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I arrived at Leslie's new townhouse, around 5:30. I paid the cab driver, carried my bags up the steps and took a deep breath before I rang the doorbell.

I heard Leslie holler out "Rene's here!" before the door unlocked and opened. "Come here girl," she held her arms open for a hug. I dropped the bag off my shoulder, and we embraced. "You ready to relax this weekend?" she asked in my ear.

"Girl, this will be just what I need," I said stepping back and getting my bag from the step.

Leslie closed the door behind me, "Damn, you're looking good. Lost all that baby weight, didn't you?"

"Exercise and stress are two sure-fire ways to lose weight."

"Let me show you to the bedroom where you can put your stuff down," she led me around a couple of turns. "I'll give you the official tour later. We have plenty of time."

That was good to hear. I didn't want to force this weekend, and wanted to just relax and enjoy it. We passed by the kitchen, and there was Rochelle tossing a salad – wearing a bra and a pair of sweatpants. It was then that I noticed what Leslie had on – her husband's tank-top and panties.

"How are you girl?" Rochelle came and hugged me.

"I'll be fine. It smells good in there."

"You know I got skills!" She went back to the kitchen, "It won't be ready for an hour, so you've got time to freshen up and relax."

"This is the guest bedroom," Leslie said from a little down the hall, "Yours and Rochelle's home for the weekend."

"Thanks," I said going by her into the room. "This is nice."

"I like it almost more than I do my own room."

"I'm gonna call Eric to let him know I got here safe, then I'm gonna take a bath."

"Don't stay on the phone too long with him, he's why you're stressed out in the first place."

I sat on the bed by the phone, "Just a quick 'hi and bye'."

"I'll start your water for you," Leslie said closing the door.

I took a breath, and dialed home. Eric answered on the third ring. "I made it."

"Good. How is everybody?"

"They're fine, we haven't had a chance to talk yet."

"Tell them I said hello."

"I will. How's Marlena?"

"Our baby girl is doing fine. She misses you already; I do too."

I rolled my eyes at him adding himself in there, "It's only three days."

"I know, but I'd rather we spend this long weekend as a family."

"Eric," I sighed, "this weekend is for me. I need this."

"When do we get some family time, huh? School is for you, your support group is for you, the committees you sit on are for you, your workout schedule is for you. When do I get something?"

My hand started trembling, "This kind of insecurity is what I came here to get away from."

"Right, you went there to get away from me. I said that when you first mentioned you wanted to go."

"Why do you always make this about you! I need this for me, and I'll be back Monday, all right?"

"Whatever," he hung up.

He knows I hate being hung up on. I thought to call back just to hang up on him, but he'd be evil enough to not answer the phone. I sat there and collected myself. I hope Leslie and Rochelle didn't hear me shouting; those two are worried enough about me, I don't want to ruin the weekend.

I could hear the bath water running, so I undressed and got my toiletries out of my bag. I put my silk robe on and went to ask Leslie where her towels were. When I got to the corner of the kitchen, I knew they hadn't heard me. Leslie was on the counter, one foot dangling off and the other on the edge of the counter as Rochelle had her face between Leslie's legs. Leslie was bracing herself with one hand, and running her free hand over Rochelle's short hair. By the look of pleasure on Leslie's face, Rochelle was doing her usual good job of "Kissing the Cat," as we called it. Rochelle and I are close in complexion, both brownskin; Leslie was light skin - and I loved the contrast I was staring at.

A grin slid over my face, as I cleared me throat to get their attention. "Just gonna leave me out, huh?"

"Sorry, Rene'," Rochelle looked up, wiping her mouth as she came over to me. "Have you ever been left out before? We just wanted to give you a chance to settle in," Rochelle slid her hand inside my rode and caressed my breast.

I felt that surge of energy I haven't felt since this time last year, as my eyes closed themselves. My body started responding in ways it hadn't responded to my husband in a long time.

"Do you need something?"

"Yes," I whispered.


"Huh?" my eyes opened.

Rochelle giggled, gave me a peck on the lips, and went back to Leslie.

"What do you need?"

"Uhm, where are the towels?"

"I set everything you need on the toilet seat. Enjoy yourself."

"You too," I grinned, and went into the bathroom.

The smell of lavender overtook me. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply, then went to the tub to turn off the water. I dipped my hand in, and the temperature was perfect. "Why can't Eric be this good?" I asked myself. "I see Leslie once a year, and she remembers what I like everytime. Eric can't remember from one week to the next."

