tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSorority Blackmail Ch. 01

Sorority Blackmail Ch. 01


Hey everyone this is my first story I've submitted and will hopefully be making a series out of it. Since I'm new I would LOVE to get some feedback on ways that I could improve as well as what I'm doing right. Outright Flames are fine too as long as they have something constructive in them :D

Anyway Onto the story, enjoy.


Chapter 1: Late Night Sneaking

My name's Aaron and I'm pretty much your average college student. I go to the University of Toronto as a film student and hope to become a big shot director one day. To reach that goal I spend most of my days eating, sleeping and watching TV in my dorm. I play guitar in my spare time and of course watch a ton of movies or as I like to say "Diversifying my understanding of popular cinema." Yeah, I'm a bit of a smartass with a pretty ordinary life.

That all started to change when I noticed my neighbours though. I had the great luck of getting a dorm room within direct sight of the sorority across the road. They're the Alpha Beta Zetas or some such bullshit, I could honestly care less. All I care about is the fact that these are by far the hottest girls I've ever seen. Girls a guy like me would never get a chance to be with if it wasn't for my plan. But I'm getting ahead of myself, let's start at the beginning.

I first noticed how lucky I was to get the room I did by accident one night. I was innocently glancing out my window when I saw the most beautiful sight ever. One of the sorority girls, a blond with a perfect Barbie doll body, was completely naked with the window open right across from me.

Now I would never consider myself a voyeur but I don't have the willpower to just close my blinds and go back to playing Nintendo, I don't think many straight men would. Once I was finally able to take my eyes off her perfect tits I noticed she was getting into the shower. I had to clamp my mouth shut to keep from screaming with joy.

I watched in disbelief as this gorgeous woman, dripping wet with water, began fondling her own tits right across from me. She stopped to twist her own nipples with her left hand as her right hand trailed down her breast, past her flat perfectly toned stomach and came to rest on... windowsill!?

I couldn't see the best part of the show from my window, I tried standing on my bed with my head right at the ceiling and I still couldn't quite see the glorious act I could tell was happening from the look of ecstasy on her face. Her arm began moving faster and faster as she pulled her left tit up to her face and started licking her own nipple.

I couldn't stand it anymore, I climbed to my window and pulled myself out onto the fire escape. I rushed to the ladder and climbed up onto my dorms roof. I had joked about being too lazy to live on the top floor but I was incredibly grateful for it now.

At last I could see this perfect body in all it's glory. She was spreading her pussy lip with her fingers while rubbing her clit with the palm of her hand. I watched as she started fingering herself with two fingers to the ever hastening rhythm of her palm against her clit. Soon she had a look of pure passion on her face and I knew she was close to cumming.

She squeezed her tit hard enough to leave red marks where her hand was as her head rolled back and her mouth opened in what I was sure was a cry of pure passion. All the while her hand worked faster and faster on her pussy. She slowly began to regain her composure as the chills in her body began to subside. She quickly finished her shower and left after wrapping a towel around her perfect form.

I climbed back into my room, my head still spinning wildly and my dick threatening to break in two against my jeans. I masturbated and came almost immediately thinking about the sight I had just witnessed. My great luck continued for the rest of that week with the same beautiful girl taking her daily shower across from me. Not once did she close the blinds and not once did she shower without masturbating.

One night I was sitting in my room looking at the new camera I had bought for my photography class. I turned out to be a natural at photography although I found it for difficult than using a video camera. Plus I still don't fully understand the significance of still photography classes to a film student. Anyway that's all besides the point. I started scheming a plan one that my morals and brain told me was a very, very bad idea. Unfortunately however I'm 19 years old and single... the head on my shoulders isn't the one making most of my decisions.

I put on a pair of black jeans and a black hoodie and heading outside with my camera and a crazy plan in my head. I snuck over to the back of the sorority house, making damn sure no one could see me and started peeping into basement windows. It wasn't long at all before I found what I was looking for.

I couldn't believe my eyes what I was seeing I was sure could only happen to some pizza delivery boy in a cheap porno but there it was right before my eyes. Was I seeing double? No, it was really happening; twins! Twin sister where 69ing each other in the room right below me. They both had long wavy black hair shining from hair products. Their bodies were the definition of hourglass. large breasts, at least Cs and probably Ds, with thin stomachs that led down to huge perfect asses and hips. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I must have watched for at least 10 minutes before I remembered what I was there for.

