, and making sure she swayed her tight, barely covered ass, Sophie walked slowly through into the lounge.

She was so horny, and after looking at David as a very handsome man, rather than just Josh's father, she had finally come up with a way to satisfy her needs. It was the night before her wedding day, and while her fiancée was out cold on the sofa, Sophie was going to fuck his dad in the kitchen until he made her cum screaming, just like Josh's friend Ben had that very first time.

Sophie couldn't help but smile in anticipation as she walked into the lounge. The night had gone from being a total failure, to being hotter than she could ever have imagined it to be. She was finally going to get a good fuck, and she ad no doubt that David wanted her, and that thought put a large smile onto her beautiful face.

Josh's father watched intently as the stunning young blonde fiancée smiled teasingly at him before turning around and very pointedly swaying her tight ass as she walked through the glass doors and into the lounge.

He couldn't believe how well this was going, far better in fact than he had thought. He had planned on seducing the young beauty, he knew she was horny when he first saw her tonight, so he knew he could have seduced her, but he didn't realize how horny she actually was.

He had gotten Josh drunk so that he wouldn't be able to satisfy her, and then, with a little seduction, she would turn to him for relief. But Sophie must have been gagging for sex because he hadn't even touched her yet, and there was no mistaking the pure horny lust that burned in those big, blue eyes of hers.

He knew he was a good looking man, so he just figured that she was really horny and knowing Josh wouldn't satisfy her now, she was turning to him. He had no doubts now that she had cheated on Josh before; not even the horniest girl alive would cheat on her boyfriend the first time without some seduction. He supposed he should care that this knockout had cheated on his son, but when he had every intention of getting in that tight ass himself, it would have been hypocritical.

Finishing his coffee, he smiled and placed it own on the counter besides Sophie's cup. He straightened his shirt and tie before slightly adjusting his pants as his son's hot fiancée had already made his dick semi-hard. But wearing that short, clinging dress, that showed so much of her smooth thighs and revealed a large amount of that wondrous cleavage and the way she had her hair hanging down her back with the fringe tied back, would no doubt have made every guy's dicks hard in the whole club. David couldn't help but imagine holding that pretty little head while she was on her knees engulfing his hard cock in her sweet mouth.

He had done this once before. He had fucked Josh's last girlfriend, and gotten caught. But Sophie was far hotter than the last, and no matter what happened, fucking her senseless was going to be worth it. And so, smiling to himself inside, David Seymour walked around the counter and through the same glass doors into the lounge. He had waited long enough to screw this girl.

Sophie stood smiling as she looked down at Josh as he slept. The first reason she was smiling was because she always did when she looked at her handsome and loving boyfriend. The second reason was that she knew that finally, after 3 long weeks, she was finally going to get a hot and good fucking.

Gently she bent down and kissed Josh on the forehead, but as she straightened up, she felt a presence behind her. She knew it could only be one person, but what did surprise her was that David had come into the lounge rather than waiting in the kitchen for her.

Her heart began to beat faster as she thought about what she was going to do tonight. She had cheated on Josh now numerous times, with his younger brother the very night they had gotten engaged, his boss while she was on the phone to him and quite a few of his friends and co-workers too. But this was his dad, and this was the night before their wedding and she planned on swallowing and taking deep in her pussy all of the same cum that had made Josh in the first place. That thought made her feel like even more of a slut, and her breathing grew slightly heavier.

Keeping a sweet smile on her face, Sophie slowly turned around to look up into Josh's father's handsome face.

Her body was only an inch away from his and her large tits gently brushed against his chest. He really was handsome, and although he was 53 years old, he still made her loins burn with desire.

"He's sound asleep." She said sweetly as she smiled and looked up into his eyes

"So he's not going to be able to give you the attention you deserve then?" He replied with a lustful smile, his eyes lowering to take in the sight of her tremendous cleavage.

"I guess not." Sophie answered, and moved herself closer to him so that her big tits gently pressed against his hard chest. "Tell me something David, why did you really buy Josh so many drinks?"

Josh's father smiled playfully as his big hands found her slim waist and rested lightly on her.

"I told you, to celebrate with him." He began, "And after I'd celebrated with him, I wanted to celebrate with you."

Sophie's smiled deepened and her eyes seemed to burn with lust.

"Celebrate with me? And how do you plan on doing that?" She said playfully

Smiling briefly down at her, David then quickly moved and before Sophie knew what was happening his lips were pressed hard against hers and his tongue darted into her mouth.

Sophie couldn't help but moan as his tongue forced its way into her hot mouth, and instantly she began to passionately kiss him back. Her head felt like she was floating as the lust within her seemed to make the world feel unreal. Tightly he pulled her against him; her soft but firm tits pressing hard against his strong chest as his hands moved down to grab roughly onto her tight ass. Moaning into David's mouth again Sophie kissed harder and pressed her body against him, wrapping her arms around his neck. All thought that she was kissing her fiancée's father right at her fiancée's feet while he was asleep, disappeared. This was no loving kiss; this was hot and passionate from two people who just wanted to fuck each other's brains out. The rough way Josh's father was treating her made the fire of lust and horniness within her turn into a raging furnace.

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