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South Of The Border


Note - This story involves scat. If you are offended by reading about chicks pooping, don't read.

* * * * *

Life has been really tough on Jennifer Lopez since her public breakup with Sean "Puffy" Combs.

"WHEW." she sighed, racing to the nearest toilet. She had just got done performing for thousands of people on a hot and humid day. Shouldn't have worn these black tight leather pants. STUPID! She quickly unzipped her Jeans and let them fall to the floor. She them put her thumbs around the waistband of her black satin panties and throw pulled them to her knees. The singer planted her butt to the seat, not even considering germs.

"UMPH." she grunted. All that left her anus was a loud fart. "UMMPHHH." The star then felt the tip of her log emerging. Spreading her legs wider, Jennifer watched as her shit made it's appearance. "Mmmm." she moaned, putting 2 fingers inside her wet cunt. "UMPH." she saw another 2 inches travel to the dirty water. It was dark brown, VERY firm. Just what the woman LOVED. Her finger increased the pressure she was giving her entrance. "UM." She arched her back well keeping her spot on the bowl. The actress was dribbling sweat from her brow. "UMPH." Finally the turd plopped in the john. She was so hot from the heat of the room and her own passion, the Spanish beauty lowered her shoulder straps of her shiny black blous, releasing her bra-less melons.

Just then she heard the stall next to her shut. MAN. She's been caught. This turned her on, beyond words. When the stranger sat down, she spoke, "Having fun, Jen?"

It was Salma Hayek. This made her loins shiver with delight. Her finers pulled out of her snatch and then she shoved her digits up to the knuckle. "OHHHHH. FUCK YEAH. I'M CUMMING." Her orgasm erupted over her hand and soaked her inner thigs. "AHHH."

Just as the lovely pop princess came down from her climax, she heard grunting from the next stall.

I've GOT to see this, Jennifer thought, a wide grin forming on her lips. She grabbed the seat and put it down. The singer grabbe a piece of TP and cleaned her dirty ass. Nothing. It had been a clean log. She put her hands on the back of the appliance and pulled herself up on top of it. The lovely celebrity straightened herself up, and peeked at Slma. The tanned superstar was groping her massive breasts as she was taking a shit.


J Lo. could see through the black-haired woman's thighs what appeared to be a long, thick log. Her face was covered in her silky hair because the actress was looking into the pot, watching her shit emerge.

"Um. Jennifer," she whispered. "Lick my tits."

WOW. This Spanish beauty was thinking of HER. The thought of her getting a hold of Salma's large boobs was enough to send shivers of pleasure down her spine. And make her pussy twing. She slowly rubbed her sticky thighs with her left hand and stopped at her wet clit. "Oh." she hissed, trying to remain hidden. Her sex was still dripping from her eruption earlier.

"UMPH." At last Salma's log emerged and plopped from her anus.

MY GOD. that must be 9 inches. Her eyes gleamed with intense pleasure. Her ring finger quickened it's pace, as the singer violently grinded her hips into the digit. "Yeah. Finger me, whore." she whispered.

She must have been to loud, because the lovely star looked up, spoting Jennifer. "WHAT THE HELL." she demanded. Sure, she was shocked, but also very stimulated.

"I...Uh...I can..."

Before she could finish the sentence, Salma pulled her red leather shorts and wrapped the white blouse around her.

SHE'S PISSED. the Grammy-Winner worried.

Just as she was about to leave this humiliating scene, the "Wild Wild West" star opened J. Lo's stall. "You like to watch, huh." she barked.

"Please, Salma. I didn't..."

The lovely Spanish decendent suprised her by pushing the singer against the cold wall, passionately kissing her.

Astounded, Jennifer kissed her back, putting a hand on the back of her head, pushing her mouth even further on the superstar. Her tongue popped in her mouth, as did the black-haired woman's. Jennifer spread her legs and wrapped them around Salma's, grinding the wet pussies together. At last their kiss broke. "I WANT YOU." Jennifer panted. Her breathing was coming in short gasps, and her large chest was heaving with each exhale. The arousal of their naked flesh plasterred on each other was causing their nipples to harden.

Salma grabbed her right breast and teased her large nipple.

"Oh." she moaned. "Lick it, slut."

The beautiful actress slowly lapped at her and in one swift motion, she gulped Jennifer's harden tit in her mouth.

"Yeah. Suck it," she pleaded.

The tanned beauty furiously sapped up her tits.

"Yes. I love it."

Salma twirled her tongue seductively in a cirle around the tip of her babyfood. Then she eased her mouth offf the nipples, trailing a long line of saliva, which arouse even more heat from the beauties.


The woman slowly travele her tongue down Jennifer's lovely body and rested on a silky inner thigh.

"YEAH. LICK MY PUSSY." she barked.

The superstar lapped her thigh with slow passion.

"LICK ME." the singer commanded, as she shoved Salma's face into her soaking entrace. "HEY. I LOOVE IT." Jennifer squeeled.

The lovely star increased her intrusion, which only caused J. Lo to shove her hips faster. "YESSS. UMM." She arched her back and her head was inches from hitting the tile. "OH, FUCK. I'M CUUMMING." she creamed. a few drops of girl-cum spilled passed her shaved tunnel. "AHHHHH."

The singer did her job and lapped up every single drop. Getting back on her knees, Salma composed herself. She was breathing really hard. "WHEW. Well, I'll see ya around." the georgeous starlette pasionately kissed Jennifer one more time, and left her to her wonderful thoughts.

"To hell with Sean," the singer said to the empty room.

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