I pulled my camera lens to my eye and took aim I got a perfect shot or one of the sisters driving the other to orgasm. Her face contorted in pleasure and her mouth open in that oh so beautiful 'O' that can never be faked. I took 3 or so more shots of them fondling each other and then tore myself away from the window.

I had more shots to find and it didn't take me very long at all. I climbed to the second floor using the emergency ladders and found three more gorgeous girls naked together. The first was a short girl with dyed blond hair, she had a smallish figure and looked very athletic. Her face was incredibly cute and her big blue eyes and full lips drew my stare to her.

The next girl I noticed was also blond although she was natural (the carpet matched the ceiling) she looked like a model and was skinny everywhere but her ass. What an ass that was too it was firm and beautifully sculpted but it was huge at the same time.

The last girl was a redhead with pretty green eyes and light freckles who had the biggest natural tits I have ever seen in my life. They were at the least 36DD and were perfectly shaped. She was a little plump but carried it very well. Her curves were just incredible.

They were laughing and giggling while playing with each others bodies. It didn't get nearly as intense as it did with the twins but it was still more than enough to wake my cock and stir my cameras interest. I took around 7 pictures this time waiting for a kiss, tit squeeze or ass slap before taking a shot.

The last room I checked on the top floor (third floor) also had a reward waiting for me. It was the best furnished bedroom I had seen at the house so far and that was saying a lot considering this was one of the richest sororities around. The room just oozed with class, at least until you saw what was happening on the very large bed.

Rape was the only word that can really describe it. A very innocent looking girl was being shoved down onto the bed by what I hate to admit was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. The victim's short skirt was quickly raised up over her waist by the beautiful attacker. She tried to fight back but received a slap in her face for the effort. At this point the attacker began shouting at the girl. I couldn't make out what she was saying but whatever it was it convinced the girl to pull her panties down, although reluctantly.

The attacker started fingering the girl with fierce movements. The girl's face contorted in pain and she started gasping for air. This seemed to only provoke the other woman even more as she began working a second finger in while speeding up her pace. Soon the girl was in tears from the thrashing her tight looking pussy was taking. I considered helping her but knew I couldn't explain my presence there.

Instead I reluctantly did what I came to do. I took aim and shot picture, 12 in total, of the goings on in that room. I got a few of the innocent looking girl being finger raped and eaten out to a rather tear filled orgasm and even more when the bitch who was attacking her forced her to eat her out after words.

I felt my job was done and started heading back to the dorm with my stiff dick pointing the way. Movement in another basement window caught my eye however and I glanced in. A black girl with a great body was on her knees with a black guys dick deep in her throat. She bobbed her head up and down on it for a few seconds before pulling it out of her mouth.

I couldn't believe my eyes, the guy was huge. He must have been 11 or 12 inches long and very thick. Penis envy aside I knew I was in for a great show and he wasted no time delivering it. He pulled the black girl up into his arms and kissed her deep on the lips. His hands found her shapely ass immediately and began to fondle it. Suddenly he broke the embrace with her and spun her around bending her over in the process. He placed one hand on her shoulders and the other on her ass and bent her over until her hands were touching the floor.

She looked up at him with a smile and said the words "fuck me" I couldn't hear them but I could read those lips anywhere. He more than delivered driving all 11 or so inches into her within seconds. He worked up a rapid animal like rhythm as he drove his hips into her ass so hard she was barely able to stay balanced.

He grabbed a hold of her swinging tits and started pumping even harder driving her down to the floor. He barely missed a beat as he eased her up on her knees, hands still covering her large breasts, and pounded her in the doggy style position like his life depended on it.

The girls face was a constant mixture of pleasure and pain but mostly pleasure as he slammed into her with such strength and speed that I doubt she could even think straight. He lasted at least 20 minutes in this position, bringing her to at least 2 orgasms I could see (one of which I got a picture of) before he finally drove into her with a scream and pumped his cum deep into her pussy.

He got up and walked away leaving the girl slumped over on the floor with cum dripping from her still open pussy. I finished off the roll of film with one last shot of the black girl and headed back to my dorm to masturbate and wait to put my plan into action. I'll be sure to tell you all how it turns out but that will be another story for another day.


If you're reading this I would like to say thank you for reading my work and as I said before any comments or criticisms are more than welcome. If you liked it be sure to check out the next chapter when I put it up. Until then, Peace from Da_Captain.

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