Sophie's Ultimate Fantasy


"Hey big boy, I need your dick right now!" Sophie said hoarsely to Ben. She was so turned on she was shaking a little.

"Soph, I wanna fuck you but Josh'll be down in a minute, we ain't got time." Ben replied, looking torn between ripping her clothes off and stopping what was going on before they were caught.

"Bullshit, I need your cock in me now and I'm gonna get it." Sophie replied. She would have been surprised by how domineering she was being but she was just too turned on.

Sophie stood up from Ben's cock, feeling something missing without his big member pressing against her pussy. When she turned around Ben was looking at her, confused.

"What you doing?" He asked anxiously.

Sophie didn't answer. Instead she reached down and undid the fly on Ben's jeans, pulled it open and reached into his boxers.

Her hand wrapped around the long thick shaft that had given her so much pleasure last time she was near it. Her knees almost buckled because of the lust flowing through her body. She quickly pulled the hard member out of Ben's boxers and released her grip on it. She was mesmerized by the hot love pole in front of her. Her entire body yearned for it to impale her. Sophie was sure it looked bigger than last time. She had had a bigger dick in her since Ben's, with Josh's boss fucking her silly, but she had Ben really knew how to fuck unlike Charles Riley, whose big dick just made her cum every time it entered her.

"What you gonna do? It'll look suspicious if you're sitting facing me! Even Josh wouldn't let you flirt that far." Ben said and tried to put his dick back in his pants.

Sophie grabbed hold of the thick piece of meat and slapped Ben's hands away.

"Watch and see." She told him.

Reaching under her skirt, Sophie pulled her panties down and pushed them down the side of the sofa. Then turned around and faced towards the TV and slowly lowered herself down over the tip of the large cock of her boyfriends friend.

Still holding the shaft of this wonderful cock, Sophie slowly eased herself down on her boyfriend's best friend, impaling herself fully.

"Ohh" She let out with a breath as she slid down the long length.

"Fuck you're crazy Sophie!" Ben exclaimed, but made no move to remove himself. Sophie knew he wanted her badly. She was a hot fuck and desired by so many and she was his best friend's girlfriend.

As Sophie fully impaled herself on that wondrous pleasure-giving pole, she sat there relishing the feeling she was having. It felt so good to have a long hard cock back inside her, and although Ben wasn't her first choice in looks, he had a big dick and knew how to fuck her good.

"Sooo much better" Sophie moaned out. Her eyes now closed as she concentrated on the feeling from her pussy.

Ben's hands were holding onto her waist, one with the controller in it.

"Fuck Soph, I wish we were alone now; I'd bounce you on my dick all night long." Ben said to her

"Umm. Feeling less opposed now are we?" Sophie asked opening her eyes. "Josh won't know anything's different."

And with that, she slowly moved her hips up and down, gently and slightly. The dick within her pussy withdrew a little and slid deftly back into her warm, tight hole.

"Oh" Sophie moaned gently and leaned back to face Ben. Their lips mashed against eachother's and their tongues caressed eachother, roaming in eachother's mouths. Big dick slowly sliding in and out of tight, hot pussy.

Sophie could still feel everything. Even though her pussy had been stretched by Charles Riley's big dick, it was just like elastic and still clung to Ben's hard shaft as it slid in and out of her, giving her an amazing feeling of pleasure.

Then she heard the sounds of footsteps coming down the stairs. She broke the kiss and said, "Josh." to Ben.

"What?" Ben asked

"Josh." Sophie repeated and stopped moving her hips so that the big cock inside her stopped moving and instead she just sat impaled there on it, "Guess you're gonna score a touchdown tonight Big Ben!" Sophie said, smiling teasingly at him.

As Josh walked out of the bathroom and down the stairs, he was completely unaware that his hot 22-year old blonde girlfriend was impaled on the rigidly hard dick of his best friend in their lounge, with her tongue entwined with his.

As he was thinking about how well he was beating Ben, Sophie was sliding herself up and down Ben's thick pole, which was buried to the hilt in her burning hot pussy, fucking herself slowly.

Neither did he know that when he had left the room and was walking upstairs Ben was kissing Sophie like only he should and was mashing those wondrous tits of hers together. Squeezing and cupping them for all he was worth.

As he returned to the lounge, he saw Ben and Sophie sitting exactly as he had left them. Her flirting was helping him win big time, he was gonna be able to beat Ben easily tonight.