I shook the thought of him out of my head, and let my robe fall to the floor. Rochelle's brief caress had me moist. I ran my middle finger between my legs, then brought it to my mouth as I looked at myself in the mirror. Though I thought I still had too much of a belly, I had lost most of the baby weight. I was very disappointed with the stretch marks carrying her left, despite putting cocoa butter on every day. Eric said he didn't care about them, but I don't trust that. He would say anything to start having sex again. My breast had lost some of their fullness, but they were still bigger than they were before I got pregnant. My nipples had lightened back to theirnormal shade of brown as well. My hips were a little bit wider now too. I noticed a scale in the corner, and felt bold enough to get on. 140, only 10 pounds off my pre-pregnancy weight - that made me smile.

Leslie's bathroom had a dimmer, so I turned the lights down and noticed a small package sticking out of the side of the towel. I smiled as I opened the envelope, then smiled even bigger when I saw the mini vibrator inside. The note told me to enjoy myself. I took another cleansing breath, then stepped into the water. I sunk down until the bubbles were over my chin, and closed my eyes.

I'm not sure how much time passed before I sensed someone standing beside the tub. I sat up, a little startled.

"Relax, Rene'," Leslie grinned.

I wiped my face, "That seems to be becoming the catch phrase of the weekend."

"Maybe it will sink into that hard head of yours," she playfully knocked on my forehead, then sat her nude body on the side of the tub. "Doesn't look like you've christened your gift."

"I think I dozed off."

"I'll leave you alone then," she got up. "I'm sorry for disturbing you."

I grabbed her hand, and guided her back down, "That's not necessary."

"Good," she grinned.

I sighed, "I've been here for 20 minutes, and I feel more special than I do after a year of marriage to Eric. Thank you."

Leslie ran her hand over my head, "You're welcome." She looked into my eyes, then leaned over to kiss my lips.

I closed my eyes, a savored the softness of her lips on mine. Then I let her tongue slowly part my lips, and find my tongue. Leslie was the little sister of the trio, three years younger than Rochelle and I. She was the sweetest too, her kisses always reminded me of cherries. I felt her hand come to my breast; and, as if the kiss wasn't stirring the passions in me enough, a thrill shot through my body. Her hand moved from my left nipple, to my right nipple, then in small circles on my abs. She broke the kiss; and as I licked her sweetness from around my mouth, she grabbed the vibrator.

"It's water-proof," she smiled as she tuned it on.

I grabbed her hand as she put it in the water, "I'd rather feel you."

She nodded and put the vibrator back on the toilet seat, "Whatever you wish, my lady." She got on her knees by the tub, and lathered her hands with the bar of soap. "First we have to prepare you." Her hands moved masterfully over my arms, and my shoulders. She lifted my right leg out of the water, and washed it. She started at my knee, and made larger circles outward. When she reached the top of my thigh, she massaged it. I had my eyes closed, hoping her fingers would at least brush my pussy – but I had a gentle orgasm even though they didn't. She the concentrated on my foot; taking the time to wash each toe, and massage the ball and heel. I reached my hand out to rub her back; Leslie was making me feel so good. She repeated each step with my left leg, then told me to turn over.

Leslie lathered her hands again, then started with my shoulders. My head was swimming with passion from her touch. She was taking her time, and igniting ever nerve ending in my body. Her hands began kneading the flesh of my ass, causing my pussy lips to open and close together, causing another orgasm to build. Then, finally, I felt her fingers work their way between my legs, through my lips, and to my clit. Within moments, my body was trembling and my hips raised off the bottom of the tub.

"Oooh, Leslie," I moaned.

"Yes, honey?" she asked innocently.

As the orgasm subsided, I spread my knees to the sides of the tub and rubbed my pussy over her fingers. "Where's that vibrator?"

She reached back with her free hand, "Right here." Her hand left me, and the vibrator returned in it's place. I raised my ass a little more out of the water, as she tuned the vibrator up to high and ran it between my legs. "You ready for this?"


She gently and slowly twisted it over my clit. It wasn't very big, but I didn't need much to push me over the edge again.

I laid out on the bottom of the tub, and took a second to catch my breath. I opened my eyes for the first time in a short while and looked over my shoulder to see Rochelle standing behind Leslie holding open my towel. Leslie helped me stand up, then rinsed the suds from my body. I bent over to scoop some water to help her, but she told me to let them take care of me.

