The pain you put us through
Thought I'd never come back to you
I'm in tears now too
All those years ago
The pains only grew
You maimed us through and through
Destroyed lives we once knew
Innocence lost
Feeling alone in this world
I'm still shaking
I've felt this longer in my life than not
You made me brutally aware
Faces or facing,Never the same
You destroyed us before we grew
Took what we knew
Crushed us indeed true
Whether you are ever sorry
You cant give back our spirit
Say "Oops, didn't mean it"
Scars that never scab
Blood that never dries
Still gaping, empty inside
I'm walking wounded
With no way to heal
No way to let go
Rotted inside it's been so long
I'll never be as low as you
Still at least that strong
Survivors united, but not by choice
Not wanting it but with a voice
Oh if only if it could be let go

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