As he walked over to sit down and smiled at Sophie and got a sweet loving smile returned, little did he know that she was completely full of Ben's 10-inch dick.

"Haven't you two moved?" Josh asked with a smile, Ben looked uncomfortable, this was going to be easy.

"A little. Only to make ourselves a little more comfortable." Sophie replied with a sweet smile, "I wanted to make sure Ben got the most out of his prize while he still has it. It looks like you're gonna kick his ass." She smiled even more.

"I sure am, watch yourself Ben, you're going down." Josh said to his old friend with a laugh.

"If there's anyone gonna get some ass tonight it's me." Ben said with a smugger grin, still shaky but definitely a little smugger.

Sophie laughed a little and fidgeted to get herself more comfortable, "Ben's lap isn't as soft as the sofa." She told him.

"Let's get the rest of the game finished and we'll see who the real champ is." He said to Ben with a smile. "Let him be a little smug," Josh thought to himself, "I know I'm gonna win. I can't lose with how well Soph is doin'." And with a smile to himself he pressed the pause button on the controller and faced the TV, oblivious to the fidgeting as Sophie slid her pussy slowly and gently over and over on Ben's dick.

Throughout the next hour Sophie moved painfully slow along the length of Ben's cock, wanting nothing more than to just fuck herself as hard and as fast as she could, it took all of her willpower not to just lose control. She continuously slid her pussy back and forth ever so slowly and gently, so that Josh wouldn't notice the movements. However, occasionally, when she knew Josh couldn't see and when he was really engrossed in the games, Sophie fucked herself a little faster and a little harder. She even started bouncing a couple of inches from Ben's lap, feeling how good it felt to have that thick rod moving in and out of her horny pussy, but she had to stop quickly as she nearly began moaning because of how good it felt.

But it wasn't only the feel of Ben's cock being shoved deep into her belly, it was the thought that her boyfriend was only a couple of feet away and she was fucking his best friend; that thought did make her moan.

"What's up babe?" Josh asked looking a bit concerned

"Oh nothing babe, I just want a kiss from you that's all." She replied with a sweet smile on her face, trying to mask the frustration she felt.

So Josh leant back and kissed Sophie, but Sophie grabbed his head and pushed her tongue into his mouth.

Kissing her boyfriend while his friend had his dick buried to the hilt in her almost made her cum. She had always wondered what a threesome would be like, but knew that Josh would never let any guy near her, and she definitely wasn't going to let any girl near him!

So with her tongue dancing with her boyfriend's, Sophie slowly raised her ass so that Ben could raise and lower himself and gently push his dick into her while she continued kissing Josh.

This was so hot; Sophie couldn't help but moan into Josh's mouth as Ben's big dick pushed back into her welcoming hole again and again.

Breaking the kiss Josh asked Sophie if she was sure she was ok

"Yeah baby," She whispered to him as she sat down on Ben's lap quickly to hide what was going on. The only thing was, was that she sat down a little fast and hard, slamming Ben's dick back into her, "I just can't wait to be alone with you tonight. You know I love a winner." She finished trying to hold back the loud groan that was trying to burst out of her lungs.

The game carried on and Josh continued to win and although really Ben didn't care, he was already getting the biggest goal, he pretended too, and the more Josh won the more engrossed in the game he became.

At one point in the night Josh was so engrossed, Sophie decided to push this even further. She really thought she would explode with all of the lust flowing through her vein, she knew that she had to be fucked real good and soon, or she would just burst.

So as Josh was engrossed beating Ben in the game, Sophie leaned back against Ben's chest and turning her head, she whispered into his ear.

"Ohh, yeah! Ummm, this is so good," She cooed teasingly, "We're having sex right in front of Josh," At that she really moaned, but kept it as quiet as she could, "It feels so good to have your big dick back in me. Ummmmm" And she then bit lightly on Ben's ear.

"You're a slut Sophie Harper and you really need to get fucked," Ben said, bringing a light moan from the blonde girlfriend, "Who do you want to fuck you? Me or your boyfriend?" He knew that would get her.

Still moving slowly on Ben's dick, Sophie moaned into his ear and began to move faster on his dick.

"Ummmmm! Oh!" She moaned lightly, "I need you so badly" She groaned at her boyfriend's friend

She knew Ben couldn't take much more of this illicit sex scene. He placed the pad on her lap and reached round and cupped both of her tits. Grabbing them on top of the T-shirt he squeezed and pushed them together roughly.