I felt like a queen. She raised my hands above my head, and planed kisses on my body as she rinsed me off. Then she helped me out. Rochelle wrapped the towel around me and held me to her. "Y'all gonna spoil me."

"That's the idea," she kissed me then started drying me off. I loved kissing Rochelle. She didn't taste as sweet as Leslie, but she was a touch more aggressive. Rochelle and I could actually pass for sisters; we were nearly the same height, and medium-brown complexion. Rochelle wore her hair in a fade, whereas I wore shoulder-length twists. Rochelle was a b-cup at best, whereas I was now a double-c. Leslie was opposite both of us, except for her height. She was light-skin, wore braids to the middle of her back, and was a c-cup.

Rochelle stood up from drying my legs and feet, and Leslie began putting oil on my back. Rochelle put the towel down, and began oiling my front. Their hands moving over my body felt magnificent. These two were trying to put me over the edge again with their slow, methodical squeezing and caressing. Eric could never make me feel this good, or this special. After oiling my back and legs, Leslie began kneading my ass again.

"You got it goin' on back here, girl."

If a Black woman can blush, I did.

"I wish I had some of this."

"You have had some," I flirted.

She stood up and put her arms around me. "And I'm going to have some more too," she kissed my neck.

The warmth of her body pressed against my damp skin felt wonderful. I put my hands over hers, and brought them to my breasts just as Rochelle began kissing my thighs.

"Where's my kitty at?" Rochelle said in between licks at the apex my triangle. My knees instinctively bent. "Here kitty, kitty, kitty," she said and licked again.

My right hand dropped from Leslie, and went to Rochelle's head. "Y'all gonna make me not go home," I smiled.

Leslie released my neck from her lips, then ran her tongue down my spine in between my cheeks. Eric always tried to lick my ass during oral sex, but it always felt awkward. When Leslie spread my cheeks, I squatted a little further to give her and Rochelle the access to what they were looking for.

I played with my nipples, closed my eyes and allowed the passion of the moment to wash through my mind. A tongue at my clit, a tongue at my pussy – I thought life could get much better, until Rochelle slid a larger vibrator in me. I have to admit, at that time I wanted something more filling, but I was not in the mood to complain (besides, I knew what toys we had accumulated over the years). I rocked and bounced on the vibrator, feeling Rochelle and Leslie's tongue dart in and out of me with each movement. "I love you two," I said as clearly as I could at the moment as a had another orgasm.

Leslie stood up and put her arms around me in a full rear-embrace, "We love you too, baby," she whispered.

Rochelle set the vibrator on the toilet, and started guiding me to sit on the floor. Leslie sat behind me, and used her ankles to open my legs while she found my ear and licked it. Rochelle sat back on her knees and looked at me and Leslie from toe to head, "Damn."

I've always been self-conscious about my body, so I immediately covered my breast thinking she saw something wrong. "What?"

She leaned forward and pulled my arms open, "You're gorgeous." She leaned in farther and we kissed deeply. "You too," she then said to Leslie, and kissed her.

I began rubbing both my hands along her body while they kissed, then guided her to sit between my legs when they stopped. She leaned back and rubbed her pussy against mine, and the sensation of her hair against the bare skin around my pussy was electric. I grabbed her hips with both hands and pulled her as close as I could get her. I had an orgasm teetering right on the edge, and I was determined to push it over.

Leslie, while digging her tongue into my ear, began pinching my nipples. "You feel good, don't you baby?"

"Real good," I moaned.

"You want to cum don't you?"

"Real bad!"

She ran the tip of her tongue around my ear, and told me to let go."

I let out the loudest scream as that orgasm roared through me, and traveled into Rochelle.

When my uncontrolled convulsions stopped, I pulled Rochelle to a tight embrace. Leslie put her arms around both of us; and sandwiched there between the warmth of their two bodies, I started crying for joy.

Our scent had overpowered the lavender. Rochelle went to check on dinner, Leslie rinsed out the tub, and I went to the room to change. Just as I located an over-sized t-shirt to put on, Leslie poked her head in the door and told me to leave on what I have on.

"A towel?"

"That's all you'll need tonight," she grinned and left.

I shrugged and went to the dining room. Leslie and Rochelle were already seated at the circular table, in the clothes they had on earlier. "How come y'all get to be dressed?"

"You're the guest of honor, why do you want to fumble with clothes?"

"Well," I sat down, "anything for my girls."

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