Soul Bond


To the one I call friend
I have wronged you
I would beg for forgiveness
But I don’t deserve it

Bonds of the Soul

The bond we share is deep
Memories of you haunt my dreams
And stalk my days
But the price is steep

I feel you in everything I do
It inspires my heart to fly
And the words I write
are only for you

It’s not something I understand
This constant presence in my life
And inside my mind
But your touch guides my hand

I see my hand and yours held tight
Where do you end and I begin
From where I stand
I see no end in sight

I live to look into your eyes
To feel their warmth
To see the heat shining there
And the love that is free of lies

In the bonds of time we are trapped
Unable to break free of the past
But bound to love one another
Our chart has been mapped

Tangled together we are almost one
To live without you is like dying
To live with you is sweet torture
For one look and I am done

I think of only you
And of the time we had
Sweet memories of love that fill my soul
I long for you to feel that too.

Forced to live as strangers
Our love continues to thrive
Growing stronger every day
And ever deeper despite the dangers

The connection we have is second to none
I know your thoughts before they come
The bond we share is more than soul deep
For you and I have become one

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