Sophie gasped and closed her eyes lightly

Ben continued to mold her breasts around in the palms of his hands, squeezing and pressing them together. Then he let them go and reached under her short top and once again cupped and began mangling those fantastic tits.

Holding the hot blonde girlfriend by her lace bra covered mounds Ben began to fuck into her with short hard thrusts, bringing grunts that were only just held back by the knockout.

"Oh fuck!" Sophie lightly moaned into Ben's ear, "Oh! Fuck me big boy! Fuck me right behind my boyfriend's back!"

With that Ben turned his face around and their lips met, tongues swirling around eachother's, taunting and caressing, as they kissed passionately. Their breathing quickening a little under the pressure of the slow hard fuck and trying not to be noticed. Ben's hands squashed and mashed Sophie's big tits around in his hands and Sophie had her hands on his under her T-shirt now.

It felt so good; she just couldn't believe it. The orgasm she was going to have, even though she wasn't fucking, as she wanted to, would just blow her away.

Then reality set in and Sophie quickly remembered where she was and how far away her boyfriend was. This wasn't like when she fucked Mr Riley or Ben the first time, Josh was 3 foot away!

She broke the kiss quickly, however reluctant she felt about it, and pulled Ben's hands from underneath her top. She also, very reluctantly, stopped the fucking motion Ben was making and instead just stayed there impaled on his monster.

Sophie checked her long straight hair, which wasn't a mess this time, and looked around at Ben to explain, but when she looked at him he seemed to already know, and agree that they were pushing their luck.

So for the last 10 minutes of the game Sophie didn't move much. Instead, she just relished the feeling of Ben's dick inside her and tried desperately to think of a way to get rid of Josh for a little while so she could fuck herself silly on this major orgasm giving pole.

"YEAHHH!!" Josh exclaimed at the end of the match, "HA! Suck on that big boy Ben! Y-O-U L-O-S-E!"

Josh was pointing to the scoreboard which looked like Ben would've done better if he hadn't picked up the joypad at all. Sophie had succeeded in her job, even when she hadn't meant to.

"Yeah yeah yeah." Ben said back to Josh, "You win, you win"

"Told ya I'd kick your ass" Josh gloated

Little did he know that Sophie was firmly impaled on Ben's 10-inch dick and was loving it, and that she was trying desperately to think of a way to get rid of him for a little while so she could fuck his friends brain out, and have him shoot all his cum deep inside her hot pussy. Josh was also totally unaware of the little fuck session the two lovers were having only a few feet behind his back while he was engrossed in the game. He didn't know how good Sophie had felt with Ben's dick thrusting in and out of her and how much she wanted him to make her cum. She had to think of a way to have sex fast or she didn't know what would happen.

Then Josh looked at her

"Hey babe, you hot?" Her boyfriend asked

A little worry set into her belly, just around where Ben's head of his dick touched her. She must look flushed from the slow sex!

"Er, yeah, I am babe!" She said with a quick smile, "Why'd you ask?"

"You're face is all red, you feelin' ok?" He asked her.

Ben was just fiddling with the controller pretending to look like he didn't know why he had lost, twitching his dick inside of her. The movement in her pussy made her squeak a little before she spoke, but she covered that by clearing her throat.

"Er, yeah, I'm ok! I'm a bit thirsty though, would you mind getting me a drink?" She asked. She was a little thirsty, but she just wanted a little time to just move on this pleasure pole a little more harder, although that wouldn't give her much time. She was desperately trying to think of a way to be alone with Ben, even for just 5 minutes.

"Sure baby. As long as you're sure you're ok!?" Her caring boyfriend asked again

"I'm sure babe, thank you! She said smiling at him, he really was a great guy, she was so lucky to have him, "I'm gonna get up in a minute and stretch my legs anyway, you two have been playin' for a while." She said smiling at Ben.

Josh laughed and smiled at her with a look that said 'thanks'. As Josh walked out of the room, Sophie turned her head to face Ben.

"I need to fuck you right now!" Sophie said and was about to start moving her hips when Ben grabbed hold of her by her waist.

"I really want to Soph but we ain't got time. Josh'll be back in about 2 minutes or something." He replied.

She knew he was saying the truth but she was just too horny to see sense.

"Don't you want to fuck me? If you don't I'm sure I can find plenty of guys that would!" She said with more than a little annoyance and frustration coming through on her voice. She was never this petty. But she needed to get fucked so badly.

"Yes I do wanna fuck ya, really badly, and yeah, there's loads o' guys who want ya but Josh'll be bringing your drink through any minute." Ben replied, seemingly not even noticing her frustration or annoyance.

Then amongst all of Sophie's desperation a sudden thought came to her.

"Of course!" She said to herself

"What?" Ben asked quizzically

Knowing what she had to do, Sophie very reluctantly raised herself off Ben's dick until it came right out of her. Feeling the lose and the immense desire to slam herself back onto that hot cock, she reminded herself of what she intended to do, and forced herself to go on.

"What you doin' Soph?" Ben asked a little startled

"Zip yourself up, Josh'll be here in a minute," Sophie said straightening her short plaid skirt and checking her hair with her hands, "I know what I'm going to do."

Josh walked back into the lounge with glass of the wine Sophie loved so much in his hand.

His hot girlfriend was sitting on the sofa by where Josh had been whilst playing the game all night and Ben was just sitting back on the other sofa playing with the joypad in his hands.

"This is working like magic." Josh though to himself as he walked up to the sofa with Sophie on, "He must be really pissed off now he's losing all the time." Josh smiled.

"Here you go babe," Josh said to Sophie, "Straight from the fridge. Ice cold." And he placed the glass against Sophie's forehead.

"Hey." Sophie exclaimed from the feel of the cold glass against her warm skin. She took the glass from Josh and as he was about to sit down she looked up at him and said, "You haven't got yourself a drink babe?"

"Na, we've ran out of beer babe. Anyway, I think Ben's had enough." He replied with a smirk on his face.

"Josh, you're the lightweight." Ben said quickly, he looked a little annoyed. He was such a bad loser, he always gloated when he won but he was always a really bad loser.

"Me? Who fell over outside Marty's cause he'd had a few shots?" Josh retorted getting a little agitated at how Ben was annoyed because he had lost for once.

"Yeah, well it was 60% Jamaican Rum! Which is more than I can say about when you go..." Ben shot back but before he could finish Sophie interrupted them both.

"Calm down boys, ok? You've both had a few drinks but we're only playing games, ok?" She said soothingly to both of them.

"But.." Josh began to say only to be cut off again.

"No 'buts' Josh. Now if you two can't just let this lie and get on with you're games then we can call it a night," Sophie said looking at Ben. Josh smiled at Ben, he knew it must have looked childish but he didn't care, " Or we can settle this argument right now." She finished.

"Now? What do ya mean?" Ben asked looking a little confused.

"I mean, Ben, that we will have a little drinking competition between you two, then we can see who can drink more; but I'm gonna pick the drink so neither of you will have an advantage." Sophie replied.

"But I've told you we don't have any more beer left." Josh said looking curiously at his girlfriend.

"I know baby, but we do have a couple of bottles of something else." She replied with a small teasing smile.

Josh couldn't figure out what it was she was talking about.

"I'll go and get it if you're both up for it. What do you say, shall we end this argument?" Sophie asked and straight away Ben said yes, so Josh also replied yes without thinking, as he didn't want Ben to get the upper hand by looking like he couldn't decide. "Fine. It's settled then." Sophie said after hearing both their answers, "I'll go get the drinks."

"But what is it, there's nothing there?" Josh asked totally confused as to what drink Sophie was talking about. There really was none left in the fridge. What was she going to get!?!

"You'll see." She said with a smile for him and stood up. Before she got to the door though, she stopped and turned around. "Can I trust you boys alone for a minute?"

"Sure." Ben replied with a smile for Sophie.

"Yeah, sure babe. I'll pack up the PS." Josh said as Sophie smiled at him again. Then she turned around and walked out of the lounge.

Sophie came up from the basement with 2 clear bottles in her hands. She knew that Josh would've forgotten about these bottles. Originally they had had 3 bottles which her crazy granddad had given her. Her dad's father was a little crazy, or so her family had taught her, and still lived out in the country on his farm. He had given her these bottles of 'home made liquor' he had called it, but really it was just moonshine.

The reason why Josh would remember these bottles was they had opened one to see what it was like and the smell of the stuff was like petrol, Sophie honestly thought that if you sniffed the stuff enough then you'd get drunk just off the fumes. As for the taste, all Sophie remembered of it was like the smell of white spirit and vinegar mixed together, it really was disgusting, but neither of them had managed to drink more than about 3 or 4 shots each before they were completely out of their heads.

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